Materialize Your Dreams into Reality by doing this one thing


I'm going to show you how to materialize your dreams into reality using this one simple thing. If you apply this consistently, it will change everything in your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to show you the one thing that, if you do consistently will transform your life, help you manifest your dreams into reality. Before I even share with you what that is, understand this, the way you think about manifestation. If you believe manifestation is hard, guess what? It's going to be hard. If you believe that manifestation is something that you have to work really hard for something that doesn't come easily, something that's only for lucky people, then guess what? That's going to be your reality because, in reality, beliefs create reality.

While we can get to the core of your beliefs about how you can attract someone into your life or your beliefs about how to attract more money, what might actually be even more powerful is getting to the core of your belief about manifestation in general. Get into the core of your belief. Beyond just the belief though, this is what we're going to do today, I'm going to show you a process, a way for looking at it, that it makes it so much easier. It's a simple formula that, when you apply, consistently changes everything. It's the reason I'm a full-time YouTuber right now. It's the reason I live in. Even now. I'm in Tulum, Mexico. I used to dream about being able to like live anywhere literally, would just have a Wi-Fi connection, having an online business.

But now, this is what I realize there's the next level. The next version of me that I'm beginning to use this process on. The new version of me is traveling the world, giving seminars in different cities, and being more in person, doing what I'm doing versus just on YouTube. When I imagine, and I look at this version of me, what we will you, what you will see is in the next three to six months, you will see me moving into that reality, materializing that dream into reality. That dream will become a reality. One of the easiest ways of understanding this is first off, knowing reality is but a dream reality is what we believe it to be. It's much more flexible than we could even imagine. When we become aware of that, that's when everything begins to change. Here's the thing as well.

When it comes to this, some people use this unconsciously. This is what works for what I want to show you is like the shortcut. Let me show you first off. When we're talking about that of manifestation, when we're talking about materializing dreams into reality, the thing is, Law of Attraction is not about attracting that thing that is over there in the here. Many times, the way people go about is they say, I want that thing over there. If I had that thing over there, I would feel amazing. And anytime we say how, how much do we desire that over there? We are saying that we vibrationally don't have that over there. Rather than just going over to there, getting it, or having it or being in the vibration of it. We can imagine what it's like to have that thing over there.

The emotions inside of us already exist, and what we could do is just give ourselves permission to feel that, but the reason I say this is manifestation is not about attracting that over there to India. Here manifestation is about vibrational resonance and making what is invisible visible. That's what materialization of dreams is — making the invisible visible. Everything exists here, and now everything exists here, and now they're thinking about it like this. There is a static thing about; there's a reality around us. Our brain can only pick up on about 200 on a certain, a very small sliver percentage of it. It's like 0.02% of what is around us. Can we pick up on, well guess which parts of reality we're picking up on that which is in alignment with our belief and that which we are in resonance with. I would perceive a different reality if I had a different set of beliefs.

If I want to change my reality, the idea is that it's not about trying to attract more into my life. The idea is that by changing on the inside, by changing my beliefs in my residence, I did perceive things that are right now invisible and make them visible. You'll notice this too when you start to apply what I share with you today, that as you begin to apply it, you will start to see that there were opportunities around you that may have been around you for like a year or two. But all of a sudden, now you can perceive it because you are in the vibration of it. Do you see how that works? I remember many times there were times in my own, uh, especially the nine to five job I used to have. There'd be times that there were things right in front of me, but I couldn't see it because I wasn't in the vibrational resonance of it. It'd almost be like if I was going into work and I had that sales commission job, and I went into work, I was like, there are all kinds of ours.

There are no customers; there's no customers. And I was telling myself a story and because I so strongly believe that every one that came in with somebody that just wasn't buying somebody that wouldn't want to buy when it an actuality. Maybe they did, but I couldn't perceive that or bring that out of them in a way because I was in a vibration of lacking that and not in an open vibration of being able to perceive it. The reality is, but a reflection, reality, and manifestation is about making the invisible visible through vibrational resonance. Let's talk about the one thing that you can do. 

