3 Autobiography of a Yogi Stories that will change your life FOREVER


I'm going to show you three stories from one of the most powerful books I've ever read, which is an autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. This is the only book that Steve Jobs had on his iPad, and he read it every year, the last 40 years of his life. I'm going to share with you why that is and why these three stories I share with you can change your view of reality itself.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three stories that when I read in the book, an autobiography of a Yogi completely changed my perception of what reality is and how reality works. Because once you do and you see in that book is Paramahansa Yogananda who is coined for bringing yoga to the West. He, in his process of enlightenment, met many different gurus, different, many different people in India.

Things that don't really even seem possible. When Yogananda was a baby, um, was told by Yogananda's his mom said that when he was a baby, he was told that he was going to bring yoga to the west, who's going to be a Yogi. And what eventually happened is years later when he was a young adult, his mom went to and was told by somebody that she didn't have that much longer to live. And that she would then go into some form of meditation and in her hands would appear some type of jewelry that eventually she would give to Yogananda.

What she did is she went into meditation. This, they said it was an Ashley produced a locket that was then appeared, materialized in her hands, and she later gave that to Yoganonda after she died. She wrote a letter about this experience and gave it to one of her other sons to give to Yoganonda at a certain point in his life, and it just shows that when people are around these gurus or these enlightened people, there is potential for magical things to happen.

It's like they say it with so much certainty and so much power that it just comes to be true. You're going to go home, and you're going to instantly manifest something in your hands when you go into meditation that you'll eventually give the Yogananda. She goes home, she does that, and then just lock it appears in our hand that she gives to Yoganonda.

There are many different stories in this book. My challenge was going through and only finding three than I could explain in a video because otherwise, it'd be like very, very long video because there are so many cool stories from it. But the one thing that I would say the book does is it tears apart your belief about what reality is in a very positive way. It shows you that reality is much more than you think it is. Reality is much more than this 3d physical avatar.

And what you learned throughout reading this book is that you can start having more fun because you also become aware that reality is in a way like a dream. It's a cosmic dream of the divine. We are all having our own individual experiences, and the more we become aware of this is, the more we tap into the true power of who we are.

Wise Man told him to get a college degree because when he came over to the West, they will take you more seriously if you have a college degree. You're going on to went and got a college degree, and Surrey Yonkers just swore like this guy that had this um, this really cool beard that's really cool.

Like white beard right here. He had and lived on this ashram that was like ancestrally handed down. The first one I want, the first story I'm going to share with you is it has to do with actually something that happens later in the book. Suria Kishore who is a really wise. He is a cool character guy who was very enlightening and enlightened. He eventually passed away after Yogananda moved to the states. He moved to teach yoga and Korea Yoga to that of the United States. What do you want it to do was to merge that of the western philosophy of materialism and the eastern philosophy of the ancient wisdom and say, we can have both.

He left his guru, which was very sad for him. And about so many years in, eventually, he got this telepathic message from his guru come back to India. This is before there were like telephones where it was so easy to connect to people on the other side of the world. It took weeks to get back. His guru said, hey, I don't have much time left. I'm getting ready to leave my body. And he said, okay. He took a couple of weeks to get there, and he got there, and he spent the last couple months with three acres of the shore. Three of us were passed away, and you'll get on. It was very sad.

What Yogananda says is that three up at the shore does not just appear in front of him. In his mind, he literally is in front of him. It's like as if you and I were talking in real life and I was there. That's how it felt for Yogananda. What happens then is three youngsters swore to Yogananda what happens afterlife. I liked doctor death. What happens in the astral realms explains to him how reality works. And it's this whole long chapters, chapter number 43. It's, I'm explaining to him all of this metaphysical stuff about how reality is and how reality is a dream of the divine and how we're all here. We forget this.

And what he explains is, um, is all these different, these different aspects. He says that there's a gross physical body and astral body and a causal body. The way that I interpret this maybe through the new age philosophies is the gross physical bodies that 3d body, the 3d physical avatar body, the 4D ball, the astral body is the 4D body, the fourth dimensional body, and the causal body, which is the thought form.

It's like literally in the causal realm, things appear instantly. It's the fifth dimension. And he says, what happens is when we pass away, we shed the 3D physical body. We wake up in the Asheville rounds, which we go every single night. And what happens is in the astral realms, there are certain levels that we're able to go to depending on our level of consciousness, real evil spirits don't, aren't, aren't able to go to the higher realms of the 4D level of consciousness, the astral realm.

He talks about that. Sri Tells [inaudible], tells him about there's about 500 to a thousand years lifetime in the astro realm on average. That we look the same. We can look the same way that we did in our life, but we look at the peak of our life, whatever age we thought we looked the best at Sri yet to soar being wise liked his older form.

But you can take on any form that you want, and you normally take on the ideal version of yourself. The higher up you go, the more heavenly like it is. And in a way, what tethers people back to the 3D reality? Is there a, is there Karma? It's there. The things that they've put out that they haven't learned, it's their level of consciousness. You go into 4D reality, some more depending on your level of consciousness. And there are many different 4D planets what he says as well, which I resonate with.

I think that many of us have a multidimensional connection to many different levels of existences. We could say some of this is the Pleiades.  There are many different planets. 4D is more of an astral, like it's much more physical than this, less physical than this. But nonetheless, what it basically shows is that there is more to life than this 3D physical body.

And it goes very in detailed to things that I just, it's amazing to me and I love reading that chapter. I go back probably once every couple of months, and I read that chapter just because it's so fascinating to me. The way that it's explained, the level of certainty that is explained and when you're reading this book, this book carries with it a certain vibration and that vibration you can just tell resonates.

