The Vibration of “Wanting” Money VS Having Money: The TRUE Vibration of Abundance


I want to be showing you the vibration of wanting money versus the vibration of having money. I'm going to be showing you exactly how to close that gap so that you start to have the abundance you truly deserve in life and what you can do about it today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the difference between the two different vibrational realities. The vibrational reality that is I really want money. The vibrational reality of I want, which is vibrationally saying I don't currently have this moment, is normally good enough. I'm waiting for something in the future where I can finally have enough money, and then the vibrational reality that is a totally separate reality that says, I have money. I generate money.

I am abundant. Understand these are two totally separate realities and many times, most of the time if you really, really want money, you are really, really saying you really, really don't currently have it and what you're most likely doing is creating that lack by going by that inner belief, that internal vibration of how you feel. You see it; they give it like that wants versus have. These are two totally different realities. Think of it as a radio station. Well, it's like, well, I want this, and it's not able to actually perceive it because that want is there. You see, a lot of times, we think that want is powerful.

A desire is powerful, but as desire, if it moves us into intention is what is powerful, but if it doesn't move us in intention into intention, then it remains where it is, which is right there just chilling and then one saying, I really want, I really want, which also was implying that lack. If somebody else wants to be in a relationship, a lot of times, they're going to put out that desperate energy. It's a big paradox in life because when you don't want something, you can then have something.

The guy that's the cool, suave guy that gets all the chicks who don't care, he doesn't want it. It is natural for his self-image. It is natural for who he is, for him to go around and have just people that want to be around him because there's a certain level of power and not neediness in the same way. If you're saying I want money, money's over there just like, Bro, what's going on? Dude? Just back off a little bit. Why are you trying to desire it?

I imagine that right now, your relationship with money is where you really want to have it. Well, then it's on a pedestal. It's immediately vibrationally separated from you, and money feels that desperation from you. It's like, Bro, what's going on, dude? Why you? Why you want me so bad? And the thing is to think of it like this. Imagine that I'm here with you right now. I am a vibrational counselor. You are sitting across with the one you're in a relationship with it, which is right now it is figured out your relationship with money. Imagine that I'm speaking with you. You are on one side of the couch is on the complete another side of the couch.

You're telling me stories about money. You're telling me that money isn't good for you. Money hasn't been treating you well. You're saying money is control. That's not even backed by a goal. You're telling me all these stories about money that keep you vibrationally separated from it. You don't really appreciate what money is and because of that, money doesn't slide closer to you because your relationship with money is such to where you can't actually vibrationally have it because one, you wanted so much, but two, you somehow subconsciously assume that having money isn't good or it means you're some type of bad person if you do have money.

You see, the key to this is understanding what money really is. Because at the fundamental core of our reality, money is simply energy. That's it. Money is energy, and it's an agreement that we use to use that we use in order to exchange energy. When we start to see it from that point of view, we can then start to relate to money in a different way. Money is an exchange of energy. And the funny thing is we go around chasing this form of energy, not knowing that the real energy is within us. The outer reflection reality of money that we see even in our bank account, the outer reflection.

We'll look at my bank account, look at that money that is just an external representation of the energy that exists within us and how much we're tapping into the well inside of ourselves. Imagine every single person on this planet has an infinite well within them that they can tap into to create literally unlimited abundance in their life. And the way that you do this, as you become aware of your passion, you become aware of you letting go of what doesn't serve you anymore. You can be in that high vibration, and you see how you can add value to other people. Your passion and the value that you add in the world are interlinked together, and the more value you put out into the world, the more that comes back to you.

What happens is instead of people tapping into their own vibration, tapping into the gift they have to give to the world, what they do is they go around looking for the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money. I want to have the money, not knowing the money is within you. The money is the energy, the energy on the ad, the money on the outside is a reflection of the energy you are tapping to on the inside, the energy well that you are tapping on the inside.

All this is an inner game. This is 100% an inner game. You ever noticed that people that are normally bad with their money are also bad at managing their own energy. Their energy management isn't necessarily that great. Therefore, they're not able to actually hold onto the money. They're not able to generate the money because they're not generating the money within themselves. The money, which is energy within themselves, you see. For example, my life is pretty dialed in now. I'm also a reflection of that. I'm very abundant. That's a direct reflection of the energy system within myself, which is me tapping into my bite.

