Starseed Origins: How to find YOUR Starseed Origin with Bridget Nielsen

We’re going to be sharing with you your star seed origin and show you a process that you can use to find out which star systems you're connected to. I'm with Brigitte Nielsen and we're going to get into the video right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm here today with Brigitte Nielsen. Hey guys. And she's going to be sharing some info with us. She's very well known for what she does on her YouTube channel. I'm going to go ahead and link up below. She talks a lot about anything to do with Starseeds multidimensionality personal development, Law of Attraction. You share a little bit of everything, but she's really an expert as well with everything that I'm going to be talking about today.

I thought it was perfect to bring her on. I came to a Leo and I came to Sedona for like four days and she lives here. We just thought let's make a video together and let's go over and learn more about this. Recently on the channel, I've been sharing information on starseeds, understanding that we are multidimensional beings.

Something that I tell a lot of people as well because some people thinks about the age like, oh if I'm going to add to be a certain age to be a star seed. But what I say is every single person on the planet is a star seed because we're all multidimensional. Right. But the question is how aware of it are we in the ones waking up now our star seats because they're meant to like plant the seeds of waking other people up. Definitely.

Molly that and I love that. And expanding into those that remember or have connections to the stars. Maybe those future lives or past lives connected at the stars and they can bring through those higher transmissions into life here on earth. And the play eighties are actually considered to be more of a futuristic type civilization that they came back in time incarnated into this reality because from what I understand as well as, as we change here, we change there as well. We were evolving here from three to five or three to four d and there were moving from five to six or that's the way we would understand it.

In general, the question I get a lot from people is how do we know which stars Simpsons were connected to it? Firstly, we can be more connected to more than one-star system and we most likely are, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay, cool. Yeah. I mean I'm sitting here with you and I'm like, I feel the palladium thing, but I also feel the Syrian thing. Really. Yeah. I feel that as well. I've always felt a really strong connection to a dolphin, which I know are very Syrian type of energy. Right?

Absolutely. Yeah. That's funny how that works then. Yeah. There are some of the characteristics. Like as I'm like looking at Aaron and like I feel this energy, as one of the characteristics for instance of Syrians, is like having a really like warm energy and there is this almost like kind of ocean vibration. Yeah. Which ends up being like there is this, it's the dog stars.

There's also this vibration that's connected to being like kind of almost like a teddy bear, like a really warm person. That's one of like kind of the soul energies that like I sense from the Syrians. Oh Wow. Yeah. But people that have connections, like if you have that connection with like the dolphins are the whales and that's been strong for you. A lot of people have dreams about those kinds of connections and that's like them coming to you.

And then of course, which we're going to get into. And I think a second like looking at serious, like looking at the actual physical stars and feeling that bond, that connection she was telling me about, I know it's coming. It's really cool to be able to find out ways of knowing which ones you're connected to.

Do you know what I mean? In general, at first it can be known that many of us have many different connections, so it's not an, and we're meant to be here right now having a human experience as well, because sometimes people are like, oh, I'm yet, but you know, I wanted to go back to the ladies. It's like you're there right now. And in a dream state, you're probably awake there at certain levels, you know what I mean? Totally. Yeah. It's all about being here and it's about bringing the vibrations of those stars.

Are those higher densities to earth? Yes. I like that. Yeah. Almost like bringing that warm energy that you're talking about Siri and energy and whatever the purposes or the energy of that, bringing it here to share, just like the pleadings are very compassionate and heart-centered. Bringing that here because the world needs it right now. Absolutely. Okay, cool. It's really about being a transmitter vessel of that frequency in which you already readily like that.

Yeah. Right? Yeah. You're like the like antenna for like on earth for the stars and you're like bringing it through and radiating. Wow. Everyone listening to this first off is a star seed, especially because they would even click on the video at this point that says Starseed what did he just starts at the origin. Yeah. We can let you guys know that jar stars these and let's go on and go over a couple.

I know you're really tapping into the energy. Maybe what are the most common ones that you say you've seen with people like Pleiadians and Syrians and what are some of the most common ones and maybe some of the traits that go with it. Yeah. What would those be for you to do you think that you'd seen a lot of? Our terrain is like a very common one. A very, they're very connected in healing the emotional body.

