The Dark Side of Being a Starseed Revealed (not what you think)


I'm going to show you the dark side of being a star seed and I'm going to show you exactly what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you part of the dark side of being what we call a star seed. Understanding that many of us have a connection as the multidimensional beans that we are. That we've forgotten who we are because when we come to earth, we go through a veil of forgetfulness, where we forget that this is who we really are as an eternal spiritual being.

And I want to share with you the dark side of it that I've recognized that I even almost the faults that I see in myself that I think a lot of maybe other people can relate to. And I want to share with you how you can best bypass them and move and work around them. Because some of these that I share is I think common within the community as well. And the first, I mean even the word star seed for many people will trigger people into being like, that is weird. Even talking about star seeds is something that is just, it's so metaphysical and so woo that first off, even from the, the, the gate at like right straight out of the Gates, you go over to your friends talk about stars seeds or how we're connected to different, we have these different connections to different star systems.

Most people are going to think you're crazy. I went through my awakening in 2012. I became aware, and I started in meditation to connect to these different levels. When I did I was so excited. I was so enthusiastic about knowing, Hey, we're all eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. We exist at these higher levels of consciousness as well. I was telling friends and family about it, and I remember I uh, with my dad at least I took my dad, and I talked to him and I was like, you know, there's a lot that started to change. I learned meditation and you know, I started to also, I mean part of it was that there was such a dramatic change in my appearance that it probably looked like there was something going on. What really happened is I went through, I learned meditation, I went through my spiritual awakening, I started to meditate, and it changed everything.

I started to see myself differently. I started to let go of old patterns of myself, and I started to connect to these different multidimensional aspects that we are, we're all connected to. And I started to feel this connection, and I just dove right in. And that was also a time that I became vegan. Like that, just like I stopped eating all meats, I stopped, I lost a lot of weight. I went from um, you know, I wasn't, I lost probably like 20 pounds pretty quickly. I started to look kind of unhealthy. Basically, on the outside looking in, I look at it now, and it did look kind of different. It's like all a sudden I'm talking about meditation and mantras and our connection to the stars, and here I am losing a lot of weight, and they're like, are you on drugs?

And of course, I was on absolutely nothing. I was just mad. I felt so good meditating all the time that, um, I wasn't on anything. But nonetheless, part of that awareness is you come out, and you just want to share it with everybody. I wanted to share it with everyone. I was telling friends I was talking about, you know, in 2012, I felt like there'd be like this whole Ascension process where we would raise our vibration to a completely new level. I think energetically, we did do that. But I look back at it now, and part of the dark side is you get caught up in the theoric reality, and sometimes you then will neglect the 3D. You will then almost think that it's unimportant or that you shouldn't really be focused on it. And I went through that the hard way.

There were, you know, I remember I literally went into my job one day, I worked at Nordstrom's and women's shoes. I went in one day, I didn't like the management, the corporate system that was there within one day. And I just said, eh, I'm not coming in tomorrow. I'm done. I don't want this 3D job. It's getting in the way of me getting in the way of my global meditations every Sunday were supposed to help the consciousness ascend on the planet. And it's back in 2012. I just quit my job on a whim like that. And uh, at the time I was lucky cause I was living at my mom's and my mom let me live there, and for months I just meditated, um, ate vegan food and went within and learned more about these different starseed connections.

And I was starseed is somebody that is here to help awaken many times to bring through energy. Think of it like that. I was reading the law of one last night, some excerpts from this book called the Law of One, which is a very powerful book and uh, it's, it's one of the most profound channeled material of all time. A lot of the things in that book that was talked about scientifically has been proven and said in the future. This will be proven scientifically, and in a lot of those things have come to pass. And it's profound information. A lot of what it talks about is that there's this harvest right now happening on the planet where more and more people are raising their vibration and have the potential to get into this higher state of consciousness. And it's happening right now.

And when I was reading it last night though, and one of the things that I came across was that said that in back in the 1980s, there were over 16 million souls on the planet that was of six density, a sixth sensory, what are called Wanderers. A wander is a soul that comes here many times from a, you could say maybe, maybe it's like a soul that normally doesn't incarnate on earth, but that comes here to bring through certain types of information. Many wanders. These are just labels. By the way, there are many different interpretations. Someone would say that's not a wander arid. It's a couple of different; they're just labels but Wanderers souls. We come here from different realities to help awaken the planet. If you're reading this right now, then my guess is you are one of those as well because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of.

You've come here to help awaken the planet to help awaken people. Just by you being here and you learning this information, you are in a way anchoring in this information into you, which then even subconsciously, even if you're not making YouTube videos or posting it on social media saying. I'm going to star seed hashtag Pleiadian even if you're not doing all of that, it's still go in through you and is still energetically influencing everyone that you're around as you go into public. Even these things happen at subconscious levels. Back in 1980 the law of one stated that there were over 16 million souls on the planet that are what we call six density wanders, which right now we're moving from third to fourth density, six density. 60 million back in 1980, my guess is that it is hundreds and hundreds of millions now, and if you're watching this, you're one of them now as a star seed.

