90% of Attracting Love is complete when you do this one thing…


I'm going to show you how 90% of attracting money, love, and success is complete. When you do this one thing, this is simple. It's something that when you apply changes, everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that one thing. If you do, you will be able to attract money, love, and success easier than ever before. This is also in paradoxically enough, the one thing that blocks people when they don't do it, it's the one thing that's most often the thing that blocks people from attracting what they want in life. And even more powerful than you know, and I've been making a lot of attraction videos on YouTube for a while now. This is kind of how the channel started, does talking about, you know, law of attraction, how we attract the reality based on what we focus on.

However, I used always to say the scene a lot. You know, it was a quote, I think I may have heard it from Dr. Wayne Dyer. It's that you don't always attract that which you want, but you always attract that which you are, that which you are. What that means is that even though you may say like, I want a Lamborghini, I want a Lamborghini. Well, you can want it, and first off, anytime you want something, you vibrationally are saying that you don't have it because if you want it, it means that you lack it in the present moment. The thing is though, is when you say that I wanted, you affirmed the lack of it, but are you the kind of person that believes you even deserve a Lamborghini? Are you the kind of person that's in alignment with creating the kind of abundance in the world?

That then gives you back a reflection of you being abundant enough to have that Lamborghini you get in life that which you are? You must become the kind of person that is able to have the abundance to have that then. Do you see? Because having that kind of freedom and abundance is a reflection of your own inner abundance of your own inner wealth and how much value you're able to put out into the world because of the value that you put out in the world that comes back at you. It's a different way of thinking about it. But when you look at looking at who you are, that's where things really begin to change. And you know, anytime I look at my own life when it comes to attracting money, love, success, whatever it is, it's come from me changing at the identity level, changing at the identity level, the way that I saw myself.

Here is the thing, and here is the key. Here is the one thing you must do where 90% of the process is complete when you do this thing. Let's look at these two different aspects. We have who we currently are. We have the current way we've been living. Our thoughts are equal to the reality we're currently living. Our emotions are equal to reality. We're current and living. The actions that we take right now are equal to the way that we are currently living, and we have a certain story that we tell ourselves about who we are. The story we tell ourselves and the identity we have for who we are is on autopilot. If I look at my old life, and I used to have ADHD, I couldn't focus. I saw myself as somebody that had ADHD, had this label as a part of my identity, and beyond that my thoughts were equal to that reality.

I was also at the time working a nine to five job I didn't care about. I felt resistant to my past. I felt a lot of resistance and anger, and my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions, the way I saw myself, the unworthiness that I felt was all equal to that story that I told myself. When I made the shift from this to this where I realized, and I identified the way that I preferred to be, I saw that the version of me that had money, loves success, all of the things that I wanted, I looked at that version of me, and I audited it and saw that this first and me, I had a vision for it. We have the old self, the old story, and then the new story, the new way that we prefer to be. That was more in alignment with my true vibration, and I identified that, and then what I did is I treated the bridge of vibrational bridge where what I did is this reality.

I simply decided to first off, know what this version of Aaron was doing, the version of Aaron that was traveling the world, doing pretty much what I'm doing right now and in Costa Rica right now. This is identified, that version of me, the beliefs that I would have the story, I would tell myself the way I would show up in the world, the actions and thoughts, the emotions I would have. In this reality, I felt those. I decided this is who I am now, and I gave myself permission to be this version of me, and we wanted a short period of time. This became my reality. The one thing you must do is change your beliefs, change your beliefs, whatever you believe to be true about you, about your identity is what is causing your reality to be on autopilot. Here's something really cool.

I wasn't going to talk about this right now. I'm at a life transformation place in Costa Rica. It's called Rhythmia. The amazing place. Over 60 of them are people that are from Victor Oddo or Leeor Alexandra, a nice YouTube audience. It's been amazing to see so many people transform. It's like the last day before we leave. Right now, you probably feel my energy too. I'm very relaxed. Little more space in between the warriors and I've seen countless people transform their identity because when you come here, you do something called plant medicine, which is a little bit scary for some people to step into something like that where you do this deep subconscious work. When you do something like Iowasca, for example, and this is the place, it's the only place in the world that I believe is medically licensed to do this.

