The Great Solar Flash Event it’s time you know about…

I'm going to be sharing with you more on what is called the great solar flash. This is something that will be happening in the future and it's something that is the time you know about.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be sharing with you more on what is called the great solar flash. Understanding that there is a trance mutation of energy happening on the planet right now or you can say transformation. That's a better word. There is a transformation of energy happening right now on the planet.

You may have heard me talk before about the shift in consciousness that we're as a collective going through right now, which is going from a third demented third density state of consciousness and do a fourth and fifth density state of consciousness and right now it's happening on the planet.

You'll notice that more and more people are waking up than ever before. I'll be honest, not that I didn't have like strong belief in humanity, but it is happening so fast. Many people are waking up, and it's happening in waves and if you're watching my videos right now, then you're one of the first waves because you can only perceive that what you are the vibration of. And if you're here right now, then this is something that you are ready to here.

Let me first off say that this great solar flash that is coming, it is not to be feared. It is not to be feared. It is not like something's going to happen and then everyone's going to, you know it's like either you're alive and you're not alive. It's not like that at all. There's sometimes fear put around certain ideas like this so it's not like you need to rush to do something specifically.

However, understand that this is about transformation and that the more you raise your vibration, the easier this process will be. But as a society, we have chosen that we are going to go in through this shift in consciousness together. There are different timelines in 2012 where we could have gone on a couple of different timelines.

One of them was could have been something to where it was either you go this direction or this direction and a lot of people, just wasn't as many people made this ascension process, but what we decided is that as a collective we are going to go a little bit slower through the process.

Cause now it's 2019 for example. And we are going to continue to go through this process and we're going to raise our vibrations together so that more people can make this shift. In general, everyone can make this shift. This isn't something you have to be afraid of. What's happened to my dog? What's going to happen to my kids? Don't worry about that.

Worry about you raising your own vibration because the more that you raise your vibration, the more that is helping the collective consciousness anyways. When it comes to understanding the solar flash, the solar flash is where the sun is going to emit such high vibration energy that it penetrates all the people on the face of the planet and inside of the planet as well. And that as it penetrates everyone, it transforms the consciousness.

It's like our body turns into more light. However, we're still going to be physical. It's not like we're going to be these little theory ghosts walking around. We are going to remain physical, but it's going to be like our body continues to transform. It's almost like our body goes from a more carbon-based body into a crystal and body, which is happening right now.

First off, when it says the great solar flash, understand that these solar flashes that are already happening, they're already happening. That's why I beat, you don't have to be afraid of this. This is the most empowering thing you could come to understand is that as the sun changes, it changes us. The sun is a replicator of energy. The sun is an amplifier of energy as well.

The sun helps create life. The sun will help the grass grow. The sun helps. We can absorb energy from the sun. You could call that to the galactic son because the universe is actually a pterodactyl field. The universe, just like there's a Toronto field around our body where there's a toroidal field around and what the universe is and we are in earth going around and through this Toronto field.

What happens is we are moving through a very highly charged area of space right now. Just to give you an idea of what this may be like is this is such a high vibration of space that it is raising our vibration. It's allowing us to transform our own level of consciousness and one of the ways it does that is as we move through this space, it influences the son and the son that he admits it on the US and it awakens us more, and more so the sun has light codes in it.

A lot of people would worship the sun. They understood that the sun has very transformative energy. He sold their flashes, which is a little bit different. It goes onto the planet, and it awakens the consciousness within the people. It transmutes the consciousness of the people and it is happening right now. There are more people waking up on the planet than ever before and this will continue to happen as time goes on.

When it comes to this, when it comes to this great solar flash event, understand that there are triggers of it happening right now. There are triggers if it happening right now, and when it comes to it, there will be what is called when we move out of what is called a solar minimum. There are these different levels of us moving through this area of space. When we get out of this solar minimum, it is going to happen and there'll be more energy of this flowing through and it'll happen even quicker.

That is supposedly going to happen around 202620272028 so there's a little bit of time, but up until then, there will still be flashes that are waking consciousness. This solar flash event is meant to be that literally helps awaken humanity as such a great level. What could it look like? Could it look like this event happens and it happens through a pulsation, through the whole plant where people just start to become aware of who they are as spiritual beings.

Maybe certain memories unlock memories of us having a connection to the stars, memories of us having a connection to what we're doing when we go to bed at night, because every night when you go to bed, you are awake to higher states of consciousness. You simply don't remember it because there was a veil of forgetfulness. Could it be that these great solar events starts to have it to where we remember more of what's happening at these greater levels of consciousness?

These are all things that are possible. However, we don't know exactly what will happen, but we do know that the sun transmutes energy, we do know that these pulsations are happening right now on the planet. We do know that there will be more of that happening and that the purpose of it is to help wake up humanity as a whole and that Thursday form of a spiritual renaissance happening on the planet right now and it will continue to happen.

And if you want more information on this, I'm going to have a link in the bottom right down here. This is where I've gotten a lot of this information is from a show called cosmic disclosure. I watch Gaia and I've watched every episode of cosmic disclosure. You get sucked in and you start watching it. You're watching like two or three episodes used to be sucked up by for three weeks because that's when she'll be watching.

