The Timeline CRUNCH of 2020


A lot going on right now behind the scenes and what's happening right now is what we could call the great awakening. Many people around the world are becoming aware that there's something else going on that maybe isn't being told to us and what's happening is what I believe is called the timeline crunch and what this has to do is understanding that there's these merging going on and right now it's more important than ever to be in the state that we prefer and I'm going to share with you exactly some of the things this means plus exactly how we can best move through it.

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Today, I'm going to show you what I call the timeline crunch and what is happening right now is think of it kind of like compression of energy, a compression of different probabilities that are happening right now and there's a different way in the collective that it has manifested. There are different pockets. I'm going to be explaining this now just to give this blog a little bit of context. I have a playlist that is all about the great awakening, the great awakening to something that millions of people all over the planet are aware of right now. It has to do with understanding that there are a lot of things coming to the surface right now.

There's a lot of things in the collective happening with the media and a lot of things that have happened in the behind the scenes. We could call that. There are certain elite people that have been doing things and people are starting to question things. The mass amount of people is starting to look at what the media is saying, what's actually happening, what they're experiencing, and because people are going into words right now, they're starting to wake up to more of who they are. I have seen it just in my own life as well. I look at social media. Many people are questioning things. Many people are asking you questions. Some people that I never really thought would have been into this kind of information are starting to realize, yeah, maybe there's something else going on. That could have to do with the intentions of maybe some of the things that are going on right now.

The intentions of certain people in that are behind the scenes with power and the great awakening are about us as a collective consciousness. Waking up to this, and I've talked about it. There's the book, I always have them right over there. The books, the Law of One, the raw materials or Dolores Cannon's books. She has 17 books, 19 books, just two others that our daughter had as well. Their transcripts of people in a very deep level of hypnosis who have said many people all over the world have said in this subconscious state and this deep of no state that they came here. Why did they incarnate at this time? Because at our core, we're all eternal. Spiritual beings have temporary human experiences. Why did we do that? We came here because we wanted to wake up. We wanted to go through the mass awakening, the big shift in consciousness.

There are many different labels for it, many different names for it, but we wanted to be a part of never before has this many people that this kind of way been able to wake up to a higher level of consciousness. It means that there's going to be, I think magical and amazing things that fall apart, which can look a little bit dark and grim on the front, but there's going to be so much amazing things that manifest. I think that right now on the planet is the most exciting time to be alive than ever before. I really believe that and well right now we're living through history with a lot of the things that's happening right now. Like what we're living through right now will be talked about for decades to come. Part of this though, the seed that's being planted in the great awakening and it's causing so many people to wake up and it's a great thing.

Like last night, for example, my mom texted me, my mom's been like studying a lot of this type of information for awhile knowing there's stuff going on behind the scenes. Since I went through my weekend in 2012 is when I really looked into it. But what happened is you go down certain rabbit holes and I started to notice certain patterns but I didn't like the way it made me feel cause studying it can sometimes be not the most positive thing when you're studying. Like why do, why would an elite group of people keep billions of people in the dark about who they really are as spiritual beings having temporary human experiences that they create their own reality.

What's happening is that's getting brought into the light. But when I learned about that in 2012 I went through like a month or two of like, wow, this is, I can't believe this is happening and it and things started starting to connect some dots but then eventually I let it go and I was like, you know, I need to focus on like my own way of helping people and not get too much into it now my mom and I like when I went through it, then my mom actually went to the awakening as well. Then now that all of this stuff is happening, this is the stuff that we've been knowing kind of would eventually happen eventually because there'd be certain things that manifested to where it just had people either wake up or also to take down like these people that are behind the scenes pulling strings so they only, they in a way lose their power.

There are different events that would come to fruition for that now. And just let me say this as well. It doesn't make anyone like the great awakening and be having these spiritual, spiritual awareness doesn't make anyone more special than anyone else. It doesn't make anybody more woke than anyone else. I think everybody's on the same playing field. It's just people are waking up in their own timings. Let me just say that as well because I don't want it to, sometimes when we come to these things, we start to develop like an ego about it. It's like, I'm awake and they're all asleep, or something like that, you know? But it's still to have compassion for other people.

