Beliefs Do NOT Create Reality, The TRUTH (it’s time you know about)


I'm going to show you how beliefs do not create reality. I'm going to show you the truth that I realized and how this will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be showing you how beliefs do not create reality, showing you a totally new perspective that puts in alignment the way reality really works, which makes the process so much easier. Let's look at how we perceive reality. The reason we're going to do this is we're going to see that we don't actually create our own reality. Let me show you how it actually works.

This is a mirror and then he sees his little, his little polka dotted body with his real long torso is little tiny lakes and he's looking at the sim self in the mirror. The way reality works are when we perceive in reality we pick up on about 2 million bits of information. Okay? Out of billions of bits of information, our brain, our brain can only pick up. He's got a lot of space on this side.

He better not hit his head there. He's got only that have the capability of picking about 2 million bits of information when in actuality there are billions of bits of information all around us. The way that it really works is which billion, which millions of bits of information we pick up on will depend upon. Our expectations will depend upon the momentum of energy that we have going.

It'll depend upon that and that is what we will perceive of. What we experienced, in reality, is a reflection of what we believe to be true, but we do not actually create reality. This is what makes the biggest, yeah. Change. Because when we see that we don't actually create reality, it allows us to surrender to a more divine plan. Yeah. You see, we are divine spiritual beings dreaming. We are humans in these little avatar bodies and as we go through life, we wake up to more and more of who we are.

When we say that we create reality, our beliefs create reality. We emphasize this 3D avatar could say three to four d Avatar and what we many times do is we put all the weight on our little avatar body. We perceive reality through the five senses. We can taste, touch, smell, hear, see, but at a greater level, we're much more than our body. And as we wake up to that, we call that spiritual awakening. And then what we do is we go out into the world and many times we think that we have to create or attract something that's over there go into here and it implies that what's over there isn't already here.

It already and you may say, well it is. It's over there. It's not over here. But you see everything in our reality is based on frequency. If we match the frequency to what we want to experience, we then experience it in our life. But everything exists here in now. It's just that when it comes to frequency, we may be perceiving of the reality of the 2 million bits of information may be perceived of the frequency of it being all the way over there. .

Yeah, it makes the process so much harder and then it puts all this burden on the ego. You have to create a reality. The little ego has to create reality, not knowing that the reality already exists and it can be so much easier with this perspective because you didn't realize you do not create reality. You perceive reality because the 2 million bits of information that your brain can pick up on, it's going to selectively look for and have what are called self-fulfilling prophecies because of what the brain is tuned to because of the what it perceives.

But the difference is then when we realized that we change our brain, we change how we exist in the world, how we relate to the world, we then change this reflection, but most people, 99% of people will go about their lives trying actually to change the reflection. Most people will go and try to change the mirror itself and they will. They will beat themselves up and say, well, this mere doesn't have the money that I want. This, it doesn't have it, so I'm going to go out here and try to create it.

Instead of understanding, everything is about perception. Everything exists within and if you change yourself, if you change your subconscious mind, you then change. Not You then change what you perceive of the 2 million bits of information will then change in 2 million bits of information. That is a very small percentage of the actual reality of what is out there. But we selectively focus on it depending on our beliefs. Our beliefs come from reference experiences in our past, our beliefs come from agreements that we've made many times unconsciously and I'd say one of the biggest beliefs that hold people back is people believing that they are just the 3D physical avatar body.

Because when we believe that we are just the 3D physical avatar body, we feel separated from everyone else and sometimes in that separation we then developed this belief, this self-image that we are a victim, we are a victim of the things that happen in life. We are a victim of our past circumstances and it keeps those things to in our energy field and then we'd go out into the world.

We keep perceiving more and more of these 2 million bits of information, of the 4 billion bits of information we experienced the 2 million that are equal to that victim mentality, so most of our life of actually creating what we want is realized in first off. We don't do that. We don't do that. What we do instead is we perceive of the reality which makes the process so much easier. We can let go.

We can surrender. Imagine at the same time, there is some sort of divine intention of the universe. It sounds better than mystical. I know divine intention to the universe, but this allows our eagle body to begin to let go a little bit more. There's a higher mission to the universe. This is why I believe one of the most powerful things you can do is learn how to put out and give value to other people and a lot of times your passion will be intertwined with that.

When you are adding value to other people, what's you're putting out then becomes what you get back. But what you put out is also what benefits the universe, what benefits the system itself that we live in, because other people are actually other versions of you. It depends on how deep down this rabbit hole you want to go, but what you put out is what you get back. The reason Karma is something that exists is those other people or other versions of us, so what we do to someone else, we do to another aspect of us. That comes back to us. What we put out is what we get back.

When it comes to understanding this process, the billions of bits of information, let me simplify this work as belief is kind of like this. It's kind of like these words like belief. What is a belief? Is it this thing? Well, no, it's not a thing. Is it a frequency? When did I pick up this belief? How do I let go of this belief? Our beliefs come from our stories, the stories we tell ourselves about the way reality works. You tell yourself a story that says, anytime I'm in a relationship, someone takes advantage of me, I always give more than I get.

And guess what? That story that you have that may be unconscious you might not be aware of. That story then goes into which 2 million bits of information you're going to perceive of not create. The bits of information you're going to perceive are going to be in alignment to that story. Our reality is equal to the stories we tell ourselves consistently. If you want to change your life, if you want to change your beliefs and perceive of a new reality changers stories, and one of the best ways is changing your stories, is to become aware of your stories.

