5 Signs You are Raising Your Vibration to a Whole NEW Level (and don’t even know it)


These are the five signs. You are raising your vibration to a whole new level. I'm going to share with you exactly what those are in this blog and show you exactly what to do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the five signs. You are raising your vibration to a whole new level and, in a way, starting to have a higher standard for yourself. That's one thing you'll realize. Understand that your vibration is a combination of what you think, feel, and act and that many people going through the spiritual awakening process will find themselves leveling up to a new level of vibration, and when that happens, many different things in life begin to change.

Should I be doing this? This doesn't feel so comfortable. It doesn't always feel comfortable to raise your vibration. Just to give you a quick basis, this is the scale of a con of consciousness. You'll see the vibrations based on emotion. You've got that at shame, fear. You've got shame, guilt, anger, willingness, neutrality, right under, under that, then you've got reasoning, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. We all have a base point vibration that is resonating at a certain level, depending on the way that we've been showing up or identifying ourselves in the world.

What happens is as we become aware of some of the lower emotions we might have as we change the meaning of that, then we many times will start to level up to new vibrations. What happens is emotions and energy that comes from the meaning that we've given things in the past, and the meaning that we give things in the present moment. When we change the meaning, we change our life many times, the painful past that we have, it has a deep, heavy meaning. That's why it keeps us in lower vibration. When we changed that meaning, we didn't elevate ourselves, we then raise ourselves to a new level. That's what happened to me. I gave a lot of heavy meaning to my past.

I then saw that it led me to my spiritual awakening. It led me to me, raising my vibration. It changed that meaning, and then I started to feel completely different about myself. Going through this process is something that if you're reading this blog right now, then most likely, you are going through this raise in consciousness, this raise in vibration because you can only perceive that which you are the vibration of. The first side I want to talk about has to do with creating boundaries. If you feel a calling to create boundaries in your life or if you find that you haven't set boundaries yet, but everybody in a way is taking your energy, then that is a sign that you are raising your vibration to a whole new level. What this looks like is as you do the inner work, your vibration begins to raise, and other people can that, and sometimes what other people will do is they will attach themselves to your energy.

They may want you to pay attention to them. It's a weird thing too. When you pay attention to someone else, you are giving them energy and the more you, you listen, or you pay attention to someone else, it's the like the more you feed them with energy, it can be a good thing, but it can also be a thing that you want to be mindful of. If you find that you're getting drained from it and that people require a lot of your attention consistently, especially if that attention is something that you can, you find is just habitual, it's like people are just using you in that way. When you go through, and you start to raise your vibration, you will also start to have these realizations that some things may not serve your energy so much. This might not just be that of people around you.

This might be you having boundaries with the kind of food that you're eating. You realize, if I put deep-fried foods into my body, my body takes a while to recover. You say, okay, well, I'm going to have more boundaries. You find yourself creating more boundaries with different things because you've raised, you've raised your standard. This is very common. When I went through my spiritual awakening, I had to be very aware of this. I had to be mindful of people that wanted in a way to kind of attach themselves to my energy. I had to, in a way, develop and say, well, if my cup's not full, I can't give away energy anyways. Then what I did is I realized that I had to have better boundaries when it comes to my habits. I was eating a lot of deep-fried, heavy Seton meat, stuff like that.

Then I went to my spiritual awakening. What I did is I realized I need to be eating nutrient-rich foods. When I did that, my vibration began to raise. I realized I need to have more boundaries with my own energy. That even goes down to me meditating every day. That's a boundary that I have that in a way, it's something that I choose to do every day. No matter what, if it's like I'm, even if I'm busy, I will get a couple of minutes away so that I can meditate so that I feel good, and I pride myself on my day. The second one and the second sign that you're raising your vibration to a whole new level is that people start to notice it. People may be saying things to you like, why are you talking about like you might be all of a sudden talking about certain spiritual ideas, whether it's just meditation, being present to the moment, whether it's metaphysics, the Law of Attraction, whether it's being connected to connect to yourself. 

It’s like that. Like she did it like, what are you talking about bro? Or I don't know how your friends talking about, you know, I'm just saying, but that's the idea is it's like what's that did, but he did it. It's like, Oh, this is what I'm passionate about. This is amazing. You create your own reality from your thoughts. If you change it, then you change your life. You change how you show up in the world, how you think, filling, act, everything changes. There's nothing wrong with me. The feedback you get through will show you from other people, whether you're in alignment to the way you used to be, to you becoming a new version of you.

