3 Things Keeping you TRAPPED in the 3rd Dimension and you don’t even know it

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things, keeping you trapped in the third dimension and you don't even know what I'm going to show you. Ways of breaking out of it so that you start to live in a higher level of consciousness.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that will keep you trapped in the third-dimensional state of consciousness. Understanding it's easier to break out than you think and that when you do this, you start to also feel higher vibrational states of consciousness, me and you feel better emotions.

Right now, on the planet, in case you haven't seen my other videos about it, is there is this ascension going on, this rise in vibrational frequency and what is priorly? The main dominant frequency on the planet has been what is called the third dimension. Understand also when we call it the talk about dimensions. Dimensions aren't separate places. It's not like we're in the 3D reality right now in the third dimension.

And then we had set it up to the fifth dimension and it's a completely different space, completely different like a planet or anything. It's literally here and we have access to a 3D level of consciousness afford the level of consciousness and a 5D level of consciousness. This is in a way, it's like a frequency band of different levels of perception that we can experience.

The main dominant frequency on the planet for a very long time was the 3D reality, that third-dimensional state of consciousness and this 3D reality is all about duality. Duality means good, bad light, dark. Think of duality as creating from the mind. It was polarized, so left brain, right brain, good and bad, light, dark up down, Republican, Democrat, this sports team, this sports team, oh, whatever it is.

There's all this polarization going on now in the 3D reality as well. There's this strong attachment to ideologies and there's also normally a strong degree of control, so there's been a certain level of control on the planet for a very long time. We're, the media has been in a certain way, you know, fabricated to where we believe this is the way reality is.

And you could almost think of it like these lower vibrational emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, anger. The idea is that if people are kept in that frequency range of everything you see on the news is you know there's bad stuff happening and then you'll think the world is bad and you'll be in the fear mode for in a fear mode.

You're not going to really ask about a spiritual awakening. You're not really going to understand and try to branch outside of where you are because you're in survival mode. Keep everyone in that these frequency band and they won't really question too much by the time they get done with their nine to five job, working over 40 hours a week trying to get their errands ran on their days off, taking care of their family and everything.

They sit down at night and what do they have the options to do. They can either watch some game of Thrones TV show. They can question the existence of reality and wonder how reality really works. But you see if you're kept in that frequency band of the fear mentality of the news, that's why everything on the news is negative because it keeps people in that fear mentality that it keeps people unaware of who they are, but now on the planet as a time of waking up.

In order to do that, you had to disengage from that. You got to disengage from the news, disengage and understand there's more to reality than what is projected out to us. 3D reality is being aware of that but not being angry about it as well. I'll talk a little bit about that as well, but when it comes to this, the 3D reality is where we're moving out of and then we're moving into a 4D and 5D state of consciousness. In 4D reality, it is more about vibration. It is more about understanding that time exists now in 3D it's past, present, future. It's very linear.

The focused when we understand that now is the only moment that exists. What you want to manifest becomes easier than ever because it's more tapping into the vibrational resonance of it. When you tap into the vibrational resonance of it, you tap into your heart center and it has even more power in the fourth dimension. There can still be polarity.

There could still be fourth density, positive and negative, but it's coming from a different place and it's also when you realize that in a way life is like a form of a dream. Life becomes much more flexible. Think of Harry Potter. That would be like the fourth dimension. When we're able to do like magic and stuff and in this reality we could do stuff like that. We're becoming more and more aware that if you've heard about like the ancient Yogis, if you've already read the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.

He had firsthand accounts with these kinds of yogis that literally could do magic, but that's our natural state of being and just forgotten it. If you go back to Atlantis Times, we had this kind of abilities with magic but we fell from civilization because our egos got to us. We started using it for bad stuff. He's also a divine type of way.

We can go about this, but we fell from that and Atlanta is timed, but now we're reemerging as that and we're going back to this 4 and 5D state of consciousness. The fourth dimension is more about this, this dreamlike reality of things becoming much more magical and we realize that life is a form of drain and 40 which makes it lighter, much more fun. And in the 5D reality, that's when you tap into unconditional love.

That's when you tap and even higher states of consciousness. That's when you create from your heart instead of your ego. And that's when you also understand this connection to everyone else. We're all connected. That's a label. I'm not a label, whatever. That's the 3D reality and 5D reality where like everyone is connected. I wouldn't do anything bad to you because you are another aspect of me. Another thing that's available in 4D consciousness is what is called telepathy and already 93% or more of communication and current society is not the words you say it is nonverbal.

It's mainly body language and tonality. Well, in the same way in 4D reality, fourth-dimensional state of consciousness, telepathy is a natural state of how we communicate. We don't really use words in the same way. We can just kind of know because we're also all connected, but you become more aware of that connection and it's like it's easier to tap into it. Telepathy being very empathic. These are all natural things that we experienced in 4 and 5D reality, the fourth dimension, the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

On this planet right now, what we decided to do as a collective is going through a shift in consciousness. We are moving from the 3D and into the 4 and 5D levels of consciousness. It is happening right now. On the planet. It is why you chose to come to earth at this time. Maybe at a deeper level, you know, you, you feel this, but nonetheless, the reason there are so many people here on the planet right now is to go through this shift in consciousness because when we come to Earth, we forget who we are.

