The Vibration of Desire REVEALED (not what you think)


I'm going to show you the true vibration of desire showing you why it's actually a low vibrational emotion and what you can do to increase it so that you experienced what you want, easier than ever.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you the true vibration of desire, where it calibrates on that scale of consciousness. I share all the time why some people tell you need a white, hot burning desire in order to be successful, showing you the truth about the process, and then show you what you can do to more so experience what you want without having to really, really want it and then desire it. And then to also say, I really, really want it, which means I really, really don't currently have it, but I wanted, and I'm going to show you the higher-level paradigm.

I've been wanting to make this video for a while. I've been talking about desire because desire is actually something that holds you back from what you want unless you transcend desires. sometimes people get to an emotion desire and then if they use it properly and then transcend it, then they get results. But the people that just stay in that lack mentality find that they end up feeling more resistance than ever when they find that they don't actually get the results that they want, that they want.

Let me show you something right over here. This is the scale of consciousness that I drew up. There's a scale of consciousness by Dr. David Hopkins that it's based off of, but this is your mind, literal artistic value. What do you think? Look at that. Okay, so we got the lowers levels over here. You got to 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 700 is like enlightenment.

These different levels of consciousness correlate with different states of emotion and we are always moving and fluctuating between different emotional states of consciousness. And it's also the same kind of level of consciousness that, uh, that Abraham Hicks talks about. Using muscle testing. What they did, uh, Dr. David Hawkins do is calibrate different emotions and then calibrate different things within the emotion. For example, cow, the braids green tea resonates at 300.

I know that because I looked at it recently, the movie Wizard of Oz resonates at 450. I thought that was pretty cool. There's a lot like music, if you talk about like certain types of music, it'll resonate different frequencies like heavy metal rock music resonates pretty low. Um, but then classical music resonates at like 400. These are all just different calibrations. I don't think that this is an end all be all.

I don't think that the map is the territory, but it is powerful for understanding and awareness. That's like the one hundred areas and then 202 50 is neutrality. 300 is acceptance. Willingness is about three is between three and 400, 400 reasoning of the mind. Your beliefs create your reality. A lot of the content on my channels, 400 type material, 500 is unconditional love. What I'm sharing with you, his desire is actually only 125 it's considered pretty low because when you say it's a, it's think of a desire, a yearning as I really, really want that and it a lot of times comes from a desperate place of wanting to be different than you currently are.

The thing is when people say, okay, I show you, so when people say you must have a wet, hot burning desire like they did in think and grow rich, you'll see that it calibrates on the scale at 125 right here. What that means is if you have a white tux burning desire at 125 it would be so powerful that that then brings you into a state of willingness. Willingness is your willpower. It is the color of the shirts I currently wear, which represented the willpower, solar plexus part of the body.

If you can ensure, if you can transfer the desire into the willingness, if that gets you to take action, then that desire has done its job. That desire has gotten you to the next step because the way that you go up the scale is you go through it in a linear type fashion. Most people will not go from [inaudible] tubs, burning desire into enlightenment. What they must do is there's different levels going up at, so if you're at anger, you're not going to be like, oh, I want to be a reason enough right now.

You might have to get to neutrality first, where you observe your thoughts, you observe how you feel, you observe the perspectives you have towards the other people that you're angry at or towards the current life situations that you're angry at. The key to this process is awareness and knowing that if you want, and you, if you want to move up the scale, you do show with awareness. But there are shifts in consciousness that you can have that can be very, very quick and you have these shifts in consciousness when you start to transcend the ego, when you start to see the ego in a new way, and when you do that, you start to disassociate with the old way of going about it.

Cause the thing is we naturally are high vibrational beings of love. But we come here and we forget this and then we forget it. And then we pretend that we are these little egos because we identify with them, we identify through our senses. We say, this is me that does not to me. But the truth is when we start to integrate more into ourselves and we start to do and process older emotions, we then start to be in these high vibrational states of consciousness. They can be a very rapid thing when you learn how to go through that process and how to let go and to start to be in a higher vibration.

And I share that with you. Plus we do a live meditation for tapping into our heart and into a higher vibrational state of consciousness so that we feel and flood ourselves with these high vibe motions. And if you want to join that, you'll see in Lincoln the top of the description box below. You can join it and we can go through that together. For this process, you'll notice that I also wrote these down when I've just explained it to them and to deal with the wanting and having the doing and the being the, the, the middle section is a section of generally willpower discipline. And if you want to move into using desire in a positive way, the way that you do that is you transfer it into discipline itself because when it is in discipline, then you have energy moving. The lower vibrational emotions.

