3 Signs we are about to go through a MASSIVE SHIFT in Consciousness (are you ready)

3 Signs we are about to go through a MASSIVE SHIFT in Consciousness (are you ready)

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three signs that we as a society are going through these massive shifts in consciousness and what you can look for because you'll notice the signs if you're aware and even right now there are so many different signs that this is happening, but it's the main reason that I think there's seven and a half for no one like almost 8 billion people on the planet right now is that so many people want to be here for this shift in consciousness.

This shift in consciousness that is happening right now and that will continue to happen as time goes on. A lot of people may not be aware of it, but if you notice people popping like popcorn as far as spiritual awakening as like happening a little bit. It's like when you listen, if you ever put popcorn in the microwave, which I don't use the microwave anymore, I've transcended the need from microwaves. But when you put popcorn in the microwave, like it'll start off, they'll be like one pop, then they'll be another pop and then they'll be pop, pop, pop up.

But then eventually it's like pop pop up or blah blah blah blah. It's like that. We’re right in between that sweet spot right now, and as you look around, you may notice it. You may notice that some people are staying fast asleep to who they really are. They're like, no, that spirits just spiritual nuts sense. I liked it. Watch this episode of this show, and that's all I care about. And there are some people that will remain there for a while longer.

As time goes on, the light quotient on the planet is increasing. I know it sounds like a new age term to say, but the light frequency is increased on the earth, and it's causing more and more people to go through these shifts in consciousness. And some people that are going through this, by the way, that I noticed even in my own life are people that I never would've really thought would go through this level of, of shifting consciousness.

It's incredible. I'm going to share with you some of the signs and some of the things I noticed because when I went in 2012 when I went through and started my shift in consciousness, it changed my whole entire life. I went from somebody that had ADHD, somebody that had that of emotional pain. I had a lot of emotional resistance. I felt like I couldn't be myself. I had to be someone else. And after my shifts in consciousness, after I, I realized the real purpose that I'm here and the real purpose that all of us are here.

My whole entire life shifted, and I went to somebody. Then I turned into somebody or became somebody or whatever. I don't know what word we would use that was totally different.  I started to feel higher vibrational emotions. My vibrational set point went from like a three out of 10 to like a seven out of 10 I felt a high majority of the time. That's a shift in consciousness, and it's not like I became enlightened. I'm sure there's much more beyond the one out of 10 scale that I talk about.

However, my whole entire life changed, and I remember walking around my room like, what is this? Why do I feel so different? Is this going to go away? It never went away. It just became my natural set point. It just became like it wasn't so astatic static. It's like more just static. It's like more static now is static now, so this shift in consciousness that I'm, that I've gone through and I'm still going through different layers of it. There's always more. It's something that many people are going through on the planet right now.

And one of the things that spawned it was when I started becoming aware of the spiritual aspect of myself, I started to go deeper within myself through meditation. I started to become aware that I'm an eternal spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. And the only way you really know this because some people say, how do you know this? If I can look at science and I look at what is provable then? And then they give a whole bunch of reasons, the level of reasoning. But when you go within, and you start to experience a level of spaciousness beyond anything you've experienced before, it's not something somebody, somebody can tell you to touch nuts real, that does not scientifically prove it.

And you can go, okay bro, whatever. I've experienced it for myself. One of the things though that I, that I came across back in at 2012 with something called the law of one, also called the raw materials. The law of one of the raw materials is channeled works. I didn't think it channeled works, Aaron. Whoa. That's kind of weird channeled. It's a higher vibrational stream of information that came through. But reading it, there was such a high level of resonance when I was reading this. It's kind of hard to understand like some of the languages of it is a little bit less like, oh yeah, that makes a lot. It's like you have to kind of dig into it.

It talks about this thing that really resonated with me, and it's called the harvest right now on the planet. Since 1980 there's been something called a harvest. And right now what's happening is the vibration is quickening on the planet. It's a shift in consciousness and what they talk about in the book and the law of one is a could say it's a higher vibrational race. Six densities are what it's termed as is what? What they, what they referred to themselves as six densities.

It's more of a unity level consciousness and what they talk about is that right now, there are many different souls on the planet that are going through this shift in consciousness.  As the harvest happens there's more and more potential for people to shift into that. A lot of that what the harvest has to do with is becoming what it's called, 51% to others rather than to self. I think that the numbers, I think that's a more of a metaphor. I don't know. I don't know if you can say, oh, you are, you are only 49% do. You do not tell harvest.

You will not harvest. You will not ascend. Hard to think of harvest has ascension, but in general, ascension is something that's been happening on the planet for a long time. But I've been aware of it since 2012 when I went through my awakening. The main reason that we came to planet this planet at this time is to go through this ascension of vibration to wake up to who we are, to wake up out of the autopilot mind and into this state of consciousness of who we really are and understanding reality. Much more flexible than we thought that we could change our reality depending on changing our level of consciousness or changing our thought.