It's just a part of the way this reality works. We forget who we are. There's a veil of forgetfulness so that we can go through certain experiences. We can have things that happened that we ended up transcending. We can go through the pain and it out of that pain, out of that pressure, we come out of it and we become more because we start to question our existence.

We started to question who we are, and in that spiritual awakening, there's a raising vibration. There's or re remembrance, literally our re remembrance of who we really are and that's part of the game itself. This game of life. It's to remember who we are. Can we forget who we are through this veil of forgetfulness and then wake up to who we really are. That's something that we chose to experience.

What is weird? Maybe weird is actually just believing that you're a separate entity and that you're just this physical ego structure experiencing reality through that at the five senses, which are limited expressions of vibrational interpretation when your reality, you're so much more than that, but right now and he ain't gone do. What are you doing in life right now?

You're waking up to more of who you are. Waking up to knowing that you're nice, moral, spiritual being, living in temporary human experience, waking up from the reality veil of forgetfulness that we go through and are born so that we can then be the natural vibration, that high vibration that we're meant to be and then we can help other people wake up. Everyone's going to do is awaken you right now for that purpose. That is the power of this awakening that's happening right now.

Let's understand the three things that'll keep you trapped in the third dimension. The first one I'm going to share has to do with simply fear, fear, very simple. I'm going to get into some more fun ones here in a minute, but the first one is fear because if you're in a fearful state, if you're in survival mode, then you're not going to question reality so much.

You just going to kind of do what you're told. You're in survival mode. The key is being aware of that fear and then choosing not to engage in it, choosing to observe it. Fear is false evidence appearing real. It's an acronym, meaning different letters from different fear, false evidence appearing real. You get it. False evidence appearing real. You look at that evidence and you go broader, that's false. That's false. I don't need to get engaged in it.

I don't need to watch the news anymore. I don't need to engage with it because I realize that it is an illusion. This whole separation game is an illusion. It's an illusion I have agreed to for a certain period of our life, but I don't choose to experience it anymore. The media knows this, not even the media that people that behind that that have that orchestrated out. Understand that with this 3, 4, or 5D split, there's also these different timelines.

Like right now I'd be more of a 4D state of consciousness and yes, there's still 3D stuff going on in the world. I go watch the news, I can go to someplace and react to all this stuff and then being a 3d timeline. But in the moment, right now you have a choice and when you realize that your vibration is a choice, you start to take your power back because then you ask yourself a question, what do I choose to engage with?

Will I engage with that of CNN or Fox News or will I engage with something that I'm actually passionate about? Something I will actually directly influenced my life. Because even though it was, a lot of people would tell you, oh, you watch the news or you, you could return not to watch the news, but all this stuff affects you. I'm going to tell you, I have not watched the news in five to six years and nothing has.

If you could say, oh, indirectly things the president does affect you and stuff like that. Well, it's not in my awareness and I'm not getting angry about it, so it's not lowering my vibration because I am not even paying attention to it. You do have a choice and when you realize you have a choice is when you start to take your power back. But if you believe that you are a victim of circumstance, then you will continue to create that experience over and over again.

That will keep you entrenched into the third dimension through its fear, it's identity and identification with that fear. Observe the fear as for what it is, false evidence appearing real. And as you do that, you start to take your power back. This is part of the process of transcending that, of transcending the 3D reality is understanding and claiming your power back.

And when you claim your power back and no longer has as much effect over you, the second thing that's keeping you trapped in the third dimension is that of something new. This is a fun one I want to share is that of songs. The thoughts that we think that we are invisible. Yes, our thoughts are invisible until they manifest the thoughts we think are still things.

There are real things. They're energetic patterns. When we are thinking certain thoughts, they are coming out of us, they're going into our energetic field and we were walking around and those thoughts are teaming up with other people that are resonating with different situations, different opportunities in our life and we'd pick up on them.

Most of the thoughts that we think are our own are not really ours. Most of the beliefs that you have come from other people. Somebody told you when you were young that you are not capable or you are a dumb or whatever it is and you may have believed that those aren't your thoughts, Bro. Those weren't your thoughts. Those were someone else's thoughts, but you may have taken them on.

You may have literally said, okay, grab them, put them on and loved it around and started lugging them around. They get this as you are. I am. These are the thoughts. These are, this is me. But they're just thoughts. When you become aware of it and she's realized that a lot of the thoughts you think aren't even your own, so you can start to just let them go. Just like it. Let go of something that's not yours.

You wouldn't go, you will carry it out. It's not yours that's called, that's called fee for re thief. Don't want to be a thief, okay? It's called robbery or something. Just let it go. Even if it's your parents believe superiors, luggage, let it go. If it's something a kid told you we were in here in school and just let it go. And as you do this, you start to naturally be in a 4 or 5D state.

