The Most Powerful Technique for Attracting Love and Relationships


I'm going to share with you the most powerful technique you can apply for attracting love, at least that I've seen that I know works very powerfully. I'm going to show you exactly how to apply that in this blog. Today, I'm going to share with you that most powerful technique you could apply towards attracting love and relationships. The information in this blog is coming from that of the event that I'm at right now, which is called date with destiny. It's way by Tony Robbins is a six-day old vet here in Palm Beach, Florida. I'm here with my buddy Victor Oddo and we are at this transformational workshop. You know, six-day event. They're very long days. Sometimes they go from 11 in the morning, which I know doesn't seem that bad, but till like one 30 to three in the morning and they are very intensive.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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You get up and you jump around like every 15, 20 minutes to get into state. Then what you do is after that you do a lot of exercises, a lot of workshops. The primary focus of the whole entire workshop is to get into a new version of yourself. In a way, it's to change your beliefs, your values, your rules about life and happiness. When you change it and you rewire yourself, you then experience a new reality. One of the most popular nights is relationship night, which is night number four. He said something that I found very powerful, something that I've also noticed. Many people use this unconsciously to attract love into their life. I've seen it because I've been making videos on YouTube for like three years now. I know how powerful this is.

It's something that I look back on. I see that I've used this as well. This is the technique and this is what you do. Normally the way people go about Law of Attraction manifestation is they focus on what they want to attract. They focus on attracting someone like this with this certain quality into their life. But the thing that a lot of people miss is something that is called outer intention, which means, that actually comes from a book called Reality Transurfing, which is a very powerful manifestation book. It's mainly a book on how reality works. I'm surrounded by quantum physicist in Russia named Vadim Zeland. There is a technique that is called outer intention. What I realized is this technique that Tony Robbins talks about is out or intention and he's a lot of people that have gone to this seminar and then met the love of their life and use this kind of technology, I guess you could say these days.

That's called a call to technology. But, it's also outer intention. They don't even know it. There's an inner intention, which is the intentions that we have to create our life. When we say I want that, my attention is to become more successful, my intention is to become more successful though so that I can feel freer. My intention is to attract love into my life so that I can feel more passionate. The thing is what most people miss is this thing called outer intention, which is the intention of not just us but of other people. If we can align our intention to the outer intention of ourselves, which isn't the ways other people's intention, we then align ourselves with the win-win scenario. For example, you may have heard my story before, so I'm sorry if I mentioned this and you're like, man, I heard that story a long time ago and you're were it again, it's the story of how I attracted the house.

I used to have the house that I lived at for over a year. I went to go get it. It was a certain amount per month. I wanted it, I saw it. What happened was, is I was one of five. I was one of four other people. That's five total that was competing, competing for that house. We all put in rental applications. I thought I got to do something so that I stand out and because I really wanted that house. I looked at all the other houses that were available and they get, not all of them, but you know, I'd get many of them and none of them really were that rise. What I did is I looked at it and I thought to myself and realize I was feeling almost, I was thinking about it too much. It's like, I really want this house. Oh, my goodness. I was imagining myself in it. What I did is I started to create from outer intention. I realized, what do the owners want in somebody to live there.

I was invited and I was just living there for a year. This what they're going to want. They asked for something weird. They asked for photos of the house I was currently living in, even though the house that I was going to rent from them was unfurnished. They still wanted photos. I was like, okay. They said that sometimes they'll do that if they want to know, like the tenant is clean. I was like, well, I'm going to clean person anyways. I was living in like a really nice model house at the time with some friends and it's like, okay, I need to get my own place. I took photos of all of it and it was all very clean. I sent them the photos and I let them know that, and then I sent them the photos. But this is what I did as well. I sent them a letter that said, Hey, you have a beautiful house. I really like it. I would love to live there and I would take really great care of it.

I don't have any pets, I don't have any kids. I work a lot as well. I worked from home and I travel a lot, blah, blah, blah. It aligned with their inner intention. That's what they would want in a tenant. By language and in that way, it then was a no brainer for them. They said, okay. Oh, and at the time as well, there was something that was falling off my credit from like forever ago. I did not have as good credit as for other people. I'm sure that some of them had better credit than me, even though I was making good money. There was that, there's that kind of aspect to it, but I didn't focus on that. Instead what I did is I focused on that. How could that add value? Here's something else I did too. I imagined that that house wanted me to live there. Okay. I know it sounds really weird. I got to give the house a personality almost. I gave it a name, Carl, I'm just getting to give it a name. I just said that I'll be able to do a lot of consciousness work in this house.

