3 Things You MUST Give up to be in 5D


I'm going to show you three things you must give up in order to be on 5D earth. You have to give up in order to be in that higher vibrational state.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'll be showing you those three things that you must do and give up to be in 5D reality. Now, 5D reality. Just in case you haven't heard me talk about this in prior YouTube videos before, 5D reality is what our level of consciousness is shifting from certain perspectives. I have this microphone on right now. Otherwise, I'd get some books over there. I just turned off the pool pump, but it just turned back on, but there's okay.

There's this lob one book right over there. It talks about how right now on the planet, it's some of the most profound channeled material of all time. David Wilcock talks about it all the time. A lot of the information in that book that they talk about is, oh, it has been proven. This was written back in the 70s and eighties they talked about astronomy. They talked about certain things that our physics was to find out. Those things have been proven, so there's been a lot of a power behind these books.

One of the things that said that happened is that, so many of the people that are incarnated at this time are here to go through this shift in consciousness to go from what is called third density into fourth density. Third density is duality. It's good, it's lightweight notes. It's good, it's bad, it's light, it's dark, it's up, it's down. That's duality and many times when we're controlling our ego, and we think that we are just this 3D physical avatar person, we just go around identifying with it and identifying with our senses.

Then that's where the third-density level of consciousness is. We're at their density planet, but we are the new moon. It's where we're more so inside of our heart center. It's where reality starts to become much more flexible. Reality starts to become much more dreamlike. We start to realize things are more about vibration. That's what's happening, and you notice that time is Vaughn Golan by so super-fast and have you noticed that things that you want to create in your life?

I've been happening quicker than ever, whether good or bad. That's because right now the vibration on the planet is speeding up and as this vibration on the planet speeds up, there's more and more opportunity for us to create what we want. And you may notice there is so much information that is coming through the media right now. Even like someone like Joe Rogan for example, he's had people talking about like whistleblowers that are talking about like e t technology and information about that. Most of us, we all are multidimensional beings.

When we come to this reality, what we do is, it's called the law of confusion. If you look through that book, the law of one, the law of confusion. The law of confusion is when we incarnate, we forget who we are because it would kind of defeat the purpose. You are a part, a part of source energy. If you knew the whole entire time you were a part of source energy and you knew what it was like in the higher reality, you may not want to be here so much. We have this law of confusion where we forget who we are.

Now, what's happened over the millennia a long time is many people have got caught in this karmic cycle, but what happens is every so often, every 25,000 years, there's this upgrade in consciousness where we have an opportunity to then go from one level to the next level. We're going from third density into fourth density, and as we go from third density into fourth density, we have the ability to do some of the things I'm going to be sharing with you today. And what we must do is we must get rid of these three things.

I'm going to be sharing with you the three things that you must give up, and they're going to be things that help you to then be in that 5D level of consciousness, which is very similar to the fourth-density state. Think of 5D fourth density. Very similar. What are you showing it should say Whoa, dump trip on my thing? What's your shirt say? Don't track where they splash. You guys know that Dolphin. Do you guys know that dolphins are higher dimensional beans?

He heard that, yep. Yeah, so they're higher dimensional beans and serious sip from serious energy. That's what they say. So now you know, don't trash where they splash and dolphins are higher vibrational beans, so, okay. Thank you for that cameo by the way. You are welcome. So now the first thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D energy is what is called positionality. And you must forgive. This is what they say in the law of one; all healing is the realization of being the one creator and being connected to everyone else.

That is also a part of the one creator. Forgiveness is the realization that the other person that did something bad to us; this other person that does something bad to us is also a part of that energy. In a greater sense, you realize that that other person is you, is connected to you. It depends on how far out you do the scope. Like, for example, if you had like a little scope right now, and you saw like where I am right now in this house, expand the scope a little bit out, and then you see outside the house, and then you expand it out more and you see inside Las Vegas and the new expanded up more and you'll see inside the United States, then you expand it out more and you see the earth and when you see the earth, then what you do is you realize that it's all one being.

We could go through some things that were hard when we went through it, but out of it creates pressure, learning, and transmutation. Positionality means this person did this to me. Many of you know my own story of when I grew up having an abusive ex stepmom in my life. Having that positionality of, she did this to me. I'm the victim that that positionality causes that energy to still be active within me, and it was for years because I attracted people into my life. That always reflected back that level of control. After it was my, my ex stepmom, she left my life.

I had a girlfriend in my life for a couple of years, the same type of thing, right? When I broke up with her, then I had a manager, I got transferred to a different department where I had a manager at Nordstrom's that had the same exact personality traits as my ex stepmom. Until you complete the past, you will repeat the past. The key is realizing, and this is kind of hard to sound, but it's about seeing the creators, seeing the divinity in the person that you need to forgive. That's what I had to do. I had to see my ex stepmom as somebody that's just at a certain level of consciousness where she thinks that she has to manipulate people in order to get by.

But even then, I was able to see through that and to see that at the very basis of her, I was able to understand that she was doing the best she could and she has probably treated a similar way when she was a kid. She's a plant out of the pattern that was unconscious. Having that awareness is that you can then become aware of. You see at the bottom of the emotions, fear, anger, guilt, shame. The way that you get through all of those is a combination of neutrality, neutralizing those things. Then it's a combination of acceptance, accepting it. When you say, when you accept something that can then transform.

