If you feel Alone During Your Spiritual Awakening READ THIS


I'm going to share with you everything I wish I knew when I felt alone during this spiritual awakening process. I'm going to share with you some profound insights that changed everything for me and made me allow the process so much easier.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you understanding that of the spiritual awakening process and how many times, in the beginning, we may feel alone, especially cause many people that go through a spiritual awakening. You may be the first one in your whole entire family to go through it. You see the spiritual awakening. It's about becoming aware that we are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and what happens is we live our whole entire life believing that we are just this ego.

We are just this physical form and that we have to adhere to all the rules of society. Maybe even the rules of our parents, that beliefs that we get growing up. Then we go through a spiritual awakening, which kind of just pops that top right off. All of a sudden, there's a completely different perspective, a completely different feeling, level of expansiveness. You know, sometimes I get kind of nostalgic because when I went through my spiritual awakening, there was a level of such expansion that it was a, it's something I never even really knew possible. This is back in 2012, and when I went through my spiritual awakening, you could say that I didn't grow too fast, but in a way, I went from one vibration to another vibration really quick. I went from somebody that was having ADHD, hard to focus, like to go out and drink with friends, smoked a lot of weed, and had a nine to five job.

I didn't really care about, just a lot of energy. All of a sudden, I go through, I learned meditation, I started observing my thoughts. I start having these realizations that we're spiritual beings that are here right now. I believe there's a transformation happening on the planet and I had this remembrance that we're all here for that, whether we remember it or not, the spiritual awakening that's happening on the planet at a mass level, and when I became aware of that, I started to tell everyone about it. I remember that I went to work and people were like, Hey Aaron, what's going on? They notice there's something different about my energy, and I just kind of just let it all out. I was like, Oh, this is what I'm learning. I started meditating. This is what I learned in all of these different things. It was about meditation, understanding star seed.

It's back to even in 2012 that was like, Whoa. That was like a way out there, and I was sharing it so freely that I most likely looked very ungrounded, these people. I could say that my beliefs led me to the meanings that I gave to this is that I am alone in this process. You know, quickly, I, it was harder and harder for me to relate to other people. I remember coming out and telling this to my family members, most of them just thought I was crazy, or something weird was going on, and they didn't understand it.

Shortly after learning meditation, go through my spiritual awakening, completely stopped drinking, completely stopped smoking weed, started meditating twice a day. I started to feel really good. The majority of the time, immediately wouldn't be on a vegan diet. Then I lost a lot of weight. Then people thought, Oh, maybe he's, you know, on drugs or something. I was like, no, I'm not doing any of that. I'm just meditating. I feel really good. I was feeling so good, and I felt such high vibration compared to where I felt I use this analogy sometimes, but on a scale of one to 10, I used to feel like I was at a two or three out of 10. After my spiritual awakening, I felt like I was at a seven or eight out of 10.

I felt blissed out all the time. What my top feeling ecstasy moment would have been back in the day. It would've been like a five or a six. I was filling a seven or an eight as my natural state. I felt extraordinarily blissful what I wanted and not enlightened. I'm not saying I'm enlightened or anything, but what I'm saying is I let go so much pain in the past. I realized that a lot of the pain of my past actually led to my spiritual awakening. When we change the meaning to different events, we change the result we get now in the present moment. When I changed the meaning to my past experiences, it didn't become like the best thing that ever happened to me because it led to my spiritual awakening.

You can look at your own life may be and see that if somebody broke up with you in the past, maybe you gave that a very negative meaning and then you got a certain result from that. But if you change that means you guys know that happens that I could, you know, become the best version of myself or meet somebody else down the road. Or you change that, meaning you then change your life about it. You see. I started to feel so good and, and I wanted other people to feel good. I wanted other people. I had these such profound insights. I wanted other people to have these insights as well. I told my dad about it, literally sat my dad down. I was like, dad, this is the way the world works. This is everything we've been told is a delusion. I started going off, and then I realized it was just too much too soon for some people, you know?

