The 4th Density Shift (related to The Great Awakening)


We are currently moving from what is called a third-density level of consciousness into a fourth-density level of consciousness. This is something that was talked about in the books, the Law of One, which refers to it as the harvest. The harvest is happening right now. I know this sounds a little bit very esoteric, but what I'm going to be doing is making this relatable and practical in this blog and show you exactly what to do to make the transition easily into a fourth-density state of consciousness so that you can be in that state of the new age we're moving into.

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I know just got a little bit longer if you've been watching my videos for a while, so in this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you what I believe is going on and again, this is my own interpretation of it. There are books that I will point you to, some of which are the five books of the law of one, which are five channelled books from the 1980s. I know that sounds pretty weird, but here's the thing. A lot of this stuff that's talked about in this book, so when it is related to astronomy, other things have come to be true. It's a physicist that is the husband that is asking questions to his wife who is in a channelled state.

Is the information powerful? What I have found is through studying the Law of One, it has definitely increased my own vibration, my own awareness. It's a very powerful way model for seeing the world and kind of what's going on right now in the world. The other thing I'm going to be doing is merging that you might look around in the world, see that there's a lot of fear getting bought up right now we're in the midst of what some people call a great awakening. That's a part of what's happening. The vibration on the planet is beginning to raise. The consciousness is beginning to raise on the planet. It is bringing up all of these things underneath for us to deal with right now, which when you look at what's going on in the world, there's a lot of fear getting brought up.

One of the reasons that fear is there so that we can be aware of it and clear it out. If you've ever done something like I'm Aja, I plant medicine, you purge. What purge means is that you release negative energy. You release stored energy sometimes in the form of energetically throwing up sometimes in many different ways that that can happen. However, it's a feeling of the subconscious or the things getting brought up so that you can then let it go. Then your vibration is raised, you feel loose, you feel free. That's kind of what's happening right on the, on the, on the planet is there's a purge going on, a purge where the hidden is getting brought into the light in the years moving ahead. I believe there will be more and more of these hidden agendas by the government. The things we call conspiracies, that we have such a negative connotation around.

One of the reasons we have a negative connotation. You want to know why? Because back in the '70s or '80s, the CIA came up with the term conspiracy theory gave it a negative connotation. People are afraid to believe that there could be an agenda behind the scenes. It's all conspiracy means is a secret group plan. I'll tell you right now that the more you study this stuff, the more you may see those patterns you do the research for yourself. Don't just believe me or anybody else just because we say it. Do the research. One of the things that I recommend though is I look at this more as an energy transition more so than I do like the conspiracy anyways. What is happening right now is we are moving from what is called third density into Fort density.

I'm going to explain what that is and let me also say that I recommend the law of one plus. I also recommend that of Dolores Cannon's books. There are 17 books and there are hypnotherapy sessions there, transcripts of Dolores Cannon asking people questions and what comes through our people's subconscious mind. She would ask certain questions like, why did you incarnate it this time? What is your purpose in this life? Why did you pick your parents? Stuff like that. Well, one of the most common things that were said that came through that we came here to be a part of the shift in consciousness. We came here to be a part of this. We came here to wait, help people wake up. We came here to wake up ourselves. What is also talked about in both the Law of One and that of Dolores Cannon's material is that when we come to earth, we completely forget who we are and part of the reason for this is so that we can then remember who we are.

It's still really the experience of it is something we learned from. It is in a way like a virtual reality where we extend our consciousness, we're eternal spiritual beings. That project our consciousness here and then part of the purpose is still that we wake up to who we are and in Dolores Cannon's material. What it also says is that back in the 1930s this will sound kind of out there, but back in the 1930s what happened is there was a call that was put out in a way from mother Gaia herself and what happened, it was a call that was put out because we were beginning to destroy ourselves by messing with nuclear weapons with nuclear bombs. This is the thing with the earth. We have free will here so we can do whatever we want to earth as a collective consciousness.

However, when we start to influence other star systems, when a nuclear bomb goes off, it goes into the solar system and it starts to influence other reality systems, not just our own. That is when that call was put out, that mother guy was like, yo, I need some help. These humans are crazy. They could be killing each other and there may have been a timeline there with that did happen, but what happened is that call was put out and then billions and billions of people and millions that, I don't know, I don't know the numbers, but so many what we call lightworkers, people that wanted to help the planet wake up you reading this blog, this isn't some way to make you feel special, does it? Like we just, you know, everyone is a multidimensional being, having a temporary human experience and we're all special snowflakes.