Here's the thing, you're a multidimensional being, and you exist in many different realities right now, right? I know that was random. I do this thing in my podcast episode where I go, we're going to get into this episode right now and I always do me out, so I just felt like doing it. All of us, if for listening to this right now, most likely are a star seed. Now we're, we're connected to many different levels. Meaning right now you are here, you may have an X, you may have a plea Adian counterpart, which means a version of you, of your energy, is in the Pleiades. Then you may also have a version of you that's in our tourists.

Then a part of you, maybe Syrian or serious, the serious star system, these are just labels. These are only the, and also these are just a couple that we know of. What if there's thousands and thousands and thousands more, but these are just the trendiest pop culture ones. The Syrians have pleadings, they have Turians, the drama. It is, but in actuality there's many more than that. Well, you are such a vast spiritual bean that right now, you are connected to all these different levels, and in the dream state, you are interacting with these levels. You might not just remember it, but what happens is right now in this life you are bringing through this information, and it's then influencing earth and we're waking up as a collective whole. As you go through this process of remembering, there's certain darker aspects of it. One of it is that you might be judged by people.

I know that because I was afraid to talk about it. The people are talking about these pleading and connections and all of this stuff, and it's something that you can't, you can't really prove it to other people. It's almost like going well prove that, you know, and you're like, well go within, and you'll know, but it doesn't look at certain levels that are just like whatever, you know, you can't prove it, so, therefore, it's probably not real. You just kind of just start to doubt yourself. But the only thing that matters is what you think about you, how you feel. It's not harmony. What else for you to learn this information. But part of the dark side is that you may go through a process of feeling lonely. Many, many stars seed go through the process of feeling lonely.

And I went through about six months of not having really anybody that connected to me at that deep level. I felt like a complete outcast back in 2013 and part of that dark side, as well as I didn't want to be involved in 3D reality. I didn't want to have some nine to five job I didn't care about. I just would meditate all day. And I was lucky to have that ability to do so. However, eventually, I realized that I remember I went to a, there was a lady, she did something called kinesiology. I think that's the name of it. It was um, yeah, it is kinesiology, but that was the, it was a certain type of kinesiology. What she would do is she was able to kind of tap into her own higher mind and ask certain questions. And she was like, this older lady that was really good at it.

She was probably 75 years old, and she learned this process, and she could go through this little chart and do kinesiology and kind of like tell yes or no answers. Just she could ask yes or no answers and get yes or no from our own subconscious mind, which is kind of sort of what I teach with power versus force. But this is before I knew that content as well as I do now. And I remember she was, um, giving me a reading and it was over the phone, and she was able to like find this heart wall that I had from when I was 23 years old from an ex-girlfriend that I broke up with. And I remember asking her some questions and I said, okay, this spirit, you know, does, am I supposed to have a job right now?

Like a 3D job? She's like, yes. She's like, I'm getting a yes. The answers, yes. And I was like, can you do it again? I was like, no, there's no way I'm supposed to have some 3D job right now. I'm supposed to just like meditate and help the consciousness of the planet, all of this stuff. I was like, can you check again? And she kept checking. I was like, well, okay, well, this is weird. Everything else she said it was so dead-on, but this one thing must be wrong. I, there's no way I'm supposed to have some 3D job. But then eventually I did, like a months later, I did get that 3D job. I've worked at Barney's in New York for five or six years, and I to learn kind of how to integrate myself back into not being too whimsical and too into the theoric type stuff.

You see, so part of being a star seed is there may be this inclination not to want anything to with 3D because you remember that at a higher reality you experienced so much more flexibility. Many star seed will say, I want to go home because they realize that earth isn't necessarily where most of their energy is. They have more of their energy, maybe on a different, in different star systems. However, this reality, this life is about integration. It's about bringing more of you here in now and enjoying this life. Many of us here don't normally incarnate into this much density, but guess what? There is so much more learning that can be done here than there can be done in many of the higher realms because normally, you think that it happens in the higher realms. It's like you'll want it. You got it.

You want it. You got it here. You'll want it a little bit of time. You'll want it you a little bit of time. You've set your intentions, you want it a little bit of time, then you got it. There's a little more learning to go within that. There are also different energy dynamics. We're able to forget that we are eternal spiritual beings that didn't remember who we are at higher levels and remember that we're all connected. We can play the game of separation as long as we want, but part of this life is us remembering that we're all connected and that's why us consciously ascending to this higher level, but part of the dark side of this process is becoming too ingrained, too entrenched into the 3D to resistant to say, I don't want to be around all these other, I remember what I went through my awakening.