My dad loves me, dearly. He just had no idea what to do about it. You know, my mom, she was at first little closed off to it, but then she became very open to it. Even now, to this day, she's very open. She's very aware of all of it. Your spiritual awakening may as well have awakened like something within other people may trigger their awakening, you know? It's very interesting but, but in general, there is a strong inclination going through a spiritual awakening to share it with other people because the more people that know about it, the more, the more they're also able to feel what you feel. In a way, it's like you want, you want other people to have the realizations that you have.

I guess my interests or my energy; it's changed to a point to where now I'm very focused on what I do and everything. We kind of drifted apart even though they're still great friends of mine, I still hang out. But there were a lot of friends that it was like, even just for like after I went through my awakening 2012, there were probably six to eight months to where I didn't really hang out with friends at all. It was because I felt like they were judging me, or maybe they thought it was weird. I started almost to develop this belief. I did develop this belief that said like, people just don't get me. People don't get me. People aren't spiritually awake. I started to develop these beliefs. The thing I want to share with you in this video is that understand, first off, you came here to be one of the first to awaken.

You came here to go through the spiritual awakening to then allow other people to waken up. Like, imagine this. This is like a metaphor, but also, I believe it is the way that it works. This is earth right here. Earth is a school where you come to learn different lessons. You come, and you forget that you're in school. You forget that you're here to have certain human experiences and not, that's what makes the game more real. That's what makes the school feel more real. What happens is you incarnate into this school, you forget who you are, so you can go through the process of remembering. You could say, no way. It's a school of remembering, and we come here to remember who we are now for thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years.

There's been a certain level of forgetfulness on the planet where people just didn't know who they were. There's been a certain level of control because some of the people on the planet didn't understand their own power. What they thought they had to do is take power from other people. They control things. There are different factions that are in place that keep certain energy dynamics in place. And some of these people just forgot who they are and therefore that's how they thought they needed to gain power. Because when a nuclear bomb goes off, it goes off into the ethers, it goes off far, far away. When it does that, the rule is we have free will in our universe, in our reality, but when we start to influence other facts, that's when there is inner intervening that can happen.

What do Dolores Cannon books, they say by, by the way, Dolores Cannon is a hypnotherapist who would get people to a very deep level of hypnosis, and their higher self would come through to answer questions. One of the consistent things that were said is that there was a call put out.  Then also destroy and influence other realities as well because all reality is connected. What we did is we said, okay, like wouldn't it be great if like higher dimensional beings just landed. Can't do that. When that'd be great, it's not the way it works, though. The way it works is you must play according to the game itself. The way the game is played is that you forget who you are, which makes it very difficult.

Earth is one of the most difficult places to incarnate into because of the level of forgetfulness that happens when you come here. The key to this is knowing that and knowing that it's a beautiful time to be alive. Dolores Cannon also in her books, which are transcripts, by the way, it is said that there are so many souls that want to be here right now just to say they were here right now during the transformation on earth. Not only are you here, but you're listening to this message, which means you have gone through a spiritual awakening, is about to go through a spiritual awakening, or this resonates with you at some level, which means that you are a part of the shift. How exciting is that?

But you came here to be bold. You came here to be one of the first to wake up — the reason I shared all that with you. We had to go through this veil of forgetfulness to remember who we are, in a way, influences the collective consciousness because as each one of us wakes up, it influences people around us. I look at my awakening, and maybe it didn't spawn initial awakenings and all bunch of people around me, a couple of people that did and even more people at different levels. However, it influences people at subconscious levels to cause people now are waking up faster than ever before, and it's amazing to see.

