Telepathy: How to Send Telepathic Messages


I'm going to show you how to send telepathic messages, the truth on telepathy, and what you can do to communicate in this fifth dimensional way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth about telepathy and not just telepathy, but understanding more about the connection that we all have to each other. As time goes on, as the vibration on the planet continues to rise, there'll be more and more ability for us to connect to each other without using so many words. What I'm going to share with you comes a little bit from my own experience. It comes a little bit from Bashar.

Every single one of us is connected. And think of it like this, this the way that I use it. This is the way I think about it. Our energy fields go around us. Our energy fields also go far, far, far out beyond what we can imagine. When we are all rout other people, we are immersed in each other's energy fields. When it comes to connecting to other people telepathically, it's there within our energy field regardless. It's simply about transmitting whatever that message is.

I'm going to show you how to transmit those messages, how to transmit those telepathic messages. And let me start by saying that I first started playing around this with this when I went through my spiritual awakening. Back in 2012, I went to my spiritual awakening, and I remember my brother Alex and me, we were like, the reality is so different than what we think.

This is so cool. What we did is my brother and me, Alex, what we do is we would do this thing where we would look each other like deepen the eyes, and we would send ideas, we would send, we would send messages, like some type of a, we would test each other. What we would do is we would pick a number between one and a hundred and what we would do is I would look deep into his eyes, and I would imagine that number going from my eyes and my head.

And then I would practice it in different ways. Either it has gone from my head and then into his, or a feeling or a mental picture. And I would try different things to see what worked. And we played, we played around with this for awhile, but after a while of playing around with it, we got pretty good. I remember there was one time it was like, okay, we're like, okay, let's try it again. We tried it again and the number was 67 and we looked at it and we did it. It was just like 67 and we were like, really?

Oh my God, what are the chances? You know that as one in a hundred but one in between one and 167 I'm like, what does it mean? Because we also realize that our mom, she was born in 1967 so was it some meaning like I didn't think of that. The meaning of 67 when I saw it. Oh, our mom's birthday. She was born in 1967 we didn't think of it like that. It was more so just he was just the number that came, and then he just looked at me and he goes, 67 I was like, yes, that's what it is.

And then we kept doing it and we were right majority of the time. And then eventually, and then eventually you start to doubt it and it starts to go away. But there were many times that we did it and it actually worked in the chances are one in a hundred now. What did we learn to do though, is it has to do with the emotion? Bashar says it like this. Telepathy is an emotion. It's a feeling. If you want to send a telepathic message to someone, it's more so about embodying a certain emotion and then using that emotion to project it.

And then when that person thinks of you, they think of whatever you're also thinking of. If they match the frequency of you, you see this is the game changer would tell empathy. And it's what Bashar says; this is what resonates with me. When you send a telepathic message to someone, it is not so much that that person is picking up on your message and then, and then receiving it and then sending you back a message. It's, it's just that you are having the same thoughts at the same time.

It's like there are these different wavelengths and when you send a telepathic message, there's this wave lake that you're matching. And when you're thinking of someone else, if they matched that wavelength as well, you then have that message, that telepathic message, but it's simply a frequency. In the same way, one thing that happened with a, I went and saw Bashar about four or five months ago.

That was pretty cool. One of the questions that I asked Bashar, as I said, I talked to all archetypes. Archetypes are these collective unconscious energies that exist in our reality. We have the hero; we have the joker, we have all these different archetypes. And my question to him was how much power do these archetypes have over us? How much do they influence us? And what he said is a similar thing. He said that it's all frequency.

It's all frequency. We can choose to match, or we can choose not to match, but it all exists here, and now in the same way when it comes to sending a telepathic message, I'm going to share with you exactly how to do that in a second. But when it comes to the telepathic message, it's just frequency. We have the energetic fields we pick up on the frequency, and it's not so much that you are projecting out something as it is that you are emitting a certain frequency and when someone else thinks of you, they could feel that off of you.

Let's talk a little bit more about energy for another second because you'll understand what I mean by this. Many people that are going to want to send a telepathic message may want to send a certain emotion or send some, have some type of a motive with it. Here's the key though. When you send a telepathic message, how you feel is going to be what they feel, but what you don't want to do is you do not want to manipulate. You don't want to manipulate anyone. You don't want to send a telepathic message so that they call you.

What you want to do instead is you want to focus on yourself. You see if you really, really want someone to call you. When you think of them, and you imagine them calling you, you're trying to control them. You're trying to have them do something, and when you think of them, you're going to feel the resistance of them not calling you or them not giving you what, what are your needs are or whatever you want him to do.

And when they think of you, they are going to activate that resistance you feel about them. Do you see the emotion you feel about someone else? When you think about them, when they think about you, they are matching your frequency and then they will feel the same emotion that you feel. This is why sometimes people go, I really, really want that person to like me.