And then the third step is the willingness to transform it. Look at anything inside of your own life that you know you don't want to carry into. You can't carry the 5D; You can't even carry those with you into that higher state of consciousness. It may be being brought up right now for you to deal with and by becoming aware of it, you can then let it go. Forgiveness is always the key to healing forgiveness of the self because you realize at the deepest core, everyone else in your life that you think is outside of you is actually you. It's for always forgiveness of the self. It's funny in that book, the law of one; it talks about service to others versus service to self from a certain level of consciousness.

Service to others is service to self. Because when you have the awareness that everyone is connected to you and that you are, everything is a reflection, you then realize that as you know, I have this intention of adding value to people with my YouTube videos. I'm adding value to you, but I also have this awareness that you and I are connected. In a way, I'm very selfish because by me adding value to you, I'm also adding now a value to another aspect of myself.

I know it's a deep metaphysical concept, but it is the concept of 5D reality. We're realizing now look around like people are realizing, why do we have this war? Why do we have this, this, this fight? It's like; it seems so nonsensical. We're starting to wake up to it and realize we're all connected. We're all connected. The second thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D reality is a belief that you must work hard to be successful. As I began raising my vibration, and many of you saw me go through a transformation back in November of last year when I went to Costa Rica, while energy change, I started just being more of myself. I started being more authentic.

I started having more fun, and my energy completely changed. But the other thing that really changed about me is I realized that as I was raising my vibration, I had this outdated belief. That belief was that I had to work really, really hard to be successful. I was working really, really hard. I was making videos every day, plus I was doing all these other things, and I thought that that would one day get me to feel really whole and complete, and all of this, this the way that I thought about it and I thought I had to work really hard, but I remember that I was in Costa Rica and I was like, wait, I don't have to make a video every single day.

I can relax right now. And I was like 20 videos ahead anyways, but as I started to pull it back and not work so hard, instead just get to vibrational alignment before I would work or just do my passion. I don't know. I don't really like calling it to work because I don't really think of it as work. Then things happen easier than ever. It was also more the more I gave myself. That's another part of this just to be authentic, be authentic. I was afraid for so long to make star videos on my channel. I wanted to, since like 2012 make started seeing videos. But I was so afraid of making it because of what would people of me.

But then I said, after that hard work epiphany, I said, you know what? I'm going to stop trying to work hard, and I'm just going to be myself. I'm going to share things that I like to talk about. I made a couple of stars seat videos. One of them took off, took the channel to another level. You don't have to work hard. Instead of working hard, you can get in vibrational alignment. 5D d realities about being in vibrational alignment, working hard will just seem like resistance. Oh, I got to work really hard. Yes, the action is powerful. You can still take action, but don't work so hard. Don't resist. Don't think that you're not good enough already.

Like if you'll eventually get to some future time and then when everything's just right in a certain way that then you could finally be happy. Give yourself permission to be happy right now, not in the future. When you achieve your goals right now, give yourself permission to be happy because 5D energy is also about being present to the moment being here right now, so the more you are in the moment as well, the quicker that time will appear to be going, the faster the perception of time will be as well.

The third thing that you must give up in order to be in 5D is something that Einstein if he would've given up, he would've been in a much higher level of consciousness and he touched it. Use it. If you look at that scale of consciousness zone, as I always share, you'll see that it's a certain level is 400 that's the intellect. 499 is as far as the intellect can go, intellectual ideas. A lot of the content on my channel is 400 level content. Your beliefs create your reality, the metaphysics. That's all. That's all the mind, intellect, cool information. However, in order to get to a higher level of consciousness, what you must do is, you must actually let it go, let it go, and then be in your heart.

You must move from the mind into the heart to be in 5D. If Einstein what it, you know, even Einstein, he's a genius. He took it the 499 he calibrated at a very high because of that intellectual understanding he had. If he would've given that up though, he would've gotten straight into the five hundred, and he started at a certain point to tap into that level of consciousness as well. He had some of those realizations, but he was still very much tied into his work because of what he's done and what he accomplished and what he found out.

It doesn't mean that you have to be Einstein in a genius sorority at the 500 a lot of times there'll be people that can be in high. I remember one-time Sadhguru was being interviewed and somebody said that he was talking about how someone went up to his dad was like interviewing his dad and it was like, what was it about set guru when he was a kid before he was enlightened? He was like this enlightened guru guy on, on YouTube. He's got guy, one of the most famous enlightened gurus. He got like 3 million subscribers.

You've probably seen some of his videos before you said, what was it about Sadhguru is he like, is really intellectual and the smart guy? And He goes, and his dad was like, I'm actually really surprised that he became enlightened because he was actually very dim-witted when he was a kid. It’s not like you have to be a genius for 99 Einstein to then get into the 500 levels of consciousness. It's more so you just got to be willing to give up the necessity to be right. Your ego loves to be right. Your ego will do everything it can to continue to tell yourself the same story over and over and over again.

The same story about the way reality works, the same story about the way people treat you, about you being shy about whatever aspect of your personality you have. Your ego will do everything it can do, remain consistent to that self-image and to that, that being right Nis. Be aware of that and then realize you can let that ego go. That's what 5D is, so allow your reality becomes more dreamlike. Allow yourself to let go of the positionality to let go of the, and it starts to really forgive in a powerful way to let go of having to work hard and let go of this attachment to the intellectual ideas. It can serve you for a certain point, but eventually, give it up and just get into your heart.


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