How to Break OUT of the Prison of Your Mind Once and for All


Today, I'm going to show you exactly what that key is and exactly how to lose it, to use it well, to lose it, to lose being inside your mind so that you finally become free. Your mind is a prison, and when you're stuck in your mind, when you're inside of your head, you will feel constricted. You will feel stuck. You will feel like these blocks keep coming up like you want to make progress. But these things keep happening. That's because when we're inside of our own mind and the rules and the beliefs we set up, they keep us in prison and the key is for us to first off know that we're in it. This isn't something that it's like a this.

This is something that the more awareness we have, the better. In reality in general, something I believe that happens in the world is in a way there is an intention for people to influence your own mind. Part of that could be the media that you watch because when you watch certain media, it keeps you in a fear and anger mentality, which means that then you're so busy doing this, all this other stuff that you may not question, wonder, what's my purpose here?

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Why am I really here? What's really going on in the world? The question and for us to think for ourselves is something where we're told what to think and what happens is when we're kept within a certain belief system, we feel in prison, we don't actually reach our full potential. Any person that you've seen that's acquired a certain amount of success, anybody that has really accomplished something that you admire. What they've had to do, what they had done is go beyond their belief system. They've had to break out of the shell of the way people assume them to be and they'd have to, they had to break out of their own identity the way that they saw themselves.

It's a meditation that changes your identity, core beliefs about who you are. I actually stumbled across this when I was back in the day. Maybe you've heard part of my story. I'm going to share a little bit of it right now so that you can see what I mean. As many of you know, between seven and 15 years old errands told the story again between seven and 15 years old. I had an ex stepmom that was on my life that was very controlling my brother and I had no freedom whatsoever, but many times we were just working outside and we weren't allowed to have friends. We weren't allowed to go to school. We get school activities taken away from us.

We get books taken away from us. I think maybe that's why I like Harry Potter so much. That was my escape. But what happened is that made me feel unworthy after my dad divorced when I was 15. My brother and I have a whole new world were labelled to have friends, were able to watch TV. We're able to eat enough food because we were very malnutrition. Before that, we were only given a bowl of cereal in the morning, TV, dinner at night. Well, very, very skinny. Then what happened is 15 years old comes around, we have all this freedom, yay. However, we both still felt unworthy. I had all this energy because now I'm allowed to be myself and then people would tell me that I had ADHD. I go to a doctor that gives me Adderall, the prescription drug for it.

I had trouble focusing and I started to label myself and I started to think of myself as somebody that had trouble focusing. I worked at Nordstrom's in a woman's shoes. There was like a lot of jokes about how just how much energy I had and stuff. It was a point where I felt unworthy. I felt lonely. I felt like I couldn't necessarily, you know, I kept attracting a woman into my life that was very controlling. Listen to this as well. Our mind will play patterns on us. What does that word? Patterns. Even though my ex stepmom was no longer in my life here, listen to how weird this is. This is how the prison of the mind works. When my dad divorced my ex stepmom when I was 15 years old, I remember that I had all this freedom all of a sudden not to know what went through my mind.

This is scary. This is scary to have this much freedom because I wasn't using, I was used to having to like sneak food. I was used to having to like put it in this little box of not able to like sneak watching TV and stuff and all of a sudden, I had all this freedom and it felt weird. It felt like there was like, I think what I created was a certainty. I see how some people may get out of abusive relationships and want to go back to it because it's what they know. It's what's, it's what feels safe even though it's not safe and it sounds crazy, but, I remember feeling that at that place. Well, guess what happened? No worries. I ended up attracting a woman is always woman came into my life that would try to control me. It was an ex-girlfriend.

When I got out of that relationship with the ER out of, I get it, I have to see my ex stepmom anymore. I then had a girlfriend that was trying to control me that didn't like how loud I was. She just, there was so many things that I had to be a certain way. Then I broke up with her and then I got transferred to another department and woman's shoes at Nordstrom's and I went from one woman's shoe to a better women's shoe department with a more expensive price point because it was sales, but the manager of that department was exactly like my ex stepmom. It was crazy how similar she was. Then I became aware of this. I started to let go of these labels. Once I learned meditation and I learned how to let go of those identity beliefs, guess what happened?

That manager got fired within two weeks. I've never had to deal with someone in my life. Again, any woman or man that tries to control me and it's because now I have dropped that from my sense of identity. Even just I realize even looking back and in high school in freshman year, I felt and saw myself not dumb as an average student. I saw myself as an average too. I just didn't think I was smart. I was getting CS. Then one time there was this one situation where I did good on this test and these people were talking about. It said, well, you're smart. You did good in this one test. I started to at the moment see myself as smart. From that point going forward, I went from CS to getting B's and A's consistently at a 3.8 GPA in high school and I took honors classes and stuff.

Not trying to brag or anything, but that is, I just changed my identity. I changed my identity beliefs. When we change our identity beliefs, we become free. These little beliefs, these little labels in prison us. When I learned meditation, I used to tell myself a story. I can't meditate, I have ADHD, but I said, you know what? I'm going to learn how to observe my thoughts. I'm going to do this no matter what. Guess what happened? After about two, three or four days of doing it, it completely changed the way that I felt. I didn't redefine myself. I became aware of all these beliefs I had about myself and it started to let them go. I realized I just agreed to them at a certain point in my life. If somebody calls you shy, you can challenge that belief. It'd be honest yourself.