You can tell all of this guy's not just making up all this stuff. And these stories are genuine stories of things that have happened. He's not like, oh my mom had this experience where she was told by somebody that she had materialized a locket and she didn't know. It's not me. You can feel whether it's, you just have to go within yourself and see if it resonates.

And for me, the book resonates as something that to be true. Something that really happened. That was the first story. That's a chapter 43 in the book that explains what happens after death and detail and really what life really is. Life is a dream. It's a fun dream that we come here to learn things and uh, we're meant to enjoy life and when we die there really is no death. There's just a transition. I think every night we go into the astral realms.

But what happens when we die is we just finally shed the body. We don't come back to the ER, the 3d body, the physical gross bodies. We just hang out in the astral realm, and we learn there. They're still learning to be made there. The second step already I want to share with you is a story that shows that life also isn't what we think it is because three years is sore.

This blog is dedicated to the three others who are because there are many different stories in this book, but all three stories are with him because I really like him. We'll be on a first-name basis with these enlightened masters. Lahiri. We probably called the master or something like that. And what happened is Rama got some physically some debts, really detrimental disease where he was going to die.

The next day his body like he dies, I don't remember, was that a house or a hospital or what it was or if they, their version of a hospital back from like the 1900 early 19 hundreds but Rama dies, three x was very sad. He goes back to the hearing and says, Lahiri, he ended up dying, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he was very sad. And then here he says, just meditate. Just meditate. Well, he didn't tell us three x disorder to do is the next day, almost like 24 hours later, he sees that he's still distraught over it and he says, dear boy, grab like, why didn't you trust me when I said it?

Or something like that that I said that he would be fine. And when he did is he then told him, said here there was some lamp oil nearby, gives him the lamp oil, says to go put seven drops in Ramas mouth. And he says, three extra days, I don't think that'll work. It's, he's already been dead for over a day.  He leaves, he goes to this house where Robin's body still is laying there. Rama was risen from the dead. I think that's actually the title of the chapter. Rama has risen to the dead from the seven drops of lamp oil, and that was it. Seven drops of lamp oil.

Let me read to you this quote that he said, I actually screenshotted it because it kind of explains it. It's like, why would, why would all of that happen? But India's a very mystical-type land. Let me show you what he said. Finish the awesome story. Paramahansa Yogananda Astraea, why did the grew use Castro oil? Oil Child? He says, giving the oil had no meaning, except that I expected, I expected something material. And Lahiri Saya shows the nearby oil as an objective symbol for awakening my greater faith. The master allowed Rama to die because I had partially doubted.

I told you twice that Rambo would be, well, yeah, you could not fully believe me. The here, he said, I did not mean the doctors would be able to cure him. I remarked only that they were in attendance. There was no causal connection between the two statements. I didn't want to interfere with the physicians. They have, they have to live too, and a voice resounded with joy.

The group added, always know that the inexhaustible Para Maha Intiman, I'm not sure what that meant, but anyways, in general, what that shows is that people can literally, that is possible when it's, it's not them doing it, it's not likely here Rick cured him. He allowed this divine presence and divine certainty to flow through. A lot of what you learn in the autobiography of a Yogi is this divine energy that flows through. I was reading in another Paramahansa Yogananda book, and what he talked about was he did something similar.

He allowed this divine energy to flow through when after some lady died that was having breathing problems or something. He was with the whole family. The husband was crying, and he asked for the divine to flow through him. He went like put his hand over her head and tapped her on the chest or something like that. And she was laying in this bed, and she came back alive, and he says that there's stuff like this can happen. It kind of shows us that there's more to reality than what we think.

The third story I want to share, it's kind of a funny story. It involves three, a Curtis war and Paramahansa Yogananda. I think it's a mansion and in India. And what they did is I have a lot of devotes. He's going there, and there's a lot of people that are like learning from Sri soar term. Ohana is like one of the leaders there. I'm like his right-hand man in a way.

Paramatta you went on onto, puts it in a certain spot in his room and they say, okay, let's go for a hike. And I say, okay. They leave the house, they're almost all the way to the beach, and they're talking and [inaudible] being his human, his Ninja mind powers are enlightened into my powers. Goes Paramahansa Yogananda. They don't, it's called them something other than that, but that's the name that I don't bite. Paramahansa Yogananda. Did you lock the back door before you left?

And what he said was, is, is a paramount. Yogananda thought about it and couldn't remember if he locked the back door or not. And triaged source says you did not lock the back door. You did not close it. Your carelessness has just caused you one cauliflower, and Paramount's Yogananda thought about how weird that was that he said that.

Like how mystical, what do you mean that costs me one cauliflower? Well, what happened was three younger swore had one of the nearby peasants close to the house. Like a peasant, like a baker or something like that, that wasn't in the house. Go through the back door, like go through the back door, go into the house and grab just one call a flower and then leave.

They get back to the house, and he checks, and he was right. He took one of the cauliflowers left five, took one cauliflower. Andy and Yogananda had a whole bunch of very expensive gold jewelry and very meaningful gold jewelry. He was worried it was going to be stolen. None of it was touched. This guru, this peasant took just that, just the one, the one cauliflower and the explanation for it was having that level of consciousness.

Well, that explains and what Paramahansa Yogananda says is that years later they proved the power of the radio frequency. Everything is vibration, and everything has different rates of vibration. And what these enlightened gurus were able to do, what wasn't able to do as well, by the way, is tap into different frequencies. And he was able to tap into the frequency of that of the baker. Influence him to walk in, grab that one cauliflower, and to leave.

I know it sounds like a random story, but it always kind of stood out to me. It's like coal fire is kind of like a pattern interrupt. In general, what that proves is that, and it shows is that reality is much more flexible than we think. Reality is these cosmic vibrations. The more we tap into who we really are. We realize this divine essence of who we are, the more we tap into this magic that is available to all of us.


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