The Vibration of Unconditional Love REVEALED 3 Secrets that will change your life


I'm going to share with you the vibration of unconditional love, and show you three secrets that will change your life if you begin to apply them today.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three secrets that can change your life forever. This is very different from the way that we normally think about love. As you know, on that scale of consciousness that I share in many different videos. A love is one of the higher vibrational emotions, and it's actually the core of who we really are. But we grow up thinking we are these separate little egos and then we put conditions on what it takes to be happy. Think about how funny that is, so we put conditions as to what it takes for us to be happy.

We put rules in our mind that says, if this person does this, then I will feel love. If I do this, then I can feel love if I accomplish this and I can feel love instead of knowing it can be unconditional. And by letting go of those rules, we feel loved more than ever. Think it's just like why not get rid of the rules? Why not get rid of the conditions and just feel love because the ego likes to attach itself to things. When I thought I wouldn't do as well is I got this really cool Airbnb right now with my buddy victor, and we are, I'm here for like three days. This is where I'm filming videos. I kind of show you, just figured I'd show you. We're behind the scenes type stuff. It's about, it's one of the balconies right over here.

I'll kind of show you this is so it's got like a lot of these houses in California have like these stairs that come up. I'll show you. There's like this really nice balcony thing. This is like the room that I'm in it, and then we go upstairs right over here like this. Let's not do it. Hi. Okay, look, there's, yeah, they want to show him upstairs real quick. I was like, okay. I'm going to film a video. He came out here, he's doing his brainstorming. This is up here. This is really cool. I was up here last night, but it was kind of rainy. It's kind of hard to sit. It's really cool. The stars were out.

When it comes to this process, turn this around real quick. As I just hit my knee really hurt. When it comes to conditional love, Whoa, look like I sent it into an Avatar or something. When it comes to like unconditional love, it's who we naturally are, and we just have these rules in our mind as to what it takes for us to be happy and what it takes for us to love other people.

The key to this also has a certain level to do with presence. Not like gift presence, presence, like being present to the moment just being, because when you're just being, you're not projecting yourself to the past or the future, the past of what should have happened but didn't, or the future of what you want to happen and you're able to just be present to the moment.        

There's also have a correlation between just being and accepting the present moment and feeling unconditional love. Let me share with you how this has shown up in my own life. Well, recently I realized that I have certain expectations and rules as to what certain people in my life need to do and how they need to communicate with me in order for me to feel love for them.             

But I realized that I had expectations for someone to process emotions in a similar way that I did and like to communicate that with me. But what I realize is that I was putting conditions on this person and I was in my mind saying that if you do this the way that I expect you to do it, then I can love you.               

  And I realized that I was also in a way making this person feel guilty for not for, not admire and adhering to my expectation. The power of this though, that I'm sharing with you is that that does not love. Many of us think that we are feeling love for other people. That's conditional love. That's dependent on whether we're getting and receiving what we think we need.

You see, the key to this is unconditional love. What I realized, it's kind of hard for my ego to, to do this, but what I realized that I hadn't let go of those conditions, I had to love this person regardless of how they interpret emotion and how they express it back to me. And the moment I did this is the moment I began to let go of this negativity from my energy field.

And when I started to let go of that negativity from my energy, I started to feel better. Here's the thing, the ego has this insidious thing where the ego always wants to be right. My ego was telling myself, this person needs to communicate with me in this way because if they're not, then they're wrong. And my ego wants to be right. But the payoff, the ego wants to be right to pay off to that many times as negative is we get this rush of adrenaline that we are right, but then the payoff, the negative side of that is that when we feel miserable while we're beating ourselves up about stuff.

And I remember that after this situation happened, I was at the gym and stuff and it's just on my mind. It was on my mind, and I was feeling, I'm like, why am I feeling, why am I doing this to myself? Why do I have this expectation? Does this person need to be like that? And then when I did it, I just let it go and I accepted the situation for what it is and I realized that this person processes emotion in a certain way and that my job is to accept this person 100% have you ever had that happen in your life where you wanted someone to do something and you realize that at a certain level that may be conditional?

Love that you know. Of course, there's a balance of this. It doesn't mean you accept like if someone's abusing you, I just accept this because if I don't that I'm resisting you. This is what I'm about to share with you. There's a process, I think of it like your energy field right here. There's a process called Ho Pono Pono. Four simple statements. It's, I'm sorry, please forgive me. Thank you, I love you. And by saying these four things over and over again, what you begin to do and you begin to feeling in them, and I have a video that explains it and has a 15-minute meditation that you can listen to while you're in the car.

You can listen to it when you're traveling. The more you listen to this meditation, the more that it clears out your energy field. It's called cleaning. You're cleaning out your energy field. The one thing I did as well when I had that situation where I realized I had conditional love is I immediately started making the whole point of Pono, and I was doing it on myself, on the person.

And understand there is no other you, everyone is a reflection of you. What's your cleaning? I'm sorry for viewing them that way. Please forgive me for senior less than divine spark that you are the divine essence. You are. Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for being yourself. I love you the way you are. Those four statements right there can change your life, and whole point of Pono with the meditation I have is a complete game-changer.

Listen to that for 21 days. It will transform your life because you will transform your energy field. I want to write like an article and day or a book or some shit called to transform your energy, transform your life, transform your energy field, transform your life. Right now, you think that you're not good enough already. If you're doing self-help, if you're looking at different things, you may believe that you're not good enough already, which means that you're emphasizing you not being whole and complete and because you're emphasizing you're not holding complete it. The scale is acceptance.

