5 Things Your Spirit Guides Want You to Know NOW (READ THIS)


I'm going to be sharing with you five things your spiritual guides want you to know. Some of these are things that you might not consciously be aware of right now, but nonetheless, now is the time. You know them.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those five things your spirit guides want you to know. Some of these are going to kind of go a little bit against maybe what you thought about spiritual guides. The further down you go to getting to know your spirit guides, which every single one of us has, the more you start to learn that it's not always the way that you think it is.

That are the stereotypes around understanding our spiritual guides. Whether we think it's somebody that's passed on, it's on the other side, which it could be, but many times it may not actually be that. And in general, I'm going to share with you the things that changed my life and made me more in tune with the guidance that I have. In a way, I tap into my higher mind. As I do, I get into a flow state, and I allow this information to come through. But nonetheless, as well, there are guides that assist me with this process. One of the things that's important for what I do is to remain very pure and remain very much understanding that it's an energy flow that happens, not the ego.

Many times, the more we listened to just our ego, the more we shut out the guidance that we have intuitively and the guidance that we have with other people or, their spiritual, spiritual guides that we have. The first thing I wanted to show you as well is right now. I'm in this beautiful place in Costa Rica. It's called San Antonio. Maybe I'll show you around a little bit. I don't really normally do this, but it's such a beautiful place. I kind of wanted to show you.

The room is completely separate from that of like the main living space. But nonetheless, there are two rooms, one upstairs, one downstairs, and then over here I meditate, right there is a bathroom at over here. The cool thing is a shower like indoor-outdoor, and you can see the beach, you can see the ocean from the shower. So yeah, it's really cool. The main reason I wanted to show you that is, I don't know, it's a beautiful place, and I feel like sometimes I don't get context for my videos right here. You just see me in a new place. I always in a new place. Why is he there? I've been traveling for awhile. By the time this blog comes out, I might be back in Vegas, but I've been traveling for about a month and a half now. I think I've been Costa Rica for another two weeks, so I thought I would just show you that really quick.

But yeah, it's really cool. There's a lot of animals like frogs in the pool, bugs, and I think their friends, that's the vibe I get at least. Let me put this back in. We'll get straight into the blog, and the thing that I really wanted to talk about is, first off is just to let you know every single person has spiritual guides. This is the way that it works, and this is the way that we can think about it. We are infinite spiritual beans of unconditional love, bliss, joy. We could say this is a higher dimensional aspect of us, which is who we naturally are. What we do is we decide that we're going to come to earth. The earth is a place. It's an amazing, magical place as I just showed you this view and everything, and it's so beautiful to be alive.

However, this is one of the only places in the universe, and if you read the Dolores Cannon books, you'll learn more about this. This is one of the only places where you have this degree of what is called forget ability, or you really forget who you are. You forget that you are an infinite spiritual being, living a temporary human experience. And many times, this causes a lot of pain. Many people that are reading this blog that is on the spiritual journey have been through a lot of pain because of that pain. Many time leads to a spiritual awakening, leads to us becoming more aware of who we are. What happens is we go through life, and we incarnate many times and to maybe families where they weren't completely aware of who they are. We had certain in a way, contract, or things that we signed up for sometimes even painful to then get to a place where then we can wake up and become more aware of who we are.

Along this process, we may feel very alone. We may not understand why certain things are happening, especially very painful things that are unimaginable to many different people or many, you know, and especially in higher realms. But nonetheless, we knew that if we'd go through it, we would learn a certain amount. This is one of the places where we forget who we are at such a deep level, but also a place where there's a lot of dualities, which means there's a lot of dark and light and the thing is though is because we forget who we are and we forget about this other side of reality that we're connected to right now and realize as well. Right now, some, I hear from Bashar a lot right now we are asleep in the higher dimensions dreaming. This is who we are. Now think about that.

You're such a high vibrational being, and it's not so much that you are a human being in this human body. You are a spiritual being right now that is dreaming, projecting your consciousness into this reality system where you're playing according to the rules because part of the rules of this reality is that we forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. Literally remember, reconnect to that awareness of who we are now because there is a level of difficulty here and because you are infinitely loved, and we're all connected by the way as well, you have spiritual guides that help guide you through this process. And every single person on this planet has spiritual guides.

Spiritual guides may come in different forms. They could be ancestors, could've been your grandparents, great grandparents, maybe even lineage you don't even know. Could be souls that you've known in different incarnations could be sold that you've known in different densities, maybe even different star systems. Understand you're an infinite spiritual being, thinking that you've only ever incarnated on earth is such a limited perspective. You're so vast that you have part portions of yourself, portions of your own solar, your consciousness in many different reality systems, which include different star systems.