I'll be able to help a lot of people with a difficult background and not feel so confident and you know, in high energy to make videos so it's going to serve more than just mean. I focused on that. That's called outer intention. Because of that, I ended up, I remember getting the call, you got the house and I was like, great, amazing. I lived that in that house for over a little over a year, a year and two months. Once again, after a year they said, okay. I said, Hey, can I say an extra two or three months cause I'm getting ready to travel. My rent was up in August, but I needed, wanted to leave in the at the end of September. I needed two more months. They said, no, sorry. They want to really rent it out in August. They don't want, you know, they don't want, they don't want to let it go in September because it'd be harder to rent. Once again, I use the same type of thing. I sent them a letter, I said, listen, I want to travel and do this.

It would really mean a lot to me if you did this. I've been such a good, like Kennan and stuff. I did everything right. The house is like sparkling plain. I gave one a little bit more money. I said, Hey, how about this much per month to give you this much per month? I said, how about this? If you want to really want to rent it out, what you can do is for the last two weeks I lived there, you can show the house. Then it's like, well there's no lose because you could show the house for two weeks and they'll have pictures with some of my really nice furniture. It'd be a win-win. That worked as well. You got to be persistent, you know, I'm persistent with what I want. I'm clear now. Here's how you use it. With attracting love and a relationship. This is what you do. You write down the qualities of the kind of person you want to be in a relationship with the qualities, not necessarily all they're going to be like a, you know, this height, this hair color, this eye color.

It's about the qualities, the emotions you will feel. it could be, I want someone that's honest, that's open, that really cares about me, can read me really well, that has very good energy, that's doing what they're passionate about for a living. I want someone else to like join with me, to do passion, to like do our passion together. All of these things you put down the qualities of what you would want in someone else and then this is what you do. You pay attention to what the qualities would be in that type of person that they would want in someone. You see this, it makes what makes, it will be different. You imagine the qualities that you would want, but also what are the qualities that that kind of person would want in someone else. Maybe you're like, well this kind of person that I'm imagining right now doesn't have to be a certain look or color or anything I imagined they would want someone that's passionate, somebody that's really going for things and like that's the focus, that's clear, that's decisive.

You then focus on what they would want and then what you do. That's Victor Oddo right there. Say, hi, Vic. You guys like his hat. He's very excited about that hat. You got that hat yesterday. You woke up today, came out of his room. He's like, I woke up. What'd you say? I slept in that. It's a cool hat. Is the hat that a Tony has at this conference? We booked this other seminar and gave us it. Anyways, side note. Okay, so you pay attention to the qualities that they would want and then what you do is you become that person. You become the most attractive person. You become something that's on your purpose. You become somebody that's doing what you're passionate about and by having that focus and really loving yourself 100% guess what other people will love you as well.

This has to be something you commit to yourself of you being the ideal version of yourself and when you love yourself, other people will then love you, but if you want to attract someone else into your life, don't focus on attracting them into your life and then being like, you be in the cameo with their movie and then coming around and going, yes, I share spell or you some of my time. By the time you have attracted my interior life. No. Instead, what you do is you realize you're the star of your movie and because you're the star of the movie and you're living in your own, your own gravity, what happens is that then you will attract people that resonate with that. However, the key to this is knowing that you must be calm, the kind of person that other people want to be or want to be with. You must look at those qualities and say, what kind of person would they be attracted to and then become that version. Then it's a win-win.

You're being the most authentic version of yourself. They're naturally attracted to you because that's the kind of qualities they're attracted to and then it's a win-win. This really does work. I think I've seen other people use this manifestation technique before, but the way that Tony laid it out also to just make total sense the way that attraction works as well. Because people are attracted to a certain type of person. It’s not like you're becoming that kind of person because then you attract them. Understand all relationships are means anyways. You want to feel a connection and love. But if you give yourself those emotions, guess what? People will feel that off of you anyways. Something else that I have is read the comments in this meditation. It's the most powerful meditation for attracting loving relationships.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.