Paradigm Shifting How to Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Reality ft Leeor, Ryan, Victor and Gavin

I'm going to show you exactly how to shift your levels of belief, understanding paradigm shifting at a deeper level, and then also how you can trade in your old beliefs and maybe even let them go to live in a totally new paradigm.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how you can shift your paradigms of belief, understanding the levels of belief, and how you can trade them in, maybe even shift where you don't even need those beliefs. First off, just to give a little bit of context, I'm going to move the camera around a little bit so you could see that I'm somewhere else. I'm not in Vegas, I'm not an unusual background, backdrop type thing. I'm here at a place called Rhythmia and Costa Rica.

I'm here with about four other YouTubers and I'll see if maybe in this video I'll introduce them to you guys. I'm going to be talking about that of shifting beliefs and it's cause I'm kind of going through my own shifting of beliefs right now. In a way, I've been living a certain way and maybe you've seen my videos on YouTube and I do daily videos and for a long time, I'll continue to do daily videos.

But one thing I'm understanding is the levels of belief when it comes to taking action and the necessity that I feel a lot of times my ego has to take, because you might notice I took a lot of action. It’s a thing because I love taking action. Sometimes it's like it's a little bit tricky because I'm so passionate about what I do that it doesn't feel like hard work. But at the same time, there's times that I realize I'm almost taking action out of a place of lack. It's like I want to get somewhere else, you know? Okay cool. 400,000 subscribers on YouTube is cool, but what about that?

Have a million, you know? It's almost like there's always this auntie in the mind that's always increasing and it's almost like the action from which I am taking that, that action, the energy from which I'm taking that action is something that is causing a little bit more resistant. Last time I was here, I got this message of letting go, like, let go of the outcome. Your ego doesn't have to work so hard. Um, and I felt like I got that message, but I, this whole last year it's been almost exactly a year and I feel like my life's been taken to a completely new level.

Like I'm going to be traveling the world, I'm going to be doing speaking events, I'm going to be doing a whole new type of almost bringing a whole new bottle in my business. And it's really cool. Like I'm really excited about it. However, I'm realizing that some of my old beliefs I can start to let go of. And I had this belief, one of those beliefs I'll share with you right now is normally what I do is I get up every single morning and I make a video no matter what.

I haven't had a day off at all. Not one day off. And cause last time I was here at this place, I was making daily videos still. I'm realizing that in a way there's a paradigm where when I let go of thinking that I need to be in the paradigm of making a video a day, it's almost thinking that my ego has to do everything. What if I were to like relax and let the universe do some of the work for me or do more of the work? Well, most of the work for me. And what if by doing this, I was telling my buddy Victor about this and I'll talk and maybe I'll ask some of them what they think about this, all the other YouTubers here.

But when it comes to this, what I'm telling my subconscious mind right now is that I don't have to get up every single day to make a daily video to keep my mind from going. It's not like everything's going to go off the rails if I don't make one video for one day. But you see, the ego thinks that. But what I'm doing right now is I'm almost sending a subconscious message to my mind that's saying, Yo, it's okay to not make a video every single day. It's okay to just relax.

It's okay to let go. It's okay to have fun because for some reason in my mind, because I'd become so much of a goal action-oriented person, it's almost like I attribute success to action and action only, but it's taking out of the consideration, the power of the universe and trusting the process. What I'm realizing is I can let go of the outcome, I can allow things to be as they are. And then as I do that, I almost allow for more amazing things to happen. And I tapped into this a little bit last time, but I felt like I kind of gave, I didn't give up, but I tapped into this and was like, okay, but I still got to go do this.

And it's almost like my mind didn't like took over again. My intention this time is to kind of go through it and maybe take you along through it as well. And show you the different levels of it. But first off though, that paradigm shifting is about taking out these perspectives and seeing them from new points of views, seeing how there could be new possibilities because the mind and the beliefs cause understand beliefs create our reality, the mind and the beliefs think that this is the way reality works. Like if I want to be successful, I have to take a lot of action.

That's what I have to do. It’s a kind of funny thing. Let me show you around really quick. I'll be like, I guess kind of like a Vlog typestyle. I don't really normally do those, but they're going to show you around a little bit. I just kind of got settled in last night. We got here kind of late. We went almost a whole day without sleep because we were on a plane from midnight one day and we didn't get here to walk to the next two in the pm the next day. Then we ate was busy when transformational breath work, which is really cool.

