This Blog Will Trigger a Vibrational TRANSFORMATION in You (WARNING NO GOING BACK)


This blog will trigger a transformation at one of three different levels of consciousness. From this point going forward, a seed will be planted, and your life will be changed.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm sharing with you right now the three huge jumps in vibration. And simply knowing what I'm about to share with you, we'll begin to plant a seed that will change your vibration over time. Even if I share these with you and at a certain level you're like, I'm going to forget that for now, you're still have had it planted so there's no going back.

Because once you know, you know, but even beyond knowing it's an experience, it's something that you begin to experience. But once the seed is planted, it increases the probability of one of those experiences happening. What this has to do with as I'm going to share with you the three biggest transformations in my life and there are shifts in consciousness, and as many of you know I have been using this chart a lot.

This chart is the charts of consciousness as just, it's just written by me. It's not necessarily as elaborate as you normally see on my screen, but we have different states of consciousness. And I got this chart from Dr. David Hawkins. It is in the book called power vs force, and it talks about how there are different vibrational calibrations for different emotions and different states of consciousness. What happens is throughout our life, we will shift through different states of consciousness depending on how we think, how we feel, and where we are.

And if we, there are certain jumps that we make that will allow us to get the higher vibrational states of consciousness. And when we make those realizations, those Epiphanes when we have them as Epiphanes, our whole entire life will change, and it won't be the same after that. And I believe right now what's happening on the planet is people all over the world are going through these mini shifts in consciousness or big shifts in consciousness.

I think that one of the reasons we chose to be here at this time was to go through a mass awakening, a mass raising vibration and raising consciousness and so many people. It's amazing to see because there are so many people that are waking up now more than ever. I remember 2012 I went through my first big awakening, and I'll share with you what that was here in a minute, but when I went through it, it changed my whole entire life.

I didn't see the world the same way, but uh, I also became aware that this is a time on the planet to be alive. This is a time of becoming aware of who we really are because we forget who we are when we come here. The truth is, let me show you the truth about the matter. This is how it actually works. We are up here when we're born, this like, who is who we are?

Enlightenment, joy, peace, higher vibrational emotions. But when we're born, we forget who we are. We go through traumatic experiences, we grow up and we, there's anger, fear, guilt, and the lower vibrational emotions. And then so it's a survival mode. Think of them as survival mode. And because of that, we remain in those states of consciousness because we think that's who we are. We identify with our ego.

And then eventually, what happens is as we begin to become more and more aware of the ego and then eventually disassociate and just observe the ego, we start to raise our vibrational frequency. What's happening is people are becoming aware of, Hey, I'm a spiritual being, dreaming that right now I'm this human and because I am aware of this, I don't have to react to things so much. I don't have to react to things so much show this is part of the process.

I'm going to share with you the first big jump, the first big trigger, and transformation that happens when you become aware of. And that is a transformation happens when you go from anger to forgiveness, anger to forgiveness. What I'm about to share with you will help to trigger that transformation within you. Many of you know my story about my ex stepmom and how she was a, you know, growing I was growing up is like my brother and me and I had to deal with a lot of, uh, you know, someone that was very physically and mentally abusive and for even after my dad divorced her and I was 15, I felt a lot of anger.

I felt a lot of resentment. Many of you have probably heard this story before. I know I talk about it a lot on channel. It's just a show that you can go from a lot of pain to transcending it fairly quickly when you have this realization. What happened was, is I was very angry with her, and I had a lot of resentment because I didn't feel worthy. But what happened was, is eventually what happened is I learned how to observe my thoughts.

I learned how to observe my thoughts, to observe my perspectives. And as you see on the scale, neutrality is higher than the lower vibrational emotions, which are shame, fear, guilt, and the one hundred and the one 75 to anger and then 200 and neutrality or two 50 is neutrality. I learned how to observe my thoughts, and when observing my thoughts, I can then see things from a higher perspective, a higher point of view.

What I became aware of is that everyone is doing the best they can with where they are. I say that again. Everyone is doing their best they can with the level of consciousness they have. When I was looking at my ex stepmom and think about it like this, to say I have my energy field right here. I show you for say a how. Let's say I have my energy field right here and oh, there we go. Sorry about that. Say you have my energy field right here and within my energy field, I am angry. I have this energetic disruption.

I'm angry about my ex stepmom. Even though my ex step mom's all the way over there, I'm the one holding onto this energy. I'm the one holding on the energy. The key is not me trying to change her because she will probably never; she won't change for awhile.

She's still the same way. She was my dad. My sisters had still had two sisters that are, that's their real mom. They still have to deal with her. They don't really, at this point, they're not getting away from that. Because of that, I can't, I'm not going to try to change her. I'm going to change within myself, and I'm going to understand, I'm going first off to understand her. She's doing the best she can without with where she's at with her level of consciousness.

