The Belief System of a High Vibrational Person and How to TRANSCEND Lower Levels

What I'm going to be sharing with you is the belief system of a high vibrational person showing you exactly what you can do to transcend the layers that no longer serve you and what you must do in order to live in a higher vibrational state of consciousness really.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you the ways that you can go about transcending some of the limiting beliefs of the lower levels of consciousness, and this is something I've been studying a lot recently, is understanding the different belief systems, the belief systems of certain types of people. People that have either become successful and gotten a certain type of result that we want to get people that we may consider to be enlightened.

Then it's like what is their belief system like? Because this is the thing. This is what I love so much about belief systems. It is knowing that in reality, our beliefs create our reality. If we understand the belief system of a certain type of person that has a certain type of result, we can then see their mindset and see what we have to do in order to get there. With that being said, it does not end there because as we move up the scale of consciousness, maybe you've seen me share that scale of consciousness before.

The higher up this scale of consciousness we move, the more we actually let go of the beliefs in general.

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The higher up this scale of consciousness we move, the more we actually let go of the beliefs in general. This is when we get into unfamiliar territory, when we may look around and go, well, what is true in the world?

What kind of beliefs of everyone has different beliefs than what is actually true? What are the true beliefs that we should have? Well, that's when it's even more of a gray area because this is. Let me share with you something right now that I think could change your life if you really begin to absorb this idea.

The one truth in life is that all truths are true, meaning whatever you believe to be true, whatever notions you have about life, you will go out into the world and you will experience a reflection of whatever that is. You may have a certain belief, a certain notion about the world, go out and experience in a certain way.

Someone else might go out and experience it in a totally different way. Why is it that true for them and not me, and why is this true for me and not them? Then it must not. There must be something going on with it.

One has to be true, one has to be right, one has to be wrong, but in the world of understanding belief systems, there is no right or wrong. There is just does this work or does this not work? Is this efficient or is this not efficient? Is this productive or not productive?

You see, the ego always wants to be right and the ego will always seek out situations that reaffirm its identity, but the thing is what may be true may not be what you want to experience, but the more solidity, the more the more you emphasize that identity, the more you experience it because all the brain can do.

All the brain wants to do is keep you to survive. The brain is a survival mechanism, so we cannot really rely on the brain to get us everything we want in life. This is about going beyond the brain. That's what we're going to be talking about in today is understanding the higher vibrational states of consciousness and going beyond belief, going beyond belief systems into a knowing, into a higher state of consciousness.

Then eventually you get up to anger, which is actually a higher vibration than the lower emotional ones that eventually you get up to willingness. We see neutrality can't skip neutrality because that's a powerful place right there. Then we move up into willingness, eventually into reasoning and the reasoning.

That's the intellect. Einstein calibrated at four 99 because he was smart and because he was smart. That was as far as it could go through he brushed on the edges of that of love, which is the next paradigm, but it was more so in the intellectual understanding of it and in order to actually get to that be that expression and that consciousness of unconditional love, he would have had to drop all those ideologies that got him so far.

I just said that to give you an idea of the different levels of consciousness. However, when you look at reasoning and below what has happened is most people with the Law of Attraction are trying to attract things in their life from the level of consciousness of a 200 or $300 and below, which means they're feeling a lack. They may be feeling fear.

Say I want money. I want to create money in my life, but they feel the fear of going forward in that direction. They may have shame for the past because that there's a script of the past constantly playing in their mind, which means then they're going to experience it again in the future, different versions of the past because it's still related to the past, so people are kind of caught up in the 300 and below range.

Not knowing because then I come along and I go, Hey, I know you want to attract a specific person and all of these things, but here's something better for you. Here's something that will actually get you there even faster. If you raise your level of consciousness, you're going to increase your vibration, and when you're in a higher vibrational state, you're going to manifest this stuff even easier.

But the thing is it doesn't sound as sexy. I can put that into YouTube video, and I do put that in YouTube videos, and I'm like, transcended vibration. But sometimes if people click on that and they get a lot of value out of it, but people more so seemed to be interested in the Law of Attraction and attracting certain things. But that will only get you so far.

