Attract Your Soulmate in these 3 steps with Victor Oddo


We're going to show you the three steps soul mate attraction process, and we're going to show you exactly what you can do to attract your soulmate into your life. I'm with Victor Oddo, and we're going to get into it right now.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I am with Victor Oddo, and he will help you navigate through your awakening process, you deficient as well as attract your soulmate. Yes, those are my two specialties, especially today, more than ever, because today's blog is on how to attract your soulmate. Many people ask, and they say, what can I do to attract my soulmate and my twin flame relationship, which are all different facets of understanding relationships that we may find in our own lives. And part of the process of spiritual awakening is coming to a process of knowing yourself more, which could mean a lot of times redefining and understanding deep parts of relationships you may have had with many people.

We were doing a podcast episode last night, and we realized that there's a, there's this process that victor used actually to attract his soulmate. He thinks he's my soul mate. I don't know. We're kind of joking around about it, but the idea is a lot of people think that soulmates are just romantic relationships when a lot of times your soulmate, maybe your mom, maybe someone in your family or a non-romantic relationship.

We're like social creatures. Maybe we're social spirits, but it does seem that we come in not alone with, with friends, with family and because we are infinite and eternal beings. I think sometimes we swap around roles like, like a, I right now my, my wife Patty, she, she's like my s my soulmate, my romantic soulmate. But I could have very well been her father in other lifetimes. She could have been my brother in other lifetimes, but regardless, we have a lot of soulmates and they can serve different purposes in our lives. I think that is a hopeful cause. I know a lot of people, they'll feel they need to find their s their one soulmate. But you've got a lot of options.

And it puts a different facet on it as well. Like we were talking about it last night in the episode that we were doing, we were talking about how, in our, like our relationship is that we're best friends. We also do a lot of business. We talk, and we help each other out with what we do for a living. Our passions are very much aligned, but we feel like we have like a brotherly connection like in past lives as well. We know and can feel that we were brothers. And then there's also past lives where I feel like we were connected in a way where it could have been more of an older, as a mom or it's funny, it's always fun to sit to the ego, his say shit like that.

Do you know what I mean? But the idea is like we could have been a dad and son, or we could have had these different roles switched around and it makes it a little bit more interesting to understand. I know that my mom and my brother Alex, they have very much like my brother is kind of like acts like her dad sometimes in many ways he's very white. He's got like this wise energy, and you can kind of tell him that the dynamic between them that it really takes care of in a certain way. And you can tell that there's that kind of connection there.

The reason that we're sharing all this though, is we want to kind of break apart the beliefs as soul mates only means romantic because of your soulmate maybe someone in your family and maybe one of your best friends. And it seems like synchronicity that you met up with someone. And what I thought we would do now is share a little bit about, because we're going to share through this three-step process that I believe will work if you apply it. Its what victor uses, what I use this also help you.

You got that, that thing came back. Yeah, huge bug. You were like, Whoa, Victor's like blew it away. But this three-step process, because this will also help you to attract your high vibe tribe or people that you may know your whole entire life and have a deep connection with. Why don't you share a little bit about your finding your romantic soulmate in your life? Cause I think that's what a lot of people want to understand is maybe see hope for them doing the same type of thing. And I know that you've definitely met your soulmate in your life being patty.

I've been married for over ten years with my soul mate for about 14 years. And it happened in a very sort of magical and synchronistic way. But as I was talking to Aaron, yesterday, I believe, I sort of like not knowingly applied his three-step process, which I'm not going to reveal just exactly right now. I'll let you get into it. But essentially, it involved a lot of inner work and coming to love me. I was a drug addict a long time ago, right out of high school. And I had finally gotten clean after trying, you know, multiple times and I found myself at a pretty young age, 19 years old doing a lot of inner work. I had a therapist, I was waking up every day and meditating, and I had all these different little affirmation books, and I was going to meetings.

 I had just more of a confidence, more of a word of Eunice. And at that point, I began to start a sort of like w like expect my soulmate to come. Like, you know, I've done a lot of work. I am lonely, I do want this, but it's not coming from any longer a needy place. Like I need it. It's more like it's time. And I was telling Aaron, I said, I put out this prayer to the universe, you know, and its sort of a literal way.