I really want that person to text me back. But they feel a longing or desire for that person to text them back. And because of that, what ends up happening is their project. When they think of that person that is projecting out that person not doing what they want, that they're projecting out that resistance and therefore that other person is going to feel their resistance. The key to this is simply making it more about you and your energetic field.

You communicating with yourself, you feeling the emotions you want to feel, you feeling up your own cup and when you fill up your own cup you can then project out and put out a frequency of love and other people can feel that off of you. When it comes to sending telepathic messages, understand you are picking up on frequencies all of the time. Other people are picking up on your frequency all the time and any time you think of anybody you are pookie and picking up and drawing it on their frequency.

For example, if you are thinking of some motivational guy, they get a lot of people. The reason a lot of people may like to watch Gary Vaynerchuk, Whoa, that was funny. I was just thinking of Gary Vaynerchuk, and I just had an, I remember that last night. I had a dream with him and his not weird. When people think of this kind of person, they're drawing upon to his energy or her energy. That's why a lot of people would like to meditate on some spiritual guru. They pick up on his spiritual energy. Even if he passed away, everything is frequency.

If you're thinking of Tony Robbins, then you're, you're taking it off, you know, whatever Tony Robbins is, um, and change your state or whatever it is you're picking up on that frequency, and you're most likely also part of that is the frequency of this state that he's in right now. You see Sinatra's his content in general, but the frequency states that he's in right now.

The key to this is understanding it's just frequency and that it's not you sending and projecting, it's you matching a certain frequency within yourself. Also understanding there really is no other, we're all connected. Then it becomes how do I communicate better with myself?

If you want to send a telepathic message to someone, what you do is you first get to your core, you get to a vibration inside of you of feeling inside of your heart center, and you make sure that you know, it's about the emotion. It's like you send the telepathic mental aspect of it and it comes like this, and then the emotion is what moves it towards that person. But instead of what you can begin to do is you can view yourself as already whole and complete, and you can tap into the vibration within yourself of a certain mental picture.

You see, this is what it is. It's about mental pictures and emotion with that mental picture. For example, you had people over at your house, and you wanted them to help you do something around the house, instead of you imagining them helping you around the house, what you can do is you can imagine a time when you helped someone else around their house. You see the difference. You then bring the power within you, and you focus on you.

And sometimes you've ever done that in the past, you pick up on a frequency within yourself, a memory in an emotion of how it felt to help someone else. And then when they think of you, they're going to feel that same emotion that you feel within yourself of you helping someone else. Do you see that? Do you see how that can work? It's, it's about you feeling, having the mental image, feeling the emotion of some other time that you've done that and then they pick it up on you in the same way you want someone else to text you back.

First off, get to your core, realize you don't need anyone's approval, anyone's validation for you to feel good, and then what you do is you can remember a time that you got back to someone else. You can remember a time when you replied to someone else in a certain way. Feel that emotion of you feeling satisfied that you did it. Or like you, you did something, you know, got back to someone. You close that thought loop and be in that energy and then just see what happens and if they text you back, great. If they don't, great, you're good, you're holding completed already.

But by doing that you get to the core within yourself. You then energetically with a reality where someone can text you back because your energy is on point. For this process, it's about understanding that it's all about you and your messages with yourself. Because when you communicate powerful messages within yourself, that then translates to other people. But when it comes to telepathic connection, that's the future for five d we're moving into a 5D level of consciousness because they fit dimensional.

We're moving out of the three d physical ego bodies where it's just about heaviness, and we're moving into a lighter body, a lighter level of consciousness. And you may notice that there's a lot of synchronicity happening. Manifestation will continue to rise in vibration. Meaning when you think of things, they'll happen quicker than ever. Not only that, but time is appearing to go by faster. Not only that, we could say less, say less, and we can actually communicate even better.

There's just so many times Leoor, and I have had the same thought at the same time, and it in when I'm around, especially even with like Victor, for example, we'll be doing something. But dude, I was just going to say that exact same thing. Is it that we're projecting out these thoughts and we're doing all of these things? Or is it this, we're in the same frequency, so we're having the same thoughts at the same time. But if we want to project a certain thought, we must first off, get to that core within ourselves.

And if we want to project a mental edge image to someone else, understand it's about the telepathic, the message you have, the mental image, and then the emotion, the emotion. Get inside of your heart. Feel the emotion of you sending that energy out. That emotion will then be the carrier of that message.

It's like the cupid going around. It's like, Yo, here's a message. Who does that? That's the telepathic message. It's a, it's an empathic tell empathy, but understand, be okay already be 100% okay on the inside. Do not need validation. Do not need someone to text you back because if you need them to text you back, then many times they'll going to feel that resistance on you and they're not going to want to do it.

Have more fun. Loosen up. This reality is much more dreamlike than you can even imagine, and when you allow it to be more dreamlike, it becomes much more fun. It becomes much more lucid.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.