#1: My Top 5 Law of Attraction Techniques

Understanding the Law of Attraction can be a bit of confusing for some, especially to those who are just starting to adopt the principle. What if there are simple ways on how you can make the Law of Attraction work for you?

I'm going to share with you some of the things that I personally do and how I use these techniques and how they've changed my own life. Plus, I'm going to be sharing with you the truth on techniques.

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The truth is, Law of Attraction techniques work when we believe that they work. What this means is that the real power is not in a technique to work for you. The real power is already within you.

The Law of Attraction techniques works when we believe that they work.

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It is simply we use these techniques and we give ourselves permission. We tell ourselves, oh, this works because there are many people that have done this technique and it's worked for them, so maybe it'll work for us and then we do it and maybe we get the same result, but the truth is it is as easy as we make it to be for us to shift and for us to be kind of having the kind of experiences we want.

The power is within you and your own consciousness.

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When I talk about law of attraction techniques, understand the power is not in the technique. The power is within you and your own consciousness. It is just that sometimes techniques make it a little bit easier for us to give ourselves permission to change.

Rather than going from one state of being to another, we may say, oh, I have to go do this, this and this, and then I'll get into that state of being and it may work. It may not work. It'll depend upon our beliefs and how much we put into it. This is what they call the Placebo effect and the Placebo effect works.

Those can work because we believe that they work, but the true level of power is within you, and this is something I think is cool about the Law of Attraction. We can make the Law of Attraction and easier process by simply knowing that it can be an easy process.

What if at the fundamental core, anything we experience in our life is about probability factors. Everything is not. Is it possible? Is it probable and things become more probable when we change our state of being, when we choose for things, we intend for things and when we give ourselves permission to be a certain way, so the power is never in that of the techniques themselves?

The real power is within ourselves and into decision for us to change and in every moment the truth is in every moment we are changing. It's just that sometimes we give ourselves and we create the illusion that we're constantly changing to the same thing over and over again because we carry a similar story from this parallel reality, so this is who I am, but it's just a momentum. It's a story that we've continued to tell ourselves over and over and over and over again when we think this is who I am, therefore we create the same experience over and over and over again.

Let me ask you a question. What is your story around manifestation? Does it come easily for you or do you have to try really hard for things to happen? Can you imagine yourself letting go of the hard letting go of having to try letting go of all the beliefs that say you can't have something that it is hard to change because the belief that it is hard to change is what's creating that over and over again.

The truth is you are changing regardless of whether you think you are not. You're constantly changing. It's just what are you changing to? Are you changing to the illusion of the same thing over and over again? Because if so, you can change that. You can choose to change to a greater degree of change and that is a matter of knowing that the process is easy.

 Now, I'm going to talk about how to make that easy here in some of these techniques I'm going to be sharing with you, but what I wanted to mainly do is share with you that the true power is within you and that visualization itself.

Normally we think that visualization is something that's going to make us feel. It's going to bring something to us. I'm going to visualize myself doing something for specific by imagine and visualize myself being a certain way. However, the key to visualization, most people think the key to the visualization or the secrets of visualization or how about this, they think the purpose of the visualization itself is to attract something that's out there into here.

The purpose of visualization is to get us to a certain state of being. That's where everything begins to change.

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The truth of the matter is that the purpose of visualization is to get us to a certain state of being that in this state of being, that's where everything begins to change. The purpose of visualization is to get you to feel a certain way.

And the reason we visualize is that we love the feeling the visualization can bring us not because we believe that the visualization is going to bring and attract something that's outside of our life now into our life experience.

I know this kind of switches around in our mind the purpose of these things, but everything in our life is about vibration and everything in our life is about resonance. When we focus more on the state of being, that's where things began to change. But when we know that we are already whole and complete, that anything we visualize is because we feel better while we're visualizing it and in the vibration that we feel why we visualize it. That is the power, that is the magic in. That is what we want to create more of. With that being said, let's get into the first technique I'll be sharing with you.

1. The Sleep Technique

The first technique is a technique that I actually learned from a book called the Feeling is The Secret by Neville Goddard. It is an amazing book. It's about 60 pages long. You can read in about 20, 30 minutes. Actually, I don't know. It depends on how fast you can read, but basically what the book states is that the feeling is the secret and what the book goes on to say is that for many people what they're missing is they're just remaining in their head. But when you get it and put it, make Law of Attraction more about the feeling, you start to really tap into a powerful part of resonance.

Now, what we can begin to do, and this is how I'm going to relate this one, is this as a sleep technique that I use, and this sleep technique is something that you want to do about 20 to 30 minutes before you go to bed or as you're falling asleep every night.