It's about understanding and expanding that scope. That might seem weird, but it's only weird from the 3d physical ego that we have. Our spiritual guides may not just be from this reality. In general, we all have spiritual guides, and one of the things cool to recognize is that sometimes your spiritual guides may change. I know that my spirit guides will sometimes change based on the focus that I have, like depending on what my, so you might have spiritual guides that have a certain level of mastery with certain things that help you in certain phases of your life. Maybe you're getting ready, you know, I'm getting ready to go into a different, when I first started making YouTube videos, I believe I had different guides that came in that helped me to express myself, that helped me to make certain content and to get into the flow state.

Now that I'm getting ready to do live events, I believe that I have as well. We have many different guides, many times, not just one, many times, many, maybe three to five. I don't know the exact, you know, I think it depends, but I think that in general our guides will change as we go through different phases, different themes in our life. As I'm getting ready to do live events, I believe that I have a new portion, new energy that comes through as I'm doing and going through those motions as I'm going through those that changed my own life. I believe the same for you could mean that you're, you're jumping into a new phase of your life and you have spiritual guides that kind of changed themselves out, and you still have access to all of them, but maybe certain ones work with you more based on the energy of that guide, based on the intention of that guide.

The cool thing is knowing that you're never really alone kind of mess with you a little bit too, because then you'd be like at your house and your room, you're like, Oh, I'm not alone right now. But it's empowering to know you're not judged either. Your spiritual guides don't judge you. They're connected to you, they understand you, they understand your own thought process. The idea is you have your spiritual guides can read you as energy, and you can connect with them via that way. The things I want to share, the first thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is that your spiritual guides are always with you. If you want your space, you can still have your space. Understand that when you feel alone when you feel like you don't know the direction to go, you can ask for help from your guides because they're always with you.

You feel alone in the spiritual awakening process; you still have guides with you. But if you believe you don't have anybody with you, when you feel alone, you may not be able to perceive or communicate with them, and you communicate with them through synchronicity. You communicate through them through the ideas that you have. You communicate with them in many different ways. It doesn't have to be limited to like you're sitting there in meditation, just get this, you know this as an exact phrase. It happens in many different ways, and you get little signs. Your guides can give you signs, so the first thing they want you to know is that they are always with you. At some level, your spiritual guides are always with you. They want you to know that, and what you could do about that is you can open yourself up a little bit more to them, to your guides.

Set the intention to connect to your guides as well. Just to be clear that you don't connect to maybe, I don't know, some type of Astro being or something like that. The intention to divinely and with your heart connect your spiritual guides and to receive guidance from them right now. Set the intention that before the end of the day today, they send you some type of message, whether it's in synchronicity, whether it's in some type of idea that you have, whether it's in some a word or phrase or symbol that you get in reality. Set the intention right now; it didn't see what begins to happen. The second thing your spiritual guides want you to know is they do not control you. They guide you if you want it. It's like a guide that's bringing you on a hike. You can choose to follow the guide, but you don't have to.

There are no rules that say that. If you don't, then you get, you get punished. However, your spiritual guy, you have a certain life path that you've chosen, so in a way, when you're on a certain path, you will, you'll get synchronicity and signs that you're on the right path and your guides will help you with that. Sometimes your guides may help you stay on that path, which means that if you are doing something that is against your own integrity, something that is against going on that path, they may kind of show you synchronicity that helps you, but it's for your best benefit. It's to help you not to, not because you, you aren't acting according to their ego. They're in the spirit realm. They can see your past future and present in physical reality. We can develop the ability to see that more. But the here and now we're mainly focused on now, so your spirits.

If you feel like they're getting mad at you and they want you to do different things and those probably aren't your spiritual guides, or your spiritual guides are unconditional loving towards you. Understand that as well. Your spiritual guides do not control you, but your spirit guides do guide you, and they do things for your best interests. Any things that happen in your physical life are reflections of what you've agreed to. At the spirit level, you experience negative synchronicity, then negative synchronicity serves a positive purpose. It keeps you in and keeps you on track and from going on too much of a tangent, which may include a different parallel reality timeline, but you don't prefer to experience. The third thing your spiritual guides want you to know is that some of your guides, they may actually be you, literally you from the future or the past.

For example, you may have a future incarnation, and different star system, and that version of you may be here helping you guide because as that future version of you guides you here, it then changes their probable futures as well. It's above. Below right now there's a consciousness shift happening on the planet and this consciousness shift that's happening as we, one of the reasons many of us came back as Lightworkers and star seats is because we came here now because this is a pivotal time of transformation and as we change right now, we change the probable futures and the probable past that we've had — in a way, healing our past and future now. We came from, many of us came from the idea of the future, but we have spiritual guides that also are other versions of us. We think, Oh, it's an ancestor from here.