You see, having money and having energy are a direct correlation. It's just that when people want, they're not looking within their own energy field, they're not tapping into who they really are when it comes to their passion, and they're not focused on the energy of the way money really works. You see, the way money works in our reality, the way energy works in our reality is the more you put out, the more you give back, the more value you add, the more value you get back. This is the thing. Who has energy? Who has the money? Normally other people. When you're looking at how can you attain and how can you get money, member money is energy. You then focus. How can I add value to other people?

Because those other people have money and they will want to give it to you. If you can solve their problems and if you can provide them value. There's a show on TV called a shark tank. You want to know which products are going to do the best. Normally the ones that add the most value or the most perceptual value, are going to be the ones that sell the best. Remember, that's energy, and what happens is people then see the marketing of it. That's something I want that would add value to my life. If I had a scrub daddy, I could scrub that thing, and if it was hot, water would be one-way cold water. The other way. How cool is that? I think that would add value. I'm going to buy it. There's a certain perceptual perspective of the value you could attain.

In the same way, I make these videos because it's what I'm passionate about and some people, what happens is they see the videos that I make. They watch the videos. They may get hooked into watching a couple of different videos, and they say, wow, this is adding value to me. I wonder what else is Aaron Guy has going on? I've gotten value from the free videos. Maybe he has this thing called the shift academy, which will help me to be coaching for me to transform my life. Maybe that would even help me more.

You see, so it's something that people can see perceived value in and then the direct reflection of the value people provide, they're willing to give. In exchange for it, since I was just mentioning it by the way to the shift academy is something that has to do with creating a shift in consciousness in your life and it's month to month coaching with me where I show you how to transform your life, transform your level of consciousness and you go through becoming aware of the story you tell yourself about relationships, the story you tell yourself about money, the story you tell, the stuff I help, and I hope I show you how to get into the vibration of being.

It gives you a higher level of consciousness and transforming your whole life. That's a month, a month coaching thing, or it used to be when I was doing these, it would do a live Q and A's via Facebook live for this private group. I do zoom calls, which is more transformative coaching people get brought on. You see, people transform and you have a chance to be on that. It's group coaching. You also get monthly videos, private videos out on YouTube. With everything I'm sharing with you right now, understand that the two-different vibration, different radio stations of I really want something versus I really have something is about more so understanding the energy dynamics at play.

How much are you embodying the energy of who you really are, how much are you embodying the energy that adds value? Because when you are adding value to other people with whatever your passion is when you're adding value to other people, they then, which has energy, part of them exchanging energy is through money. Money is energy. We, in our reality, normally either through that old school days, it was a barter system, but right now, we use money. The idea is that then people want to give you money for you being yourself, you helping them, you being in your high vibration.

And it will translate into many different ways, but you see that is the philosophy of the problem itself is people are focused on they want it, which means they are vibrationally and not even just vibrationally. They're literally saying, I don't have this within every single person on this planet is rich, is rich with energy, has an infinite potential of energy inside of them has a well, but whether they are connecting to it and tapping into it will depend upon them, will depend upon their choice to do so.

Will depend upon how much they recognize it, how much they go after that vibrational understanding of who they are. Knowing thyself doesn't mean you need to make videos as I do. Your passion could be you know that being a really good manager of other people. It could be you creating art. Whatever it is. By doing it, you are in your high vibration. It would add, it will add value somehow. You see, but remember, these are two totally different. There's a story you tell yourself right now about why you don't have money. There's a story to tell yourself that may say money is bad and remember that analogy.

You are sitting on the couch next to that have money. I am your vibrational counselor, and I'm telling you that they're showing you that if you were to develop a relationship, a positive relationship with money more so, it's energy. The government does not control it. All this negative stuff, and believe me, I was there when I went through my awakening. I was like; it's not backed by gold. All of these things, but guess what was able to attract money into my life then, so the key is realizing the truth. The truth is money has power because we give it power in our reality. We use it as an exchange, a way of exchange.

Money's not the issue. You realize that just like in a relationship. Many times you may say, I thought you were the issue, but you know what? I realized that it was something I had to work out within myself. I had a rule that said you had to be a certain way. I was trying to control you. I was trying to control how you came into my life, and now you're talking to money, and you're realizing, Huh? I realized that this is about an inner thing that I need to deal with. I need to go within myself and see my relationship with myself, and am I really tapped into my well?

Am I tapped into my vibration of adding value to other people? And if you are and you make a choice to start to do that, you'll find that money then isn't in a happy relationship with you. But you thinking this is about you and money isn't actually correct. This is about you versus you and you versus the energy inside of you. Just like in a relationship you have, I think you have it a problem with your significant other when, in actuality, it's something within yourself.