That's one way of looking at it. We're all one the Law of One. What happened is that call that was put out, many of us came here to wake up in this time. This is really one of the most exciting times to be alive than ever before. That's what I taught. That's why I talk about what is called the great awakening. As more and more people wake up, it is changing the collective consciousness as more and more people wake up, they're becoming aware that there may be hidden agendas behind the scenes. It's even talked about in the law of one how there was this back-military complex of people. They've had ET technology for a long time. But what happened is they kept it out of the awareness of the people and they used it. They reverse-engineered it.

These things are starting to come out and more and more people are becoming open to it. But what's happened is the energy has been suppressed. The information has been suppressed. What if they're people that know that we are eternal spiritual beings? What they did is they created a construct where most people are fear and anger, and in a way, it keeps people from knowing their true power. Then it's easier to mitigate the resources. Okay, so I know we've kind of got off topic a little bit here. Let's go and get back into the densities. But the reason I share all that is because when I shared these densities with you, you can start to see why. Right now, we're moving out of one density, which is the third density into what we call the fourth density. The way that the law of one talks about it is they talk about it in the form of rays of energy.

When we say raise of energy, realize there may be a red ray of energy that goes into our root chakra, an orange ray of energy that goes in our solar plexus Chakra belly button and the solar plexus, which is the third chakra, which is related to willpower. I'll kind of go through each of these. What it is said in the law of one is as the harvest happens now, the harvest is where there's this opportunity for us to go from one level of consciousness to the next. Let me clear this out as well. Right now, I believe that we are going through this in a collective consciousness way. I don't believe that people will be left behind. I believe that we agreed to do this in a, in a grand way. The reason I say this, people are so fearful and the book it says you must be 51% service to others in order to raise your vibration instead of 51% or more of other services to others than service to self.

The third density, it's mainly ego. It's the main service to a lot of it is the negative side of it is service to self. When it talks about that, what happens is that we believe that we need to have that kind of what we need. We need to like reconfigure the way that we think and start to realize who we really are. That's why it's called the Law of One, realizing that we are all connected now. What is happening though is for us to make this transition? Here's the thing as well. I believe that there's also a splitting we could say of parallel realities that happen. There'll be some optimal timelines, some, some somewhat not optimal timelines. That's why it's important to get in the state of being that you prefer, so that's why when some people are really afraid of certain things to happen in the world if we would understand that, we can choose it from a place of awareness to not feed the old paradigms.

If we're afraid of this back-government thing, then we're feeding it energy. The thing to realize is that we are outnumbering them so many to one and that we can retain our own power. As I said, do your research with us. I'm not trying to say, I'm just kind of telling you that I, you know, since 2012, I've been fascinated by this stuff. I've looked into it and this is what I've come to understand. Let's look at the different, what did it say in the law of one to move into the fourth density is we must clear the bottom three shock reds and balance them out. Also, the bottom three densities to the move into the fourth density. Let's look at it like this. We have the salt, we have the root chakra, the sacral chakra grows the solar plexus in the heart.

The root chakra is the red ray. The red ray would be that of survival shelter in our needs. Survival meaning are we in? Like right now, there's a lot of people that may have an imbalanced rude shock cause they're freaking out because of all this stuff happening in the world. Well, we might also have been the basic necessities. Many times, what will happen is we may feel like in survival mode. The basic shelter, having shelter, having food, having water safety, our needs. That's why fear right now, maybe in balancing the root Chakra, our survival. To balance out this chakra it's necessary to understand and it's necessary to really understand and to be aware of the fear that we may have.

