3 Quantum Jumping Techniques that changed my life FOREVER


I'm going to be showing you three quantum jumping techniques that changed my life, and I'm going to show you how you can apply these today and experience a quantum jump in your reality.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, we are going to talk about reality and how we can go and shift from one to another. But quantum would, that implies quantum implies that there's a greater degree of change between one reality and another reality. What I'm going to share with you are some things that I've learned in my own life that I've applied, and some of them are concepts about the way reality works. And I'm going to share this.

I know I share this a lot, but think about it in the term of a film strip analogy, this makes it much easier for us to understand. Normally we think of everything as linear when instead what we can begin to think of it as the only moment that exists at this moment right now. Imagine you have that of a film slide projector and there is light being float being pushed through that at the projector, and then you see on the screen the different pictures.

In the way that each individual frame, we know that if we were to stretch it out each individual frame is it a completely separate frame. Although if it goes quickly enough, it looks like one fluid movement. Well, what we think of as time is the movement through different parallel realities. Here's a cool idea. When we have this film strip analogy, we have that of one frame over here and then a future frame over here.

That frame exists right now. Just like the parallel reality version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing already exists. The key is tapping into the frequency of that parallel reality that already exists embodying it now in the present moment and eventually through vibrational resonance that becomes your reality. That's one of the most powerful ways that I've understood it, and it's helped me to shift and create my own reality from the state that it already exists.

I don't have to try to create it in a way like, like h, think about it, create your own reality. Think about how much work that implies when it already exists, just about vibrational resonance. The first quantum jumping technique that I want to share with you has to do with simply having new expectations and having new assumptions. Every day we go into the world.

We haven't a certain assumption for how things work. We have certain expectations, and based on those expectations and assumptions, we experienced the same thing over and over and over again. This is the way I use this. I use this one. I used to work at Barneys, New York, and woman shoes. I worked there for years, and I go on every day, and I worked with like four. I worked, there were seven people in the department usually, and I would work with like one or two people a day.

Other people, and we, you're around these people a lot, you know, there was this one guy that people always had had such a negative energy, but I remember that what I did is when I went into work, I just didn't accept that premise even though I already knew him and I was like, yes, he has some like negative tendencies you could say. But what I decided to do is when I was going into work, and I was around him, I just assumed and expected him to be positive.

I didn't fall into the story that this person's very negative and this is how this person is, and by not allowing myself to have that story, what ended up happening is I went into work, and he literally was not negative, so I changed my assumptions about him. It's almost like the way that we expect people to be; they're going to mirror back whatever that expectation is. If you change your expectations though, you then create that shift. You create a new version of that person. You bring the best out of that version too, so it helps to change them.

But I've noticed this in many different areas of my life. There are certain people that you expect to be a certain way, but when you change your perception of them, you shift to reality. One thing you could do is change your expectations and change your assumptions about the way things are. Go in and experience things as if it's your first time ever experiencing them because then you don't bring the past into the present. Most people are just living out their past. They're living out the consistent past, over and over and over again with their expectations over and over and over again.

Therefore, they experienced the same things over and over and over again. Have new assumptions, have new expectations. I do that also with a lot of people in my life. You heal within yourself, and it transforms your outer reality. I've seen other people heal in my life because I've been doing the whole unopened opponent worked, doesn't mean that I caused their healing.

The second technique I'm going to share with you is one that I've done two or three times. That does work very well. Okay? What you do this is recognizing what you want. Write down a letter. You could say a letter to your higher self, you could call it our higher self, the higher aspect of us, which from the law of one says that our higher self is a mid-six density being. We all have a higher-self that's in mid-sixth density. Instead of way we're writing a letter, that version of us saying, Yo, this is what we want to experience in our life.

Make sure it's more grounded in characteristics of like emotions you want. Rather than like, I went Ferrari higher self, I watched Ferrari, please bring me Ferrari. I want to win the lottery. Please. Instead of that say, I like to be doing what I'm very passionate about being such abundance and adding value to people, have a more of a pure intention. That's at least my experience that, that I've had best results from just having that more pure intention.