I'll talk a little bit more about that in a minute as well. This might be a little meditation spot right here. I always meditate staring at a candle flame. I put a pillow because it's a tile on the floor, so it makes it a little bit easier. You've got a nice bed. It’s a certain energy field that goes under my bed. It's called the Earth Pulse. Then just a little bathroom over here. Then I'll go outside here for

a sec and let me show you what it looks like. It's so it's really green. You can see you got to go around right now. That's my door open, but I think it's okay that Ryan, so this is Ryan Cropper right over here. I just got up and was a film, a video and I was like, oh, I'm going to walk around really quick. This is that Ryan Cropper, he's got a YouTube channel as well. I just make a video. You let me know what you think is more like a personal element type style video. I was talking about like paradigms of beliefs. The idea is that beliefs create our reality, right? And at certain points in our life I was talking about how like right now I'm going through like a shifting or a paradigm shift in my beliefs because I'm letting go of beliefs that don't serve me.

Like I had this belief that like I have to take a lot of action to be successful. I’d been making like Davey videos on YouTube for like a year and a half and it's gotten me to where I am, but I'm realizing now that I can like let go and I don't have to like work so hard. I'm kind of like taking those beliefs and I'm trading them out and kind of letting them go and like trust them. I don't have to do that. Yeah.

Has there been ever a time in your life when you maybe we're going through something and you realize that you would like let go of something? Oh yeah. Pretty much the exact same thing you're talking about when they're going through the realization that you don't need to put that much cash to put into anything. Right. Because in the beginning, we think we need to do so much just to come there.

Yes. And sorry, it's right here. The camera's right there. Yeah. There you go. In the beginning, you feel like you have to do so much to really like drive or business or whatever you're doing. We went to meet with YouTube because we had to hold to like hustle and hustle. The reality is when it comes to manifestation, and I guess when you weren't looking at it in realistic terms, don't have to do much of anything. As long as you're doing the right stuff, you're going to be good. And I have like a self-affirmation that I actually say to myself to remind myself of the women that I actually figured that out, which is you're more than enough.

Whatever you're going through on that day, that's enough. Whatever you want to do. Right. And I don't push myself to do like a dozen videos in one day. There are some YouTubers that I like that that can really knock it out. I just don't do that. I said maybe, maybe by doing that you're also more than a line next. It's like it's, it's better vibing underneath the videos you do make if you do make them.

Yeah, it's more genuine. It was actually talking about that was another YouTuber, how you make it. We want to make on that day because it excites us and that gives us the drive. It wakes us up, it gives us the energy, right? The videos. And it comes off as more authentic because it's what we want to do. I can see that too because also I think that energy is contagious. When you're making a video, that's something you're passionate about, people can feel that underneath the video. It's not the words, but it's the energy underneath the word.

If I were to like grind it out to make another video and it was with energy of like desperation, I didn't even make a video, they'll feel that. Do you know what I mean? It's like, it's like the whole energy shifts, you know what I mean? Cool. All right man. Well, thanks. I'm going to see you in a little bit. I just, so random that I ran into him. I was just showing them around the grounds and what it looks like. And I was like, maybe I'll meet up with other, YouTube was later and I come out and he's like, he's got a stove, he's filming like right out here. It's going to be a lot of this going on. Yeah, yeah. There's a lot of, there's the film to thriving here as well. Yeah. All right man. I'll see you a little bit, dude.

Another thing, another way that I kind of described that have beliefs is seeing them trends like as vehicles. When I say vehicles, what I mean is at certain points in our life, what happens is we have this, these certain beliefs that serve us. For a while what served me was taking a lot of action, was doing a lot of things and I did that for a long period of time and it got me to where I am. But at a certain point, it's almost like I can switch out that vehicle because the thing is, is that beliefs that we have that create our reality, they serve us for a certain period of time. But there will come a time when you will treat out that belief in the same way that you might have a car and you might eventually trade that out.

It will serve you for a period of time, but eventually, you want to upgrade. What happens if we decide that we are going to trade out that belief because it served us for a period of time. We don't have to trade it out with resistance like I hated that car. I hated that belief or whatever. It's just the awareness that it served us for a period of time like that car got you from point a to point B for a certain period of time.

Now the key is understanding that you can, that you can trade it out and not be attached to it, but at certain levels, you'll see that there's a certain point in time where you eventually can get to a paradigm to where you don't have to keep trading out beliefs. This is where we move from that of a, if you look at that scale of consciousness that I share a lot, you'll see the scale of consciousness going from a 400 or zero shame, fear, guilt, all the way up to willingness.