There may be somewhat of a tendency to say, well, maybe, maybe I should just stay the same so that everyone else is happy, but think about how dickless has sounds. It's like, yeah. Is that the alternative? It sounds so ridiculous. It's like, yes, I just go back to being the old ways so that you can continue to just to make people happy and to be a people pleaser. They want to make other people happy. When you start to be different, and it's uncomfortable for friends and family for you to be this new way, it's not you. That's the problem. You are the one that's waking up, and other people can either join in on that or not. That's up to them. But the second sign is that you're getting feedback from other people that says, Hey, there's something going on here.

The key for you is knowing to be bold, for you to be yourself, to be authentic to you, knowing and trusting the process. You may just be planting seeds. When I went through my awakening, I had a lot of people that didn't know what was going on with me. I went from a wanting to party a lot, go out a lot, or actually I never really went out a lot, but what I did is I'd have as friends come over, we'd party, we'd drink, we'd have a good time. What happened is eventually I changed that, and it's like, Whoa, what are you doing?

But I had a different desire and afterward all of a sudden, I'm meditating and talking about this other stuff. It seems weird, but you have to trust that vision, and it planted a seed for a lot of my friends and family. I thought it was weird at the time. Now, they see, wow, that's really cool. A lot of friends like, you know, I need to learn meditation, I need to learn this. So, it's really cool. That's the second side. The third side is that you may desire some type of radical change. You may have a feeling that right now, whatever you're doing, there's like some surge of energy that you feel is about to come through you, and you are trying to figure out exactly what that is, and you may even feel a calling to like start finding your passion.

You might find that you're working a job that you don't like in nine to five job like I used to sell women's shoes, was not passionate about it, knew I wanted to be doing something different like making videos and stuff and then I had this desire, this call and I was like, I need to do this. There was a threshold. This is the thing right now; there will come a time when you will go through the threshold of realizing I need to just go for it. You'll decide I just need to go for, but the thing is, and once you decide to do that, you will go for it 100%, and then your outer reality will begin to change as you remain consistent with that vision into that decision. But until then, it'll be one foot in, one foot out.

An idea in the back of my mind that can, maybe I should, but the key to this is right now reading this blog, you can decide, this is what I decide. I decide to do this. I decided to go for my passion, and as you're raising your vibration, I promise you eventually you'll get to a point to where you're going to say, am I really passionate about this job? If I was really passionate about this relationship, am I really passionate about this, this a way of being, and when you decide no, then you'll make the change, but you can make the change right now. Sometimes though, we're more motivated by pain than we are anything else. I thought of the pain of working that nine to five job a long time when I wasn't passionate about it, and that motivated me, and I said, okay, I'm going to go for it.

You can also just imagine the pain you'll get. This is I regularly go, you know, personal development technique. Imagine the pain you'll get if you remain the same badge, the pain you'll get. If you continue to work that nine to five job for 15 to 20 years and you don't like it. If you like it, then great. Then do what you're doing more passionate, do it with more passion and put yourself 100% into it and watch how your results then begin to change. That's something to be aware of, as well as are you doing your passion? Do you feel a calling to do that? The fourth thing is you may be interested and find yourself reading things you've never been interested in before. As you raise your vibration, you become very open-minded, do certain different things in your life. For me, I became aware of a while.

Then I was focused a lot on Ascension light body activation, esoteric stuff. And then, after that, I was focused on a lot of the metaphysics of like how reality works and studying quantum physics. Then after that, it was like a lot of like Dolores Cannon material. There have been many different layers to this, but some of it is definitely pretty weird, esoteric, weird. And you might find yourself gravitating towards some of the weird things, the things that you're like, I can't believe I'm looking up stuff like this. Right? But now what would people think of? They saw me studying Pleiadians. What would people think? But guess what? It's a part of your natural, it might be part of your path to studying the Pleiadians. Okay. It might be part of your path through these things. Don't be afraid of it. Just know it's part of raising your vibration is opened up to higher states of consciousness.

It's an open up. It's opening up to these higher levels. That's one of the things. The last one I want to share with you is the sign that you are raising your vibration to a whole new level is that you're reading this blog. You can only perceive that once the vibration up and if you're attracted to my channel, not to be egotistical about this or anything. If you're attracted to the idea of raising your vibration, then you are somebody that is raising your vibration. If you are consuming this content, then this is a sign that you are on this path. If you are consuming other YouTubers, other people who make this kind of content, if you're reading books on it, then you are on this path of raising your vibration.

This is really the key to this whole entire process. One of the other ways to really raise your vibration in a very powerful way is to understand the power of the hole upon. If you've ever heard of it, very powerful meditation. It clears your energetic field. Just by listening to it for five minutes, you'll see and feel your energy begin to raise to a new level. Listening to that consistently, you will raise your base level vibration. Just put it on the background. When you're doing different things, let's say for 21 days, watch how it changes your life.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.