3 Reality Transurfing Techniques that Work Like MAGIC

I'm going to be sharing with you three Reality Transurfing techniques that work like magic. These are going to be techniques that you can apply in your daily life. Things that as you do, you will start to notice that you begin to resonate with what you want to experience in a very powerful way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three Reality Transurfing techniques that I think can totally change your life when you start to use them. I like to do is give a little general overview of Reality Transurfing, just to help wire it in and understanding the process and also in case you haven't heard of it before. I believe is one of the most powerful processes that you can use for manifesting what you want and even more than just a process for manifestation.

It's a philosophy. It's a wait for seeing the world that integrates that of quantum physics or metaphysics. With that of the law of attraction and what in the Western world, we understand this ria creating our own reality and then that have well as eastern philosophy, so letting go, the power of balancing out the energy and all of these things together help correlate and help us to create what we want in a powerful way.

The Reality Transurfing in a way means gliding through what is called the space of variations gliding through the infinite parallel realities that exist and when you learn how to do this manifestation becomes so much easier because under the old way of thinking about it, it's this is where I am. This is where I want to go, and I got to try really hard to get there.

That's normally what is implied when we are trying and intending to create our reality. The question is not how can I create something to go over here and to have something in my life, it's more so how can I resonate with what I want to experience because the outside world is a reflection of who I am and how I feel on the inside.

As we begin to see it from this perspective, the questions then begin to change. We then start to focus more on how we can resonate with what we want versus how can we get something that we don't currently have. This is honestly also a totally new paradigm for manifesting.

This is a way, a paradigm of understanding it, that we can embody the emotions. We can know that since that reality exists, it's more about shifting through it and we can make it so much easier than it has ever been before. And now there are a couple of key ideas of Reality Transurfing. If it. I'll share a really quick one. Is that a pendulum?

The idea of a pendulum is a for understanding thought structures. In general, we could consider this social conditioning, social conditioning and the thought structure around being Republican, being Democrat, being for a certain sports team, being against a certain sports team that are pendulums around different people.

There are pendulums around the president, president. There is there is that a thought structure around any public figure. Any YouTube channel is going to be a pendulum around and this is because there are multiple people focused on one thing at any time.

Our thoughts begin to link up. Then begins to create a thought structure. Many times, we think that we're having our own thoughts when in actuality we're also having the thoughts of this pendulum. You may say, “Yes, I am a Republican, I am a Democrat, this is who I am, and you may feel triggered when you see certain things, but you see there's also a lot of other people that have thought a similar thing and then it also felt a certain emotion when thinking about that thing.”

There's a certain momentum around that thought structure, which means you may be linking up your energy to it thinking that your thoughts when in actuality they may be the thoughts of what are called these pendulums. The key to this is understanding that when we become aware of these thoughts, structures, when we become aware of this poll, to think a certain way, we can then become aware of it, observe it and not let it have power over us.

You see many people, their lives are ramped by pendulums. Their alliance is run by social conditioning. They're listening to new music, which was the pendulum around, and then they have all of these people they look up to which may be stars or celebrities that didn't. They are completely kind of give all of their power away to.

The way that you direct the sale of your own boat is with intention. Set the intention that you experienced what you want. If you set your intentions in your life, your life will begin to change in a very powerful way. Think of attention as the direction on that boat that puts you where you want to go. There are two types of intention. There is the inner intention, outer intention, inner intention is our willpower.

The outer intention is adding value to other people. It's the understanding of the whole collective consciousness and how we can fit in there as well as having our inner intention, which is the intention of our ego versus this larger intention. There is also the last part I'll talk about before I get into the video is that of importance. Anytime we make something important, we put it on a pedestal and then we create potential what's called excess potential.

When we create excess potential, we open up room for things to then go wrong because we're putting things and we have resistance around something because we really wanted to go a certain way. You may have noticed this anytime. Maybe you had somebody that you were attracted to and if they weren't attracted back or if you put them on a pedestal than what happened is you may have felt resistance looking for that validation.

They may have felt that and they made have either not been attracted because they felt that or circumstances just happen so it didn't happen. The key is being aware of that importance. When you give things excess importance or excess meaning, you then create resistance around us. The key is to see things as natural for you.

It has natural for you to talk to someone you're attracted to. It is natural for you to be able to achieve what you want. It is natural for you to be achieving your goals in general because it's a part of who you are. In a nutshell, is that a Reality Transurfing, and when it comes to the techniques, certain techniques are very powerful.

1. Slide Technique

The first one I'll talk about one of the most common. It's called a slide. This technique comes with the understanding that what you want to experience, the ideal reality that you want to experience already exists. There is a version of you doing exactly what you want to be doing. There's a version of you that is out there with a significant other.

Literally what you are doing is in the present moment that you use a slide, the slide technique. You are resonating with that version of you in bringing more of those characteristics into your current life stream. What you can begin to do in order to do this slide technique is what you do is you imagined through your own eyes as if you are looking out, you're visualizing, and what you're doing is you're imagining a specific scenario that to you would represent you being and doing what you love for a living.