I guess what I'm trying to say is instead of going for the belief system, instead of even going for the Law of Attraction, raise the level of consciousness. If you raise your level of consciousness, problem solved.

There aren't any problems because you see that. Is there something you want to experience? It's like, well, I could generate those emotions right now. Do I have to get on this hamster wheel of trying and trying and trying, or can I just allow myself to feel some emotion, to feel positive, feel validation? And the paradox is the more validation that you feel, the more you go out into the world and you get reference experiences and you get a reflection that you are validated, that you are whole and complete.

Other people look into you go look, “Yo, you look whole and complete.” It's like this cycle that continues to go around itself because we have raised our level of consciousness, so it's actually more so the cure. The solution to all of our problems is raising our level of consciousness. Let's talk about the belief systems of somebody in the lower states of consciousness and lower states of consciousness.

If you feel like this, you feel like you have lower, you're like, why am I in the lower vibrational states of consciousness? I don't know. Well, don't beat yourself up. First off, there are different stages or different moods that we get into. There are different levels that we may fluctuate in between, but in general, if you are experiencing the lower, the lower paradigm to a belief system with shame, fear, guilt, just understand that that's most likely an autopilot script that just continues to play over and over and over again, and the key to transcending the lower emotions is sometimes hard to hear, but it's the only way.

The only way is to get out of the victim mode to get out of the victim mode because, in the lower level paradigms, there is a perspective that the world is happening to me and then not only that, but there's a perspective to where it's like this is all on autopilot.

It's just running itself out over and over again. It's a script that keeps going and then we keep playing ourselves a story that we are a victim now. I'm not some white guy that's just saying this is like he probably has never had to deal with anything in his life that's negative or I'm not like a, you know, start a mountaintop like this is, you know, just drop that stuff. You're not a victim.

I was a victim for a period of my life between seven and 15 years old. I thought I was a victim even after I got out of that situation. Eventually what happened is I got out of it, but I still felt not whole and complete. I still felt negative emotion and when I hadn't learned how to do is I had to learn how to reframe that whole situation of, you've probably heard my story, maybe you've heard my story before, but just what I went through between seven and 15 years old, and as I transform that, meaning it transformed my life, I was able to let go of that perspective.

The more that we identify these lower states of consciousness which may have an identity attached to it because quote unquote, things always happen to me. There's still something wrong or whatever it is that might give us significance because then other people look at us like, yeah, but this is the way it is.

We sometimes even feeling angry with some people feels pleasurable because it's an emotion that is more, that is more dynamic. You could feel it more than you think. Shame for your guilt, which is even lower vibration than anger you see, so the key is to be aware of the perspectives you have and a mighty shift happens when you go from the victim mentality and to taking responsibility.

That doesn't mean that maybe someone did something to you. I'm not saying that you have to like admit that there is nothing wrong there and that you chose that, but I will tell you something that's very powerful.

If you treat those situations as if you did choose it from a higher level, maybe as a learning lesson, then you will be more easily able to transform it, which is hard to hear because there's some horrible stuff that's happened to people and I get that.

 However, if it remains in that this happened to me, there is a pattern, and there is an attachment to that situation occurring in. Everything in the future will be compared to that past experience. The key is to transcend it, to let it go. As well it might seem harsh that I say these things.

That's like the ability and just so you know, responsibility simply means the ability to respond rather than the ability to react. Because every, everyone, almost everyone's in reaction mode, they go to work. I do the same things. They talked to the same people.

Therefore, they get the same result over and over and over again. In order to go beyond what you have to do is you have to go beyond those thoughts, emotions, and actions.

You have to start to put yourself in unfamiliar territory. As you do that, you begin to raise your vibration, so those are the belief systems of the two and three hundreds of below is mainly that things are happening to me, the victim mentality, the way you transcend that belief system is by taking responsibility for what's happening, knowing that it served you in some way.

Even if that way is for you to grow, even if that way is a lesson, then it still serves you, and as you do that, as you treat that situation, as if you chose it, you will then start to gain your power back. You will start to then see that you transform that negative emotion.

Let's move into a next level. The next level is that of us creating what we want in our lives with our intellect, which is where we become more hyper-aware of the beliefs we have about reality. Well, what do I believe about money? What do I believe about relationships?

