5 Ways to Change Your Dominant Vibration Permanently in 2020


I'm going to show you five ways of changing your dominant vibration in the year 2020. These are things that when you raise it to a new level and if you even follow one of these, that's exactly what it'll do.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those five ways you can go about changing your dominant vibration, and just to give this blog a little more context, I'm going to show my hand today. The chart right here. It's not my handy dandy chart. It's from the book called power versus force. It's called the charter consciousness, and it's what's mostly referred to us. As you'll see on this chart, you'll see that the emotions of the lower vibrational emotions at the bottom, such as guilt, such a shame, so just fear that eventually you see anger.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Then eventually you'll see neutrality, then willingness, that acceptance, then reasoning and love, joy, peace, enlightenment. This chart of consciousness reveals what and the different levels that we move through as we raise our level of consciousness. The thing is there certain habits we have that may keep us in certain vibrations. There are certain stories we have about the meanings we've given to things in the past that keep us within a certain frequency within that range and what I'm going to be sharing these five different ways you can move up that scale so that you raise your vibration. Understand when you raise your vibration, you feel higher vibration, emotion.

This is a high vibrational beam that went through a process of forgetting who you are going through different reference experiences. Sometimes many painful things and then the idea and the intention is to remember then who you are. When you remember who you are, you didn't let go of everything that's not you, which are the different perspectives you might have about who you think you are that have caused you to feel the lower vibration of emotion. Every single one of us has a vibrational set point, a certain vibration that we are at a majority of the time, and whatever that we are at a majority of the time, we're going to experience more and more in our life. We're going to find other people at the same level of consciousness.

If you're at the level of willpower, you're going to meet a lot of other people that feel proud and have that level of willpower and are, are want to go towards their dreams. If you are at the level of apathy or the level of fear, you might find yourself around a lot of other fearful people because of resonance. So, this blog is basically going to show you the five different things you can do for 2020. Because as time goes on, I think the vibration continues. There's more and more transformation, I believe, happening for many people. And I think that's one of the main reasons we're here is to go through this transformation to go through a transformation of consciousness. The first thing you can do in order to change your dominant vibration, if dominant vibration means the feeling that you have a majority of the time, maybe it's a certain emotion you find yourself always gravitating towards.

The first way you can go about this in 2020, and the first thing I highly recommend, is to find one person in your life that has done something negative to you, something bad to you, and forgive them. This is why when we have a thing that somebody did to us, and we hold it in our mind, and we haven't forgiven them, we hold it within our energetic field. Then what we do is we go out into the world, and we have the story in the back of their mind. Like, this person did this to me a long time ago, and sometimes it can be very dramatic traumatic things, but when we have that thing in the back of our mind, that power dynamic, that vibration dynamic, we then go out into the world, and we'll find ourselves meeting other people that reflect that back to us until we actually deal with it. The analogy or the example from my own life that I have from this is even after my abusive ex stepmom was in my life between seven and 15 years old. What happened is when I was 15 years old, my dad divorced.

However, when she was very controlling and mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive or whatever. What happened was, one of the first girlfriends I had, after she left my life, was a very controlling, very similar type of power dynamic, always telling me what to do and very jealous. A lot of times, I felt like I had to like bring her up all of the time, very similar to my ex stepmom, who was always in a very kind of a negative state and wanted to bring other people down into it. The irony is I broke up with her like four years later when I was working at Nordstrom's. Within a week, I got promoted to a new department. I went from BP shoes, brass plum shoes at Nordstrom's, which is like the lower end shoes, a certain brand of shoes.

Then I got moved to the salon shoes. Salon shoes were a more expensive designer brand. It was a sales commission job. That was definitely considered a promotion. The manager of salon shoes had almost the same exact type of personality as my ex stepmom. She couldn't physically do anything to us as employees, but mentally, emotionally, and in other ways. She was able to do things like that, and it was crazy. Everyone in the department tried for so long because she would do some of the most bizarre mean things to people out in front of customers, like the craziest things, and she gets away with it. Then for years, we tried to get her out. We tried to like bring it to HR, but she was protected by HR. Then I went through a process of forgiving my ex stepmom.