And one scenario, this doesn't. This isn't a general thing like, oh well, you know, I'm abundant. I live in a nice house and I work here for a living. For example, for me, my intention, my slide is that of me speaking in front of a thousand people, be honest, I don't view myself as me onstage and this is the people I view myself as I'm looking out at the crowd.

I can see that they're happy to be there. I can see that they're excited to learn something new. I can see that they are people that love my work and love what I do. I can see that after that scenario, maybe I go to a nice restaurant that I'm traveling the world doing what I love, that I'm able to make videos and exotic places. You see that. That's one scenario for me, like what would that day look like?

As I looked through my own eyes of that happening because that version of me exists right now just simply at a different frequency than what I began to do is I begin to embody those characteristics. This is the important part of the slide and sometimes people will forget with Reality Transurfing. The key is to be yourself. First off also is to connect with your heart.

The thing that so many people miss in the whole manifestation process is the connection to the heart. The heart is thousands of times more powerful than that of the head, so when you focus on the slide, the slide you, what you want to do is you want to focus on the feeling that comes from your heart space. As you focus through the slide, they go and slide. It has a layer of reality that you're looking into.

If you remember those things as kids that maybe you had depends, I guess on when you were born, but you had those things and you could click it right here and you'd see something else and then you'd see another something else, you'd see something else. You would see maybe a picture of the Eiffel Tower and then you would do it again. You would see a picture of the dinosaurs or something that you'd do it.  

You see something else that think of that as a slide. You're looking through that, but you're seeing the ideal reality of you being where you want to be doing what you want to be doing. Here's the thing. The more you repetitiously looked through that slide, the more you're going to bring that into your current lifestream. The more you are going to shift yourself to that parallel reality, but you must do it from this connection to your heart center because the mind only gets you so far.

When you connect your heart center in with that, that's where the power is, so it's about having that intention, feeling that emotion, and doing that throughout the day. I'd recommend doing that five or six times a day minimum. The reason I say that is because the more you repetitiously do it, the more your brain is going to begin to believe it and bring those characteristics and apply, but remember, it's not just the idea of the thoughts of the actual image in your mind.

It's the emotion that it makes you feel. Focus on emotion. What would it feel like? Do that right now. Just imagine what one ideal reality of what you'd want to experience is? One scenario could be you at the beach with a significant other could be you doing some type of an event that represents that the accumulation of you doing this ceremony or something like that. Imagine what that is and don't just imagine it as if you're looking at it, you're looking through your own eyes.

You're seeing what you would see at the focus on the emotion in your heart and notice the emotion in your heart. This is a buzzing sensation because that's what you really meant to be doing, and as you do that can begin to connect to your heart center more and feel this emotion. What are the most underrated things? For me for so long was this understanding of how would I connect to my heart?

Things happen even easier. Connect to my heart versus just the head, the head, the ego wants to do everything that you go wants to control everything, but let go. That's the other part of Reality Transurfing. It's about letting go and understanding that what we want already exists so we don't have to try so hard.

I think is one of the most powerful ways that we can start to literally shift to the parallel reality version of us that already exists and what it's called, the alternative space, which is just the infinite number of parallel realities that exist.

2. Frailing

The second technique I want to share has to do with something called frailing. This understanding that we are all connected, that there's this collective consciousness now when we are just focused on the layer of our world, the way that we see reality, what we want to experience our ego's desires. When we're only focused on that, we lead out a whole larger picture.

There is a system, there is a, what do I want to use? There is a collective consciousness that we are a part of and when we link up our inner intention with that of what is called our intention, what is called everything else that we experienced versus just our ego, then what we do is we start to become a part of something that creates a win-win in society. You can relate this to you if you've ever read the book called power is no, not that book.

I quote that book a lot. If you've ever read the book, think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill, he's talked in his book or wrote in his book that way you want to do is think of a goal and think of what you are willing to give in exchange for the goal. And in exchange, I'm going to give the best service possible. Imagine. It's going to help a lot of people increase their emotional state of being just an analogy or that's an example.

What we could do is we can see that that then creates a win-win because then what you're doing is you are helping other people and you what you're putting out can then come back at you. When it comes to this understanding of failing, what you want to do is you want to get rid of the intention to get and you want to give away that which you want to give kids.

You want to give that which you want. And as you give that emotion, as you give that thing, that will come back to you anyways. This is a game changer. I used to work before I did YouTube full time. It's about a year and a half ago, or a year ago. I. What I would do is I worked a sales commission job selling women's shoes.

I only got paid a percentage of what I sold. I noticed a direct correlation between when I would go home and trying to make my own paycheck to when I was going to work and I would have this intention of adding value to other people. I would do much, much better when my intention was to add value to people because that was creating a win-win. A natural side effect of me helping people is making money. A natural side effect of feeling in a good vibration, feeling good and having fun is making more money.