Maybe, it still could be. But a lot of times I think we have actual other versions of us and different star systems. Like, if you know of Bashar Darrell Inca, who's been channeling Bashar for over 30 something years, that is his future self. That is then channeling as in; it's like a telephone connection that he has. When he gets into a certain frequency that then information flows through, that's literally his future cell. Maybe his future-self came back here to help earth wake up. That's what he says he normally happens because his future self is what is called the first contact specialist. Somebody that helps civilizations become ready for interacting with other civilizations. But the way that he is able actually to influence and have power is he acts. He actually has to incarnate into the system itself to then have that connection. That's what he did, is he incarnated into the earth as Daryl, and now he has this connection.

He's able to bring through this high vibrational information and be able to help people. That's his future self, though. In a way, that could be one of the spiritual guides that he's also channeling in this reality. Many times, your spiritual guides may be future and past versions of you. And I know for myself that I've connected to future versions of me and different star systems. We all have them. I know it sounds a little, but it's the way you go deep within yourself. You may find that that's true for you too, so it could be a grandma, could be some type of an ancestor. It could be some type of guide, someone that you've known in past lives, but it could also be another version of you. The fourth thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is something that is a lifelong challenge for me.

That is to be patient, be patient. You may want things to happen very quickly. You may want things all now but understand this as well. When it comes to manifestation, if you had all the food you were ever going to eat ever in your whole entire life right now in front of you, it'd be a waste. If you had everything you could ever manage it, you know in the higher realms, you think it and it happens. You came here to experience a longer delay, a longer to be able to experience more things, things over time rather than not all at once. The thing to remember is to be patient. You came here to go through a process, and sometimes even I am like all pump pressure on myself to do this. I should have been doing events months ago and all of these things.

But then I realize I need to go through my own inner process so that I am developed to a level to where then when I'm doing live events, I'm in a certain state that then energy is transferred. It's more powerful, but be patient, and your spiritual guides want you to remember to be patient. What's the rush you have? You have the ability in the by being patient, by being more here now you will enjoy the process more, I mean designs. Then those things will happen easier and quicker. At least the perception of it will feel like it's quicker. But the thing to remember is that you are an infinite spiritual being and that the more you focus on enjoying the moment, the more things happen easier anyways, but be patient think great things are coming.

But you have to remember that if you try to rush the process, you're trying to escape the moment butches up the vibration, trust, and know that it's all happening according to the, to the plan of your higher self. This is also you at a higher level, and your higher self in a way has homeys and as homeys are spiritual guides and maybe keeping your higher self as a form of spiritual guide as well. Another aspect of you is your homie. That's something else that your spiritual guides want you to remember as well. The fifth thing that your spiritual guides want you to know is just how brave you were to even come here on earth to incarnate, to go through the levels of forgetfulness that all of us have had to come here to help the world, the mother, mother, Gaia, and the beans here to wake up more. If you're reading this blog, then you best believe you are the cutting edge.

Most of the collective is still deeply asleep. You are at the cutting edge, and you're alive right now in the Dolores cannon books there were, there were mentions that there are so many souls that want to be here right now that there's like a very long waiting list because many people just want to be able to say, I was here on earth for that huge time of transformation. They just want to say they were here. There were visions in that Dolores Cannon material that said that some people, some souls chose to be here just to go through. You know that they may have just came here to be someone in a third world country that was born and then died in like a year, but they were able to say they were here, and they were grateful for that. Think of it as you are not only here, but you are aware of this information. You are helping other people to wake up. It is the most important time to be alive on this planet ever before. I believe we've made it. We've waited lifetimes to be here right now to go through this transformation that's happening, and we're doing it embody.

We're doing it here. We're going through this transformation. We're raising our vibration as we raise our vibration, things in our life begin to change more powerfully than ever before. But in general, your spiritual guides want you to know that you are holding complete, that you are powerful, that you have free will. They're here. They're here to guide you along the process. They are here to help you give you certain synchronicities that aren't always the most pleasant, but it's for your own good to keep you on a certain timeline. And the more that you start to tap into the connection you have with your guides, the more relationship you have. To realize you're not old, you're not ever alone.

You always have spiritual guides there with you. The key is, are you listening to their messages? Are you open to their messages? Many of them are other aspects of you. There's nothing to be afraid of what benefits you. But if it's them, you came here; you're a powerful being. Right now, on the planet is a time to really become aware of this. I was recently had a Rhythmia, and I met somebody this place in Costa Rica. It's a life transformation spa, a place. I was here with like 60 other subscribers from Leeor, Victor, and my audience. It was so cool to meet so many people. And one of the things, two or three people told me was how powerful a higher-self meditation that I have on YouTube is just a higher-self meditation.


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