What do I believe about all these different things and we can look at our beliefs and if you have a belief that says money is hard to make, that's a belief system and as eliminating belief system at that, they have a belief that says it's hard to attract a relationship because really all the people I attract or this type of way, and that's also a belief system and a very limited one, but the key is that once again, most people have all of this on autopilot.

Some guy may have been in a relationship with this type of girl and they attract another girl that was just like that. And there is a pattern. It's like, oh, this is what I'm worthy. And then every person after, that's the same type of way, that's a pattern.

That's a belief. And that belief is continuously reflected back that I always attract girls like this, right? Always attract guys like this. Once you're aware of it, you begin to snap out of the social conditioning because sometimes we also take on the beliefs of social conditioning. We take on the beliefs of the media. I need it. Look this way, I saw this model that weighs 110 pounds on this magazine cover. I got to be the same way, but that's a belief.

We have these beliefs that say that's what I have to be and if I'm not up to this standard, this blueprint in my mind that I'm not good enough, but that's once again, just something that's projected onto us. It's something we've agreed upon.

Any belief that we've had. We at a certain level have agreed that that is the way reality works, that that is how we should be, but the key is shifting out of that into more of the awareness that you don't have to believe it. Remember, all beliefs are true. All truths are true.

Whatever you affirm, and so it is, so instead become aware. Take inventory of your beliefs because as you take inventory of your beliefs, you can see what does serve you. It doesn't serve you when you're around certain people, maybe they make your vibration feel a certain way. As you move up the scale, you will also see that your vibration begins to race. You start to feel better.

I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening back in 2012, I felt majority of the time that was at about, if we had to say a scale of one to 10, 10 feeling amazing, one feeling not so great on average dials out at three to three, four or five out of, uh, out of 10 now.

Not one which is actually horrible but not so great at the same time. I then went through my spiritual awakening, I learned how to observe my thoughts, which is that state of neutrality, and when I learned how to observe my thoughts, what happened was is I let go of all those lower vibrational states of consciousness.

It automatically raises my vibration to where I felt like I was at an eight, seven, or eight out of 10. I felt really good, didn't need alcohol, didn't need a drink, smoke or anything. I just felt very good. It was like a natural progression that happened because I dropped a lot of the old belief systems. I dropped it. I really dropped.

There's also the victim mentality because I had this victim mentality for years that I had an abusive ex-stepmom that why did this happen, where I may not worthy, and then I started to reframe all of that and when I did that, everything began to change.

Here's the thing, becoming aware of our own beliefs, what do I have to believe is true to be having this kind of experience is like the best question you can ask because the brain will start to find experiences.

The brain starts to find answers and then you can ask yourself, what is the reference experience that this belief came from? Why do I believe that? Um, for example, you go to talk to some girl or some guy, right?

And normally you start to do this and you want to, we start to do it, but you start to feel all of this resistance. Well, it could be the belief systems of social conditioning. It could be this time that you stood up in class and you put yourself out there and then you got shut down because you stuttered, or whatever it was, we didn't know what to say.

It could have been the first girl or guy that you ever talked to rejected you. Therefore, that kind of feeling is running itself out. But the moment you become aware of it is the moment you can then feel it. Allow yourself to feel it and you could ask yourself the question, what would I have to believe is true to be filling this much negative emotion?

When I go up to talk to someone, I think that I might like be like, oh, there's this memory that comes up from when I was 12 years old. Oh, well, let me work on that. Let me see that. Let me allow that to be there and let me let it go. Let me process it because really what's happened is that belief hasn't been processed. It's been sitting in the energy field subconsciously, so the key is being aware of all this.

Then what happens is we begin to drop all the beliefs that no longer serve. Remember, the one truth in life is that all truths are true. The meaning that we get out of life is what we put into it. When you see these, okay, 400 to 500 is on my YouTube channel.

What I've been teaching for a while now, I've been teaching people how to take more ability to understand the intellectual part of how to control their reality or not even control a book, to choose how they relate to reality so that they can drop the belief systems that no longer work and they can start to experience her life in a powerful way. It's powerful.