She's acting out of anger towards people. She's being controlling with people. What I do is I say, and I'm able to look at her and say that that's the way she was probably treated when she was a kid. She's just playing out some old drama. That's the way she treated. It's not that I so much am going to heal in the way of trying to heal her. It's more so that I'm going to hue my perspective within my own energy field of her by just understanding her. Everyone makes decisions based on their own level of consciousness.

They have rationalized it somehow inside of their mind. They have rationalized it. They're acting on a survival mode and they're trying to control other people. They're abusive is because that's either what they learned or they think they have to be that way in order to survive. You see, so it's not that it makes it right that I'm acknowledging that, but it does make it so that I understand it a little bit more and if I understand it a little bit more, I can then forgive. I can then forgive.

You do not forgive someone even because they deserve it. I'm not even saying that. Some things, you know when I talk about my ex stepmom, that you may have been way worse things. Many people have been through way worse things. I just use that as an example to show that I had done it so that many other people could do it too. However, you forgive because it's something, it's an act of compassion to you because you're the one holding onto the energy.

When you start to see that you're the one only, you're only hurting yourself by keeping it in your energetic field because then what happens is you will walk around and meet other people that reflect these little wounds inside of you. Even after my ex stepmom left my life when I was 15, I had people in my life that always reflected back that kind of person that was either mentally abusive. I'd have a manager at a where I worked at Nordstrom's. That was almost the same kind of personality until I learned what I'm sharing with you right now, which is how to heal the past and the way that you heal the past is by reframing why it happened.

Also, things in your past did not happen to you. They happen to you. If I didn't go through that pain, I might not have had my spiritual awakening back in 2012 so that pain led me to that pressure, which led me to awaken more and more many people, and this probably includes you, you've been through pain in the past and that pain may have led you to this point right now, this level of spiritual awareness, this expansion, so it a very powerful point. It served a very powerful purpose. The key is being aware of that, but the key to forgiveness, the key to letting go of anger is forgiveness.

Forgiving the other person because they don't know what they're doing there at a certain level of a conch of consciousness, they're asleep. But you don't want to necessarily at that can becomes a dangerous perspective because then you say, oh, they're asleep and what happens is then you, you start to judge them, and you're like, Yo, just a slave and the net create separation.

They're just where they are. It makes it helps you to understand them a little bit more. People do the best they can with where they are. If someone steals from you, it's because they believe in their own lack and they don't believe in their own power. Maybe they steal from you, but what you can begin to do is forgive them because they are doing the best they can with where they are. They just may have learned growing up that stealing is one way to get around.

They may have had experiences in the past if someone's stealing from them, so they're just acting out different patterns. That right there is a huge shift and transformation. When you go from anger to forgiveness, you start to understand where they're coming from and part of that could still be saying no, doesn't mean they are like, oh, I just understand you now. I'm going to continue to take this abuse from you. It could be, no, I don't deserve this anymore. I'm going to go in this direction. As discernment, at the same time now also neutrality, such a huge step. You have anger, fear, guilt, shame, fear, guilt, anger, desire.

Desire is low vibration because desires come in like a longing, like I really, really want that. It's not necessarily a high vibration. There's instructing desire, and intention. The neutrality is 250 and 250 is when you learn how to observe your thoughts. Then we have willingness and acceptance. Willingness is actually under acceptance. Willingness goes at about three 10 acceptances at three 50 so I kind of cross-reference it right here. This is the second trigger in transformation.

Instead of saying, I really, really want that. Do you actually go and do something? That's why the action can be very powerful and some people, I'll be honest, don't want to hear that. I didn't want to hear that when I was like trying to go full time on YouTube and making daily videos. I didn't want to hear that. One of the keys that I needed to take massive action. That was like the last thing I wanted to hear. But I will say that once I started to make daily videos on YouTube and I just made it a must that I will, I will do this, I will help people, I will go through this process.

That's when everything began to change. It's almost like you start to have more faith and more power in your own ability and your own integrity. Cause you say you're going to do it, you can do it. However, eventually what I realized was happening is I had such a strong discipline, you know, I'm even wearing this yellow shirt right now, which by the presents like the solar plexus.

I had so much discipline that I had to make those every single day. I remember one time I was in Costa Rica and this was, I had this big epiphany when I could just start to I guess instead of trying to get somewhere I wasn't already, willpower means you're not, you know, if you have to be so discipline, it means, it's like I'm trying to get somewhere else other than where I'm already am trying to escape the moment, trying to get the next level.

Once you get to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, you want 200, and then you get to 201 300 the ego always wants more. But the trigger for me was actually in Costa Rica, and it was triggered because I was actually locked out on my YouTube channel because when I was, I couldn't remember my password and I sent the verification code to my phone, but I was out of the country. Because I was out of the country, I couldn't get the verification code to get back to my YouTube channel. And it was starting to kind of like, oh, this is, I'm supposed to comment on videos as well, so do this.