And when you work on yourself, you then find the relationship starts to blossom again. So here I am as this metaphysical vibrational counselor telling you, you can start to appreciate money. And when you start to appreciate money, you may see that your bank account begins to appreciate it. But the more you appreciate money; the more your account will depreciate. It's a play on words, but it's true. So wanting money versus having money, you first off, got to know that money is just a reflection of the inner energy that you are providing for the world. The more value you provide, the more that can come back to you.

Seeing things that are natural. See things as natural. If you see making $100,000 a year as on this big pedestal, then you can't actually have it because that's a different vibrational reality. Say, how can you tap in within yourself of adding that much value out into the world? You are having the energy tapped in so much that that reflection comes back to you. You see, it's a different focus, but the key is to see it as natural. It is natural for you. And the other part of this is understanding, you know, that is something I noticed, something you can do to start to really tap into the vibration that you have in money.

As you understand that value, the value exchange, the more value you provide, the more it can come back to you. But this is what I realized when I would go into my old job. But if you don't know, you haven't heard, see my, you know, hundred dollar videos talking about, oh, you still got Barnes, New York woman's shoes, these door got bars in New York. You're moving shoes. Okay. I sold women's shoes. I would go in every day. It was a sales commission job.

I'd start at zero every single day. It was like the law of attraction playground for me. I could see different perspectives I had if I went in with the intention of hitting a certain goal if I was attached to and try to control how people, you know, bought the shoes. If I was trying to control the outcome, I would get a certain result. If I was focused on adding value, I would get a very different result if I was focused on more. So having fun, I would get a very different result, a much better result. If I was serious about it, I would get a very not so pleasant result. There were different energy dynamics I could see outplay, and when I tapped into enjoying the moment, having fun, and this thing right here, everything began to change. I started to do this thing where I would, I read it in the book, think, and grow rich.

Go the extra mile. Going the extra mile means you go beyond. If you do more and you are more, and you're adding more value than anyone else, you will sell more and do more than anyone else. That's what I realized. What I did, I would go in, I would help customers, I'd have a positive vibration about positive energy about it, and sometimes what I would do is I do little things that no one else would do. Like for example, I put the shoes in the bag so eloquently, and I would put a tissue over it. No one else that I worked with would do that. It was just one little thing. Maybe next time they come, they see that somebody else doesn't do that and then it's like, hey, you know he did. I'm going to go to him next time. Who knows? I don't know.

But how you do one thing is how you do everything by going the extra mile, you more than fill your present space. And that's how you can then get to the next level of abundance. You can do this even for a job you don't really care about, but you'll notice that by doing that, you may get job offers from other people because you're more than filling your present space. You may get a promotion. I know that when I was in that mentality, I'd get job offers from people. I would get other opportunities to come into my life because they would say, wow, this dude is really on point. Why are you here? Why are you here selling woman's shoes? You should be selling houses. You should be doing something else, something bigger. There's nothing wrong with selling shoes. I'm just saying. Well, it's about understanding going the extra mile.

Notice that people that normally don't have money, they're normally broke. They're doing the bare minimum to get by. They're not tapping into their passion or made to do the bare minimum to get by. The bare minimum via bind normally means that your energy reflection is that you have money just enough to go from paycheck to paycheck. Do you see it? In order to get to a level of extraordinary abundance, you have to tap into the well within yourself. And you have to create a system for yourself. I have a system that I live by. I get up every day.

I make videos that add value. I then focus on other ways I can add value to my business. I didn't go to the gym, which is an energy system that allows me to fill up my own cup. I go through a detox period in the sauna, and then it makes my energy go higher than I eat healthy food. That healthy food gives me more energy. Think of it as a system of increasing your energy so that you can then put out value. Eventually, you can see that value comes back to you, but manage your own energy. People that can't manage their own money normally can't manage their own energy. The key is to start to know that you can manage your own energy by managing different aspects of your life.

Develop the willpower to go to the gym every day to eat healthier, develop the willpower to go for your passion, to stay focused, to develop that discipline and watch how then you move from the vibration of wanting, of looking outside, thinking that the money is outside of you. Then you have the realization that the money is within you because money represents energy energies within you. The more you tap into that high vibrational energy within yourself, and you focus on giving value to the world, the more that money will then come to you because it's a direct reflection of the energy you are tapping into.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.