3 Esoteric Law of Attraction Techniques you’ve NEVER Heard of…


I'm going to show you three esoteric Law of Attraction techniques that will accelerate the process of you creating what you want in your life.

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three esoteric, a little bit edgier of the techniques that I've learned for understanding the manifestation process on the channel. I used to create a lot of law of attraction videos. It's been a while, though. I've been mainly focused on more so an evolution of consciousness and understanding who we are at a deeper level. But I see how much it interplays with this whole process with also manifestation us create what do we want in our life? And the truth is you can have done or been anything that you want, and the easiest way for you to get there is actually to tap into your core vibration.

It's not one of the esoteric techniques I'm sharing, but just in general, the stuff I've been teaching on my channel on how to raise your vibration when you're in a higher vibrational state. The things you intend to create happens so much easier. This is a process of knowing that this is all in there. It's all intermixed. It's all something that influences each other. For this process of manifestation, understanding that we create our own reality, I'd say one of the first steps as well, just to kind of like a side note, when we understand that our thoughts correlate with what we experience, that's when we start to take our power back.

That's one of the biggest, I guess, epiphany is that someone may have in their life cause that they, things don't happen to them. Things happen to them. And you can direct your thoughts, direct your intention, direct your emotions, and then direct your life in a new way. It's extraordinarily powerful because most people are running around, believing that they are at the whims of their environment. They are a product of their environment. They can't think beyond their environment. And that's what keeps them in their environment. The first step when it comes to these esoteric principles is I'm going to be sharing things that came from a book called thought-form, Esoteric Burke from the early 19 hundred, some of our off to do with our astral body.

Some of it will have to do with understanding the metaphysics of reality as well. Without further ado, let's get into it. The first one that I want to share with you has to do with something I recently learned. And it has to do with understanding the energy levels of your body. You don't just have one body. I mean you have one physical body that you can see go like this, and you're like, oh look, it sounds, I can make a sound, I can, it feels like it's solid. And then you also have what is called an astral body and astral body. Every single night you go to bed, you're waking your astral body, whether you're aware of it or not. And you forget this thing.

When you come in, you wake up, you forget that you have that connection and that you are in a way, I have so much more flexibility with time and space and there's so much that you can do there, but you have an astral body, you have a mental body, you have a causal body. There are all these energetic bodies that go beyond just our physical body. We may not be able to see them with our eyes physically, but nonetheless, they exist.

The heart math institute has shown that there's electromagnetic energy that goes many feet around our body and our heart is actually more powerful than that of our brain. That's kind of a side note, but in general, the idea is that you're much more than your physical body. What happens is we have something that is called our Astro body, our energetic bodies, and what happens is, is the energy that we are emitting and the thoughts that we have when we're thinking of certain thoughts like from that book called thought form, I'm talking about you think thoughts. Those thoughts actually have an energetic form.

We may not actually see them, but nonetheless, the idea is you focus on a certain reality, you stay consistent with it. You have an intensity of the focus on it, and eventually, it crystallizes in the physical reality. But what do most people do? Most people focus on something for a short period of time. They give up and then it goes away. It's because it hasn't been consistently focused on energy, with high vibrational energy as well.

What that book was showing called thought form is that when we think our thoughts, they go within our energetic field and those thought forms are in a direct reflection of the aura we are admitting. My grandpa is like 80 years old. He's been able to see auras for a very long time, and he talks about how there are many different colors around our body depending on what we're thinking of. I'll be talking to him. I was talking to the other day, and he said, as I was talking about something I was passionate about, there was a certain, there was like the sparks come out of my head. It's an energetic type thing, but these ideas you stopped.

Farms are actually real, and you can see them, and around our bodies, there'll be different. Say you're angry at someone, you might have a glowing red on the side of your aura that might be going out. You see, and there are these different colors all around us. The reason I say this is when it comes to our energy fields, we must charge our energy fields for them to have more potency. When you look at things from an example from the autobiography of a Yogi, which is a book I recommend a lot, it's a pair of Mohawks, Yogananda at him going through his process of enlightenment. He talks about what it was like to meet these other enlightened gurus could do, who could do literally things that you would consider to be magic. They could make objects and stuff instantly appear.

And even in the book, it said it was astral. He formed a locket that was physical, but it was ash really formed and was, she goes into meditation that night. She's sitting there, she's doing it, and then all of a sudden, she feels this weight in her hand, and there's this lock and that she eventually gives a pair Mohan Yogananda. She wrote him a letter because then she ended up passing away not too long after that short of a letter and gave that locket to her oldest son and give to him to Primanti Yogananda at a certain point in his life. We're so strong that they were able to say something and tender for something and it would simply happen. Part of that has to do with their product body, their product that they were able to admit the product is energy.

The more energy you have, the more ability you have manifest and to create what you want. This esoteric, the first esoteric technique has to do with you and your pronic energy field. You are breathing deeper. You notice there's a lot of people that are successful that also work out. Why could that be so powerful when you're running, when you're working out, you're charging your energetic field, you're bringing in more Prada, more energy, and that makes it easier for you to create things in your life.

Something very powerful that I think you can begin to look at is, are you breathing deep? Are you doing certain types of meditation? Are you charging your energetic feeling? Like even if sitting here right now, like if I were to just sit here like this, and imagine, take a deep breath in, deep breath out if you want, you can do this with me really quick. What we can do is imagine you're sitting wherever you are doing whatever you're doing, and you are taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out. And then imagine if there's a light of energy coming through the top of your head, through your root and all the way down to your body and charging your energetic field of light. Let's take a deep breath in. Deep breathe out right now.