I went to my big window, and my parents’ house, and I like to kneel down, and I was like, God, I sort of prayed to, to meet my soulmate. And it worked. A week later, I swear to you, it just happened very synchronistically where my wife happened to come and sit right in front of me at this particular AA table amongst hundreds of people. She, there was one spot left, and she was late. We sat right across from each other, and we like, we just had this connection man, and I had to kind of step outside of my comfort zone and talk to her and what not sort of initiate and get the ball rolling. But the rest is history. But it came from a lot of self-love and an inner work intention and then action.

And I love that story because it shows, it shows there's the three-step process I'm going to share. It was kind of, I've thought about last night after he shared this and after I realized that I did the same exact thing when it came even to meet people in my life, whether it be that of romantic or that of somebody like victor who is like you know, nonromantic, a connection where it's like this deep soul brother connection type thing, and we're going to share with you the three-step process that you can apply now. And the first one is something that I think if you make this your primary focus, it makes the process so much easier and understand this; you always find someone in life that is a reflection of where you currently are.

And if this is what I realized when I was in prior relationships in my past, whenever I was doing a job I wasn't passionate about, like many of you may know, I used to work at Barneys New York and woman's shoes and or even before that in Nordstrom, I just was selling women's shoes. I wasn't passionate about it, but I was doing it is how I made money. I realized that I always attracted a girlfriend that also was working a nine to five job that they weren't passionate about. It was like this kind of one on reflection. I always notice it.

But then what happened is I started doing my passion. I started doing what I love, and then I started to attract people into my life. And you know, I'm with someone now that has that passion for what they do. It's very interesting that that dynamic is something that I noticed in that reflection. I remember there's someone on a recent Q and A I was doing, and they were like, you know, I met this at the soulmate connection with somebody, and then it didn't work out. And the thing is, is we'll talk a little bit about that too as we're soulmates. Cause sometimes people think that soulmate connection means that like, it has to be forever not understanding, you know? Yes. But I was telling this person like the reason you found somebody that is deeper than any of the connections that you've ever had in your life is because you've gone deeper within yourself.

And because you've gone so deep within yourself, you now have a reflection of somebody that also is at their core. It's a reflection, something to know that there could be even a deeper connection out there if you haven't found it. It's this understanding and this recognition that you always get in life a reflection of where you are and the depthness that you've gone within yourself cause you're already holding complete. The key to the first step to this process is getting to your core vibration because you're working a nine to five job that you hate.

You might find that you find somebody else that also is working a nine to five job they hate. It doesn't mean that you can't find it out. Can't be the one, but just in general, get to your core vibration because your core vibration is going to, in a way, put out a frequency that then allows the other person that's in their core vibration to then find you. But if you're not at your core vibration, you're not putting out that frequency that then let somebody else to, to find you in a way or for to you, for you to find them. It's almost like a resonance thing, but you have to be vibrating at that frequency. So this could mean doing your passion. This could mean you really doing the self-love, the self-love work.

Because if you don't feel love within yourself, what happens is you put that energy out, and then other people pick up on that subconsciously, and you become more lovable the more that you love yourself. So it has to do with this, this getting to your core vibration. And for me that was like the more that I know both of us have been on this self, this self-ascension journey and doing what we loved is the more we find because now we have many friends that do what we do. And it's like it's a, it's a compounded thing. I think it's about like Aaron said, it's about finding your core vibration, really finding yourself going deep and really discovering who you are. But not only that it's also about expressing that cause sometimes people know who they are, but they're afraid to express it.

But then if you're not really if you're not letting your guard down in life, then you're really not, you're not really, like he said, offering the ideal frequency out there. You're, you're, you're putting on this mask, and then you're going to attract other people with that sort of false self. It's kind of both of those things, but at the same time with also what you were saying it can play out in so many ways. As my wife and I, we happened to meet, and at the time, we're like spitting images of each other.

She literally was a recovering addict about a year, and we had like very, very similar paths. But, for us, it just so happened to where we started to grow together. We'd been together for a long time now, and it seems to be continuing that way, but because we have so many soulmates, sometimes we'll attract a soulmate for over where we're currently at, but then we're, we're, we continue to outgrow them and then it's like, oh my goodness, I don't want to let go. You talked about the story last night, and I have like similar experiences of that with your friend.