Now, the reason this is that when you go to bed at night, you are shifting your brainwave states, you are shifting from more of an Alpha Beta state, which is the awake state, into more of the Theta state, an Alpha Theta state. A Theta state is the deepest levels of the sub, the deepest level, the subconscious mind, maybe gamma data, but the data or the Delta state, but the data state is the part of the state of consciousness really influences the subconscious mind in a powerful way.

Normally we're trying to attract things into our life by using our conscious mind, which means we're trying to attract things into our life using our Alpha Beta states of consciousness which barely penetrates the subconscious mind. Now our subconscious mind runs most of our life experience over 90 percent of it, some even say 98 percent of it, and because of that, in order for us to really create powerful change, we must first have into the subconscious mind, and we can do that by getting into a theta state.

Now, whatever emotion you feel as you're going to bed at night, you are influencing your subconscious mind as you fall asleep at night and if you were to put your focus on something you want to experience in your life and on the kind of person you have become than what you do is you start to imagine what you would feel, the kind of emotions you have, the kind of body language you'd have if you were this best version of you. You imagine this and as they're going to bed at night, you start to wire this into your self-image and into your subconscious mind. This is something that is done with repetition. I have found that this is one of the most powerful techniques. I've been doing it for years and what I do is I imagine the best version of me.

I imagine it as if I'm looking through my own eyes and what I do is as I do that, I imagine the feelings I would be feeling. I imagine the body language I'd have and I imagine that that is who I am now and what I then do is as I'm falling asleep at night, here's a trick I put my hands over my heart and I feel that sensation through my heart and I focus on that feeling as long as I can normally until I fall asleep.

Now, I have found that this alone, like I said, is one of the most powerful manifestation process I found. Once again, the powers within us to make the shift. However, there are certain ways we can hack our subconscious mind and that is one way that we can hack our subconscious mind. Do this meditation or this process of visualizing as you're going to bed at night.

Put your hands over your heart. Focus on your heart center. when we create from our hearts were creating from a much more powerful place. So, this is the sleep technique that I use every single day and it's one that I think that if you start to apply, can powerfully change your life, but remember the powers within you.

2. Reality Transurfing Technique

I believe it is one of the most powerful manifestation processes I've ever found. That is because it brings in eastern philosophy on understanding how to let go of the outcome and it more explains this paradox of letting go with the law of attraction and how to have the right energy balanced towards things.

We usually think that we need to really desire things and desire can sometimes cause action. It can also cause us to move to a certain state of being. But many times, desire actually says when we say, I really, really want something. We're also vibrationally. Reality transurfing is a way for us to more easily attract what we want by realizing that in parallel realities, the reality we want to experience already exists in the present moment because quantum physics shows us that every reality we can't imagine already exists, so we do not have to create our own reality.

We simply have to choose it because it already exists. In reality transurfing will show you exactly how to choose it. Now, reality transurfing and as I said, is the most powerful manifestation process I found, and within that there is a process or a technique called Reality Amalgam.

Reality Amalgam is in reality transurfing terms a reality. Amalgam is almost like that tint of gold that we put into the mirror we put into our daily lives. Now, a way to apply this is to have a general belief, a general belief that is so general that you can easily believe it. Now for me, this is something like things are always happening for me. You can think of this almost like an affirmation, but I also visualize and know that things are always happening for me. I'm always in the right place at the right time. I'm a lucky person.

Things are always coming to me when I say these very general things, it's almost hard to have resistance towards because it's so general that things in my life start to happen in this way. What I encourage you to do is to find your own reality. Amalgam. If you want to know more about how to set an amalgam, I have something called the Reality Transurfing Academy, which is a month to month academy where you get live coaching from me.

3. Slide Technique

The slide technique is that of a technique that has to do with understanding almost like a frame in reality. Imagine that there's an infinite number of parallel realities that exist, that we are constantly shifting through different frames of reality. Now, imagine that you are able to imagine the best version of you, exactly what you'd be doing, how you would be acting, and you can see yourself and how you would be in this reality using your imagination.

Understand that as I said before, you do not have to create it because it already exists. It's more about embodying that version of you now. What a slide is a one frame of reality that represents that reality that you would desire to be in.

Maybe this reality is you being in a certain type of a situation for me, I'll tell you my slide. My slide is me traveling the world and I look out at an audience in front of me of thousands of people that want to hear me speak, that are excited to be there, that I'm able to help them transform their lives with what I say. That after that I network with high-level individuals that are in my niche. We go out to amazing restaurants, we have a great time. Uh, I'd say in amazing hotels. I get to live and do whatever I want and I get to film videos while I do it. That's my slide.

Now, when you imagine your slide, you do it and you imagine it as if you're looking through your own eyes as if you were seeing what you would see in that reality because that reality already exists.