Then eventually you get that 400 which is reasoning, which is the intellect and then 500 which is love. When you go from the levels of understanding that your beliefs create your reality, you're at like a 400 level consciousness and that is within that paradigm that you are creating your own reality, which works very well. And it's, it's beyond the paradigm that a lot of people use the law of attraction with. However, what also happens is when you move into that of love consciousness, what you do is that's when you start to give up the need to trade out the cars. That's when you stopped needing to do that and instead you realize that you can have things come to you. Imagine it's almost like you have like Uber eats or you have like things that come to you and you don't actually have to keep going everywhere from point a to point B.

That's a higher-level paradigm. But that includes getting more into the heart space. It includes transcending the ego, the intellect. And as we do that, we find that a lot of things in our life begin to shift. Trade out those beliefs understand they may serve you for a period of time. You can almost see it as a car that got you from point a to point B, but eventually, you can allow things to come to you and you don't need it to go everywhere and that way. What I'm going to do is I'm going to continue this idea.

I'm going to go see there's three, four other YouTubers here and I'll get their perspectives as well, but a lot of them are actually I think what, it would have a lot of cool stuff to share. I sell one down. I've got to find a three for the YouTubers, however, many people, but I'm going to be asking them about shifting beliefs and understanding of the Times that they've shifted a paradigm or some type of beliefs that they let go of that really served them. I know Victor's around here somewhere.

There he is filming a video, as usual. How's it going, Vic? Okay, cool. Don't get it, man. Question for. Yeah. Yeah. I already told Victor, he knows, I already talked to Ryan about it. But yeah, so, um, there's, I'm doing video right now on shifting belief sure. And shifting like out of a paradigm. If you want it, you can, I don't know where you want to put it, so sure. What's up guys? Hey, so I'll share about my most recent, um, fundamental pain inducing belief that I transcended.

You happen to catch us at Rhythmia and Costa Rica and me and Aaron were here before, but the difference is we've got a whole bunch of our YouTube subscribers here and it's a new experience for me in any way where I've never, I ran into a couple people on the street but never have, I had like 10 to 15 of like my biggest fans here. And it's interesting because I knew for me the walls were going to inevitably come down. Meaning when people see me on camera and stop, that's usually when I'm at my best. That's like when Victor's shining, that's what I do.

And when I become really good at, but I'm not, I'm not always like that. I have a lot of corks, I have insecurities, I have doubts, I have fears, I paint, I have issued just like everybody else. And I was a, and one of the, one of my issues is that I'm, I can be social, I can get, I can have social anxiety, I can be shy. And even though you wouldn't expect that on camera the way I am. Anyways shyness is something I've been working through over the past few days, which was heavily triggered. Due to all the presence is always YouTube fans.

I was coming off kind of really weird with them and kind of like my Dorky mannerisms that make my shyness very obvious. We're coming out and I'll, I'll tell the example I told Aaron, I heard you though, so you have a four before one of the ceremonies I got this idea like you to go around and like and get like sort of getting people like you know, into good frame of mind before the ceremony.

And I went up to two of my subscribers and they were talking to a couple other people. I didn't really know me and I was like, it was awkward to begin with my little cheesy pep talk. And then at the end, because I was feeling uncomfortable, I decided to shake their hands. I shook the subscribers hands for no reason. We were just, there was no real reason for that. And then there was other people around.

I didn't want them to feel left Dallas. I shook their heads. It was like, good job. Okay for four handshakes, totally out of place. They all sensed that. In fact, one of the subscribers even laughed about it. They're like, oh, he's shaking her hands. Um, and that's an example of my shyness. My quirkiness was coming out. And in my ceremony, I was asking, like, I asked sort of like, my intention was to deal with that and, and it came to that game down to the fact that I was insecure when I was a little kid.

I was hit by a firecracker. I was nine years old and is big, really big, powerful firework was lit and it tipped over and it hit me really bad. Um, and I was burned and it had the scars and I had to wear these weird, this weird thing for like a whole year. And it was very tough for a little nine-year-old kid anyway. I had to kind of deal with that a little bit. But what I learned that the belief I learned was that you, that Victor, you need to hide your quirkiness. Do you need to hide your insecurities because people won't love you? They won't like you if you have those. But what I realized is that people see that there, I'm not very good at hiding.