They are also very technical and have done a lot with genetics, but especially like they help moderate and like modulate the emotional bodies of humans coming into earth and humans leaving earth, which is pretty interesting. And so if people have that connection like, but maybe like birth or deck and helping people through those transitions. Oh, interesting. That can be an art drain connection.

Well as, again, like the genetic modification and experimentation and those kinds of things. A lot of people that have our terrain stronger train connections have seen lots of colors really. I know that sounds like a strange one, but there's kind of these like really electric colors that I, that they see in forms of ships are like in their mind's eyes that I've seen a lot of people have. Wow. Maybe if you're a very visual and more specifically visual with colors and colors pop out at you or you see things or maybe see auras or something. That could be a very connection to yup.

Arc tourists. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. What would be another one? Sorry, maybe we'll give him three or four. Our tourists and then, well, let's talk about playing. Yes. Palladian I like it. I like it. I cannot, we moved out of those, I guess you this question, what connections do you feel you have? I mean I'm sure you, well in my astrology chart it actually says like as I well this is kind of personal bag as well.

Yeah. I liked it. I liked doing things like this at my first breath please was rising on the horizon and I'm connected to like a star collective that was literally like a conglomeration of nonphysical beans that made up and comprised a star like in ladies. Wow. Yeah. Wow. There's that. And then I have had really deep recalls of being a leading man, dude, they're in the council and stuff. Those are just kind of like my personal connections. I mean, what, what have you felt from the Pleiades since you have that connection?

There was a moment when I was going through a spiritual awakening in 2012 and there was the moment I heard the word please, I got this buzz throughout my body. And then what happened was, is there was this symbol that was on, it was like this triangle symbol, a symbol that was purple and it had all these triangles in it.

And when I saw it, there was this jolt of energy that went through my body and I just felt like the strong connection to the Pleiades and then later on through like maybe a clairvoyant person, they like, I didn't lead them, I wasn't like, what do you see what the plays? They were like, okay, what connections do you see in like very strong pleading connection. You know, navy, that's the sexist term, you know, cause there's a lot of these as well that we share.

There are many other than like I that we share right now. But I felt a strong connection to that. The other thing was you ever heard of? I'm sure you've heard of someone speak or the language of light. Yes, I've heard that. I would say like I like to drive in the car. And I just felt that from an early age. I also felt like that had to do with something with the language of light, which I know is a way of communication actually.

A lot of the higher dimensions they communicate via telepathy, telepathy, they don't need words, but I felt the connection of those symbols and stuff. That's kind of where I felt my connection. It just comes. I kind of know, but like I said, I'm still mainly focused on her, you know what I mean? Bringing that energy through and having more compassionate energy with what I do in life.

And that's a good one. Cause I think like the Pleiades is really connected to the heart. Like they are like her activators. Yeah. They're here right now and they're helping us because we're going from a willpower control duality system to a heart-based love unity consciousness system. Right? Yeah. Okay, cool. We got our tourists, we got Siri that we already kind of explained Pleiades is heart-centered Focus Sirion to you can always bring in and call in like the blue light of serious for healing.

Particularly interesting. Yeah. Physical healing. Yup. Yeah. That's really good energy to bring it. Okay. Well and then let's talk about some not so pretty ones. Let's do it. No, I totally down. I love it as well. Like Orion, right? Yes. Cause I know so many people talk about like seeing the night sky and like always feeling that call to Orion and like, it's not as popular because like there's been some dark stuff going down there. It's all about resilience.

You will, there's the Red Tullian Park. There's a lot of stuff going on there and they, but they, there's a mass transformation from, from dark into light. And then they also kept their genetics as they have. It's kind of like that whole bloodline thing where you're keeping that bloodline so that there's a purity of vibration. Yeah. They kind of distorted that a bit. But there also is this purity of understanding vibration.

Like Orion has as well. And there's a lot of, you know, wars and different things that went on there. If people kind of has maybe black dick trauma or like darker things, it could be connected to that. And that's really important to like look at and engage with, cause we're playing out a lot of those energies on earth right now. Healing those and working through that. Right.