Knowing that these songs now I'm going to get into songs, but knowing that these thoughts are yours, here's the understanding of songs, okay? When you get something's caught in your head, some type of song caught in your head and you're going around, you're going around walking around or wherever you are. We are connected to this collective consciousness grid within this collective consciousness grid is an accumulation of all the thoughts of the billions of people on the planet.

When you are thinking and humming and singing a song or something that millions of other people have thought of, that song, whatever song that is, you are literally pulling upon the consciousness of everyone else that is seen that song. If you are sitting in some rap song, it's like get me to the muddy, but I came out of, you know I live in the, I live in hard times.

Well, the consciousness that you are pulling from the thoughts, the emotions that you're feeling, you're also going to be pulling upon all the other people thinking the same thought, seeking the same song. Be aware of what that is because when you tap into this social conditioning when you tap into what a lot of other people are thinking and feeling, you begin to literally think and feel the same way.

I know this because sometimes I get some song caught in my head. I used to always get the song caught my head by the weekend and anytime I can, so Matt, I'd hear it somewhere and I hear it. When I get mad, because they don't be caught in my head for four days, I think it was impossible to get out of my head. Songs are really catchy, but I would also feel this pull almost. I start thinking, feeling similarly, not just because of the repetition of the songs, but in general. We pulled upon consciousness.

This is why when you do a sacred mantra, you tap into this level of consciousness because most people that are doing the heathers, the same sacred mantra have the same intention, divine connection, whatever it is. So mantras that sacred mantras can be powerful for unplugging you from social conditioning and tap into a sacred part of yourself.

Or it can work against you because you could be like, get me to the money. Look at these, all this, you know, negative connotations and stuff and all this stuff that brings us down in vibration. I believe that a lot of the songs we'd seen and these things we're tapping into other people's conditioning and consciousness. Even the person that's singing the songs consciousness. It'll keep you trapped though.

If you're constantly infusing yourself in an environment that keeps you in that moment modality, it's going to be hard to get out of it because your environment, the, even the inner environment and the outer environment is being triggered in that way. The other thing he keeping you trapped in this third dimension is psalms slash social conditioning.

These thought forms that aren't even really yours. You are Republican, you are a Democrat. If you are triggered into any of these things, better to be Democrat or Republican, you're still being pulled in by the system. You're still being pulled in by the social conditioning. Realize you can disengage from it, you can observe it and by observing it, you start to take your power back. That's the second thing, keeping you trapped in the third dimension.

Understand with everything I'm saying, this isn't a fearful thing. You're trapped in the third dimension. You still get out the belief that you're trapped in the third dimension. We'll keep your chapter in the third dimension. He's limiting beliefs or what you can begin to detach from. That brings me to the third one, the most obvious one, but the one that will really allow and allow you to be free is to understand the thing is keeping you trapped in.

The third dimension is simply a reaction, reacting and not responding, reacting to the thoughts you have reacted and things happen in reality. Stop reacting, start observing, observe the 3D at the same time. You don't want to become too angry with a 3-d cause. I'm aware of the 3D but I'm like, oh look at this, look at that. I'm angry at these people that run this or that, whatever it is that is externalized as the power, let go of the victimization, observe it.

It's part of the experience. We chose to come here to earth, that this time to awaken and to help other people awakening and there will be an old structure that exists, but that old structure is continuing to fall apart. It's falling apart right now. Observe it fall apart and know that it is part of the process. It's part of this process, but as you let it fall apart, you didn't become more aware of who you are.

You then raise your own vibration and right now on the planet, we are raising our vibration, but the key to this is observation. Every day for five or 10 minutes, observe your thoughts even right now. Observe the next thought that comes into your mind. Wait for it. Wait for it. Observe the next thought that comes into your mind. Listen, you see as you put that awareness, that listening, that alertness in. Okay.

You create a little bit more space in between what you were thinking once you are identifying within that space is that observation mine. That's when you disengage from the old identity. You disengage from the things that you're feeling attached to or being attached to the outcome, whatever it is. When you disengage, you create space. And in that space, is where you bring in presence. And when you're bringing presence, you raise your vibration.

This little thing right here, you can apply every single day and you'll begin to disengage from the 3D reality. Yes, stuff's going on, stuff's happening in the news, whatever it is, be aware of it. But now that you don't have to be consumed by it, you see that's where the power is. These are the three things, keeping you trapped in the third dimension.

Be aware of the kind of music you're listening to, being aware of the things that you're engaging in the social conditioning. Choose to think for yourself as well. Sometimes it's the sexy, popular thing to be inside of the third-dimensional state of consciousness. You can disengage from it and you can let it go. It doesn't serve anymore. You can observe it and in the observations where all the power is, you don't have to be fearful anymore.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. You can choose your response to things and as you choose your response to things, you take your power back. No, you're not in the victim. And my having that mentality, knowing that you create your own reality, you choose how you respond to things.


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