Sometimes we may be in a lot of fear and we may realize, Hey, I have a house. I'm in a house or an apartment, I have shelter, I have food, I have the bare necessities. Sometimes even that realization in of itself can help to balance that out. One other thing you could do is walk barefoot in the grass, be in nature more. Connect to that part of yourself. The elements take a bath. These are different ways and there are different activities that are emerged that are, that correlate with each of these densities and each of these shoppers. You could say that when we talk about the first density as well, the first density would be also an analogy of the rock and mineral kingdom, which kind of is just, it's still a level of consciousness. It doesn't necessarily have the ability to move. I mean I guess some ways it could, but in general, it's the mineral and earth is the density. The second density is our relationships. If you have hard relationships with other people, you may have a lot of stuff built into your sacral chakra. It is also understanding the acceptance of self. The more we can accept ourselves, not beat ourselves up so much and then as well as our power over others. When we were in a level of consciousness of having slaves, for example, that was a sacred shock imbalance. A little bit more than that to be honest with you. But when you look at the correlation of that, that's where it would be power over others. The sacral chakra, things that we can do to balance out that is also each of these correlate with different colors. You literally do things with different like eat oranges, you know, like different, okay.

It could be beets, it could be any red, you know, red apples, things like that can help to balance out the root chakra. Also like herbs, teas. Then we look at the second we have the orange. You can talk about orange, like, you know, like orange fruits and stuff and vegetables. But in general, learning to forgive others, learning to accept yourself, learning to do something like whole Ho’oponopono is a very powerful way to heal you between you and other people. That's a very powerful way to heal this Chakra. Chakra and I have a video on Ho’oponopono as well. Go ahead and link that below. The third density is the dead sea that we've been in for a long time. This also second-density, by the way, would be the animal kingdom. It'd be like dogs and you know, dogs. Actually, I believe from what it sounds like in the law of one, by having dogs, they're becoming closer to humans.

It actually elevates their level of consciousness even more from what I understand. But animals, in general, are second density. Third density is where we have self-awareness, humans, the in this raw form, third density, self-awareness will, power, individuality, separation, power group power powers, where we start to learn personal power. Then there's still people that are using and abusing that group power. The third density is where we've been for a very long period of time. This is the game of separation. This is where we believe we may be separate from other people. This is also where you know, you might do a lot of personal development work, very positive things. However, at a certain point though, this is also where there's a lot of dualities. The third density is a lot of dualities. Good, bad, light, dark. It's the game of separation.

The fourth-density is what we're moving into right now. When we've been moving into for a period of time, but the old 3D structures that are beginning to break away, people are starting to become more aware that there's this control faction behind the government. People are starting to become aware that there's more going on. People are starting to become aware that this whole win loses mentality or lose, lose mentality of service to self hasn't been serving. That's why I believe that moving forward, especially companies that are founded upon those lower vibrational principles will continue to drop out, literally continue to crumble. It is all about having a high degree of integrity in the fourth density, which is connected to the hearts which is connected to love connection between all of us and also understanding that things are vibration. This is very solid. This is where things become a little bit less solid, a little bit more flexible.

You may notice in fourth density that time appears to be going by quicker. Time isn't even a really a real thing. Time is a perception that we have. The only moment that exists at this moment right now. What happens is as our vibration increases, we experience more and more of a faster frame of what we call time. What did it say we must do is clear out the bottom three shoppers? This solar plexus could be you understand your own personal power. This could be you developing your own sense of individuality. Look at it like this as well. The second density when people have power over others, maybe even we could talk about narcissists, they have power over someone else. That may cause somebody to have an imbalance of the second chakra and they may need to stretch up and start to take their power back and maybe to say no to someone that has prior had power over them.

Then they start to move more into their third density power, their third shocker. These all exist within us right now. But, what we can do is we can begin to balance out the bottom three shockers, take our power back, understand our own sense of survival, be aware of the fear. Do something like Ho’oponopono. We can learn how to have a vision for what we want to experience in our life, have our own individuality, but at the same time realize our connection between all things and the third density. We build up the ego and the fourth-density, we begin to see that we're all connected. Still can have an ego structure and move into fourth density.

It's becoming a higher vibrational. It's almost like an antenna of higher vibrational energy, which I believe every single one of you is in a certain way. When you start to in a way connect to your higher-self more and more, that's what you experience and every single person has that connection. I really believe is the most important time, the most powerful time to ever be alive than ever on the planet. This is about clearing out the bottom three shoppers and then moving into the fourth. If you want to learn more, I have a step by step process that helps to clear out these bottom three shoppers to then move into the fourth shocker. It's something, I think that it is very important for us to do it this time. You can check that out. That is a step by step process as to how to go through this whole entire process of transformation and understanding that this really is the most exciting time to be alive. I'm excited to be here with you.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.