Look what's happening behind the scenes or something like that, you know? With that being said, my mom texted me yesterday like, Aaron, can you like I was meditating and I'm kind of worried about things. And my mom's also been studying a lot of this, this stuff that behind the scenes, watching a lot of YouTube and kind of going down different rabbit holes. I kind of see what resonates. Sometimes stuff won't resonate. But the thing that I was explaining kind of, you know, sharing with my mom is that the timeline crunch is understanding that right now on the planet, there are timelines. We're what's going on in the planet right now would happen for, for months and months and months and months.

There are timelines where it affected way more people than it actually did. There are timelines where Bill Gates is actually able to move forward with his whole vaccination prop thing, you know? But it's super interesting that so many people are waking up because as so many people wake up, it's literally merging our timelines. It's crunching our timelines under more optimal or onto different ones. Like, you know, not to get too like into the thing. I always recommend as well as do your own research with a lot of this stuff. But from the research I've done, there are people that are in a way kind of you could say like these elite people that are behind the scenes, many of which we've never seen. What they do is they use different celebrities. The celebrities in some way, there's really big-name celebrities, a lot of which many of all of us know, you know, grew up watching some of them.

What happens is they're a part of this thing, but they're just kind of doing what they're told in a way doesn't make it right, but they're just kind of doing what they're told. You've got somebody like does your own research with this. But did you got somebody that like Bill Gates for example, who is pushing and who has government funding from the world health organization, all of these other things that funnel into it that make it look really legit, right? But then you find out things of how horrible it's been for other people that have maybe had the vaccinations in other countries, right? Hundreds of thousands of people that have died or been way worse.

Some people probably be like, no, that's actually a good thing. But the way that this elite stuff kind of behind the scene works is there are times that what they do is they get together, they understand that the mass consciousness of people, how people think and feel. If people are in fear and anger, they're much more easily able to control. They're much more likely to look to authority for guidance and for certainty. What if behind the scenes, what they think to themselves is what have we orchestrate an event that keeps people in a whole bunch of fear. Then what we do is we give them the solution. If they're like, Oh, we want people to be open to some type of vaccination, then what we'll do is we'll give them there, we'll have something to where they're in a lot of fear and then they're actually open to it because they'll do it out of wanting certainty, wanting to safe.

Do you want it security? Oh, well let's do this and then we'll get them open to this. That's kind of the idea. When you look at somebody like bill Gates whose just kind of doing what he's supposed to be doing from, you know, different types of influence, it's the stuff that has a very negative connotation. But it's very interesting how many people wake up. If you go to any of his newest posts on Instagram, you'll probably see hundreds of thousands of comments from people of which like seven out of 10 will be people that are saying, Hey, we don't want your deep population thing and stuff like that. You know, and as I said, do your own research with this.

You just got to start doing your own research to see what resonates, what doesn't resonate. I believe different pockets of energy, different pockets of us as a collective. One thing that we did recently on April 4th or 5th, whichever date it was, I think it was both because it depends on where you were around the world. It was fourth through me in Las Vegas. There was a global meditation. There are over 1.1 million people meditating on us being on the most optimal timeline on sending peace and love and healing to those being affected by what's going on right now. If you look at the Schumann resonance that day, it was off the charts. It was like unprecedented amounts.

It was crazy. With that many millions of people focusing, we have the ability to literally shift our timelines. Even when I did that meditation alone, I think there was like 11 or 12,000 of us live just on that, you know, but there were 1.1 million people all around the world doing it. It's like I've first off, thank you. If you were there, it was amazing. I felt like it really made a huge difference in the collective. When we have those intentions, it has a very powerful effect. One thing that has happened right now is by us getting together doing global meditations, we are setting ourselves on more and more optimal timelines. I truly believe that we would be on not such a great timeline right now if we as millions of people over a million people didn't do that meditation. I think that the outer reality would be a little bit different and it wouldn't be as optimal. This is something to think about as well, but also individually, which reality will be experienced. When people talk, because I get a lot of people right now asking me about forced vaccinations and stuff like they're worried about that now. The way that I view it is that we have our own power and that they, we are part of the greater way.