It's safe as somewhere Costa Rica, I'm going to go on and put a link. Do you want to check it out below? You check it out. I'm going to put a link below as well. You let them know, Aaron Doughty sent you and I think you get something for that. I don't remember. But, regardless, you can check it out. It's amazing. I've texted him, we've seen so many people transform, and the way that they transform is they transform it at the identity level. You come in here believing that you are this storytelling yourself, this is who I am — having an identity, having a strong momentum for the way you see yourself in this, the pain of the past that you identify with. In the present moment, you come here, and you go through four nights of plant medicine, and every night you go in, and you just are a different person.

The next day, and by the last day, which was yesterday was like a, there's an all-night ceremony on Thursday, which is from seven at night till nine in the morning, and there's like a healing circle with one of the shamans and meat trays. Amazing. I'm in it, you're just a different person. You change at the identity level, the way you come in here, believing that you're this limiting story, that you are this human being that is this ego and you come out of here, realize that you are an eternal spiritual being, living in a temporary human experience. That all this was, was autopilot mind. All this was, was a belief. When you free yourself from your story, you then are in this new vibration where anything is possible. You're out of the habitual way that you've been thinking, feeling, and being.

It changes absolutely everything. When you do the work at the identity level, your whole entire life will begin to change. When you're in these plant medicine ceremonies, what will happen is you will have these experiences that show you who you are. You'll have these experiences that show you may be something that happened in your past that had you living on a certain, in a type of autopilot type way. And when you become aware, that's 90% of the process because then a lot of times you find that these things that you thought were, you then realize they were pattern things from your past. You know, I had this experience where I realized I'm so one of the things I'll share with you a little bit what happened to me.

I'll just enjoy myself without always having to put the pedal to the metal and like work and like get ahead. Like, like chasing money, love, and success, you know? I realized, and I said, okay, my intention for one of the nights is to find out why that's there, and this is what happened. It was actually really cool. I used to also, by the way, believe that I'm not a very visual person, and this belief and not visual. I just feel things and I, this time I worked on my beliefs. Remember, you get in life that what you believe. So, I said, you know what? I'm going to drop that belief from my identity that I'm not a visual person. I dropped it. Guess what? I started having very powerful visual experiences. What happened was while I was in the ceremony, I was laying down, and I had this vision, this like visual, like memory or like a metaphor in a way where I said, okay, why do I have trouble?

Just relaxing, enjoying myself, and letting go of like trying to control like, you know, my success and everything. And I had these three; it was almost like I was at a doctor's office, and there was like x-rays. I was like a doctor was showing me the idea was I saw as the big bright light, like the x-ray and then another x-ray and then another x-ray. And what I knew was immediate, those are three different memories. What I did is I'm waiting until one I like, like looked into one. And then I was in memory in my past, and I had this memory that I totally forgot about, but rubber, 90% of this process of understanding our identity and our story we tell ourselves is becoming aware of it.

I've been traveling for two months. I was like, I'm just going to grow it up. But anyway, I had this scar when I was like five or six years old, I cracked my head on like a corner of a wall. I was like wearing a blanket and I think I was like playing ghost or something with like my brother, and I ran and I, I hit a wall. I hit a wall with a quarter of my head, and I had to get stitches. And it was only real-time. I really cracked my head open. I had to get stitches. And I remember my mom was very worried, and she took me to the doctors and, and from that experience. What I became aware of is I then had a belief that I associated pain with play because I was playing.

Then I got in pain, and I got into my mom. I probably felt really bad because then my mom was worried about me. From that moment, I started to develop a belief pattern that believed that it was painful for me to enjoy myself, to associate pleasure with having fun. You see, so at the moment that I became aware of that, I said, wait, this is a rule. This is a level of something I identified with that has been on autopilot because I've simply not been aware of it. There were two other memories, some of which I think I've shared before, when involved like almost drowning in a pool once again, like jumping into the unknown and having fun and then having something happen and feel guilty for it.