And one of the signs that we're about to go through these massive shifts in consciousness is there are so many channels of materials coming out, like the raw materials like Bashar talking about this information. Bashar says, well if you ever studied Bashar, he says that one of the ways his civilization makes contact with planets is, in the beginning, they have to do it in a certain way that wrote that wouldn't scare off the people. Thousands of years ago it may have been much more normal, but now that would be something that would shock people.

What they say they do is they incarnate on this planet, and when they incarnate on this planet. Then they can channel different versions of themselves, their higher self through to relay information. That's what the sharp Darryl Inca is. They're Inca, his future version of himself, channels through him and then explains this. And one of the things he explains is that we're going through massive shifts in consciousness. We came here for this and having all these shale materials to me is a sign that we came here and that we're ready for this shift in consciousness as it continues to happen.

The second thing I want to share with you, the second sign has to do with the work of Dolores cannon. Delores Kenneth, she was a hypnotherapist who started some technique that's called QHHG, quantum healing gnosis technique. There's also many different variations of this quantum healing hypnosis technique. What she was able to do is to give people to the deepest level of brainwave activity where then their higher selves would come through and as their higher self would come through, you could then ask you questions. These people, sometimes they wouldn't even remember it.

Some of the questions you would ask are, why did you incarnate at this time? What is the purpose of you having this life with your, this person, your life, your dad, your grandma, your whatever, the significant other, what a past lives that you have that are relevant. All of these different things and the subconscious mind of the higher self would answer these questions. She had this technique when she was alive as well. A lot of people still practice to it's very kind of popular thing in that in the realm of past life progression.

However, she was traveling the world, and she would get similar information from different people all over the world. She would go and put these people into this deep level of hypnosis, someone in Germany and then she would go to someone in Australia. Then she would go to somewhere over here and over here, and South America and they would all say a similar thing. We came here that I was a soul, decided to come here because I wanted to be a part of this shift in consciousness. Many people all over the planet are saying this.

And the reason being is because we wanted to experience this jump and vibration. From what I understand, never before has this happened where a whole planet has had the ability to ascend to a higher level of vibration. As I said, it's like popcorn too. Some people are popping in earlier than others. People that watch my channel most likely are some of the first to pop. Other people will come along as well. But as you pop through resonance through, through Osmosis, it triggers other people to pop because it's an energetic vibrational thing.

And as the vibration continues to increase, it happens in an exponential type way. This is when we also become aware of what are going call star seeds. We all have, we're more multidimensional beings. We exist here right now. But we also have existences in different spheres, in different realities, different spheres of reality. You could say. And more and more people are becoming aware of this more and more people. If you've seen him on starting any of my starts seeing videos and you'll kind of know what I mean.

But nonetheless, this is something that we are going through now, and it's something that will continue to happen is this shift in consciousness. What I'm going to do is I'm going to have this video go out on a day that the shift experience is going live. If you're reading this right now, and you want to know how to go through this shift in consciousness, you will see a link below to join a webinar where you can have and understand how to go through this shift in consciousness, what to do and then also a live shift experience that you can experience as well.

The Shift Experience is finally live. I know it's been since January, I've been talking about it. And in general, for this is to understand that when it comes to shifting our consciousness, it's really about letting go of an old way of being that doesn't serve the autopilot mind and then existing being in the high vibrational state. The truth is we are high vibrational beings, beans that are dreaming. We are these 3d physical humans, but what happened is dreaming, we are these physical humans. We got lost in the game.

We got lost in the illusion and what we've done is we've all come here to help wake each other up because that's the way that we can most influence this reality is we actually have to incarnate into it to then wake up. We have free will here. This is one of the few places in the universe that we go that we forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. The third sign that we as a society are about to go through a massive shift in consciousness is that look around; you'll see almost everything around you may be fallen apart.

The old has to fall apart before the old can re the new can rebuild. It's like the old government's like; this doesn't work anymore. Well, it has to fall apart. Well, financial system, there'll be new ways of doing things that are going to emerge over the next 10 15 years, and it's because the old has to fall away before the new can come in. I was kind of talking about in a collective type way. Think about it even in a personal way.

A lot of people that have been through spiritual awakening had been through some very painful things because that pain causes pressure to go out then and not identify with so much the illusion and the same way you may notice some falling apart around you. Maybe you've lost your job; maybe somebody's just you. Maybe something has happened with their family. Whatever it is, it's all perfect because it's happening so that you can go through this shift in consciousness that is happening right now on the planet and then, and then it'll change your whole life.

And as it changes your life, you'll see that you relate to people in a new way. And I know it can feel painful. I know sometimes it can feel lonely, but it's all a sign that we are about to go through the shift in consciousness and it's happening now because we've decided to come here for it. And it's happening now because it's the, it's the time of awakening.


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