3 Myths About The Great Awakening (it’s time you know)


I do believe that the great awakening is happening right now on the planet. I think it's completely taken out of context sometimes and there are some of these big claims about things that may happen and things that may not happen. In this blog, I'm going to show you the three biggest myths I believe are related to the great awakening. The three biggest misconceptions, and it shows you exactly what those are from my perspective.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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The first thing I want you to know about the great awakening is it isn't a myth, but just in general, this is a time of waking up on the planet. People are beginning to question reality. I have friends that I never thought would be open to some of this information that is liking my posts about it, that are asking questions about it. This is something that has been talked about since I went through my awakening in 2012. The first thing I learned about was the government, and how things are kind of orchestrated and how a lot of it is kept from the public. There's an agenda behind it and the agenda is that if people are kept in fear and anger, they're much more likely to look for safety from that. Plus, they're in a lower vibrational state, which is much easier to control. There are some parts of this though, since I've been sharing some of the videos and I've been talking about it, now is a time that a lot of people waking up to what's going on behind the scenes, beginning to ask questions and understanding that there's a great awakening happening. This has been prophesized for thousands of years and it's finally happening.

Maybe certain events in the past had been orchestrated. I'm understanding as well with conspiracy theories if you feel that resistance, understand that. First off, I don't believe everything that I hear about that. However, I do know that the CIA made that term back in the 1980s to keep people deterred from questioning their government from questioning reality in general as well. What's happening is as the vibration continues to rise on the planet, people are becoming more and more aware. Not only that, as people raise their vibration on the planet, but there are also those people that want to keep things in fear, that want to keep people in a lower vibrational state. Some people are coming in fear like, Oh, what if this happens? What if they make this mandatory? You probably can tell the kind of what I'm talking about here. There are certain things that if you say that it won't really, the YouTube channel or the YouTube video won't really be able to reach as many people because of the way this works. However, now is a time of realizing that we, as the people have the power and we're waking up to that. The first myth and the first thing that I want to share with you is that the first myth about this whole entire process is that we hear a lot about this back government.

We hear a lot about the Illuminati and stuff like that. Even some of these elite people, whether that be the guy that owned Microsoft, you know what I'm talking about, the certain celebrities that maybe we're realizing are a part of something behind the scenes as with orchestration, believe in that they have a lot of power. Sometimes what we do is we think and we are focused on them and we may even have a lot of anger, resentment once we find out some of the things that they may do. One of the things I recommend, by the way, is if you watch that, and realize that maybe saved yourself afterward or watch it in small doses. That's what I'll recommend. When I watched it, even my buddy Victor watched it, other people watched it. It's darker stuff and it's hard to find on YouTube right now anyway because once again, it's got eight-minute, 10 million views that outdid shadows thing.

One of the messages is that they're the ones controlling things. They're the ones doing all this stuff. Just out of a point of compassion, let me share a perspective that maybe will help us lose the charge there. Realize any charge we have, we're feeding that reality. We're giving away our power in a way. Understand that when these people may have a lot of attention, maybe certain celebrities, for example, understand that they're put in certain positions because they're harnessing attention, which means they're harnessing energy. If you go to his news, Instagram, any of his posts on Instagram, you'll see hundreds of thousands of comments from people. It's because people realize and can feel the energy of what's going on. However, realize that he's just playing out apart. He's doing what he's told. A lot of these other people, they're doing what they're told. I've had some things growing up that happened to me that it's like I put myself in other people's positions and it kind of makes it easier to forgive and to loosen the charge.

One of the things I realized is some of these people go to some type of thing, some type of secret thing, and then they go, they get their foot caught in a little bit. They stepped their foot in it into some dark stuff, whether it be some type of dark magic, some things that are just horrible. If we knew about it and watched that documentary out of the shadows was going to mean, but saved yourself afterward. Maybe watch it in small doses and only watch it if you really feel called. But imagine you step your foot in a little bit and then they get kind of sucked in because once they're in, they're in, there's no way out. If they've tried to get out, they end up like some of the other people that just end up, you know, something happens to them. The thing that I want to share is it's not always what we think, it's what it appears on the surface. What we're learning is that some may be involved with dark things, but the thing that helps us have a little bit more compassion is realizing that they are just kind of doing what they're told. That's not where the real power is anyways, but the real power is within us in our attention and as we become aware of it. The second myth about the great awakening and I see this a lot, whether that's a people that study different movements and stuff like that, it's assuming that everything is going to happen very, very fast. Also assuming that on the mainstream media, these things are going to be released.

Maybe eventually it will, but my feeling was that the whole great awakening is that it may take a little bit of time. The government is known about that from the law for a long time. A lot of whistleblowers have come forward with that. I know someone in my own life who's told me about this before, who was around it for 30 years or 40 years and said, you have the government knows this for sure it exists. I find it interesting. One of the things with that is we may assume, and in a way buy-in sometimes if some of the things we hear, I know a while ago I heard somebody say, Oh, there's going to be from all of my Intel, there's going to be three days of darkness. That means three days of no internet, no phone. At the moment I got really, Oh, it's going to happen, it's going to happen so fast. Just I felt that, but then I realized that it didn't really resonate with me. In a way, I gave away my power for a day. I even posted on Instagram for a day like, Oh, this person says this. I wonder if it's true. Then I went in and I would realize, Hey, this doesn't resonate with me. I even added to a point to where somebody, people were, some people were telling me, Hey Aaron, I was launching a course like don't launch the course because people might not have ended up for a couple of days.

I said you know what? I'm not buying into that. I'm going to launch. I'm going to do what I'm originally going to do because that doesn't resonate with me. The reason I share that is that some of the things, even some of the people that might be behind some of these movements, trying to bring awareness to them, you have to have your own discernment. The myth is that things are going to happen this fast. That doesn't mean that things are happening behind the scenes. I was hearing about how some kids are being rescued from some underground facilities where they do very dark magic and dark things. The third myth about the great awakening, I think it's important to know is that it's not good versus bad. It's not as duality and polarizing as we think. Even the people that we may think to be the good guys behind the scenes. Even people who may think to be the bad guys at maybe a little bit different than what we think. There may be other agendas as well. It's not like, Oh, this group versus this group.

There may be other intentions within each group, but that is all a part of a process. There are many different things going on, some of which we are not even aware of and we may not be aware of for awhile, but the key is to do our own work. One of the other myths is that we're waiting for things to happen on the outside. Realize that the reality that you shift to, we're all shifting through it, and in a way, there are pockets of different timelines that exist. Maybe there's a timeline where this thing that's happened in the world was way worse than affected way more people. Maybe there's a timeline where there's already these forced things coming through.

It's not good versus bad because there are these different factions within each. But the biggest myth is us looking to the outside. This is about going within and raising our own vibration, maybe changing up our diet, getting rid of eating heavy foods that hold our vibration down, letting go of things that no longer serve us. Watching television shows, watching the media and realize that on the mainstream media, this information may not come out for a while because the mainstream media is owned by one of the so many corporations eventually, and we may be part of the great awakening to see this kind of flip around this whole media thing.


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