People love me anyways. And that means that allowed me to transcend this tire, some burden of trying to maintain this facade of a completion, which is just not true. I don't have to do it. I don't, I can let the mask slip and people don't even, they see through the mask. Anyway, so that was my revelation. That might, my social anxiety came from a place of thinking I need to control how people perceive me when they already see me for who I am and if they're in my life and they love me and choose to be with me anyways that was essentially, all right, cool. ​

I could see that in victor two just say we've only been here three, four on the fourth day right now. But it's cool because everyone that's here and kind of see how they're going through different, they're kind of shifting and letting go of the old. And you could see it in you. I can see it and you already, like, Victor's always kind of been like that where we're, you know, not knowing how people will perceive and whatnot. It's cool to see that. Um, I feel like victor has an is letting go of that and you can kind of feel it in your energy that you're, you know, shifting out of that and just like being yourself and being okay with not being like, you know, going around and doing everything and controlling it all. 

I think still have to, this is victor, Victor Oddo, everyone knows, I mean, most of you guys know anyways, everyone's YouTube channel as well. The people that I'm interviewing right now and talking to is going to be in the description box below. If you want more and you to see their, their channels and whatnot, you'll see it there. I got to go find your fleet or snacks. I'll be sleeping. She probably is, it's like noon right now.

No, I think she hasn't. She's doing some, she's getting ready for something anyways. Um, oh yeah. Anyways, thanks for being on the bitch bro. And um, yeah, I'll go finally. You are all right. Peace. Goodbye. Goodbye. Hi. Now I have to go find it anymore. All right, so now I'm off to find who I know is here somewhere. I know she's been having some pretty transformative type experiences as like realizing her own like stuff that she's going through. She's learning. She's a YouTuber as well. She's a really good friend of mine, so she does, she hasn't been, I can't switch it around. She's right over there. Am I? There you are. Okay, cool. Yes. All right, so this is Alexandra. A lot of you already know who she is. She's amazing.

You're amazing. Come on it. Come on. And maybe explain a little bit about what that is and like how you shifted it and what you did for that hot, a really big shift this week. I think it was very, it was necessary and it was very profound because it's something that I didn't realize I knew as a superficial level. I had this belief, but I kind of just really went to like my inner child. Yeah. What, what's going on. I identified that I created as a, as a young girl, I created neuro connections in my head that men were unreliable and I had an Ami.

I have an amazing father. Like he beat the crap and terrible person. My best friend, like my biggest fan. But um, when I was younger he was in some sketchy things and there was an, there was a feeling in the household of not being protected and not being safe. Wow. I didn't realize that that was creating, that was creating patterns in my life at such a young child.

We think that we just, because we can't remember what we've been through as children and our earliest stages, like one through five that it doesn't affect us, but it really sexist so much. Oh yeah. And it could affect the way that our relationships play out in our life. I realized I have this belief that men equal unreliable. Like all men. I can't trust men. I have never trusted a man. And because I believe that I trusted relationships that prove it right.

The more I was like men are and realize, well, I didn't actually consciously think that it was an ingrained, limited limiting belief is an emotion I didn't, I never considered like, oh, up as a 14-year-old starting to date like that. All men are unreliable and I'm going to date this guy cause he's unreliable. That's not how it was. It worked. Very like other than a subconscious level. Right? I went when I realized that actually this week I was able to come to terms with that, come to terms with the fact that I don't know what happened when I was a child. Maybe this belief came from energy.

Maybe from the way my father felt about himself. Maybe from the way, my mom felt about my dad. But it came from somewhere. And it might not have even been true, but it's just the belief I created as a child, as a very young girl. And this week I've decided to rewrite my beliefs and male no longer equals unreliable. I now see men and males as nurturing, protective, safe, comforting, and good and really good. And I've had so many situations in my life before I've made the shift that kept proving to me that men are not to be trusted.

And now it's like, I feel like I'm here. Literally, all of you guys are male, all of you is right. And I feel so safe and so calm, like calm, confident and comfortable that I'm protected. And like you have really nurturing energy, all of you. And it's like people usually think that that's the case with female energy. But I've been few. I rewrote that belief and now I believe males are great.

That's huge. That's awesome. That changes a lot. Like that changes reality itself for you because it's a reflection like the men male workers here. Whereas before I would be very suspicious of any man getting near me like at night, right? Yeah. Now it's not my fault. That's really cool. That’s very powerful. The steps were just, the recap is kind of like you became aware of it, became aware of it, and then once you became aware of it, you could then see the pattern and it's really that simple. It's like become aware, you become aware of it and then you don't keep living it.

But if until you complete it, you repeat it. Yeah. For feeding it, I've had like maybe five or six relationships. I just kept showing me one way and I was trying to work through them, but I didn't have the tools until I accepted what happened and what I was feeling. And once you get that, you just accept it and then you just rewrite it. Yeah. What you, what the truth. Because it's not true. All men are unreliable. That's enough. Felt really bad for me. That's baffling my entire life. I'm like, you were telling me earlier, what is, it feels bad. It's not in English.