It already exists because all realities already exist. It simply has a different vibrational resonance, almost like a radio station. All the different radio signals already exist, but what does a radio tuner do? It tunes to a certain frequency that then pops you into being able to hear that station in the same way. If you simply be that version of you, you develop the thought patterns, the emotions, the actions. Identify the version of you that's living your ideal frequency, and as you do, that will become your reality. You see, this is the kicker. This is the thing. Imagine the version of you that's also connected to your passion, that's doing what they love.

It's connected to your heart because then it's easy. Then also you move into doing things for the sake of doing them. Then think about that like it's easy for me to make daily videos because this is who I am. I view this as a part of my identity. I love making videos, so because I have this as a part of my identity, it makes it very easy for me to apply this information. In the same way for you, make sure that whatever vision you had, don't just have it be the vision where you're living in a bollard crib, and then you have this like the, you know, the perfect lover and all these different things. Make sure that if you have the bother crib and the significant other and all that stuff, make sure that you're also doing what you love. Make sure you're also passionate in that vision because otherwise, what you might find is you start to create more and more of what you want your life, but then it feels sort of empty.

You see, many people are very wealthy, rich to add everything on the outside you would imagine, but on the inside, they are lacking and they feel a lack of mentality. So make sure that this version of you is the best version of you that also is doing what they are passionate about, that it's really more of who you really are. It's more connected to your heart. You see, this is when things really begin to change. I tried, I don't remember, tried to make money doing something called Kindle publishing. I wasn't very excited about it, but I knew it could create passive income. There I was, where I was learning how to hire people to write books and then to market those books on Amazon and I was doing that. And I was like, I'm not passionate about this. This isn't really what I enjoy doing.

Who knows? Maybe if I would've done it a little bit more consistent, maybe I could have trained myself to be passionate about it, but it wouldn't have been longterm. Then I started making videos eventually, and that's F it's, it required effort to make daily videos while having a nine to five job. But it was, it was something that I enjoy doing. It's something I felt inside my heart center. I can feel that there was some type of benefit. I felt like it was, I was on the right track with it. Now, here's the thing, though. This right here, this idea right here, it can absolutely transform your life. Okay? This is it. Give yourself permission to move straight into the bean frequency, the being frequency. What is the beam frequency? Well, that version of you that I was talking about, that version of you that's living your dreams, that's in that reality of the habits, the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the actions, that version of you already exist.

Simply be that version of you. You may see that there's a big gap between where you are and what version of you, but the thing is you tell yourself a story. The story is while I'm still right here, how can I be that version of me? It feels fake, and the thing is is the more you tell yourself that story, that that's not me. That's not me. Look, I'm acting. This feels so fake. The more you tell yourself that story is, the more you hold yourself into the vibrational reality of where you currently are living in the same story over and over and over again. Paul, let me ask you a question. Aren't you tired? Aren't you tired of living some BS story? Aren't just tired of telling yourself the same thing over and over and over again, whether it's true or not true, whether you went through that stuff or you did it, aren't you tired of telling yourself the same story, plane or roll out?

That's not so fun? Aren't you tired? The reason I say this is because once you give yourself permission to let go of the old story, then you can really be in that reality. Think about the way you could go about it. This is what you could do. You could take a lot of action. You could focus on being that version of you. You could slowly get those different and then eventually embodied that being a version of you once you finally give yourself permission to do so, which might require you a lot to have that stories go, Oh, I don't know if I could do it. It's like, Oh, here, I've been my whole star. Oh, I don't know. I can be another vibration. It pretty vibrationally dives, right? Well, maybe I'll start taking a little bit of action. Okay, slow. People don't see me that way.

Maybe I'll come back here. It's comfortable. I'm used to this store, and people told me this is who is out. I let you just keep trying and keep trying, and then eventually, what happens is you just start doing it, and then he started doing it, and guess what happens? And if I'm in that painfully good, see everything will be great, and eventually, I can have that reality. And then you continue to have this rule in your mind that says you have to do that for like a year. And then you can finally just be in the being frequency of you being that best version of you. Well, let me show you, you can go through that process. Yo, can I take a lot of time?