I remember it. There's also different stages of the law of attraction. I remember when I first got on YouTube, when I first, even before I was really on YouTube, I was like, I want to manifest, been a big public speaker one day I want to be a travel the world and speak and do all of this stuff and I just really, really wanted it, but I wasn't doing anything about it. I'm going to share with you something that's kind of a paradox as well. What I did is I said I really, really wanted, and I would sit around all day and I would visualize, but nothing would really happen because I was just thinking about it. I wasn't using the physical vessel to take action or to do anything and therefore I just experienced more and more of a reality of, yeah.

It's like, imagine I heard this from Neil Donald Wash. He said, imagine that the universe says to you yes with whatever you say that you want, right? Or whatever you say. Imagine you say, I want to be public speaker. The universe says, yes, you do want to be a public speaker, Aaron, that you do. And I'm like, yeah, I know I really want it. And then the universe goes, yeah, I know you've visited, bought in. Yeah, you do. And then, but if I were to say like I am, I am doing this, the action would naturally link up with it as well in the universe would said, well, here's the reality that's equal to you being that. It says yes, but if you say, I really, really want the universe is just going to say, yes you do. You really, really want it, but it doesn't do anything.

Like I need to get to the next level. I need to grow more. I was tried to escape the present moment. And then what happens is after these levels of reasoning and you realize your beliefs create your reality, I realize I had a belief is that I have to take a lot of action. I, in order to get this success, then you actually get into a level of love and a bean where you don't have to do as much. I get much better results just by being and having fun than I ever have because that's the next level paradigm. Think about it like this. This is kind of funny to think of it like close. I read this in a book called levels of energy. Think of it as clothes. Okay. This level right here would be that of racks. Okay. Like below what 100 would be like the homeless.

We like rags, right? Then neutrality, 200 to 300 would be like casual wear 400 it'd be like intellectual, very smart eyewear suit and then 500 to be like casual wear. I just want you to be comfortable and then six to 700 would be racks. I'd be like, I don't even care. You see how it goes from like rags to casual to very fuzzy to casual to racks on the same way. You've got not much action at all, but I really, really want and then you got, I'm going to take a lots of action and then you got, I'm going to take a little bit less action and more so about alignment. And then at the very high levels it's like I don't have to take much action at all. I'm just in a high vibe state and I don't really need anything and I'm just happy being here in the present moment because I am unconditional love and bliss and I'm an enlightenment.

And when you're enlightened, you just don't really need much. You're going to be like Eckhart toll. And he could just sit on a bench in London for like for like a year and a half and it's very, very cold. But you're good cause you're enlightened. What I'm sharing with you today, I want to share with you a mantra as well. But when we talk about these levels, just be aware that desire, it might be what? What is what a Buddhist say? What a Buddhist say. Okay, this is what Buddha said. He's a desire is the root of all suffering. What happens is what some people do with that suffering is they say never again. I will be successful. And then their ego gets gratified and they check a lots of action. They do a lot of cool things and then eventually they get up to love or no did they get up to reasoning and success.

And then they may give that up and then go into love. Okay. Basically, what I'm saying is all of these emotions, they're just emotions. There's that we look at the scale like this, like oh no. It's like we could become more holy as we go up, but oh she's really run this way. There are more horizontal because now they're not good or bad. They just serve their purpose and sometimes maybe someone needs to go through the desire where they're really wanting someone to get something or someone to get to that of willingness accepting his solar plexus yellow.

Maybe they need to get there but, and then that brings them to the next level. Like I've gone through many different levels of this over the last like three years. And in the, even before the three years I was in a lot of lower vibration emotions like anger, fear, guilt, and, but I've, I've been able to transcend it through working through the Zelkovas, the consciousness.

That's why I had that woman art training that you'll see below that you can join and you can learn all of that. And also we can do an exercise. And in general, these emotions are bad. They simply are. But when people say you must have white taught to burning desire, it means if you have a white Todd burning desire that will propel you to go beyond and to eventually get into willingness, acceptance, and in the solar plexus and then through consistent action, you're no longer in the desire, you're in more momentum.

And then eventually things become easier and easier for you. Just know that that's what they mean when they say white, hot burning desire. When you get to the higher levels though, like 500 you realize that desire is actually blocks everything. You can just be you have within you right now, all of the emotions to feel unconditional love and bliss.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.