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So, you used to work with this. A coworker of mine and she said to me, one thing that I always kind of remembered and that is that there was this one other guy that we worked with that was one of our friends, and she said, do you notice how any time he's chasing her, she keeps running? It's a powerful metaphor because when we chase anything, we're implying that it is running away from us, and in this blog, I'm going to show you what is an absolute game-changer towards changing around the energy so that they chase you.

Today, we're going to be looking at chasing your twin flame, which is also chasing is another word for resisting. From now on, anytime you think you're like, why am I chasing this person? Think, am I resisting this person? Because chasing and resisting are the same thing. Before we even get into the blog and what I'm going to be sharing with you, which is going to change the way you go about this whole process, think of it like this. This is another metaphor that I have. I grew up with a dog, his name was Molly, and the woman's name was Lilly.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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We have one now. My dad has one named Cleo. If I were to go up to Cleo right now and I were to go like this because I'd start playing, playing with her. I would start chasing her. If I started chasing any of those dogs, they would start running away from me because they knew, Hey, it's time to play. Well, energetic clay. Guess what happens when we go and we start chasing the twin flame. We start chasing our twin flame. We start chasing our soulmate. We start chasing a specific person in the energy of the dynamic we're putting out. We're like, I'm going to get you. They’re like, what are you doing? They're like, you're not going to get me. They just start running. Then we say, why won't they calm? Well, the energy that we're putting out is we are chase, we are resisting our twin flame, our soulmate, or the love that we intend to attract into our life.

I've seen it so many times happen where there's somebody that may be tied up in their mind about one person. They're thinking of this one person. They're thinking of how they want to be in a relationship with them or how they want to have this divine connection. I've seen it to where they're resisting, resisting, resisting, because they're chasing, they're chasing, they're chasing. Then I give them one suggestion. How about just let go of the chase? It's like, well, if I let go of the chase, will I be letting go of them? Will they just get away from me? No, not at all. If you let go of the chase, you then let go of the resistance, and then you can just be yourself. You have more attractive energy, and many times people that do that, they end up seeing that person end up coming towards them because then they stop resisting it.

Any of my relationships I've been in the past or people that I dated, anytime I've had that chasing energy, it doesn't work out until I let go, and I get out of scarcity and into abundance. That's the thing too, and when we have some type of connection, like a twin flame connection, the thing with that is it's under the notion that there's one twin flame, one twin flame, and we then put it on this pedestal, and if it doesn't go right, we lost our chance of eternal love. Turtle love is God. If it doesn't work out, think about the energy dynamic there. It's putting someone on such a high pedestal, and if it doesn't work out as the end of the world, if we were to trust the process more, we'd know that if it's meant to be, it'll be okay.

That's something that's important to understand is that if it's meant to be, it will come around. That notion that understanding makes it a lot less allows you to soften it up a little bit. But I'll tell you right now, anything we put on a pedestal, we immediately separate ourselves from it. The problem with the twin flame connection and understanding is that we put it in such scarcity because it's so sacred and so special. If it doesn't co-write the end of the world, but when it comes, that's why I think sometimes twin flame as well, the definition itself can be a little bit harmful to our own spiritual growth because then we get so tied up on it and in a way, twin flames sometimes we think that we're one half of a whole. Like, if I'm finally complete, I think twin flames actually meet each other when they're completely whole within themselves.

They're doing their own inner work, and that's when normally it happens. I think twin flames normally meet as well when they have some type of work to do or some type of energy dynamic at play. It's like you have to already be doing the inner work in order to meet someone like that. When it comes to this idea, the one thing I would really recommend when it comes to the twin flame definition is to understand that you don't have to control it all, that you don't have to control it all. What I mean by this is when our ego is chasing, our ego is trying to control, and the twin flame connection is considered a very divine connection. When we're trying to use our own ego to chase, and we're assuming that we must control it all, then what we end up doing is we make something that's divine, not so divine because we're trying to force it, we're trying to force it.

The key is first off, taking the twin flame definition off of a pedestal and understanding that you can surrender the need of the ego to control it so that you can then allow it to come into place. Think of your twin flame as a radio dial. When you tune to a certain frequency, then you will be able to perceive your twin flame and be having the kind of energy dynamic that is very contagious so that they're attracted to you. Imagine that there are two main radio stations. Just for this analogy, there's the radio station of wanting your twin flame, and then there's a, there's a radio station of having your twin flame. When you want, that is where the chasing comes from. If you're already had, if you already had them in your life, you wouldn't be chasing them because you'd already had them in your life. Anytime you say, I want you also say I lack, I do not have. I lack it because if you want it, it means that you don't currently have it, and therefore if you had it, then you would feel great.

It's also assuming that our internal state of being would feel better if something on the outside changed. But you see, the key to attracting your twin flame is changing the way you feel on the inside by going inside, by understanding your whole incomplete, already. Understand that this is like a radio frequency. When you put out the energy of love, when you put it out, because that's what's inside, then you will be on that radio dial. You'll be able to tune to the vibration of having or being with your twin flame. This really is completely an inner working job. The whole time you were trying to chase your twin flame, you thought this was something on the outside. If I could chase you, then I would bring you into my life, and this would feel great. Chasing the outside, trying to change the outside.