I went through a process of completing the past, and when I did that within two weeks, she got fired. Is it because I did that and then she got fired? I don't know. All I'm saying is that I believe our reality is a reflection of our energy, and I completed that within myself, and then she no longer served me in my life anymore. Then she left. All I'm saying is that if you do the inner work, you might find that certain people that no longer resonate with you having to get the pattern or remember and understand that you can let go and forgive. Then you let go of it in your energetic field. You no longer need to repeat the past. When you complete the past, you no longer have to repeat the past. One of the easiest ways to forgive as well is to realize that they know not what they do.

They know not what they do. They're doing what they're doing from their same level of consciousness. You know that scale of consciousness. Imagine that low. They're at the level of anger, they're taking out their anger on everyone else, and it makes it easier to understand that they're just kind of caught up in their own level of consciousness. We don't have to take it personally. People always make choices from their level of consciousness. Then I look at my ex stepmom, for example, she was abused when she was a kid. She was treated in a very negative way as well. In a way, you know the statement hurt people hurt people. She was someone else who heard that was doing it. Does it make it right? Does that mean, Oh I enjoy all those times? I went through that stuff, but it does help me understand a little bit more.

In that understanding, I can forgive when I forgive it left my energy field. I've never had to deal with a woman in my life again. It was always women too. It's interesting; I never had to deal with that again, though. If it does come up is I'm able to see it. I don't go into it, but I know I've never had an even deal with it. The thing for 2020 I recommend you do is to forgive somebody that's done something to you. You let go of it from your energetic field, and you find that then your level of vibration is able to raise because you don't have that thing tempting you or bringing you down in the lower vibration.  When you look at this vibration right here, you will see that of all of those emotions.

You'll see, at a certain point, one of the things that changed my life the most, and that's why it's the second thing on this list. The second way you can change your dominant vibration is by implementing a level of meditation. Meditation will resonate at 250 or above that of neutrality. I am able to observe my thoughts. When I learned meditation back in 2012, my whole entire life changed. I was able to observe my thoughts and then realize that I may think thoughts, but I thought I was all these things when I learned how to observe it, and to let it be there, it would come in and go out. For 2020 what I recommend you do is bring in some type of meditation practice, which will help you to neutralize any of the lower vibrational emotions.

Here's the thing, doing it once or twice might not have a profound difference, but if you do it every single day for weeks, I promise you it will change your life in very powerful ways. That's at the level of 250 that's at the level of neutrality. For the first one, I have that whole point of Ho'oponopono, that you can listen to. The more you listen to it, the more you say it as well, the more it begins to change the energy field in your body. I went linked up below as well. But that's one of the most powerful ways you can change your vibration and listen to it for 21 days. Watch how your life you get to change. The second one is bringing in a meditation practice, which is that resonates and calibrates at two 50 now the next calibration is going to be something to do at the level of 310 what you will see is willpower.

What I recommend you do is you find one thing you do every single day that brings you closer to your passion, into your dream, or to your vision. And if you don't know what that is, you set the intention to find out what it is. The intention is a very powerful thing, so the attention to figure it out, let go of the outcome and see what like flows into your life. Now willpower is that three 10 you do when one thing every day that is a part of who you are now. Realize in life you don't always get that which you want. You always get that which you are. You will always get a reflection of who you are. With willpower, what I recommend you do is identify the best possible version of you that you prefer to be and notice what that version of you does every single day.

