3 Ways to Quantum Jump to a Parallel Reality (no going back)


I'm going to be showing you three ways to create a quantum jump from the current parallel reality timeline. You're on to a completely new one.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three ways of creating that quantum jump in the current parallel reality timeline you're on, and the truth about this is the part of this video that I'll be explaining to you is that you are already shifting all of the time. It's not something you'd really have to learn how to do because it's a part of the way reality works. If you've heard my explanation of this before, it can be kind of a game-changer with the manifestation process in general as well.

Because normally what we think is we are here, and we want to create a reality where we have that thing over there and what we do is we assume we're going to attract that from over there to into here. When in actuality, what we are doing is we are resonating. You have to a certain frequency, and by doing so with a certain level of energy, we didn't eventually see that thing in our reality due to vibrational resonance. The thing with quantum physics is every reality you can imagine already exists, so you don't have to create it. When it comes to manifestation, it's like I have to create my own reality. There is a reality where I have that thing over there. I need to create it, and then it implies that there is so much work you have to put into it. But when you see it more as that reality already exists, you can then think to yourself; you can then feel to yourself, you can do things that align you with that reality.

The easiest way I go about this process is to imagine the best possible version of you, the way you think, feel, and act in that reality. If you mere those thoughts, if you mere those emotions, if you near those actions, you eventually will get that reality because that reality is being perceived of because the version of you and that reality is thinking, feeling, and acting in that way. The idea behind this though, as well as understanding that what we think of movement is the difference is the shifting through different parallel realities. Think of it like this. In a film reel, you will see and know that even though you're watching a film, you could stretch out the different frames. From one moment to another frame, two other friends to the other frame, they appear to be one long fluid movement. However, if you were to stretch out the frames, you would see that each individual frame is a separate parallel reality or is a different frame, which also is representative of parallel realities.

The idea is as I go like this right now, I am shifting through different parallel realities. It's so continuous that you can't even tell that we're doing it. That’s how reality is. Reality is that we are moving through it, and because we have a connection to memory because we have this experience of time-space reality, we experience it as one long fluid movement. I can go as this or I could go like this, and it looks like one movement. But the only reason we have that is that we have memory, and we've agreed, agreed to this game of life where we can proceed of one lung fluid one because it keeps us focused. It keeps us focused on this timeline. You could say. The truth is you're already shifting whether you realize it or not; the idea is being you shifting to something that is more conducive to the way you prefer to be?

That's the right question. Or that's the more in alignment question to have because, and it's the same thing with even manifestation in general. It's like, how do I learn manifestation? How do I learn manifestation? You don't have to learn how to do it. You do it naturally. You're just either manifesting stuff that's mediocre, you're manifesting stuff that's amazing. Are you manifesting stuff that's negative? Those are all different forms of manifestation. It's a natural byproduct of the way reality works. Everyone does it. It's just sometimes we don't do it consciously. Sometimes we do it unconsciously, and that's why we get certain results in life. The three ways I'm going to be sharing with you are ways that will profoundly change your life if you apply it. I'll tell you that right now in my own life, every single time, there's been a huge change in my life.

I guess you could say a huge change in my timeline. It is because I've applied one of these three principles I'm going to be sharing with you now the first one of how to create a quantum jump into parallel reality timelines. It's going to have to do with understanding the different time. I'm, let me take this out really quick. This is what I'm going to do. Let me, okay, this will make it a little bit easier to understand. Okay, so this right here, this, okay. These are different time orders. You got one timeline, two timelines, three timelines, and each timeline you have a certain script and a certain scene thinking about the kind of like a movie. They give it like there's a movie, and there are each of the three different movies. One has a different script, one has a different scene and think about it like you're acting out these different movies now they all three exist at the same time. You've already acted them out. They're already there. The difference between this reality timeline, and this one is the narrative you tell yourself. It's the story you tell yourself about who you are. It's the way you see yourself.