You are accepting yourself. What if instead of saying, oh, there's a problem here, I need to do this differently. I need to do this with you just started to accept yourself more. You would raise your vibration, you would feel more confident about yourself. Much would begin to change, but acceptance is the doorway. First, I had to accept the other person that was, that I was viewing as less than perfect and having conditions to accept them the way they are.

Do you see the difference here? Because there is no other, there is why unconditional love is the vibration of our reality. It's just that we have been led to believe that we are all separate beings, have in different ego perceptions. Imagine this, imagine that you are, you are viewed in our scopes so fine pointed, but imagine that you can just see one little thing, one person, but then imagine you were to expand that scope back more and more like expanding your awareness.

Like I say in all my videos, and instead of seeing just one person, you then saw a whole planet, and instead of seeing every single person on the planet as separate people, you saw every single thing on the planet as one unit. You would then say, why would you hurt someone else? Why would you go to award and get someone else?

It's all relative based on our level of identity. Imagine that you are. Okay, so it's so, it's funny because we were at war with each other on this planet. Because you may be in some land that's like jellyfish, swimming around and stuff, swimming in the air, and then you see a person, no matter what race they are, they could be the furthest away culture that you can imagine. Maybe even a culture that you don't really like, but you would feel connected to that person because they have more in common with you than the jellyfish thing that's swimming around.

You see, so it's all based on relevance, but if you were to a scope, okay, even if you are to expand your scope beyond that, you would then see that even the jellyfish or in the same area in the same space as you and you may see yourself connected to them as well. This is all relevant. How much are you going to emphasize the ego? How much are you going to emphasize the separateness? Because this is a dream of separateness.

This reality is a dream that we're currently living in to have the experience of being separate individual units, and in this lifetime we've come here to wake up to remember that we're all connected. That's what the material called the law of one talks about. That's what a lot of other, that's the work of Dolores candidate with the hypnotherapy. Let's want a lot of people to say they came here right now to go through this shift in consciousness.

The shift in consciousness is the awareness that everyone is connected, what you do to someone else you do, to another aspect of yourself. That's why we have Karma.  Why is that? Because those other people are other versions of you. The idea is to be aware of this and then to see that there really is no other, so that's when you can start to tap into love and you overheard that, that, that quote from like Mother Teresa?

It's like, I'll never go to a protest or something like that, but if you have like a walk of love or something, I'll go to that. Well, that's a similar thing as to what I'm talking about. If you see yourself as connected, you're more in the vibration of that integration. But trying to change everything makes more of that.

The last thing I want to talk about is a perspective of enlightenment. I've, I've shared this story before was that guru, but this will just kind of give you an idea for what I mean by unconditional love here. Said Guru who is like one of the most famous enlightened people on the planet right now, 3 million YouTube subscribers, I believe his information is really good though, and very high vibrational bean.

And what he talks about is his enlightenment experience. He went to this hill called [inaudible] hill or something. I don't even know if I'm saying that right. And what happened was, is he goes to this hill, and he was working on the light using yoga and stuff, and he goes to that hill, and he's looking out, and that's when his enlightenment hit him. He had this realization and changed his life forever.

Everything he saw was him. He realized that everything he perceived of was more of him. He could not find out. What he did is he expanded his identity out of the individual unit of consciousness and into the grow larger consciousness system. And because of that, he didn't feel unconditional love for everyone. He said before enlightenment, he would, he would emphasize, he'd said before in light may, he'd be like, well, I am me and you are you. There's nothing. I'd have no problem with you, but I am me, you or you. After enlightenment, there was no separation. He is everything. He is everyone.

You see this cosmic dream that we live in. The more we expand our consciousness, the more we realize that identification with the little ego is what causes all the problems. The ego doesn't want a sec except things. The ego always wants to be better. The ego always wants to change other people. The ego always wants things to go according to its plan in his own mind. But when you start to observe the ego, you start to gain your power back.

And even beyond that observation of the ego, when you start to understand that you, that the ego is doing its job. But that you are, everything you come into contact with, everyone is a reflection of you. There is no outer reality other than it being a reflection. If you want to change anything on the outside, as you know, you must first off, change the inside and how do you change the inside?

You first become aware of what's inside. You become aware of how you feel. Become aware of your ego and how you identify with other things. The ego loves to be right, even if it causes negative emotion. The ego gets an adrenaline rush of being right. You shouldn't be this way. You should be this way. Let me prove to you that you shouldn't be this way. And if I prove it, then I get this rush of adrenaline. Yes, I was miserable for 10 minutes while I was coming to this, this realization, but nonetheless, it's about being aware of that necessity to be right and choosing to just be in the moment except the moment for what it is. The acceptance is the doorway.

You are a separate unit of consciousness. The key though is realizing that everything is you. Everything is love. Everything is something that you can connect to. The reason unconditional love is the fabric of the universe. Much of our life is based on what people tell us. If we just instead go straight to experience like yes, somebody said that this is how this is, but instead, I'm just going to experience it for myself. Watch because you may, you, you treat everything as if you just chose it.

If you treat everything as if you're experiencing it for the first time, you'll live in a magical reality like all of the past. Be here now be unconditional love because that's who you are. Don't have expectations for other people. Realize that in your energy field, these rules you have are keeping you from feeling happiness, keeping you from feeling loved, get rid of the rules and you will be unconditional love.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.