That's what you do. You write down a list of stuff that you want but more characteristics you want to embody. What you do is you kind of write it out like as to your higher self and then what you do is you simply trust that somehow your higher self is going to bring it to you and what you do is you burn it. How would you burn it? You bought it, you burn it because you say, I trust that my higher self is going to bring this to me. The burden is just a ceremonial ritual you can do that will allow you to know that as you watch your bird, you're letting it go and you're going to allow your higher self to do its thing.

Because imagine it like this too, when you have that of the best-case scenario that year, you can imagine as your ego, that's the floor to your higher mind. Allow your higher mind to bring it through even more amazing and that, and that's something that can happen. I had done this before with many different things in my life. I've also done that, and healing type rituals, healing, healing, past memory and letting go of things, and when you do that, it's us.

It's a permission set that we use to give ourselves permission to shift to a parallel reality. That will also help you because when you let go and the burning or the throwing away or the shredding of that paper will allow you to see, I am letting go. It's just a ritual that says I am letting go. I am letting my higher-self do its thing. The third technique that I have is one of my favorites. Okay? This is what you do.

You do and are completely 100% spontaneous sometimes, okay? When you do the same things every day, you get the same results every day. When you do something spontaneous, what happens is you step into uncertainty. When you step into uncertainty, you allow a new probability, something new to come along, something new to happen. Nothing miraculous can happen in thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, and feeling the same emotions.

Something miraculous comes when you step into the unknown. The only thing that can happen is everything that's happened in the past. We're in kind of like a straight jacket. But when you step into the unknown, it might be a little bit, Whoa, what can happen here? But in the unknown of, well, what could happen, something really cool can happen.

It's about being more spontaneous, do something you've never done before, go out and go to some yoga class. But sometimes what I do is when I'm driving home just from the gym, some simple, some very small version of it, I'll take a completely different route home because my mind isn't able to go straight to that thing. And when you do something that you've I've never done before, what happens is the brain goes, Whoa, I've got to start making new connections here.

And because I have to start making new connections, I'm going to make new assumptions about how reality is and about how I relate to reality. And in those new assumptions is when you could start to create a new neural network, which would, that new neural network comes to a new type of experience, a new type of way of relating to the world where change and transformation can happen.

It also tells yourself, Yo, I'm the kind of person that can do things I've never done before. Get a new type of results. And you also expand. Some people go in every day to work, they do the same things, have the same emotions, and they experienced the same things over and over and over again. They're shifting, they're just not aware of it, but they're also shifting to the same type of thing over and over again.

The key is creating a greater degree of change. If you want to create a greater degree of change, you have to be able to change your identity, change your identity, the human strength, the strongest human desire there is to remain consistent to the way that we define ourselves. If we always define herself as a shy person, as sober, that can only accomplish and make $50,000 a year like this and this, this, and this, then guess what? The ego will do everything it can to be right. Even subconsciously, like I don't know if you want to motivate more than 50,000 a year.

Well if your ego says no, that's not the kind of person you are and you have to be right. Maybe part of you sabotage is yourself. Well, that's the ego. Try and remain consistent with the way it defines itself. What I found to be the most powerful thing to do is to focus purely on shifting your level of consciousness. Because when you shift your level of consciousness, you're in a higher vibration and then you can create things that you want easier than ever. I'm going to make this video go live when The Shift Experience Webinar is live and what you can do is join and have a mini shift experience yourself.

I reveal all of that for the first time and the top of the description box below, and you can join that Webinar and I'll show you how to really create this shift in your life and it's both a shift in consciousness and shifting your vibration. It's really a shift in identity, and you can experience that for yourself. Remember the three quantum jumps. You can experience this first off, change your assumptions, change your expectations, going in with a fresh attitude, and even seeing people as more maybe more positive when you used to see them as negative.

Visualize something, write it down on a piece of paper, state it as if you have it, and then let it go to your higher mind and burn it in a safe way or shred it, she edited. Thirdly, you begin to do is just to be, I like to go this way, be spontaneous because when you're spontaneous, you're in a completely new vibration and you create amazing things in your life.


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