First Contact: The 3 Phases REVEALED (and what you need to know NOW)


I'm going to be sharing with you the three phases of what is called the first contact. This is something that is already started, and I'm going to show you exactly what to expect.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding more about what is called the first contact. Understanding more about in a way disclosure and understanding who we really are as spiritual beings living in this temporary human experience. This is going to be based on a couple of pieces of research. One of that is that of the work of Dolores Cannon. Some of you have heard me talk about her con her books before and it's a level of consciousness where people get into what is called a, one of the deepest levels of consciousness where their higher self and their subconscious mind comes through.

It's a level of hypnosis, and she has had people in this QHHT technique, quantum healing hypnosis technique. She's had thousands of people go under in this level of consciousness. And what can come through is amazing. Different type of things. Understanding who we are, why we had certain experiences with certain types of people, understanding what our purposes in life, and who we are beyond just this physical experience and what we're experiencing and those realities and there's been a lot of information that's come through and in her 17 or 19 books it explains that.

Some of the other, the other information I'll be drawing from is that a Bashar, many of you heard me talk about Machar as well before. Bashar talks a lot about first contact and how as who he is like an Abraham Hicks type thing where it's channeled material and what he says is his job from the higher-self point of view of Darryl Anka, who is the channel. He is what is called the first contact specialist. I've been listening to Bashar since 2012 I've been reading on Dolores Cannon books about since 2013. I've done quite a bit of research in it, and there's a lot of parallels with this.

Then even if you look into the law of one material, the law of one, the raw materials that some of the most profound channeling material of all time and it was done with a physicist asking the questions through his wife Carla, who was channeling the raw beings who were responsible for that of the Egyptian pyramids and many other pieces of information that would come into our reality. What I'm saying is that there's a correlation between all of these different sources and many others as well. But these are the three that I'll mainly be quoting and taking the information from for this blog.

And when it comes to the three phases of contact. The way that I understand it is that in this lifetime, first off, if we draw upon Dolores Cannon in this lifetime, we knew that there would be a shift in consciousness happening and the law of one material. This is called the harvest. What we are doing is we are harvesting from a third-density reality to a fourth-density reality, which is similar to dimensions, but it's also different. The fourth-density is when we start to get into a level of consciousness where things are still physical, but it becomes much more dreamlike.

We are moving from the third-density into fourth density. The Dolores can image the Dolores Cannon books talk about how we are also moving from this shift in consciousness. She refers to it more as the third dimension to the fifth dimension, which is the same thing with third density to fourth density. It's just we're using dimensions or densities. There are different levels of consciousness, and right now on the planet, we are going through this shift. Part of this shift has to do with us understanding our vibration in relation to that of other-dimensional beings. Before we talk about other-dimensional beans, we must understand that we are multidimensional beings.

We exist at many different levels. This is something that comes through all three of those materials, all three of them, whether it's Bashar or Dolores Cannon or the raw materials. There is something called the law of forgetfulness. We forget who we are so that we can come into this reality so that then we can then wake up to who we really are. It's part of the game, and there are certain realities. There are certain planets that you may incarnate into, and you will remember who you are. There is higher vibration than here, and all of us have existences in higher vibrational realities. But to come here, we had to forget who we are. We had to lessen our body in the densities.

They talk about this in Dolores Cannon and Bashar; they talk about this and all three of those. How when we come here, we have to lessen our vibration, go through different densities in order to then incarnate, forget who we are completely and then go through this process of remembering. It's part of the process of us as a soul coming here. Earth is a master's school. It's a paradox because on one end you could say it's a kindergarten because many of us are remembering who we are and if you look at the levels of consciousness in the world and you see people at war against each other who have no idea that they are other versions of themselves who don't remember that they have this connection but are fighting each other, then you see it's like a kindergarten, but at the same time, in order to incarnate in this much density, you must be a master salt.

You must be able to carry and go through that much darkness in order to get to this much lightness. In this time, in this, in this reality is the most profound time ever because we are able to go from this much density, this much darkness into this much lightness and it's happening right now on the planet. In this lifetime, there will be more transformation than we have ever seen before on the planet in the shortest amount of time. That's what it's called, the graduation, the harvest. It is happening now. There are three main phases of the first contact. There are other versions of us. We are multidimensional beings.

We exist here in the third dimension. We also exist in the fifth dimension in higher dimensions, but we forget about those connections when we are here. Spiritual awakening is when we become aware that we are immortal, spiritual beings. Eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and because that's who we are, we start to remember this. We start to go through a process of bringing more of our 5D energy in more of our higher vibrational energy in.