It's the way you interact with other people. The idea is that if you want to quantum jump from this pole reality to this polo reality, which they both exist right now, they're just different frequencies. If you want to experience the jump, what you may need to do to create that quantum zone is to make a big choice, a big choice. Because the current timeline you're on that's on autopilot. You've been thinking a certain way, you've been feeling a certain way, and you've had a certain level of, uh, of thoughts, feelings, and emotion. But if you want to create quantum jump, it means you must make a big choice, a big change that's out of alignment with this parallel reality timeline. For example, if you've never seen yourself, somebody that, let's say, scenes, somebody that is able to express your voice in a certain way on this timeline, you've always felt like you couldn't really, you know, express yourself. People are going to judge you, and you had a certain narrative, a certain script or current, and a certain scene.

The way that you, you interact with other people and say you imagined a version of you that can sing well. Well, one thing this version of you would never do is maybe go to an open mic karaoke thing or something like that. But if you were to make a big choice like that, that is definitely outside of your comfort zone. What you end up doing is you end up then aligning to a different parallel reality timeline. It's like as if I was filming and recording this episode or this video right now, and then I were to completely just stop it and just to, I don’t know, even just like jump in the pool that's right over here or do something that's very spontaneous that creates a quantum jump. But this is the thing. Once you make that jump, you have to know that's who you are now.

That's who you are now because that will lock in that other script. So you have that one parallel reality timeline that has a certain autopilot mind. How we think, feel and act are creating the same things over and over and over again. But what you can do is then make a big choice. You see, every time we make a choice, there are two, there are actually many different parallel reality splits from that choice that we make. It’s like in the moment that we give something meaning, we are then choosing whether it's positive or negative or many different levels in between, but whatever meaning we give it is going to be the res reality experience. We have. The best part about this is that you have the choice; you have the ability to choose the meaning you give things.

And because you can choose it, you can then choose which parallel reality timeline you go in. You see, this is extraordinarily powerful when you realize that if you want to create a quantum jump, all you got to do is make a new choice. But it has to be a choice that the old version of you would have never made a version of you that just really starts to wire it in, in a new way. My reality now is, is totally different than it was even two months ago. I made a choice to move everything, which is so out of alignment. You know, part of my personality, as much as I like to travel and as much as I like change, part of my personality does like routine. Here's the thing, there's a certain routine that I had back in. I had a certain house as close to the airport. It was all very convenient.

However, what I realized is that I wanted to jump into the uncertainty. I wanted to travel the world. I didn't want to feel tied down by a certain house in Vegas, so I moved everything into storage, and I started to be the version of me that just travels the world and in a way that I believe was a quantum jump, especially because I was told by like, you know this clairvoyant person that I go to that I get like readings from. I used to get readings from like once a month. She was like, Oh, you're part, you're going to live in that house. Probably about two years I was in there a year. I decided I don't want that. I don't have to buy into that script, that narrative of that timeline. What I did is I simply chose, this is the version of me, the version of me that travels, packed everything in storage, which was definitely outside.

I was born and raised in Vegas, never actually lived anywhere else other than Vegas. Here I am in beautiful Tulum, Mexico, and I'll be here for a month, and then I go to Costa Rica for a month. The idea is I'm wiring in the version of me that travels, that likes that uncertainty and is able to really embody it. The thing, and the one way to create a quantum jump in your timeline, is to make a big choice that is totally radically different than the old version of you. But then to be consistent with it, if I were to do this for a month and then just move back into another house, then maybe that wasn't actually that version of me. But if I keep moving or I keep this momentum going, then it wires in that I'm just the kind of person that likes that uncertainty, that likes to travel, that I still live in different countries.

That’s the power that all of us have. I realize though that these different timelines, they all exist. There's a timeline where I'm still in Las Vegas, and I haven't moved at all. There is many different parallel timeline versions. The power of this is knowing they all exist. Which one are you going to choose from? The level of awareness, not the level of an autopilot mind. That's the difference. That’s the first thing that you can do. The second thing you can do is to create a quantum jump in the current parallel routed timeline. I want to be somebody that likes travels the world and speaks like Tony Robbins. I was telling myself that, and I saw myself as something that just didn't take a lot of action.