But in general, the thing I want to really share with you is that no, you came here to be bold. You came here to be one of the first to wake up. You came here to remember who you are and selfless compassion to other people so that they could then find out who they are. You came here for that. The other thing that makes this so much easier to know that you're never alone; you are never alone. We may say, well, I don't know people in my immediate life. I don't go to work and talk to people about this, but you can reach people online. You can realize that you're not alone, and then that belief that you are alone will make it so that when you go out into public, you also are alone.

It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I started to believe just people aren't waking up, everyone's asleep, rubbed up, blah, blah. But then when I did this, I dropped that belief and then slowly, but surely people started to show up in my life. People that resonate with me, people that resonate with the soul essence of who I am and what I love to really talk about, and I had to drop that belief. Beliefs create reality. If you believe that everyone's asleep, if you believe that you're even alone, then it'll create the experience of that label of being on autopilot. But if you change the belief, you then change the results. Let go of the belief that you are alone. You're not alone as well. Let's go a little bit further down the rabbit hole. You always, at every moment, have spiritual guides with you.

Every single person on the planet has spiritual guides. Spiritual guides are there for you. They communicate with you in the dream state to communicate with you. In meditation, they give you signs. They do many things with you. You have free will, so they don't tell you what to do. They don't control you, but they are guides. They're there to connect to you, so you're never actually alone anyways. You always have been spiritual beings that are connected to you. Some of these go a little bit further down the rabbit hole. You're a multidimensional bean. Sometimes we think our spiritual guides or other souls, but they actually may be a future incarnation of you that's reaching back to share information that's here with you in this life to help you go through different things. Your spiritual guides are always with you, as well.

You have spiritual guides with you; you have people below that you'll see right here that are also you can connect to that are very similar to you that have gone through a spiritual awakening as well or are about to or resonate with the idea. But understand that you came here for this but you're never alone. There's a difference between aloneness and loneliness. We're alone anyway because we're all one consciousness. We're all one consciousness. We're already alone because there's only one of us. It's just there's one of us experiencing ourselves through many, many, many different bodies. I am lonely because of a feeling based on a negative definition; then, it should be different. If you let the loneliness be okay, you then realize you're just alone, and you're not really alone, by the way, because you have spiritual guides.

But it depends on the perspective. Cause you could say those spiritual guides, even other verses of you. There's just you everywhere. Got the ego, the spirit, you which is experiencing itself. There are many, many different bodies on the planet. But remember this is a temporary dream and you came here to help wake people up from that dream. It doesn't mean you have to be resistant, by the way. You have to try to get them on board. You don't have to sell it to them. The best way that I've learned to do this is by speaking my truth, but not needing anyone to agree with it. In the beginning, I was trying to get everyone on board. That's great. There were resistance and people were like, no man, I'm good. I don't want to learn about any of this.

The key though is being okay if people get it being okay if people don't get it, not labeling them as asleep or awake, no labeling, just letting people because everyone's another version of you. But the key to this process is knowing that you're never alone. You have spiritual guides with you. You are also one consciousness or from the highest level. There's just all of you anyways, but I realize you came here to be bold. You came here to wake up first. You're on the right path. You're not doing anything wrong. You're exactly where you need to be, but what you can do is start to become okay with being alone. Be okay if people don't get it, be okay. If people don't understand you, it's okay. You came here because you were brave. You came here because you knew that you could accomplish this, and you came here to go through this mission with all of us, and you could see those people below you. See, so this really is the key to the process. This is really what will help you help transform your life.

The thing with this process, you may view other people, and you're like, they're not waking up. They're not waking up. One of the best ways to clear the energetic blocks between you and other people and you'll see your energy becomes extraordinarily magnetic if you do this is there's a meditation below on a process called Hoʻoponopono, which is an ancient Hawaiian technique that realizes everyone is one consciousness. When you change this within yourself, you then change your outer reality. It works like magic. You can just put it in the background. It's me going through certain statements, saying them over and over again with some music, and what you do is you can repeat them out loud or say them in your head and do that for 21 days. Watch how your energy field begins to change.


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