However, there is an even higher vibrational state of consciousness. This is a paradox. You've come to understand all the beliefs you have. You come to take inventory of all of these things, but then once you learn how to do is you learn that since all truths are true, in order to get to the next level, from 400 to $500 to that of love, you have to let go of all those perspectives completely.

You have to let go of the identity that says I am right. I have all of this stuff figured out because those are all limitations and instead what you do is you let go, and you allow the moment to be. This has a much higher level of vibration. This is a much higher level of consciousness when it comes to manifestation and this will begin to transform your life.

This is what we learned with eastern philosophy. Just be present to the moment. Surrender. Why is it like this? You might get surrender in the lower emotions of apathy, for example, but it's a very different vibration. You'd say, what happened to me?  I'm going to give up on life type thing. Whereas when we get up to that of love, it's like I don't care because I'm already holding complete.

It's like I have this, this, this, this light that I shine on the world because everything is perfect the way that it is. I surrender to the present moment because the present moment is amazing. We're more so embodying the true frequency of who we are. Here is the thing as well.

This might help make this process understandable even easier. Our natural vibration, who we really are, is these higher states of consciousness, enlightenment, love, joy, peace. That is who we really are. We come and we incarnate into life.

What happens is when we get here and we get all this emotional baggage. Pick up the beliefs of our parents. We pick up the beliefs or environment and we attack these lower emotions. These lower emotions then begin to we identify with them and we create these patterns thinking that this is who we are.

That's how we think reality works, but then what eventually happens is part of life is moving back up to scale, back to the wholeness of who we are, but to get there, it's not about piling on a new belief or right now I only believe I can make $50,000 a year and now I'm going to try to make 100,000 a year.

That can work, but that's manifesting from a 400 to 500 range. What I'm saying is that if you get into the vibrational state, you see yourself as whole and complete. You start to exist and you surrender to the present moment and you align yourself. You will actually work.

For my hair, a higher paradigm, and as you do this, you feel in a higher vibrational state, higher vibrational state, higher vibrational state, and the more you do that, the more things change, the more you are letting go of the past experiences.

Instead of I make it 50 k a year, I want to make $100 a year, I make 100 k a year, I make $100 a year. You're still operating within the paradigm of only making 100 k a year. You may be actually limiting yourself, to be honest with you, but what you could do is instead focus on transcending your level of consciousness, raising your vibration by not getting a new perspective, letting go of the ones that no longer serve, becoming aware of the truth.

The truth is all of these are a matter of perspective. The only truth in life is that all truths are true. Meaning everything has always reflected back to us. Literally, the meaning that is in life is the meaning we give it. This isn't a metaphor. This is actually the one on one reflection of what we experience. We think, oh well that person can have that, that I can't have this.

We have all these comparisons. I'm saying, focus on how you can add value to people. Maybe that's what you can do as well because that feels good, that brings you up your vibrational state of consciousness, but focus on being in that high vibe state which is your natural state by letting go of all these beliefs, by letting go of all these perspectives of understanding that the one truth in life is that all truths are true, and as you do that, you can start to then align yourself with the true person of who you are, the true spirit, that you are the true vibration of your passion.

You moving in the direction of a vibrational feeling rather than moving in the direction of the result that you might get from something like the money relationship, whatever it is, focus on raising your vibration.

That belief system of having a high vibration is just letting go, letting go and releasing, letting go and releasing and being aware of the one truth that all truths are true and the moment you change your life and you absolutely transform everything is when you start to engage in life rather than react.

When you wake up from the hypnosis of societal conditioning, waking up from thinking and looking out at the Kardashians and all of this other stuff that's happening in the newspapers, that all is there. You can acknowledge it. Once you can begin to do is see that there is so much more to life that you don't have to buy into everything that you were told since you were young.

You don't have to buy in and get triggered. When you see political stuff happening. That is all just a certain agreement that people have made as an agreement. In order for people to get emotionally triggered with that, they agreed that that's part of reality. You can transcend all of this by letting go of positionalities, by letting go of these beliefs of having the intellectual figure it all out.

And then be in a higher vibrational state of being by simply letting go and understanding the truth that you are holding complete, that you can become aware of all these beliefs you have. You can become more present to the moment as you do these things. You will get the results you will get, the things you want to attract in your life because you are existing in a higher state of consciousness.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.