But then what I did is I simply decided, and I, it's in a way I kind of connected to a different parallel timeline version of me because I imagined the version of me that was already a full-time YouTuber and this was the message I got while I was walking around my hallway back in February 2017 I just had this strong feeling that if I were to make a video every single day, that my life would dramatically change over a year if I did that for one year if I committed to it. I was working a nine to five job selling women's shoes at Barneys, New York was not passionate about it. And what I did is I simply decided I'm going to start making videos every single day. And it wasn't easy because I'd sometimes get back from work at like one in the morning and then I would have to make videos.

Before I went to bed and I realized that I had to wire in that new meat. It didn't just change my self-image to where I started to see myself as a YouTuber. I started to see myself as somebody that chose to do something, and I just did it. I started to see myself as somebody that just had a certain amount of willpower. It changed everything about me. That one choice and everything in your life. Now here's, here's a little bit of a hack to it too. I'm going to move this camera back because the sun is starting to come in and when the sun comes in my, it's hard for me to see. It's still good lighting. Hey, I'll do more videos also where I take it off maybe and show you kind of behind the scenes of some visual diagram. The other thing I wanted to say when it comes to self-image, think about this. I was thinking about this the other night. Actually, I was taking a shower, and I realized like I have had this intention since I moved to Mexico.

I was like, Oh before I moved to Mexico I was in Las Vegas, and I was going to bed every night like one in the morning road late cause I was like, Oh I have so much to do before moving and like you know, living abroad I had so much to do with my business and stuff. I'd be up really, really late. I said, Oh when I moved to Tulum I'm going to start getting up at like five or six in the morning, maybe six, seven in the morning every single day no matter what. I realized in the shower that I had, I've been here two and a half weeks, and I haven't done that. I still go to bed at the same time. It's like a pattern behavior. But this is what I realized. I didn't see myself as an early riser.

It wasn't a part of my self-image. My behavior was still of my old self-image, which is like somebody like a night out I had like, sorry what mosquito I love, I love all the animals and insects, but mosquitoes are the one exception that you have to fly away, go away. What I did is I realized that my self-image was that I was still a night owl, and if I wanted to wire it in, what I'd have to do is start to see myself as somebody that just naturally gets up in the morning. That's a morning person, and they don't have to, I backed that up with the action of doing it for maybe two weeks, three weeks in a row, and then it would be easy. It'd be part of my self-image. In the same way, what radical change can you make in your self-image to then quantum jump to a parallel reality that is different than the one you're on?

Cause remember you're naturally shifting anyways. The idea is you want to create a greater degree of change. What you can do is decide you're going to do something that also ties to your self-image. For example, somebody could say, you know what, I'm going to start going to yoga every single day. Well, that's the behavior. But then they start to see themselves as a Yogi, as somebody that just loves to um, do yoga. You, it becomes a lifestyle. I remember going to Bikram yoga back in Vegas, and sometimes I would see people that would do, it's so consistent. Like it was almost like you could tell it was like, it was their philosophy for life. If they were at every single class, I went to, which means they're sometimes going two or three times a day to Bikram yoga. Because they were that passionate about it and they saw, they saw themselves.

You'd sometimes see people that are maybe unhealthy and then start to do yoga. They start to see themselves as somebody that does yoga. It's a part of their self-image. Then not only that but maybe there are other facets of being somebody that does yoga that bit and then begins to leak into their life. Maybe part of doing yoga on that parallel reality timeline is also that they start to eat lighter foods. Maybe they go vegan or vegetarian. That's something that's common because then when you're in that certain archetype of doing yoga, it's like you also pick up on different frequencies, and you pick up on different choices that are in alignment with that archetype in alignment with that self-image.

If you want to create a dramatic change in a quantum jump in your reality, look at your current timeline, look at the one that you prefer to be on, the more authentic version of you, and then make a choice of that version of you and then start to also see yourself in that self-image and say, this is who I am now. Know that as you do that, as you take on that identity, which remembers your true identities, that you're an infinite spiritual being, but this identity that's more in alignment with you, you will then decide that's who you are. For example, they're living a certain way. Maybe they're on a term timeline where they're in the autopilot mind. They're just barely getting by. Maybe they are very focused on themselves only, but then what happens is maybe something happens in their family, and then they have to become the caretaker.