Can you so many people are waking up that if that's something we don't want, we state that we just don't do it. We don't move forward with it. Well, what if they force you? It's something that we figure out as we go and we team together with our own energy. There are many different timelines that exist right now and if you're fearful about it, maybe that's the version, the pocket of the energy of timeline that you experienced where that is more of the case. You see. It could be that depending on our own state of determining which one we individually are on. Because what quantum physics shows us is that there's an infinite number of potential realities that exist. From what I feel as well, the timeline crunch of 2020 and I believe it'll continue to go on.

There are timelines where they've had even more power and maybe this thing affected even more people than it actually did. Maybe there was the other thing that happened with things moving forward with the whole vaccinate. Like there are many different layers to this that could it be way worse right now, but we're not on that timeline. The key to this is knowing that as we've chosen our own focus, our own state of being, we then can choose our which timelines we shift to and one of the most powerful things we can do. The one that's on the optimal timeline, medic live meditation that I did, you can still listen to it. It still has very powerful energy because there were so many of us at once doing it, but you pick up on the energy-momentum of it.

I recommend doing that as well to add energy to that. Us being on that timeline, that optimal timeline. But realize that the thing I told my mom when she was texting me like, Oh, what about this? It's like it was like disengage and start to put energy into what you want. You know, this is the time of our own power of us taking back our power. If we see things we don't want the world, we can look at it and say, no, I prefer this. But the more we tune ourselves to the fear and the anger of the media, the more we resonate with it, the more likely we are to be influenced by the agenda of whatever that is and realize there are many different levels of different agendas of things right now because they're behind the scenes. A part of the great awakening is there's this fight for having control of what people think, but we have the power of the internet now and even like the videos, a couple of the videos I made on the great awakening, they've been shared so many times, so many people are becoming aware of it.

I'm not the only one making content on this. It's just something I've newly actually started talking about just because I saw the demand and figured, Hey, I want to put my perspective on it. But the reason I say this is because we as a collective are the ones with the power. We are the ones that get to choose what we experience. There are many different timelines right now. Even when I look at my own life, I believe, you know, past-future lives were infinite spiritual beings that are connected at many different levels. I look at even my own past lives, the way what I feel intuitively about it, I can feel that I'm completing certain cycles right now. I'm completing certain patterns. When Leeor and I were together at the end of 2019, we were travelling and we were in Tulum and I could strongly feel that I had a past life in mind.

I think it was very symbolic because I think that Leeor and I were also connected in that past life. Leeor and I are still great friends but in that path, it was like I could feel that I was completing certain cycles. I was completing certain energy dynamics and she was as well for sure. As I've moved through that, even just like the last couple of months, I'm realizing my own patterns. I'm realizing the own things that they'll like the lessons and the themes that I've been working through and I'm completing them and in a way learning from them and then moving on and becoming free and then experiencing more of the timelines of what I want. It's really a time of taking back our power and understand that it's it like also just a general side note as well.

It's something I've been realizing recently. If you study numerology, astrology and all these other really cool healing modalities for understanding ourselves, understanding, I think they're really cool. I love numerology, I love astrology, I love all these things. But one thing that I've really learned this last month is just to take my complete power back and realize that sometimes if I'd read something, I would then think, Oh, maybe my day has to go like this. Or maybe this is the way things are. I'd almost put myself into a little box. One thing I'm realizing with this little timeline thing is the belief systems we have to keep us on certain timelines and if we become three of them, we can then create whatever you want. Sometimes the knowledge is power. Awareness is powerful, but use it as a tool.

Don't get the tool, use you. That's what I recommend. With the timeline crunch of 2020, this whole time is about taking back our power. It's about choosing what we want about going on the optimal timeline we want. Parts of these things I believe will continue to happen, but it's all about us and what we choose us taking back our power and us getting together as well and doing things like meditation and setting that positive intention. If you haven't seen that meditation yet, I'll go in and link up below. Check out the series on the great awakening, the whole a whole playlist that I have to learn more about it. It goes really well with this whole timeline crunch idea.

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