Do that thing every day. That's what I did. I decided, Oh the version of me that does, the way I prefer to be is making daily videos. You've probably heard me tell the story a million times. But basically, what happened is I was working at a nine to five job at Barneys New York, and I said, Oh, I want to be making videos. That's what I did is I started making videos every single day. And I've done that for about three years now. My life has dramatically changed. But remember, this is what I was talking about with the meditation. Do it every day. Yet it gets a big difference. It tends to be Groundhog Day. For most of us, our vibration is on autopilot based on the things we do, consistently, how we think, feel, and act every single day. If you bring in meditation practice, such a reputation practice, or a practice of you doing what you're passionate about every day, that will change your vibration.

One of the highest vibrations you can have is doing what you're passionate about. Find out what that is at the intention of finding out what that is and realize that the more you decide to do it, the more you're bringing that energy into your life. The fastest way to raise your vibration is to let go. But it's also to be who you really are. And I believe that your passion when you're doing what you're passionate about, that is who you really are. The fourth way that you can raise your dominant vibration in 2020 is that of understanding the level of reasoning into four hundred and the five hundred. 400 is reasoning. It is the intellect; it is the mind. And it's like us realizing a lot of what I teach is your beliefs. Create your reality, become aware of your beliefs.

Are they able to change your life? That's at the level of the identity, and it can be very powerful, but there's a way to go beyond the identity Brady to go beyond the current belief system. That is to do something you have never done before, to look at your current identity, to realize there's a current way you think, feel, and act that has been on autopilot. Do something your current identity would never do. By doing that, you get out of that reasoning box and into love and do something that challenges that old belief system. For example, last year, going in 2019, I never saw myself as somebody who danced. I would be like, Oh, I just, I just keep a beach. Dutch is the way I am. Oh, this feels so weird, and this is how I dance. But then what I realized is every opportunity I had, I would push myself to dance.

Not, I mean, not every hour. It's almost like I was like; I'll have the opportunity to dance right now. I don't know. This blog is how I dance anyways, but here's what, here's what I realized is by doing that, I began to tear apart that old identity. When we were at that place in Costa Rica, there was a static dance workshop as my old identity would have never gone to that. It wouldn't fit into the belief systems about who I am. What I did is I said, that's why I'm gone. Then I went to that Tony Robbins event, which is six days long, 13 hour days in a 40-degree room. And what I did, I mean partially you're just dancing because you're trying to warm your body up. It's like 40 degrees. It's so gold. But you at six days of dancing pretty much as it's really dating with dancing.

I mean it's a date with destiny, it's awesome, but you're dancing a lot, and by doing that, so I just see myself differently. I started to challenge that old belief system, that old reasoning, and one of the things you could do is to decide to do something that challenges the old belief system of your somebody. I was like, I would never do yoga. That's even more of a reason to do that. There are certain things that I would never do, and I'm going to, I'm going to do that. Do you know what I mean? Try some type of food you've never tried before. Break out of the old belief system, and as you do, you might find that you start to get to a new state. The fifth thing you could do in order to raise your vibration to the higher state is an esoteric concept that I really believe in. If you look at the scale, you see that of reasoning and then you'll see that of love. Now something else you could do is realize the universe.

We're all connected. Every single one of us on this planet is connected. What you put out, let you get back. Because what you do to someone else do you do to another aspect of yourself? When you have this intention of adding value to other people, it's magical. It's almost like, you know, actually I heard this at the Tony Robbins conference, you'll see it a lot of times people if they have just intention of like bettering themselves, there's a certain level of resource energy the universe gives them. If then that person has a kid and a wife or a kid in a draw for whatever, then what might happen is they have more of a reason to push themselves for success, and they have more.

This for more people. If you then extend that out to your community and your why is to help your community, you have a new level of resources available for you. If you want to help all of the whole world, there's going to be a new level of resources given to you. The more people, the more you want to add value is, the more that then there is that kind of value that can be added to you. Something else that I have as well that is going to go live or already went live is on January 1st it is that of a meditation that is for changing your dominant vibration permanently. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. Take any of these five things, apply them in your life, watch how your life changes. Do that meditation for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.