There was this guy that I knew, and he was kind of very edgy and loud, sometimes kind of dramatic, and we were at whole foods just like you would think all these 3D people like go and make a stand. And I'm like, bro, be a quiet man. You don't want to like talk out people like those other; those people are other aspects of you. Do you know what I mean? Like it's just causing a scene. And it was just the weirdest thing. But, but that's like a, a level of perspective, like a darker perspective. They don't understand me. I've been through this awakening, and they're just, just completely unaware.

And then it's like you push it out. Here's the thing though, the more you come to accept yourself, the more you come just to embody different aspects of this multidimensional facet of you. The more you become accepting of that, the more other people will accept that as well. Of course, you could say, because I have a YouTube channel and I reached people and all that, whatever, that there are just more people that will resonate with it because of the attention. I can feel more comfortable about it. But in general, I mean there was even, I was afraid to make starseed videos, you know, since 2012 I wanted to make stars heat videos that like, okay, so I started making YouTube videos in 2017 or 16, but 2017 is when I went daily. Since February 2017 I wanted to make Ascension star videos, but I was afraid to because I was afraid of the judgment.

I made Law of Attraction videos, I made spiritual consciousness videos. Then eventually, I feel comfortable they can start to see videos. But I realized that we came here to be bold. Part of the dark side, though, is that many of us may have connections to different stars systems, different even past lives where we may have been killed for this type of information sharing it. I don't remember one time I went to a past life regression, and they're like, Oh, and many of your lives you've been killed for trying to share information like this. I was like, really? Is that true? I don’t know, but I do believe that many of us had starseed have been maybe kept fearful in a certain way and that that has caused us, I said. That's the darker side to where we don't feel like we can express ourselves, but I feel like now on the planet, it's safe. You just have to do it in a way where you're just confident about who you are. You're just centered within yourself. Don't try to sell it to other people. That's the dark side.

It's about you going within yourself. You don't have to sell spirituality, you don't have to sell. I'm just sharing my ideas. I'm sharing my perspectives, but I'm not like, listen, I really want you to understand that you are stars deed. Please understand star seeds. If you just understand star seeds and I'll feel like I can validate myself a little bit more, and I'm going to feel good about myself, but you see this isn't about that. This is about you getting to the core. You still haven't experience in reality in integrating these aspects of you, but at the same time not getting lost and carried away with the materialism, not getting lost. It's a balance. It's a balance of both of these. But when we talk about the dark side of being a star seed, yes, it may feel lonely. But if you're watching this right now, like this video and comment below because you'll see that there are many different other people that are here that are also started seed.

You're not alone. You see, we're all connected. We have the internet. It's a powerful way that we're all connected. If you identify or you feel like you have a connection to the stars, and look at how many people on the like button our star seed and feel that way. Look at how many people comment below. These are all people that are in the same vibratory resonance of you cause you're all here right now. We're all here. Realize that yes, there are certain aspects of being what we call the star seed. You're a multidimensional being, whether you remember it or not, and then you go within yourself.

The more you become accepting of yourself on the inside, the better and the more that then you'll almost put out this confident energy to where then people, it's almost like people just accept you because they feel how much you accept yourself. You see the deeper down the rabbit hole we go. By the way, the more we realize there really is no other, it's just that you've given yourself more permission. Know how other people other selves can, can, can accept you more. Yes, we're still playing the game of separation in a way, but it's a funny paradox to the way it works. Let me see if I wrote down.

This is all new age camp probate so that there's sometimes the darker side as well because it kind of feels like misunderstood. It kind of doubt yourself. Like is this any of this real or is this all in my head or is this all just something I would prefer to believe. But once you go deeper within, you'll see that kind of removed the filters, remove the layers, removed the social conditioning, and realize just what matters is how you relate to yourself. The other thing I would say is to do not the dark side as well as when you become too identified with being a star seed, the label star seed, I must start seed. You're not a star seed. Everyone here is multidimensional. Every single person on the planet is multidimensional, whether they remember it or not.

If you're a star seed, you're somebody that has come here to bring through this higher vibrational energy, and maybe you're meant to become aware of that. But the thing that some people will say is I'm not normally from here. Where are you here right now? If you're trying to escape here, then it's also saying that I mean we live in a beautiful, beautiful planet like, like look around right now. Like, look, look at this. Look how beautiful. Just like that's the crazy thing.

We live on a beautiful planet. We're here to help people wake up. We're here to go through our own inner transformation. We're here because we chose to be here. And part of the dark side of being the star seed is that there's a resistance to be in here. There's a risk, there's a desire to go home. You can make earth your home. We’re here right now, and we're meant to be here, and we're meant to help consciousness ascend.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.