You can ask yourself, am I worthy, and tell yourself that story. Or you can just be in that frequency. Yes. I just decide this is who I am now. I don't care what other people think of me. That's what I did. I was that person. I was that person in the friend group. Every time I go hang out with friends, they're like, what are you doing? What are you up to? And I'd be like, Oh, well I'm making YouTube videos. Oh Aaron, you're still doing that. Is that like your passion is, or is that, is that like your hobby or something? I'm like, no. I would eventually be doing it full time. Oh, okay. And then Lee and then months later, same thing, same thing. And then eventually, you know what I did? I said I'm going just to be the fulltime YouTube or Aaron, I'm going to make a video every single day no matter what, knowing that's who I am.

That's why I am, that's not because it's going to get me somewhere else. It's because it's literally who I am. And once I gave myself permission to be that version of me, very quickly, reality began to switch. The one thing you need to do to materialize your dreams into reality is just to give yourself permission to be that you, not that you need to do it and then do it and do it. And then maybe a year later you can finally say, okay, I've done this for a year, now I am full time. YouTuber. No, I went straight into the bean frequency, and then I let reality catch up to me because this is the thing. People feel how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself as projected out to other people. I said I am a full-time YouTuber. I make videos every single day. I say, who am, I don't care how many people were watching because when I made that choice, I was only like 3000 subs.

You could've looked at that and be like, you have 3000 subscribers. How would you be a full-time tuber? And then it would be like, Oh yeah, I will. Maybe I'm not, but this is what happened. I got straight into the being frequency. I said this is who I am. This isn't; I'm not making videos because it will get me somewhere else. I make videos because it's who I am. It's at the level of being, which is also tied to identity T U see this is the key. This is how you really transform your life is your focus on the version of you that is that best version of you that is in that being frequency that is doing things not because it gets them somewhere else that is doing things because it's who you are.

That's the beam frequency. Normally the ego is trying to escape the moment it's trying to get more, but when you do things for the sake of doing it, that's where the vibration is because then you're really present to the moment. The time we think I have first to have it or we think I must do it. Then eventually I can have it and then eventually I can be it, but this is the thing being okay like doing, you're trying to get somewhere else. I'm going to do that thing so that I can be like. I'm going to make daily videos so that I can get more and have more growth. When you go straight into the being frequency, your life will change in profound ways, but this is that thing. Just be it instead of just do it. Just do it. Be it be that version of you.

Give yourself permission to link up your thoughts, your habits, your emotions, that person have you already exist. It's simply on a different; it's perceived in reality differently because it identifies itself differently. You can just be it. Don't do it because if you're doing it, you're trying to say that by doing it, you will escape the moment. Get somewhere else. Maybe you can then have more instead just be; it is part of your identity. It's who you are. Look at that version of you. Look at the books, the version of you that reads. Look at the actions. That version of you takes a look at the emotions you feel. Simply decide this is who you are now and then stay consistent with it. Stay consistent with it. The mirror of reality takes a little bit for it to adjust. Just trust that mere delay because eventually it will go away, and that will be you. Okay? That's all you got to do.

Be that version of you, be that version of you, give yourself permission, cause other people to feel that off of you. You see, energy is contagious. But if you're like, Oh, I'm going to do this thing. Oh, go back to my corner. It doesn't exactly resonate yet, and it's a story I told myself the old story runs itself more powerful. Instead, just be it. Just be it. Just be it and then you will have it. Then you will have it. Then you will have it. If you want to see it, then just be it. Just be it. That's where the power really is. Your reality will begin to change out. Something else that may help you with this understanding is knowing that the more you raise your vibration, the more you transform your life. The more you raise your vibration, the more things manifest easier.

The more you raise your vibration, the more you're in that deem frequency. If you want to calibrate your vibration plus not just calibrate your vibration, but find out where are you and how you can get to the next level of vibration. Then once you can do is go to Go there. It's a survey that takes one or two minutes to complete, completely free. Then what you do is you will get your calibrated energy. You will see where you calibrate in the form of an archetype. You will know how to get to the next level. I will give you two meditations that help you get to the next level. Plus send you emails that show you everything you can do to transform your energy, so it's absolutely free.

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