I'll tell you right now, if you change the inside of you, focus on the inside, then you will see that the outside changes as a result. But the first and the most important thing in this process is knowing that you fill up your own cup and knowing and feeling that self-worth within yourself by going within, feeling that self-love within which means as well. Something else I'll be talking about in a minute is this right here. The key is knowing that anytime you want, you are lacking. The key is moving from the wanting and having you move into the having by having that energy state within you by feeling whole and complete within you. Most importantly, understand that as you do this inner work and love yourself, you can then perceive the different radio frequency of having that reality of being in that reality of that being your natural set point.

This star right here represents you being the star of your own movie. If you want your twin flame to chase you, you must first off have your own gravity. You must let them come to their conclusions as to what kind of relationship this is. I see it a lot where people are like, Oh, I have a twin flame, and I've met my toad flight, but they don't know that my twin flame. Well, you can't tell them that. You can't assume they're going to understand instead let them come to their own conclusions. It's much more powerful anyways. But the way that you get to this energy dynamic is you are first the star of your own movie. If you're chasing someone else, then you are the cameo in their movie. That's the energy dynamic they're playing on. I've had many times in my own past when I was dating someone else, one of the first relationships that I got into when I was finally allowed to date when I was 17 years old.

When I did start dating, that was the energy I was chasing her. I was buying her these meatball subs cause that's, that's what I was doing, all this nice stuff for her. What I noticed is that that was coming from a lack of self-worth. I thought if I just give you more things, I also realized that growing up, my dad gave me a lot. One of the ways he expressed love was by buying my brother, and I like action figures and stuff, be on our bed. When he came home from our mom's house, go to dad's house, it was there like, Oh, this is really cool. I thought, Hey, I like you, Heather, stop me at post-op. Maybe you're like me. That was the energy dynamic. But guess what happened? The more I chased her, and even though we were kind of together for a while, I was like resisting it.

I was resisting her and then she would be playing off of that, and she'd be like, okay, I'll let this guy Bobby some he pops ups. I'll let her do that. Then I just, you know, or whatever. Then what happened is eventually, I saw that I had other options as new in this whole dating world. For many years had no control in my life. All of a sudden, I have this ability to date and I became friends with this other friend group, and she wasn't necessarily, that girlfriend I was with wasn't necessarily treat me that well. We went on a break and went on that break. I started having; I started having fun. I like parties with friends and all this other stuff and then guess what happened? She felt that I wasn't chasing her anymore when I really started to focus on myself, and what do I really want?

I want to have fun with friends. I want to find out who I am. The energy dynamic switched, and then she started chasing me. She called me like every other day for like two weeks until she finally realized, okay, he's like moving on. The energy dynamic changed. You want to know why? Because I detached, I detached, I detached from the outcome, and I realized my own worth. I was then fueling my own worth. I was feeling happy, whole, and complete. I was the star of my own movie. That's very attractive energy. For you to become the star of your own movie, that's the key to this process and detaching from the outcome. When it comes to a twin flame, understand that our twin flame is here, and if we incarnated with our twin flame, it's something that we had work to do together. We are mirrors.

There's going to be work that's involved with this as well, and part of the work is you going with it and doing the work within yourself. It's a very sacred connection. The thing is when we try to force something that's divine and sacred, we create more resistance. The key to this is instead of trying to force it to trust the process; I tell many people that are trying to attract love. If you give up the desire to attract love, you will then find love. You will. You do not attract what you want. You don't attract what you want. I know that sounds like a paradox, but when you, what you want, you lack, you attract what you are. When you get into the vibration of love, now sometimes people will be feeling that lack, and then they'll finally decide, you know what, I'm tired of this.

I give up, or I'm going to just feel love. That's when they attracted if you what Buddha said, the root of all suffering is attachment, which is control. Anytime we are attached to any desire, we lack that thing. That's what's causing the pain. If you get rid of the desire by knowing your good either way, understand you are an eternal spiritual being. Whether you meet your twin flame in this light or not, you're okay. When you have that sense of understanding, you are much more powerful, and you bring that with you, and your energy is so much more attractive. The thing that I recommend you do is know that wanting verse having are two totally separate radio dials. You must first tune to the reality of having it by knowing that you already have it within you. You're whole and complete this definition of a twin flame, thinking that your incomplete soul is not the case.

Twin flames are divine mirrors. Start doing inner work. Know your own worth. Be the star of your own movie. Don't chase let them come to their own conclusions and let this process be divine. Let it be divine because it will; the universe can show you in a much better way than the ego can control it. The ego is what's chasing the ego is what's resisting. The key to this is understanding that. If you haven't seen yet, I have a meditation for attracting love it. I had somebody messaged me on Instagram yesterday. They said I read the comments, and it had me believe in it. I've been doing the meditations. There are hundreds of comments from people that have attracted the love of their life, their twin flame, or their soulmate.


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