3 Types of Attachments that Are BLOCKING Money, Love and Success (instead, do this)


I'm going to be sharing with you the three types of attachments that are blocking your manifestations from happening. I'm going to show you exactly what to do instead.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three different types of attachments that are blocking manifestations from coming into your life. Understand a lot of reality has to do with vibrational resonance. This is something that I have also shared before. The vibration of wanting something is different than the vibration of having something. If you say, I really, really want this, that implies a sense of lack in the vibration of having it is almost like a complete, it is. It's a completely different radio station. One is emphasizing I lack. Therefore, I want. The other one is saying that I have it, I am it.

There are two different forms of the understanding manifestation process. The thing that a lot of times keeps people from moving into the having vibration is they are attached to things that aren't actually serving them, that are attached to their thing. Those things I'll be sharing with you in this blog. Understand that a lot of raising our vibration as well is about recognizing our vibration, where it's at, and then letting go of the things that are bringing us down, letting go, the things that are keeping us in low vibration.

For example, for me, this was back in the day, taking something like Adderall that was keeping me in low vibration or even something like smoking weed. Although a lot of people think that it's a very high vibrational thing, it depends on where you are on the vibrational scale. If you are at the cause, weed itself resonates at about 300 on that scale of zero to a thousand with a thousand being the highest and the lower vibrations being like 200 and below.

For sometimes, it may make you feel better, but the idea is at a certain point, once you do the inner work, your vibration will rise. And when that happens, when you do certain things that actually bring your vibration down. If you were to remain attached to that thing and keep doing it because it served you for a period of time, it would keep you in a low vibration, unable to get to the higher state of being. And now understand, the more you raise your vibration, the easier things manifest. The more you raise your vibration, the easier things to manifest.

Before I get to those three things as well; the other thing I want to share with you is that in this reality, we forget that we are eternal. Spiritual beings have been temporary human experiences. We forget that, and we forget that we are also being guided by our higher selves. Our higher selves are guiding us. What happens is the job of our ego is to align. The job of our ego is to identify what it likes, what it dislikes, identify a certain sense of direction to commit, and use willpower. That's the job of the ego. But when it comes to this, sometimes what will happen is people will assume that their ego has to do everything.

The ego has to do everything, and when that happens, the ego will feel like it literally has a burden on its back. It'll feel like it's heavy, and it's hard for it actually to do things. The key is remembering, as well. We are guided through this process. You don't have to remain attached to things that aren't serving you. You can be guided and understand that you are guided; you are guided by your higher self. You are guided by spirit, whatever labels you want to give it.

But that recognition makes this process so much easier. The first type of attachment that people have trouble with and that I've seen so often is the attachment to thinking. We are attached to our thoughts. We not only are attached to our thoughts; we think we literally are our thoughts. If we have some negative thoughts, we may say I'm a negative person. We then give that thought, which is just a thought that's coming through the mind.

We then identify it, and we then relate to it in a way to where we then internalize it, and the thing is we are not our thinking. We may think thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. The other part of manifestation I want to talk about with this is many people have a cluttered mind. Their mind is just on autopilot. Their mind is just as so many different things in it that they can't actually focus on one thing at a time, and what happens is when we have such chaotic thoughts, when there's, it goes going in so many different directions, we can't actually gain momentum in the process of manifestation.

Think about that. Also, think about this. This is something I think is pretty cool. I read that I always promote the book autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. In that book, you have some enlightened gurus and paramount you are going on to meet him on his path to enlightenment? Well, some of them that he meets can literally make things manifest instantly. They can do things that we would consider to be magic in our reality.

And why could they do things like this? Well, the reason being part of it is they have such clear focus and such clear thoughts. It's just one thought. It happens. Whereas most people are like one thought but 6,000 thousand thoughts in their mind at the same time. It doesn't gain as much momentum. This is about understanding that process of observing our thoughts more often because then you make more space through your mind and through your, through your energy field for things like this to happen. But attachment to thinking will stop manifestation in its tracks, especially when you start to overt, we start to identify with overthinking, or you start to overly identify with your thoughts in general.