I had a really close friend, my friend Derek, and we were like, we were like blood brothers. It was like even when I was a little kid, I could tell we were synchronistically always doing the same things. They always had the same jobs. When I got clean from drugs, I went to this place in Florida, and he came down a week later, and we just had the same job, and we are there, and we are just like attached at the hip. We would always bicker and stuff because we are so close. There was there a real brotherly love that I still feel for him. And over the years, it became where there was a huge vibrational clash where it became very evident that who I was present or becoming was just not who I used to be.

But my friend Derek was, in a sense, still the same way. And I could just tell he didn't treat me with the same level of respect. He courtesy or a was just really not as good of a friend to me. And I was in a sense putting up with his drama, putting up with him, his abuse in a sense is just, it was a very unbalanced relationship, but I was afraid to let go because we prayed it all this time we put in the store and it had the love, the love was real, but it was like at some point I realized I no longer, I'm almost choosing to take on this abuse because he's absolutely not changing that.

I knew intuitively I shouldn't, so I just let it go, and I was lonely for a little while there, but then because I stopped, I almost liked by holding on that relationship was like holding onto my old self and once I let go of both of those, I was like, okay, this is who I am. It took some time, but then I, I met Aaron, and many old Aaron, and I have a ton of soulmate friends now that are just amazing. It's funny cause his store, like what he just shared with you. This same exact thing happened to me, and it was a level of comfortability, but there's a level of knowing that it's like, okay, in order to continue to grow, I have just to do my own thing and focus on my own growth.

And it was lonely for a while, but then victor and I ended up meeting up synchronistically online. We reached out to each other via email when he was living in Michigan or moving to San Diego. And then we ended up, yeah, he ended up coming here, and then it just worked out to where now, you know, we, he moved to Vegas, and we live in Vegas, and it's just, it's really cool. But there was a level of trust and a level of letting go. The reason I wanted to say that is with your core vibration, there are certain parts that when you let go, you then can allow something new in.

If you find that friends are draining your energy, if you find that you're in a relationship and abusive relationship or some type of relationship or the energy dynamic is off, you can try to work with it. But you can also go and give that yourself, that love within and see what happens, you know? But don't be afraid to let go of what is keeping your vibration and keeping you in certain states. Man, nothing is huge. Yes, I know. And Yeah. The second step is that of intention. Setting the intention. You do the inner work, you're in your passion, you're doing what you love. Then you set the intention. You say, I intend, you'd be like Victor, the I'm ready.

It was kind of the same thing for me, even when it was just from a, even when it's just like victor, I remember I was like, Oh man, it'd be so cool to have somebody that would, that I could vibe with at the same level of where I'm making content and into the same type of stuff because I felt like I didn't have anyone to really relate to. When it comes to the spiritual awakening information, I remember you and I both were really into Bashar, and it was like, we're like, well, someone else has really into Bashar.

We had so much to talk about, you know, intention, set the intentions at the intention to meet someone, set the intention to have that be brought into your life, set the intention and put out that the intention is like the focus of that energy. And some people don't actually intend for it. They're just saying it's not here. And you know, I make videos sometimes talking about the vibration of wanting, and the vibration of having is different. You say I want a relationship; I want a soulmate, I want a soulmate, I want to, some that say I don't currently have a soulmate that's not as powerful as an intention. The intention is more like I'm ready, or you're putting yourself in the vibration of knowing it's possible.

It's a different energy source. That version for you was you setting the intention and saying, I'm ready. And you found out later on as well. I know we talked about this in the podcast. I'll leave the podcast down below as well because it was like 30 something minutes. And also, just a little precursor. Now we're going to be doing; we're doing a video on Victor's channel for signs that you can find your soulmate, and that's going to be really cool. I already know what we're going to be talking about and some stuff that we've never shared. That's going to be linked below, as well. Make sure you check out that and you check out. Victor's channel, as well. But in general, Patty did the same thing, right? She did the intention you find out later.

I found out later after, after talking for a while, that my wife did essentially the same thing, and then when I met her, she actually had a boyfriend that she was kind of settling [inaudible] a nice guy that as cool as this guy right here. But she is like, she like knew intuitively that this is not her forever person and she did the exact same thing, looked out her window, I swear to you. She had the same prayer. Like God, I really want to meet my forever stole me. That's like, then you're attracting that same, it's more like the energy behind the intent, and you attract. It's almost like, like with Aaron, it's important. I and patty both did this unknowingly, but we're like, we're ready for our soulmate. 