But there's more information about this. There is a someone named Corey good that is the insider that brings forth this information and a lot of it has to do with the solar event, the solar flash that will eventually happen and it's happening now. It's about knowing that this is about the transmutation of consciousness. And if you want to know more, you'll see the link in the bottom below.

But in general, understand that the sun transmutes energy, that we are going through this transformation right now, that our bodies are connected to the planet, the planet is connected to the star, our star is connecting to a bigger star and it's this whole universe moves in a pterodactyl field type fashion.

And right now we are experienced in reality the way we are from all these different points of consciousness. Because never before on the planet has there been so many people that have gone through this shift in consciousness, in form, in the way that we are going. We always think of as grace understand there are extraterrestrials that look very similar to us. There are extraterrestrials that we aren't connected to that you as a soul are connected to.

Maybe the Pleiades, maybe serious maybe Arcturus. It may be Andromedan and maybe all these different places. These are the sexiest terms. There are thousands of thousands of different places, but our souls are immortal, spiritual beings and we have not just incarnated our whole soul on that have little earth.

As amazing as it is, we have existence is at many different layers as well. Knowing this, we can then be, we can then see that reality is so much more of that than we can imagine. There are a lot of people on the planet that have kept this information back when it comes to this great solar flash.

But it's the time that it becomes more people become more aware of it and they know because there are people that are trying to go underground to block out this event because when it comes, it will transmute all of humanity, it will transmute and they're trying to be because this is what it does. Okay, so let me give you an example of what I learned from cosmic disclosure.

As we move through the galaxy or through the universe, we are moving to a more highly charged area of space. This highly charged area space. Also, Trans means consciousness. What they decided to do is they sent some people all with different mindsets, all with different backgrounds into this area of space and like some type of way of transporting or you know some type of vehicle, probably some type of space ship or whatever that they have.

And they go through that into this, into the, what we could call it the future, like into where this area of space that we're moving into and they observe these people. What happened? The people that were negatively charged, meaning that they had maybe negative mindsets, maybe they were just more negative in general, they felt more negative. They felt more like they were having breakdowns or like they were, they weren't able to handle it.

They felt an amplification of whatever they were feeling positive. People on the other hand, that we're in this crap where they went into this area of space, felt joy, felt love, felt bliss, felt peacefulness. They felt amazing. Depending on the person's polarity, whether they were more positive or negative will depend upon how they feel going through this process.

We'll understand that. This is also a metaphor for the area of space where we're moving through because we are moving through it right now. Over the next 10 years and as we move through it, we will get an amplification of whatever we're feeling and with whatever we're feeling, it's like the dark sites get brought up for us to deal with so that we can allow this blissfulness to come through because this transmutation of consciousness, this transformation of consciousness is happening right now on the planet.

Be aware of it and understand that as you, as you become more aware of this, you can then focus on yourself. Can you raise your own vibration? And I said, how can you raise your own vibration? Cause as you raise your vibration, this process of this solar flash will impact you in more and more powerful ways. With the solar flash, you don't have to necessarily go around and tell him there's this great solar flash come in because I don't know how physical it will be.

What I mean is, I don't know if it's like some we, you know, our eagle thinks it's going to be some flash of energy. We all see this white light and it's like we're all just blissed out and a, we have these awakenings and now all of a sudden we can interdimensional travel, but it might be very different.

We don't know exactly what's going to happen, but it could be that we just have these inner realizations. It could be a happens in a nonphysical way, so we don't actually see it, but we individually feel it. But regardless, there are these solar flashes that are happening right now on the planet and they will continue to happen at different rates. Almost like different pulsations getting us ready for a big whammy.

You couldn't say it's starting out kind of small. It keeps happening, keeps transforming us. And then eventually once we move out of solar minimum, which is what Corey Goode said, that he was told that, then it'll happen even more powerfully. And that's in like 2027 2028 but until then there'll be a lot of things happening.

There'll be a lot more information coming out about things, about how reality works and about things that had been hidden will be brought out to the surface and it'd be brought out for people to become aware of and it will be happening from now up until and just going forward. More and more light is being shown and being shined in these dark places for this information to come out and it's not to be feared.

This is the thing. Sometimes when you look in this information, he becomes fearful like, oh, this shift and this and this. It's just meant for you to go within yourself and focus on raising your own vibration. Focus on raising our own vibration because as you focus on that, you'll find that what happens is you end up transforming the people around you as well because energy is contagious and it helps the shift in consciousness happening even easier.

The best thing you can do is not go out and blast all of this information unless you feel called to do that. Maybe you know that's what I'm doing, but the best thing you can do is to change within yourself, to love yourself, to integrate your shadow self, all of these different things.

If you want as well, I have a guided meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point, helping you through this process. It's one of the most powerful meditations I've made. Absolutely free. Let's do it for 21 days. It will transform your life. Also, I'll be doing more live communities on Instagram, so if you want to follow me and ask me questions, you can ask me questions below. Also, I post twice a day there as well. Let me know what you think about this.

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