Yet maybe I'm a little bit of introvert, but I'm not afraid to talk to people. But at the same time, maybe it's somebody told you something about your body or something like that or how you look and you just agreed to it. What if you were to challenge it and then you would start to feel different about yourself and that's when you start to become free. The key to being free is realizing that these labels are not you. You may think that's you may have these labels that they're not who you are. That's the key to this. The IB or the identity beliefs are what keep you trapped within the prison of your own mind. The key to being free is learning to observe them and to challenge them and to get to a level of letting them go and realizing who you really are.

That's the key. There are many rules we'll have. We'll have rules that are kind of like beliefs that say, I will feel happy when X, Y, Z. I will feel happy when I have this. If we play according to those rules, we're siphoning our own happiness. Why can't we be happy in the present moment? I will know someone loves me when they texted me every day and they tell me how amazing I am. Do you see what I mean? What happens is these, these rules make it so we don't feel as love as often. A lot of times those rules are based on external things, which means you're trying to control the outside. If the rules are based on just things like I choose to feel love when I focus on something I'm grateful for. Oh, my goodness, I could do that all day long.

I choose to feel I'm worthy when I am just recognizing something within myself. Oh, that's internal. I can do that all the time. It's easy to do, but we make a lot of things very hard because we make them and we make rules that are very detailed and specific. I will know I am love when this person texts me, Hey, Hey, good. How are you? Like we want to be talking about your kid or something. The key to this is breaking out of those walls, becoming aware of your self-image. I realized, and I learned this when I learned this meditation stuff, I was working a nine to five job. When I learned that, guess what happened? I was working that night at five job. I saw myself as just an average employee.

Then every day you go in, you see the top salespeople from the day before. You see as the list of the people that were top salespeople in the tubule that didn't do so well. Then it was like a comparison factor every day. But I realized, I just see myself as the kind of person that comes in and is always in the middle. I was always in the middle. Guess what I did and did, I saw myself as a top salesperson. I changed my self-image. I then went in and I started acting that way. Guess what happened from that point going forward, I was at the top, Oh I did was changed my self-image because our self-image, the way we see ourselves is what we project out. It's what we act in according to. If you see yourself as a top salesperson, you begin to act according to it.

You begin to model it, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions begin to link up to it. The key to this is understanding that when you change your beliefs, you change your whole life, your beliefs cause your feelings, your whatever you believe to be true then causes a feeling of belief is like a meaning. A belief is like a thought, a pattern thought in a way that didn't cause you to feel a certain way. You say, oh this, like if you were to break up with someone or someone or break up with you, the meaning you gave, that would be the feeling you felt. If you felt good about that, like, Hey, I got freedom now, then you'd feel great if you felt like, no, this was my one chance at love. I know I can't happen. No pills. Oh good.

It's because the belief is causing that. But if you change the meaning, the belief, it changes how you feel. That's the cool thing. Then you got the feeling. It's like the idea of rainy days, a neutral idea. But you mean you give, it's whether you give it a positive thing with it or not. It's your meeting, it's up to you, you choose it. It's just that many times we have chosen these meetings based on a green with society or green or agreeing to something. Someone told us growing up watching a hundred Disney movies. Oh, it was my one chance for prince charming. But the truth is you can free yourself from that belief system and then the feelings and when you're in a certain state, then you have thoughts that are equal to it. That's why Tony Robbins teaches change your state. Change your life because when you change your state, you then change how you think.

That's why feelings come before thoughts. Even though people mostly be like, Oh, filter, come before that. If feelings, then thoughts, then actions, then you take actions, then you get the results, which fuels the belief. If you change your beliefs and more specifically your identity beliefs, you will change and transform your life and you will become free to create life on your terms. Stop giving away your power. It's not for everyone. It's for you to use to then also add value out into the world, so it's about changing your identity beliefs. This is how I became free. You may, I mean I meditate every day. I no longer have ADHD, I still have a lot of energy. As you can probably tell, I feel completely worthy. I love my life. I love who I am. I don't feel unworthy, I don't feel dumb. I feel like I'm a smart person.

I'm able to share these ideas. That's all changed and I feel empowered because I've let go of my identity beliefs. I want to make and have this video go out. There is something that I have that will help you to change your identity. Beliefs. They are the most powerful meditations that I've ever made. There are five meditations. There's five-step process to this, to do this and to releasing your identity beliefs and I believe it will completely transform your life. They're called mind shift meditations. There's a really cool bonus in there. What I did is it's called the epiphany notes. I went through my iPad and I have all of these screenshot notes with like notes that I hand wrote in there of my personal notes, over 200 screenshots of different books where I circled certain sec sections and some of them.

Then I wrote little notes down. You get all of those, you get like over 200 of those plus all the documentaries. I linked to that have changed my life. All the kind of like behind the scenes of like the things I actually study myself. I share those. There's also a behind the science behind the mind series where I interview and show you the belief system of Leeor Alexandra, Victor Oddo, and Ryan Cropper. This is something that, shows you inside the belief system of different people. You could see what made the shift, but this is for you if you're ready to take your power back if you're ready to get rid of those identity beliefs and to become free to create life on your terms.

If you feel stuck, you feel like blocks keep coming up. If you feel like you love the content that I create, but you just don't know exactly how to apply it, well, this is a step by step process that helps you to take your power back to become free and to start creating life on your terms. These rules are not meant to be walls. You're to let go of those to create life on your terms so that you feel empowered and these meditations get you into that subconscious mind. They get you into that to completely transform it from the inside out.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.