Observing your thoughts for just five or 10 minutes a day has changed my life so much. When I wake up every morning, I observe my thoughts for five or 10 minutes minimum. I normally have a separate space that I go to do this. I sit down, and I observed them as they come in as they got. The trick to this, by the way, is to observe from a neutral point of view and not try to control, allow them to be there. The paradox is that when you allow your thoughts to be there, they naturally begin to go away, and they start to calm down. Realize that you may think that, but you are not your thoughts, and if you are attached to you thinking you are your thoughts, you're no over-thinker. You're a negative person; you're shy, you're all of these things.

Then your identity is getting lust with something that is not even you, and that's keeping you from being what you want and be who you want. Think about it. You may have the thought; I am this. I back in the day, I was a shoe salesperson. I am a shoe salesperson, which then immediately is a label that limits me. Being a YouTuber limits me, expressing myself. These labels limit, and if we think we are these labels, then guess what? It starts to limit us as well because the other part of this as well for manifestation is our self-image.

How do we see ourselves? We will always do everything we can to remain consistent with the way that we define ourselves, and then if there's a certain label, we define ourselves as subconsciously, we keep that thing going. Attachment and thinking, let go of your attachment to the thinking, and you will find that things happen so much easier. The second type of attachment that is blocking your manifestations from happening is your attachment to outcome, your attachment to the outcome. The mind thinks that it needs to understand exactly how everything should happen, but you see, the thing is that's not the mind.

That's not the actual ego's job. The ego's job is to focus and to figure out what to think about that. It's like you want to say, and you wanted to go full time doing what you love. Okay, what is it going full time doing what you love? The idea is to start taking action and do things that you're passionate about in the direction of that, but if you have in your mind a blueprint of exactly how it should happen that many times will block other opportunities from coming to your life. Imagine somebody that wants to attract a relationship into their life.

Imagine somebody that's like, okay, this is how it's going to happen. I'm going to go to this shop. I'm going to see this type of person. They're going to look at me a certain way, and then this is going to happen. Well, what you've been done is you limited yourself so that the only possible way for this person to come into your life is this one blueprint inside your own mind.

They give you this analogy as well. I hear this from Beshara for a long time. This is your ego-mind. This is your higher mind. The best-case scenario for your ego-mind, which is that ceiling is the floor of the higher mind, so your higher mind can think of even more amazing things and maybe if you got out and you did things you haven't done before, you put yourself in uncertain situations to where then magical things had come to you. A lot of times, people aren't autopilot doing the same things every day, experiencing the same things, therefore getting the same results.

You get into a new situation. You allow things to come to you much easier, so don't be attached to how things happen. Don't be attached and think that that's your job. Your job is to focus on your state of being. The true degree of change is not whether anything on the outside changes. It's whether you've changed on the inside, even if the outside remains the same. The paradox is that once you get to that state, the outer reflection can't help but change because it's just a mere just doing his job, the mirror of reality. It's reflecting back to us.

Attachment to Alex, cover how things happen. Let go. And here's the thing too. When something happens that you think is going to negate your manifestation, don't give it the meaning that it means it's not going to happen. Give it the meaning that it's going to lead you to something else that's going to put you in the direction of attaining it. There are many people that have been through failure, another failure, another failure, and then they succeed.

But the thing is if you give up on the second one or the first one, you don't actually get to that. It's like that meme if you've ever seen it where there's somebody that's with a pitch wasn't getting to the end where there's gold going through like the ditch or going through the underground so close, but it gives up right before he's about to strike a goal. But there's someone else that's almost there that's doing the same thing that keeps ongoing. Trust that process. Understand you don't have to understand all the blueprint in the mind of exactly how it's going to happen. Let the universe surprise you. Let your higher-self surprise you. Let it be a surprise. Don't try to control everything. Controlling everything, so it causes resistance, controlling everything that's causes suffering.

All suffering comes from attachment. Now the third type and form of attachment that is ruining your manifestations is your attachment to people. It's your attachment to people. I see a lot of people that have an attachment to how someone else app acts like who they are not liking certain parts of their personality, their family members talking to them a certain way. There are all these rules about how certain people have to be, and sometimes it's talking about some of those. That's the other day. Sometimes, for example, say somebody doesn't want you to do something. Sometimes subconsciously, you will rebel against somebody that doesn't want you to do something, and you may do the opposite just because they don't want you to do it because there is a feeling there, like a feeling of resistance that you feel from the other person.