They have to become like they have to step into a leadership role, and they have to take care of their siblings or their family members. When a dramatic change like that happens, you'll normally notice that that person will then, nor if you know they're given the opportunity, they will then change their self-image. They then become the person that has to out of necessity become a leader. Because that dramatic change causes them to change their self-image changes that make, you know, they have to make a new choice about who they are, it'll then change the timeline they are on. They didn't change their character; they changed their identity. They are than somebody that can focus on something and then have to do it and then, and then be it. The idea though, is that you don't need some dramatic change in your life to make a choice then like that you could choose right now.

This is the parallel reality timeline I'm on. Your life is predictable, as well. Look at your life and the next like five or 10 years in the future. If you're thinking the same thoughts every day, feeling the same emotions every day, and doing the same things every day, then your life is very predictable. Five or 10 years out, it'll be very similar to what it is now. Maybe a little bit different, but the energy dynamics will be very similar. If you want to create that dramatic change, you have to make a new choice. You have to make a dramatically new choice to put you on a different timeline, and it's not that hard. It's just a choice that you have to make, but you can make it consciously rather than unconsciously. The third way that you can make that quantum jump is by understanding that nothing, in reality, has any built-in meaning other than what you give it.

You see, in the past, we have all these stories we tell ourselves about the way reality works. We have our story, these stories about our reality, and how we relate to other people in relationships. We have these stories about how we relate to the idea of money and how we attract money and abundance into your life. We have all of these stories that we tell ourselves, and we've agreed to these stories at unconscious levels when we were younger. Maybe something happened to your parents. Maybe they had certain beliefs that you got hand-me-down beliefs, and you think they're yours now and you're carrying them around. But when you understand that you agree to it, which means you claim your power, I agreed to it. Even if it's not something I like to believe in, you could then realize that you can then let it go.

Because the truth is, is everything, in reality, has neutral meaning? No meaning other than what you give it. Is money bad or good? It depends on the point of the perspective. Our relationships, good or bad, depends upon the perspective you see. Look at how you think about yourself, the current story you're telling yourself, and realize that you can get any negative situation, a positive meaning, and you will then get that reality. Kind of like I was mentioning earlier, imagine something happens. The moment something happens, what happens is you are then making a choice about what that means and based on the choice of what it means is going to be the parallel reality split that you experienced.

If you lose your job, you say, Oh wow, this is very negative. Oh my goodness, I needed that job to pay my bills, and well, all my friends think of me, and I'm going to miss all my coworkers. You have this long drawn out story, and maybe you feel some of those emotions, but you can eventually change them. But if you keep that narrative going, there's a certain timeline there due to the meaning you gave that situation. But imagine you lose your job, and you realize, you know what? I trust the flow of the universe. I realized I didn't even like that job. I didn't even really enjoy it that much.

Most of the other people there may not have enjoyed it either. I was just kind of putting myself in that position over and over and over again. Then what you can decide is to give it a new meaning. You see, the meaning is up to you. To create a quantum, jump in your own life, what you can begin to do is realize you are the one that gives it meaning.

As you change your perception of that, then everything in your life will begin to change. In case you didn't know as well, what I teach and what I have is something called the shift experience. The shift experience helps you to create this quantum jump in your life, to go from this reality to this reality. You can do it instantly once you make a choice. What I tell and I show you how to do is how to let go of the old identity and how to be as if simply, and to lock into that identity of what you prefer to be. I have something called the shift experience will show, you'll literally become a different version of you by the end of it. It’s something that you can check out in the description box below.

You can join the shift experience; you can watch some of the testimonials on that page to see what is possible. You're in to the new one to let go of the old stories to simply be in the high vibrational reality you prefer. I can show you exactly how to do that by experiencing the shift. It’s something that once you do, there's no going back because you don't want to, you realize you want to be the perfect version of you. You can go to that. If you just go to the shift experience.com so www.theshiftexperience.com.


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