Things need to change things even, you know, you need to be disciplined. It's a powerful perspective. If you're at the level of desire and you're not doing anything, but when you start to get to willingness, there is a huge transformation that happens when you say, okay, this is my discipline, but I can accept the moment the way it is. I can accept things as they are. I can just enjoy this moment. And that's what I began to do when I had that realization.

And then I was like, you know what? I'm just going to keep it on the back burner for a little bit. That happens a lot. By the way, willpower, my ego needs to figure something out online. I need to figure out some type of thing that's not working on my website. I will sit there and hammer it down on my ego will try to figure it out for five hours straight. I will accept the moment for what it is. Walk away, let it go. And within like 10 minutes of coming back to it, it's fixed because the ego and the willpower create resistance. It can create pressure and momentum, but it can also create resistance. A huge trigger for you is if you're feeling this resistance. No, it's coming from the ego trying to control. It's coming from the ego, having some type of way that reality needs to work.

And once you can begin to do instead is focused on acceptance of the moment. This moment is good enough, and by you being accepting of the moment, things in your life become so much easier except yourself. You don't always have to try to change to be better. Instead, you could just accept yourself. The next level, the third trigger of change goes from reasoning at about four to five. It's between four and 500 and love reasoning and love. When I shared on my channel about how your beliefs create your reality, that's a 400 to 500 level of teaching. Your beliefs create reality. If you change your beliefs, you change your reality. The outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality, and when you change your beliefs, everything changes. Reasoning says intellectually this is the way reality works. This is how I fit into compartmentalization in my mind.

Einstein himself resonated at four 99 because he was a genius, but in order for him to go into 500, he would've had to let go of all of his intellectual ideas. He may have been attached to them. That doesn't mean that in order to go to 500 you have to be an Einstein and in fact they may be easier for some people to get into 500 if they let go of the intellectual ideas that may have also been a big, a big factor and not being able to pump into the next level. Here's the biggest thing. Life has no meaning other than the meaning you give it. That is the most powerful understanding that we can ever come across is that reality is meaningful because we give it meaning. We recognize the meaning, meaning in it.

When we talk about it being a rainy day, it's a neutral idea. Things in life are new. That's like a judgment, but it's a neutral idea that maybe we agree at a mass level that this thing happening on the planet was a negative thing. But we don't know the long ramifications of it over the course of a thousand years of some big event happening. What I'm saying by this is reasoning is the reasons we do things too. Why are we doing what we do?

Huge transformation happens when we let go of reasoning, and we get into being, am I making a video right now because it's going to do x, y, z, or am I just making a video right now? I'm not making a video for any reason. That's a higher level of consciousness. You do things for the sake of doing them. It's like doing the dishes, not because you can then have more food to eat, more dishes to eat on later you do the dishes for the sake of doing the dishes, then life becomes a meditation.

You didn't move into being instead of trying to get somewhere else or doing things for reasons, and when you do that, you go beyond the ego. You get into a step, a level of consciousness, of love, of beingness and you understand that in the separation goes away. As you go up that scale of consciousness more and more towards states of enlightenment, your ego becomes lighter and lighter, and you start to see it more for what it is. At the bottom, it's very heavy, very heavy, solid, heavy, dense, anger, shame, fear, guilt, and the trolley. Then it starts to loosen up. You start to become aware of it.

You start to observe your thoughts, observe your reasoning, and then you let it go and you get the love, and it's so much lighter. Do things because there's don't, you don't have to have reasons behind everything you see. This is a higher-level paradigm because when you do things for the sake of doing them, I can walk outside and ground myself, but I also could not ground myself and just walk outside and just be with the grass and beat and relax.

You see, they're different level paradigms. I'm not going out there because then my energy is grounded so that I can do this amazing video I'm going out there because it is a word of reasoning. Do things, transcend reasoning, and get into being. You see, these things may not make complete sense. Everything I'm sharing with you right now, and that's okay. They are planting seeds of transformation within you. These seeds, you may come back to one day.

You may come back to this video one day, and you may realize, Oh yes, this is powerful. Oh yes, I was angry at this person. When is Aaron talking about that stuff like what do you mean now? How can I, it feels fake just to forgive someone has done something so much worse to me, but one day you may come to the realization that someone else is more connected to you.

Then you know that someone else is just reflecting something down within you that you can become aware of because then there's an inner transformation that takes place. That's when real transformation begins to happen. You may realize that from willpower to acceptance, so to accept yourself as whole and complete, you don't have to control everything and that the ego is the one that creates resistance, so the more aware of it you become, the more powerful you become.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.