You're telling yourself that you're not aware of something may have happened when you were young when you were four or five years old and that could have been you were at the dinner table and someone told you to be quiet and that your opinion didn't matter. Be quiet. You're not meant to talk right now. This is a tough conversation for adults. Okay? Just sit there and be quiet. Eat your mashed potatoes and then at that moment, someone may have given that the meaning that says people aren't interested in what I say, what I say doesn't matter.

I am not worthy of my own opinion, and then we develop that story. That story has been on autopilot since five, six years old and we continue to experience the 2 million bits of information that are equal to that belief that was set into place when you're that young. Here is the magic though to it. We are meaning generating machines. We are always generating some sort of meaning as to the things that happen and what things mean. We do most of that unconsciously and that's why a lot of things are in autopilot that we don't prefer to experience.

When we become aware of the meetings we made, that's when we changed our life. The thing we have to understand is that we agreed to that meeting. At a certain point, you could say, yeah, but a parent told you this. Yeah, but we had to add in a certain level agreed to it. Maybe unconsciously we said, okay, that is the way reality works. People don't care about my opinion. We did agree to it. We cannot change that which we do not own.

Yeah. That's why we have to be aware. Yes. I believe that I took on that belief I did that. If you don't admit that you did it, then he can't actually change it because then we remained in that old victim mentality that we were talking about. The truth about reality is what you perceive of in your reality depends upon the frequency you are putting out. It depends upon the beliefs that you have, which are equal to the stories you have, but you're not creating it.

You're just perceiving of it. You're just perceiving of the mirror. Just like you didn't create the mirror that you look into, but you know that it is a reflection. The reality itself is just a reflection and in a way, you know in the hermetic principles it says that the law of mentalism everything is mental. Most things in our life or ideas, we go out into the world and these ideas, we think a certain way about them. You may feel a certain way about someone in your life. Yeah, and then what happens is experiences manifest themselves that reflect that perspective you have about them. Somebody drains your energy.

Guess what? You think about them. You say to yourself, they drained my energy and then when you go out into the world, you find this person and guess what they do? They drain your energy. That's a self-fulfilling prophecy until you realize that you drain your own energy because of the perception of the labels you put on the situation. You can't change that because the power is still with someone else or giving away our power saying, you did take my energy. Yes, you can be aware of when you're around certain people, it does drain your energy. You'd be aware of that, but she still admits that you create it and then you choose something new if you keep going to it.

If you keep going into with that person that keeps draining your energy, then you keep choosing the old reality over and over again, but you are choosing it until you become aware that you choose it. You can't change it. You may have a certain situation that you don't like, that happens at work and you think about that is it. Guess what you want to work. And it happens more often because it's mental. You're thinking about it, you're feeling it. You go out into the world and that's the 2 million bits of information you perceive of in alignment to that story. You tell yourself about how you don't like that thing that happens at work.

You see what you put out is what you get back, what you think about other people goes out into the world and they then pick up on it. Gossip is like one of the worst things. Don't talk bad about other people because when you do, you can best believe that. They're going to feel that from you. They're going to have an inclination. Talk bad about you because we're all connected. What you put out is what you get back. Everything is mental in the sense that your inner dialogue creates your outer reality.

You change your inner dialogue by observing your thoughts, becoming aware of it. You then change what parts of reality didn't experience. But remember, it's all bits of information. Reality is information, but which information you perceive have will depend upon you. It'll depend upon you and your stories that you tell yourself about who you are. And what I'm encouraging you to do is to let go of those stories, not the development. You can develop a new one if you want, but be aware of the stories that you have going and simply let them go. They don't serve you anymore.

They were meaning generating experiences where you generated meaning without even knowing it. But you can let go of that meaning and understand. You are creating that meaning you either agree to something. If somebody tells you something if you go to someone and say euro awkward person, okay, you can choose to agree with that or you can choose to not agree with that. You can choose to say, you know what? You're pretty freaking awkward. Maybe it's you and you just don't know how to perceive somebody. That's pretty cool. You see, it's how you interpret what is what's happening.

There's always what happens in the story we tell ourselves about what happened and what happened if someone says something to you, but what the story we tell is I was on so we'll give up to me and said that was awkward or by awkward. I noticed that too on my YouTube channel as well. When it comes to comments, most of the comments are amazing, really nice comments, which I'm very grateful for. But every now and then you get like a, you know one of those people that just like to comment something negative.

When I read those comments, they don't really get to me at all, but the only ones that normally do are ones that I might be a little bit insecure about because the ones who are a little bit insecure about your more agreeable to them because you have an insecurity about it. You see. But most of them are just completely, most people that do write negative comments aren't happy themselves in, they're projecting that to other people.

It's not really anything personal at all, you see. But if it's something that someone's insecure about, it brings through that. With reality in general, understand you do not create reality. You perceive of reality because every parallel reality you can imagine already exists. As you change the story, you tell yourself about who you are, you then change which 2 million bits of information you perceive of. Change your story, become aware of the stories you're telling yourself, and as you let go of that story, you will then begin to change the outer reflection, which remembers is just a reflection.

It's a neutral reflection. You know that if you want to change dead are you got to Dellway smile here and then guess what? Boom. This one smiles too. You feel abundant here, you'll attract more of the abundance there. The key is knowing that as you shift within then shifts your life. Something I have that is coming very soon is the shift experience. It's going to be launching the second week of July I believe. If you want to be the first to know about it and to get all the bonuses that are going to come with it, you'll see a link in the top of the description box below.

Go ahead and sign up and I will send you updates as to when that becomes available. The Shift Experience is going to be something that helps people shift to the reality they want using frequency but also shifts their level of consciousness as well. It's going to be the most powerful thing that I've ever created. It's going to be my main thing for the next five years that I go around traveling, teaching people as the shift experience.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.