And now it feels right. It feels so right. That's awesome. Okay, well I'm happy to hear that run of what you want you guys to really know that it's like beliefs create reality. You changed the belief, you change the reality. And [inaudible] has already done that just two, three days ago. Um, and you'll see her channel right below. She's amazing. You'll see that as well. I think I still got to go find Gavin.

All right. I'm off to find another YouTuber. They're up there around here, everywhere. But yeah, I think it's really interesting to hear other people's stories about how they shifted beliefs because when we shift beliefs and we go beyond the current beliefs we have, we didn't get into a new paradigm. There isn't another one right over here. See Gavin from wake up fulfilled sup bro. Hey, how are you doing? 

This is Gavin everyone. I was just telling them and I've been kind of going around to all the other YouTubers here and what we're talking about is shifting belief and certain paradigm. I was kind of explaining to them earlier about how I used to like the leave. I had to work really hard in order to be some success. I've been doing daily YouTube videos, but being here I realized that I can let go of that belief that I need to do so much and I can start to just be in more in alignment.

And one of the ways I'm wiring that in is by not making daily YouTube videos, even though there's still video is going out, but I'm not like making new ones like I normally would to why you're in that belief that I don't need to do that anymore. I can let go. My question to you is, is there a time in your past when you've let go of an old belief and then maybe shifted a certain paradigm of belief that allowed you to experience more or to become more, if you could share a little bit about what that story is that experience was and how you did it. I think it had a lot of value.

Yeah. For me personally, I've had a lot of experiences with beliefs and how does being able to help me make more money even grow my YouTube channel. And one of the paradigms and beliefs that I had is that you had to work hard for money. Like you have to work long hours, you have to stress yourself out, you have to hustle, you know, to how Gary Vaynerchuk Hustle, hustle, the hustle mentality.

And that actually got me into a lot of trouble because I ruined my health. I wasn't sleeping much, had anxiety, I had depression and with this mentality of we're taught by society for women growing up that we have to like study, you know, in school and stuff, getting education and work and um, you know, we've got to pay for the bills. We've got to go on, I'll take care of our family and stuff like this.

But in actuality, there's another power paradigm where you can actually make a lot of money and you can do it in an easy, fun way and that's available for you. You just have to start believing it. And for me, when I changed that belief, now I make more money doing less work and it's more fun and freeing. I'm not stressing myself out and not trying to hustle, not trying to be someone, I'm not, I'm stepping into my purpose and my mission. And for doing that, it gives me a sense of power and knowingness and sort of like trust with the universe and fruit that I am able to not only make a lot of money and I'm able to help a lot of people as well at the same time, which is ready.

Cool. Right on, man. It’s kind of similar theme as me. It's like the whole work hard. And um, I think for some people it's like them getting out of and getting into maybe believing they can do something so that, that's when they start taking a lot of action and that's when they get certain results and then they keep seeing more and more results. They feel like they need that in order to keep going. But it's like, then you've already upped it to a new notch, to a new paradigm. And it's like Einstein said, you can, you'd solve it from a new level of paradigm, a new way of thinking, that level of consciousness, you know?

It's cool to see. I'm going to ask them. I felt like there was an obligation for me to make videos. And that concludes a lot of problems that like because then again, it creates that same mentality of stressing yourself out and panicking and you need to do stuff and whatever it is, and in your life, there might be certain aspects where you feel like you're obligated to do stuff. Find areas in your life where you feel like you're obligated to do stuff and maybe eliminate those out of your life and then do what makes you feel good. Do what makes you feel better because as you begin to feel better, your vibration goes up and when your vibration goes up, you're able to like experience more joy and prosperity in your life.

Perfect. Yeah. I like how you, yeah. I’m glad you added that at the end. That's perfect. Yeah. Um, all right, so you'll see his channel below in the YouTube description for this video as well. I want to thank you for being on and yeah, I think that's everyone. We’re having a lot of fun here. We got it today's Thursday.

We still got two or three more days. We're excited. I'll just go and close out the video now. I want to thank everyone for being here. Remember to shift your beliefs, become aware of the current belief that you have. Become aware of what paradigm you're at, observe it, and then make a conscious choice to rewire it by taking action and doing the things. Maybe even a non-action. For me, it's taking a non-action right now of not making daily videos. You'll send your subconscious mind the message, and then you'll start to be in that totally new paradigm.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.