So, in a way you are shifting your focus and sliding it to the version of you to see what they would be thinking, how would they be feeling what they'd be doing, all of those things and you imagine this slide now, what I do is this slide I imagine four or five times a day and I focus on my heart center in this process because the other part of reality transurfing is understanding that we must be connected to our heart because our heart is what threads all of this together.

That is what I have in one of the most powerful ones I've been learning and I've been applying for like the past five months now is the slide technique and it's one that a lot of people have very good results from. I've seen people that have done amazing things by applying the slide technique.

People that have shifted and attracted a person into their life. People that have acquired a lot of money through doing this because they view themselves as having that kind of money using their slide. I have meditations as well in the Reality Transurfing Academy that helped this process on that help you to feel the emotion of whatever that is.

4. Parallel Reality Meditation

The fourth one I want to share with you is simply a parallel reality meditation. Now I put a video on YouTube that is a parallel reality meditation that I put out maybe a month ago and since this last month it's got about two or 300,000 views. It I have people every single day that messaged me in DMS on Instagram that say that that meditation changes their life. They really feel like they've shifted and it's the one that I really think is one of the best meditations I've made.

Basically, what the meditation does is it uses visualization to help you to shift to the reality that you want and what it will do is it helps you also give yourself permission to be a certain way, permission to know that you can drop your story and you can be who you prefer to be and how you prefer to be. So, this is a parallel reality meditation that uses visualization, uses a little bit of NLP and it allows you to really sink into you being the best version of you and what you do is you connect to a version of you that then energetically you start to identify as using the visualization process that I put in that video.

5. Segment Intention

The fifth Law of Attraction technique is actually more of a lifestyle, a way of being, and this is called segment intention. So, segment intending is where you break your day down into different segments and before every second you go into what you do is you imagine it and you set intentions for how things will happen, how you want things to happen.

This is something that has transformed my life and it's something I do every single day. So, for example, let me show you how this looks. I wake up in the morning and when I wake up, that is a segment I could say, I'm getting out of bed. I'm going to meditate. And that meditation is a segment of itself. Before I go into meditation, I set an intention that I intend to have a great meditation.

I tend to feel very present to the moment and to observe my thoughts. I go into my meditation for 10 or 15 minutes. Then I set the intention that I go do my affirmations and then I set my intention that those go well. I feel the emotion. I go into my affirmations, I do that. Then I set the intention that I go and I take a cold shower, that I feel enlivened with energy, that I'm then ready to film for the day and I feel amazing.

Every part of your day is a segment, so for example, before you get into your car, getting into your car and drive into your job, that's a segment set the intention that you easily flow in and out of traffic. Set the intention that you feel connected to your heart space. Feel set the intention that when you talked to other people, you feel connected.

Everything is a segment, and when you begin to powerfully use this, you will see things in your life change. If you set your intentions, I promise you, your life will change in a very powerful way, and it is because what you do is you increase the probability of things happening by setting intentions. 

If you set your intentions, your life will change in a very powerful way.

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So, I set intentions and almost every part of my day.

It's something that as you do too, you start to develop momentum with it. You start to develop more and more power towards it because it compounds so every day you're adding our thoughts have electromagnetic power and an electromagnetic reality whether we see them or not.

When we consistently do this and we consistently feel and think this way, we add onto that reality and the more we do this, the more we add onto it, so I don't have to. Every morning now I wake up and say, I intend blah, blah, blah. I just naturally find my thoughts going in that direction because those intentions are now on autopilot. So, know that the more you do this, the easier it gets, but if you set your intentions, I think it will powerfully transform your life.

These five things have absolutely changed my life. Remember, the power is within you and the ability for you to apply it. I think it changed your life. Remember, the first one is the sleep technique. As you go to bed at night, simply feel the emotions of what you want. Put your hands over your heart.

The second and third technique are both reality transforming techniques, the reality amalgam of put a very general belief that you begin to say to yourself over and over and over again with repetition, it will become true for you, and then the slide technique where you realize the parallel reality already exists for you to experience and that all you have to do is think of the end result and the feeling you would have and do that five or six times a day.

You'll find it's a very powerful process and think you'll enjoy the process as well. And then remember the parallel reality meditation is a very powerful way that you can shift to the parallel reality you want and give yourself permission to be there now and that'll be in the show notes as well, and then the fifth one, which the segment intention, it's more of a lifestyle away for being.

If you continue to do that, I think you'll find that you increase the probability of things happen in your life and everything in your life will change.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.

Tez - July 25, 2018

Real useful u put theory into practice real well. Useful tools presented here shud generate the results I am seeking, thanx.

Josie Gagnon - August 13, 2018

THANK you so much Aaron! You’ve helped me understand how easily I can manifest how I choose to live my life now! Sending you lots of loving, positive and mostly gratitude energies! Happy Monday!

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