Many of us are picking up on frequencies of existences we have in different realities, and that's what we call star seats. These are all different planetary systems that we have multi-dimensional connections to. And when you go to bed every night, you may be awakened those dimensions and those realities. But when you come here, you forget this now the first contact, why we think of it as higher vibrational beings. There are other versions of us, and when we see that it gets away a lot of the fear because these other versions of us are aware that we are connected to them.

As we are going from 3D to 40 we have multi-dimensional existences where we are going from 4D to 5D or 5D to 60 or 60 to 70 there are many different dimensions, and we are going through a transformation of consciousness in this dimension and as beloved, so below and so below as above. We are also going through this transition in different ways. They are trying to meet us halfway. What I mean by that is there vibration is so high. There are also other versions of us. Their vibration is so high that when we meet them, it will jolt our energy field unless we were able to meet them halfway.

The way that Bashar has explained, it is that image we have a very high spinning gear, very high vibration, and then we are a very low spinning gear. If you were to jam these two gears together, they would strip, they would be stripped the lower, the lower vibrational one would completely strip it depending on the faster gear. But if we're able to move faster, we can then meet it halfway so then it can then carry us faster and faster. That's what the first contact is. It's about us understanding our connection to our multidimensional selves and then understanding as well that when it comes to these three phases, I'm about to share with you that ETS has been around for thousands and thousands of years.

It's just that the information has been suppressed, but these ETS are other versions of us. They're connected to us. The way that Bashar explains the first contact is the different phases. The first phase is what is happening right now on the planet. You have me bringing through information connected to my higher self and bringing through different information about this process.

You also have the information, the daily YouTube videos I make, that's me connecting to my higher self. It's not the ego Aaron, that's like, Oh I made all this up. No, it's I higher vibrational energy that flows through, and that's why I'm able to make daily videos for three years straight every single day. You have people like Bashar who is channeling Darryl Inca, who is channeling his higher self and allowing that information to flow through and that's his higher self, and that's the way that he explains it happens.

Bashar says that what he does is people's higher self will bring through ITI Information, higher vibrational information, higher-self information for us to then to then integrate and there are millions of people on the planet that has study channeled material, whether that'd be the law of one, whether that be Bashar or Abraham Hicks. And as we become aware of this information, that's the first level of the first contact.

It's us connecting to our own higher selves. This been happening on the planet since like the 1950s or sixties and every year it becomes more and more powerful. That's the first stage being to think about this. If ETS were in the land and people were at a certain level of consciousness where they're afraid of everyone else, people only perceive of ETS mainly from their own level of consciousness.

When you look at some people that are afraid of ETS landing because they think that ETS are just going to obliterate us or imprison us completely is because the current level of consciousness they are is seen that because we are at war with each other than obviously these other higher dimensional beans would be at war with us. In a way, it's like thinking that God is some white guy in the sky because we are some white guy or that's the idea.

It's a limited view of perception that we only interpret through means that we relate to. It understands that it's far beyond what we can imagine. Source energy is far beyond some individual race, something that we have with our 3d body. And in the same way, these ETS are beyond our level of consciousness as the 3d physical humans. It's about understanding that it's much more beyond what we can imagine. And if you were to see how we exist in reality and we are at war with each other, and we have all of these things happening, do you think that higher vibrational beings could even land here and feel safe?

You see they could see probable futures. They could see that if they landed here, it might be like tomorrow there'd be a lot of people that'd be afraid and we want to go out war with them because they wouldn't understand that they are other versions of us and they'd be in fear because they would carry more power.

Also, this is something that Bashar said happens when a higher vibrational being comes up to you when a very high vibrational becomes up to you, which these, we have connections to these, but if they were to physically come up to us as they are walking up to us, their energy field would be so powerful and so high vibrational that it would bring up anything within us that is not already integrated to the surface so that we could then deal with it because they're so integrated. It would make us immediately have to integrate.

And what would then happen is that high vibration, we would then feel, and we would feel the negative aspects of that have some childhood memories that weren't integrated, other things that were integrated. We would then think it was them and we would think that they were making us feel that way when really it's ourselves matching the high vibrational frequency and then having to deal with all the shadow aspects that weren't already dealt with. You see, there's a reason why it has to come in phases. As much as I would love for it to happen tomorrow for, for high vibrational beans to come here, for the technology to be released that has been suppressed with free energy.