You're just doing what you think is the path of least resistance. But really, it's the opposite, and you're just doing it because it's almost like a, an assertion of your own power. You don't want to give your power away, so you do it. The reason I say this is because people are attached to how other people are. Many people are attached to how things happen, and the key to this is aware that when you can let go of the how and you can just trust the process, things will happen even more magically for you. But let people be the way that they are. I remember, especially back then, I was so focused on trying to change everyone else.

I remember when I went through my spiritual awakening, I was so excited to learn about how our thoughts create our reality and how we're eternal spiritual beams of intemperate human experiences that I went out and I shared this information with everybody, and I was so attached to how they thought about it. I was so attached to whether they got on board, they started meditating, and people didn't do that. Those like people can feel the resistance from me of me wanting to happen, direct them down a certain way.

Cause I changed so much that I wanted other people to experience that powerful transformation, but I was trying to control them instead of allowing them to come to their own conclusions. Then what I did is I said, you know what? I'm just going to focus on myself. I spent years focusing on myself that I started my YouTube channel. That everything gets a certain amount of attention to where those people that used to think what I was doing is weird. I think what I'm doing is really cool and they want to know more. The reason I say this as I am now not attached to what they think, I'm not attached to what they do, but yet they're doing.

Everything's being gravitated towards me easier than ever. Don't be attached to what people do. Don't be attached to who comes to you like you. Many people get attached to the outcome, to expectation, and to control other people, and that's what keeps them from actually manifesting what they want and allowing things to take its natural course, allowing things to take its natural course. Trust this process. What do you do instead of all of this? What do you do instead of trying really hard, because understand as well that when we have these forms of attachments, a lot of times we put them on a big old pedestal and then we vibrationally separate ourselves from it.

We make it very important. The moment we make an important is we are saying that it's not linked up to our current identity. It's up there, and that keeps us vibrationally separated from it. The solution to this is to instead see these things as natural. You are the type of person that is carefree. Change at the identity level from the self-image. Understand that you are needy. You're not a needy person. You don't need other people to conform to all your beliefs. You don't need to control everything in reality and try to make everything the way that you think you could. It has to be the kind of person that can relax. Be the kind of person that it's natural for you to let the universe do its thing.

Yes, you could still take action. You can still do what you're passionate about, but be aware of this, this balance of walking, the balance between this middle way of one, taking action, doing what you're passionate about, having a vision, but don't be attached to how that vision manifests and don't be attached to every step along the way of every little part of it. Let go of the outcome. Let go of how people are and let people be. The moment you get to this level of surrender is the moment that everything in your life will begin to change the pathway, and the cure to everything I'm sharing with you today is simply to surrender, letting go, surrender, letting go, let go, release.

Ask yourself sometimes you like to believe that you need to control everything. Maybe something happened in the past; you had to control it. I realized that my ego had a very strong inclination of control, different aspects of my business, different aspects of my life. I realized this when I was in Costa Rica like a year ago, and what I realized was that I had such an attachment to how things happen that it was developed from when I went through pain in my childhood because in a moment I decided this is how I have to be.

I have to control things in order for me to survive, so therefore I kept that on autopilot. I had to control every aspect of my business. Then I went full time doing what I love through controlling my willpower and all these things, and now I thought, oh, I always have to do this. But then I realized, wait, I can let go. I can surrender and allow surrender and allow. You might also be at a certain place where maybe what you need to hear is to have the vision to take action and be passionate about that vision. Or maybe you need to hear about surrendering and letting go cause you're trying too hard.

You're trying to control everything and most likely to click on a video that's about the three types of attachments you might be in that place. But the key to this remember is let go and surrender.  Trust the higher mind to bring these things to you. Trust that you can allow people to be trusted, that you don't need to control every aspect of your life. Trust that the vision that you have can come to manifest.

Trust that the higher self is guiding you, and the universe is supporting you every step along the way and trust that any time something happens that you think is not a part of the plan, realize it is a part of the plan. It's just putting you into a new, into a new direction, or to a direction that gets you there easier. That reframe changes everything.


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