At the very least, what will happen is you'll start to yes, be, become aware, and attract all the different things you need, whether it's a learning lesson or a healing or a little temporary relationship. You get that ball rolling by setting that intention, and you're going to be on the fast track regardless of how it happens to play out for you. Whether it's immediately you meet them a week later or whether it's you meet someone else that then leads you to, you have in this deeper connection that you, the thought possible.

The third thing was something that really resonates with me as well because of the kind of like the spiritual and the community idea of what it means to be spiritual and attract what we think of attracting. And we think it's all about thinking it's all about, but sometimes many times it is necessary to put yourself in the vibration and to take action and to make a move. For you, that was you making a move, and what was it? It was, you guys wouldn't, I liked that story that you shared.

I could tell, even though this was well before my spiritual awakening that something was going on, I was like, why is this really beautiful woman like super into me? I could just tell, and I just felt this connection with her, and I could tell she felt it with me even though we had just like sat across the room from each other. But I found myself after the meeting ended, everyone goes outside, and smoke cigarettes and I wasn't even smoking at the time. And I saw her sitting over there kind of hanging out with her friends. I had enough intuition to know this woman I could maybe date or something, and I was like; this could be the one.

She didn't just come up to me and say, Hey, I'm your soulmate. What up? It was more like I had to get kind of clever. I and I was, and I was very nervous cause I choose, I thought he was like, well out of my league in a sense. I walked up to her, and I like came up with some bullshit in my mind. She felt bad, and I had like hustling my way to like to sit by her, but it took some hustle, some like creativity and definitely some pushing outside of my own nerves at the end of the night. I didn't even tell you this, I even made up the story so I can drive her home. I said, hey, you know what? I found out where she lived. Like I'm going that way after this meet, after the coffee, maybe I'll give you a ride.

I don't even live anywhere near where she lived. And she was like, well, okay. I drove her home, and we talked, we connected. My favorite song came on the radio. It was like magic, but it was like, yeah, fate sort of handed me this situation, but I had like need it. I think that's powerful too, and it's powerful to know that it's there for you, but you must move into it, and that can, that means taking action. What could this mean for you? Set up situations that put you in opportunities for that. For example, you want to meet more spiritual people that vibe with you.

Go to yoga class, go to meditation groups, get on the know, find different people, find where these people are and then go, does it mean you're desperately looking for them? But just understand that you must do something in order to put yourself in that vibration of where the proximity of where a lot of these people are. If he would've just looked at me like, oh, that's a great idea, maybe something will happen in the future, then who knows what kind of time track that would have been on. But it's three simple steps, and it's finding your vibration, which means doing what you're passionate about. Starting to find out what that is. You don't know what that is.

Set the intention to find out what that is. The intention is extraordinarily powerful. Part of that is also letting go, letting go of the old stories, letting go of the, you may have stories to also that it's hard to check your relationship, a soul mate, a story that it doesn't happen. You always attract a certain type of guy, a certain type of girl. Drop that story, see it for what it is, and get to your core vibration. And then secondly, let set the intention just like victor did. Set the intention, set the intention to meet more high vibe people. Set the intention to meet soulmates. Set that intention and then see what comes in your direction.

See if you get something else that makes you learn something, whatever it is. And then thirdly, take action. Put yourself in uncomfortable positions. You know, Dr. Joe Dispenza says you put yourself in the unknown. That's where miracles happen. No miracles happen in the known because in the known you think certain thoughts, you feel some emotions, you take certain actions, you get the same results that you've always gotten of what those are. If you can get into the unknown, that's where magic can happen. Victor had to step into the unknown. You had to do things that were a little bit uncomfortable. You had to get a little bit clever with ways that he could put himself in a situation to be around somebody that he knew had a deep connection with.

These three-step process that he can apply, and I think that it will help you with that process. Anything else you want to add? I shared a lot of really good stuff beautifully. Yeah, no, I just, I concur with what Aaron said. That's been my experience, and I think what if you apply what he said, it will work for you. And we're living in a time where it is possible to be your romantic soulmate and also a bunch of high vibe friends, but we have to sort of step into our power and do a little bit of the work. Also, it's not even a bad thing to do. The work leads to more self-growth, a better life, and the new relationships are often the kind of reflection of the new person you've blossomed into.

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