I know at the same time that it's about vibrational resonance and that a lot of the people on the planet might not be ready for right this moment. But it's still happening. The first phase is through our own higher selves and bringing through this information because it's the most hands-off way. We can't really go at war with ourselves. We're not going to have pitchforks trying to like go after aliens. When we realize that is being channeled and it's other connections that we have. Bashar has explained that in the different protocols.

One of them is that the first phase is information being brought through our higher selves and us channeling it, knowing that these are other connections we have. The second phase of that first contact has to do with information that has been around but suppressed. It has been about the pyramids and how they were created. It would be about understanding a lot of ancient ruins, a lot of sacred sites on the planet, a lot of ITI connected past connections we may have had with Atlantis.

With a looming area, with different times on the planet that history has been suppressed. There have been the first contact here for thousands of years and a lot of the things when you look into that at different sacred texts; you'll see whether this is the Sumerian text or whether it's a, you know, even different interpretations of the Bible. You'll see that it references many times different ITI connections.

But the interpretation of it may not be there to where people understand that. But if you look at it from a certain point of view, you could see it's very obvious. When I was going through my spiritual awakening in 2012, 2013, I went with my dad and two of my half-sisters, we went to a place at the Grand Canyon. And when we went to the Grand Canyon, we went to this one Hopi temple. And I felt such a strong connection to this temple, this Hopi temple that we go into. And when you looked up, there were these, there were these symbols of these people of like people, and then these e t craft floating above them.

And this Hopi temple was hundreds of years old. But I felt a very strong connection to it. And I remember since that time, my spiritual awakening really sped up, but I felt a connection. A lot of the second phase of the first contact is us becoming aware of that, of the connection that we've had for thousands of years. But we've simply forgotten about. It's already here. It's happening now too. There are different levels of disclosure coming out. You look at a show called cosmic disclosure on Gaia TV, and you have these. These are whistleblower coming through, people like Corey Goode that have seen Emery Smith who has seen and been around this kind of stuffed works for different organizations.

That's older now that has a been through and knows and is expressed to me 100% that the government and different sanctions of our world. No 100% that the ETS exists and they even study with them, and they even do work with them. It is something that has been suppressed for thousands of years, and now we're becoming more aware of it, so it's us understanding there's free energy, there's US understanding that, that we have this connection and we've had this connection for thousands of years, so it's not so much about the future, but just knowing this already been here.

The second phase is us having some certain type of information disclosed to us that has prior been hidden. Right now, we're going through a part of the universe. We're going through a part of them, of where the earth is moving through. It's a high vibrational photonic light that is increasing the vibration of our bodies as we go through it. This is talked about in the law of one Bashar talks about this, Dolores cannon's work talks about this. We're moving through a part. The universe doesn't just revolve like this, it's spinning, and it's moving through different areas. One thing that has been expressed is that the area that we're moving through right now is such a high vibration that is speeding up our vibration and making us become more aware of ourselves.

That one of the phases of the first contact is us speeding up our vibration, becoming aware of what's already been around us. The third phase of the first contact is actual first contact with higher vibrational beings, but Shar says that this is most highly likely to happen between that of 2025 to 2033 now he says that this has meant, and this is going to happen at first and very small batches, it may, it's not going to mean that in that time period that it's like proclaimed on CNN or Fox News.

The third phase, let me elaborate a little bit more on that, is going to be more in smaller batches and by 2050 Bashar says that we will then have a high degree of likelihood that we will then emerge as a galactic federation as one of the Glock duration. And this is happening now, and there were some people on the planet that have had ITI connection, first contact. It already has happened for some people, but as time goes on, you can only perceive that which you are. The vibration of it will increase for us.

But in our lifetime, I do believe that first contact will happen. What level? I don't know whether it's, whether it's ITI technology is released, or you know, higher vibrational technology is released. A lot of it's already been here by the way. She's been surprised, and then it's us becoming more aware and then us perceive, you know, these people have these beans or whether it doesn't happen for 30 years. I don't know. I do believe it will happen though, and I believe that these three different phases are all happening right now, and now you kind of know what to expect.

You know how you can relate to these different aspects. Don't be surprised if after hearing this information you have certain memories surface. Don't be surprised if you get these in the dream state. Don't be surprised if, in meditation, you start connecting to this energy. Don't be surprised if you start to have these. You start to feel these different connections because now it's going to be happening more and more. As time goes on. It's not going to slow down at all. It's going to continue to speed up.

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