We associate things with pain and pleasure. But what happens is we have these meanings of things that have happened in the past that go unchecked because we make these choices about who we are, what safe and unsafe, and the way reality is based on prior experience. But when you go in, and you change the story, not even really have to change it, you just have to become aware of it. That's it. You become aware of that story that you tell yourself, you become aware of that story, and that's when everything begins to change. 90% of the process of transforming from one level of identity to another level of identity is simply becoming aware of the current level of a pattern of that identity, of becoming aware of the past, meaning that you may have given something in your life.

When you do inner work, and you get into a meditative state, or you do something like come into a place like Rhythmia, what happens is you become aware of these things. You become aware of the subconscious, and you make a conscious, and 90% of the process of transformation is letting go of the old story. Letting go of the old level of identity and allowing yourself to deserve like beyond this. It's not that you have to then why you're in this new story of like, I am Aaron Doughty, and I make YouTube videos, and I'm abundant. The deeper down you go, that's still a story. It's just a story that more resonates with who I am, but eventually, that story will change, and I'll go beyond that. Maybe then. Then it's not just even making YouTube videos. Maybe then it's like traveling and doing events.

What story resonates more with the way you prefer to be with your soul? Are you doing what you love? Do you tell yourself a story that you can't do what you love? Do you tell yourself a story that you can't have the right relationship or that you need even have a relationship, whether the knowledge that you're already holding complete, is there a story and blueprint for the way reality has to work for you? Also, I found powerful is to change your beliefs about what you believe in changing it takes to change. If you believe that it's very hard to change your beliefs, then it will be hard. It can't be that easy. Here's the, here's the funny thing. Every moment we recreate ourselves, we recreate ourselves every moment, but we have a thread of the old story that we told ourselves, and what happens is every moment we're new.

Every moment we're new. But most people have hooked in that they're carrying with them. What happens is the pain of their past or their past experiences. The past theme means that given situations are on autopilot. Therefore, they are recreating themselves right now to have those hooks to the past. They're recreating themselves right now to have the hooks in the past, so recreate themselves right now to have the hooks from the past rather than this identifying, becoming aware of it and letting it go and then being free, and when you're free, that's where everything can then be in a higher vibration. That's where things manifest easier than ever. It's about becoming three of the old story. So, bridging, these are the two stories. You have a story about the pain of your past, who you are, the story of your limitations, the beliefs you have about what you deserve, the beliefs about the house, how hard it is to change.

These are all just beliefs. It's all just a story. When you see it as a story, when you see it as just a belief, then what you could do is you can identify it for what it is and then what you could do is you're going to identify the way you prefer to be the part that's really connected to your heart. Beautiful butterfly right here. Then you identify the new and what you didn't can do is realize that they're both stories, but that you preferred to be, to be, not to tell yourself this new story. You would prefer to be, give yourself permission to be this version of you. A lot of it has to with permission. Can you give yourself permission to be this version of you? That's where things began to change. I gave myself permission to be the version of Aaron that makes daily YouTube videos.

I gave myself permission to be somebody that could meditate because I'd let go of that old story, and I started to observe my thoughts. And a lot of this also will have to do with stepping into the unknown. When you step into the unknown, that's where magical things can begin to happen. What I encourage you to do is to become aware of the story you tell yourself, and then what you can begin to do is let it go. See it for what it is, just a story. Become aware of old things coming up, become aware of the subconscious mind, become aware of these things, and this simply decided to why you're in the new way of being, because that's who you prefer to be now. That's the key to this process. Now bridge the story gap is what I say and how I talk about it.

Like I said, a very powerful way to do that could be for you coming to a place like Rhythmia, which is a very powerful place. If you're interested, you can click the link below, and you can let them know that Aaron sent you. I think they'll give you a, like a shuttle fee. I forget something like that. They waive something. What they'll do is you can then join. It's a week-long process of being here. It's extraordinarily powerful. I've been here three times now. I've been through 12 ceremonies and every single time I do, I, my life gets taken to the next level. My identity has changed. I've seen 60 others, people from our audience. People that watch these videos I've seen transform their entire lives.

When you change your beliefs, and you let go of your old story. That's what I did. That's why I'm at where I'm at right now in life. It's what I'm going to continue to do getting to the next level, which is of course here and now because now is all that exists.


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