Scott was really helpful. It's interesting that here, right now there's this whole, Cosmo is all this stuff in the cosmos that's happening that we're connected to in dream state and we're connected to some different realities and it's all symbolic of the inner and the outer and as below, so below. We may be going through dramatic emotional trauma in our life, which may also be connected to a trauma that we had in Orion or even different star systems.

And it may be, it's all kind of inner plate that, so it's the, I guess that's also when we talk about integrating the shadow self, it's integrating these galactic parts of ourselves that may have felt ostracized. Yes. I'm certain planets that had stuff happen on it. You know, Troy, that's a pretty deep, deep shadow, you know, but it's really powerful to look at like it's like bringing in like very deep aspects of themselves.

Yeah. Yeah. That's really cool. With all this stuff, maybe you're asking yourself, how do I connect? And she has a cool process that we've been kind of talking about. Yeah. If you want to go on and share that, this is how you can know which star system you feel connected to. She has a process that she's going to share and it's something you can apply to find out which star system you're connected to. Not that it's the end all be all. If you don't know what it is, it's not the end of the world.

You are multidimensional, but this is a way if feel like, you know, I want to know the energy, I want to connect to this archetype. This is a way to go about it. Well said. One of the things that's a really helpful way. Because one of the things is we can get kind of in a box, even with just some of the few right famous, you know, star systems that were saying that were from, yeah.

But there's so more and it's just really important to start engaging like for us as a community with so many more energies wanting to come through. And what you can do is you can go out and actually gays and like take it in the transmission of the stars and like you said, set a really nice intention to set the intention.

Yeah. And then go out where you can see the stars. This may be if you're in Los Angeles, you're in Las Vegas or somewhere, maybe it means you do this on a road trip. You would set the intention, I want to feel what star system I'm connected to as I look up into the sky. Yes. Okay. That's the first step. You set that intention and then you let yourself kind of relax and fully dissolve at that any expectation and in that space taken and look at the whole sky and see which stars or see which app even could be.

Like their conscious, let me beans engaging with the collective. Yeah. Would be a collective consciousness that's saying, hey, we see your intention there. But like you are also maybe asking for your guides to help. Sometimes I just slowly, so you know, I want my guides to help me, my spiritual guides because we all have spiritual guides just like we're multidimensional set an intention to know which starts with says I'm connected to look up at the sky. And then you said something with an APP that helps. Then when it's nice to not know actually like what you're looking at. Right. And to just let it be what it is like it's inexperienced without the mind in it. Yup. And then afterward, once you had felt that transmission from a certain place, calling to get the star map out, and there's a lot of different star apps that you can use on your phone and then scan it and be like, oh my gosh, that was like older baron.

Or like, oh, this is the strange place I've never heard of. Right. But just because you've never heard of it doesn't mean that it doesn't have profound effects on next for you now. And maybe even just meditating on that, that word or that star system, even if it's not well known, you can't go on Google and read up all the traits of it. Maybe just doing that brings in more and more information and just energy. There's energy like this feels very compassionate with a little bit of an edge of like willpower, whatever it is, and you bring it through in your life and then you get more synchronicity in your life or whatever it is. And that's where this started. That's where like all these people online got it. It's like they had to bring down the rich. That's true. Yeah. Good point.

We're just doing it and expanding like our repertoire is like humans remembering our cosmic cells. It's a really fun way. And it's really just like powerful beyond just kind of like googling.  Do you know what I mean? Like that's ridiculous. It's really ridiculous. It has all say that a lot. And I'm just like, no, that's not true at all. Oh yes. I've heard, yeah, there's, it has nothing to do with the way that you look.

Maybe sometimes there's a resonance that comes through would be, but yeah. Yeah. That does not do with race or color. This is a temporary experience. But know that the steps that she just gave you are a powerful way to connect to the stars. Back to your star seed origins. You can look up online and kind of see which ones resonate with you. But you just experience it for yourself versus just reading stuff online and we encourage you to get out there. Bridget makes a lot of content on this kind of information.

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