And as you bring that out, you can close your eyes and just imagine that there's energy going from the source, whatever you want to call it, coming down into your head, into your body. And as you put your awareness there, you can imagine every cell of your body being lit up with high vibrational energy and then taking one more deep breath in. Breathe it out and imagine that that light energy is flowing through you, went through your head.

Your heart is if they can foot your right leg and foot, and by doing this and taking deep breaths, maybe a couple of times a day, you do that, and you change your body with light. What you'll find is that you start to have more energy. You'll find that as well. The pronic body is charged that when you intend for things, it has more momentum, has more energy, it has more potency. I noticed like a little side note here, but when I used to do, I used to make YouTube videos, I made like a meditation video. The days I would do those, I'd be in a high vibe state. From doing that, I felt like my energy was just charged and I just had so much intention and that things are much more powerful because of it. If there's one thing that I can share with you right now, charge your product body by breathing deeper, maybe go work out, go do things that charge your body with oxygen.

Because as you do that, you have more of a potency inside of your body. And then it's almost like when you focus on certain things, much more likely to happen. The second esoteric technique I want to talk about was also from that book called forum. It has to do with the quality of the thoughts you're having, the quality of the thoughts you're having now. They the aura around our body, the thoughts that you have, have a certain aura about them depending on the intention of them. For example, me having an intention of adding value to you with this blog is a higher vibrational color and a higher vibrational intention.

Therefore, he may be, you can feel this energy of me doing this, the video, and maybe it feels like I'm in my flow state as well and I'm in my flow state and in a higher vibrational state that has a color that is attributed to that thought-form, to that intention that is flowing through me. The intention is on me, and the first one, the intention was on you more expansive. I also realized this when I used to work at Barney's in New York in a woman's shoes, I would go into work every day and every day I started at a zero it was like a playground for the law of attraction because every single day I went in, I could see how the energy dynamic was going. If I went in with the intention of adding value to my own paycheck, it'd be a certain type of energy field, a certain type of response from customers.

If I went in with the intention of adding value to people, if I went into it with the intention of increasing people's say to be much more expansive energy, much different response, I would get. The quality of intention there is different and because of that, what would eventually what would happen is I found out the more I would have fun, the more I would loosen up. The more I would add value, the more the intention was on them, the better. And the same way the quality of your thought is going to determine the frequency of whether it is expansive or whether it is contractive. What I encourage you to do is to see how your goals are linked up to the goals of others. He says, why? What you put out is what you get back; what you do to someone else you do to another aspect of you.

Literally, those other people are other aspects of you. But what happens is what you put out is what you get back. If you put out an intention that is a win, win, a win, win. If I add value to someone else that it increases their state of being the drug. The side effect of that is they want to give value back to me. Maybe if I'm helping them with shoes like I was back when I had that nine to five job, they would then want to buy because they were in that buying state cause they were feeling good and the same way. Maybe I have a high vibrational video, and you're like, you know what? I want to share that video. I want to like that video.

The third as a Terrick technique for accelerating manifestation is also not from that book. This is just in general. This is kind of like my main philosophy, I guess. You kind of say what I like to share and I call it to be as if not act as it acts as if means that you haven't linked up to your self-image to this version of you. It means you're just acting. Do you ever see Leonardo DiCaprio Act in a movie? He doesn't act. He becomes it. Recently, we won't watch the movie called once upon a time in Hollywood where we are to capture actually playing an actor. But you see him in this role where he becomes that person. You've seen Jim Carrey and that movie called Andy or whatever it is, where he plays Andy Kaufman. He becomes Andy. He was, I was watching an interview with him the other day.

He said that he went to a gym, Cary was talking to interview. They are, she's talking to, I think Jerry Seinfeld in one of those shows or whatever. He said that he went to dinner with Nicholas cage back in the day when he was playing that Andy character and he said that Nicholas Cage couldn't even look him in the eyes because he says, you're just not yourself right now. Like it's just weird and you like had to like leave dinner early or something like that. The idea is that you become that which you are being, but it's who you really are. That's why it's important also to make sure that you are in your core vibration. What are you really passionate about? I love making videos. I'm just myself right now.

If you want to perceive a reality where you are living your dreams, doing this, doing that tune to it, if you tune to that reality, you will eventually get it, but tune it to it on the inside. Feel as if you're already living in that reality. Feel as if you are. You know, for me, I feel as if I'm traveling the world, doing what I love, and I'm doing that. I feel as if I am, and if I want to go beyond that, I can do that. I can go beyond and imagine myself doing that and then be that version of me. What would that version of Aaron do? That version of Aaron already exists. I'm simply dialing in on the frequency of it and the same way you doing what you love for a living, it already exists.

Imagine that version. You imagine the qualities you have. Imagine the kind of energy that you're in. Imagine the day, the activities you have. Imagine the daily routine you have. Imagine the kind of books you read. Imagine the kind of people you hang out with. Imagine how people respond to you. Imagine all of these things because when you do so, you start to tap into that version of you and then simply know that that is who you choose to be. You see that's the power of B as if that frequency already exists.

That version of you already exist. Simply dial in an audit by blinking up your inner reality to that version of you, and you can imagine it. You can use your imagination to imagine that version of you. I did. I became a fulltime YouTube or on the inside before it was my reality. On the outside, it eventually, my outer reality began to change. You want to know why? All reality is a mirror, Jamie. It's a mirror reflection. And if you want to change the Meta reflection, you must first change your inner reality. How you feel. You understand that when you tap into the feeling of you being the way that you want, that changes everything. And then the identity you will always act and consistency to the way that you view yourself and to what your self-image is.


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