This is what there. There's an inner intention that we have and there are inner intentions of everyone else on the planet. When we helped to solve other people's either problems or we don't want to become attached to them. But when we are adding value to other people, in general, were making a win-win scenario. One reason I believe my YouTube channel has grown so quickly over the last year because a year ago we had less than 20,000 subscribers or maybe it was like 40,000, but a year ago it was much smaller than it is now.

What happened was is I had this intention, this, this understanding that the more value I add to other people, the more value I added, the people that watched my videos, the more that comes back to me because I'm putting good out there and people are interested in stuff that adds value to them.

I had that intention and things began to exponentially grow because I was linking my intention up with the inner intention of other people. The inner intention of other people is to grow, to have more awareness, to learn these personal development ideas, to create what they want in their life. I knew that that's what people wanted to do. I asked myself, how can I add more value to everybody? How can I add more value and as I started to do that, everything started to explode.

That's why I'm a big proponent of adding value first and foremost, and then all the abundance comes anyways. That's kind of the philosophy I live by and it seems to work because the more good I put out there, the more good I put out there is with this awareness that at a deeper level we're all connected. The good I put out there comes back to me because we're all one, so deeper idea.

I know that it's the skin deep, but nonetheless, that's what friendliness. Find the ways that you could add value with what you do and it may just be a small little tweak. Maybe you make art for a living and you've been doing it because you love to do it and it puts you in a flow state, but realize also your arts impacting people. If it makes people feel a certain way, then you aren't helping to raise the consciousness of the person you're helping to make them see things from another point of view.

If you're an athlete, for example, maybe as an athlete, you're able to inspire other people of what they can achieve. You're able to have a positive influence on the people around you. You have to make them feel a certain way. You see there are different perspectives, but you don't have to just constantly take it away.

It's not like you're writing to your drawing or painting and you're like, oh, this could have so much value to people, but you're in the flow state and you just have this general awareness that it does add value. It's in the background, so try this, try this for yourself and see how it works because I believe that is so powerful.

Adding value and linking up your intention with the inner intention of other people is it's what you call it, the system called the universal consciousness. Whatever you want, he wants it because it wants you to add value because what's good for someone else is it.

3. Wave of success

The third technique is one of my favorites. It's called creating a wave of success and wave of success is something that you can create when what you are doing is you are giving things and understanding the nature of events in your life, so a wave of success is a momentum. A wave of success is when you focus on something and it increases your state of being.

You then are constantly shifting yourself to new and new what are called life tracks are parallel realities that are resonant with that state of being and with that emotion and with that focus. When something happens in your life, there are always three main perspectives. There's a negative perspective, a neutral perspective, and a positive perspective.

A wave of success is when something happens, you give it a positive perspective, you feel good, and then with the next thing that happens, you give that a positive effect and then you feel good and then it just keeps going. Positive, positive, positive, positive. The moment something happens, they throw a wrench in your plans or something. You give something a negative meaning is the moment you go from this to positive this deposit, then you give it a negative mean. You then start to go to a different life track. You suddenly start to go to where you get the negative benefits of the live track.

Everything in your life is fundamentally neutral, has no built-in meaning other than me, and you give it. You lose a job. That's not a negative thing from a certain perspective it can be, but that's a choice. The key is understanding that losing the job, it could be your ticket to finding out what you actually love doing your ticket to go into a job you even love more your ticket to start your own business. Do you see what I mean? This is all about perspective and if you choose to give it a positive meaning, you shift to more and more representations of what you really want to experience.

This wave of success is about focus and knowing that everything is a part of the process because as you know, everything's a part of the process. You can continue to go positive, positive, positive, positive as a part of the process. Think of positive as something you can integrate and negative as something that is separating disconnected. Anytime you say something, it's not meant to be in your life. You'd feel disconnected from the source of your life events, the stream of your life, of where you're going, so realize also that everything in your life is a form of choice. 

When you start to really embody this level of choice, everything's a choice. Treat everything in your life is a choice because if you treat it as if you chose it, you didn't increase your state of being, and are shifting to more and more parallel realities of what you want. This is an absolute game changer. Another thing I've done is I've created a free meditation that will show you how to link up with this best version of you by decreasing importance of what you're giving towards your manifestations and also linking up the representation of the best version of you and connecting to that feeling from the level of the heart.

That's something that's absolutely free. Remember, these techniques are very powerful. Use them consistently and you will begin to see results. Remember we have that other slide using the slide by picturing exactly what we want, feeling the emotion of it, doing that multiple times a day, we have the understanding of failing, failing, which is that of adding value to other people, linking up your intention with the inner intentions of others with adding value.

As you do that, you create win-win scenario for the collective consciousness and it almost wants to happen through you. And then thirdly, the wave of success. The wave of the success is giving positive things, meaning, feel an increased state of being and continue to go in the momentum of whatever that is.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.