Higher Vibrational Manifestation Process that will TRANSFORM Your Life

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you a higher vibrational manifestation process that I think can completely transform your life. If you follow these three steps, it changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I'm going to be sharing with you those three things that if you do make the process so much easier and it really allows you to create from a higher paradigm. Normally the stereo typical way that we may look at what we call the law of attraction is that this is where I am.

That's where I want to beat and I need to do things in order to get over there, but you see, this is what happens a lot of times is in the moment of wanting to be so me where other than where we are.

We create resistance and that resistance manifests with blocks. Things not happening in the right way, and therefore we don't actually get what we want in the most efficient way up until now. Because now we're going to bring in this awareness of understanding vibration, which is something that quantum physics is showing us, that everything is vibration, that there are certain states of being that when we get into we feel better and therefore in that feeling better, we're able to perceive things that we want and in a much easier way and our energy is much more aligned with the action that we do take.

This has been the biggest when it comes to the biggest blocks, I'd say when it comes to people getting what they want is understanding this idea. When we grow up, we are conditioned that what we do is we must react to our environment and that we must in a way wait for something on the external to feel a certain way.

We go a whole life thinking that if we do certain things, it will make us happy. And that at the end of that road is happiness.

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And because of that we go a whole life thinking that if we do certain things it will make us happy. And that at the end of that road is the happiness.

And what happens is then we train ourselves in the present moment that we can't be happy now unless something on the external happens. What we do as we spend virtually our whole entire lives trying to get somewhere else other than we're not, and by the time we get there, we're disappointed to find that because we've trained ourselves out of happiness and out of feeling and giving ourselves permission to feel a certain way.

In the present moment that went by the time we get there, we don't feel that way anyways, and we've seen this many times with people that intend and do everything they can to become wealthy, maybe multi-millionaire, maybe even billionaire status, and then they find out that they're not happy because they realize that doesn't and it's not what they thought it would be.

What I'm going to intend to do today is to help you give you three ways that you can enjoy the present moment more and paradoxically enough. Guess what? You're going to enjoy the process a lot more. And guess what else? Not only going to enjoy the process more, but things are going to happen better for you anyways.

This is a because as you become better and feel better in the present moment, things begin to happen in a much easier way because in a certain way, the external is a reflection of the internal, so the first step to this process is treating everything in your life as if you chose it.

Many times, I'll hear people, they'll come to me at a seminar recently and inside the questions you could hear that a lot of times people ask questions and you can hear that what they're saying is that they have to do certain things, that they're kind of forced to do things because they're forced to do things.

They want to know how they can get out of it, but if we view it as that we're forced to do things or if we view things as if it's the way it has to be. What we do is we box ourselves in and we say that this is the way things are supposed to be and there's nothing I can do about it.

Here's the thing, if we treat everything in our life as if we chose it, we immediately start to feel better because then we realize that we're not victims and that there's something we can choose as an alternative. It comes with this awareness that there's actually more choices in whatever we're currently experiencing and

The moment we start to really embrace this understanding and we start to treat everything as if we chose it. Guess what? We release resistance. This is the key is the releasing of the resistance and we cannot change what we do not own.

You perceive of things that you could be even more passionate about, so you see this works in so many different ways because then we'd become aware of the other opportunities and we start to really just take our power back because when we start to realize that we can choose what we want, we see more options, ourstateofbeingincreasesandthenwe'remuchmorelikelytoexperiencewhatwewantinour life.

This has been a game changer for me. I remember years ago, not even maybe even a year ago, but I ha d a job I didn't really enjoy. I was like, I want to do YouTube full-time. I was doing daily videos, I was working full-time, I was very busy and I realize that anytime I went into work I didn't really want to be there because you know, eventually that led me to understanding that I could just quit.

That's one of the most powerful things you can do is simply start because it helps release the resistance of what you're currently feeling. You may say, well, guess what, I hate the job I have. That's cool, but treat that job that you have as if you chose it and you won't hate it as much. It's still, it's not lying to yourself. It's not telling yourself something that's not true. It's just saying it's true. You chose to go into work. You may say, well, I have bills.

Will you still choose to go into work there still other options and if you simply acknowledge that you're going to feel better about the process, which then paradoxically enough will make you find something better quicker anyways. The second step you can do in order to really raise your elevational set point of elevate your vibrational set point of how you feel has to do with a simple idea.

When that I've shared many times and that is following the feeling of excitement. That sounds so cliché. Sounds like a cat poster, right? It's like, just follow your excitement and go for your dreams.

What puts me into a flow state? Ask yourself these questions because as you ask yourself these questions, your brain and your heart will start to connect to the answer. That's where amazing things happen, isn't just the head.

You create much more flow and much more dynamic flow in the direction of what you want. You see, what do we create from our head? We create something called polarization dualism. We can think of this as a dualistic type manifestation.

If you start to more so connect to your heart, you start to ask yourself the question, what am I excited about? You're going to start to create a much more powerful energy in the direction of what you want.

In that moment, you will also let go of resistance because as you're focused on passion, it literally let's go all the lower emotions that don't even serve you anymore,

If you choose the most exciting one that you could do in that moment, you do that. As long as you can do it until something else that's even more exciting.

This doesn't have to be what am I most excited in this moment to do for the rest of my life? Like is it a beat a lawyer? Is it being an accountant? In the moment though, you can say, you know what? I feel like going for a walk or spending time with my dog and I’m going to eat something right now. I'm going to go call up this person.

And then when that's done, you say, OK, now what do I want to do? You start to realize this in a certain type of order, and guess what? You're going to start to find more ways that you can go about.

Just start to have fun with the process, enjoy the process and develop more humor about it. Develop a more fun type attitude because at a certain point, almost everything in life can be seen from a humorous point of view and that was something I realized with selling, right? Because as I'm selling to people, it was cool because where I used to work, I could see a direct reflection of my mentality going into work every day.

I was feeling a certain way and you know, kind of have a certain mentality, I get a certain result, but if I went in a different day and had a different mentality, I'd see different results.

Like when I got them stuff, they didn't want anything. They wasted my time from a certain perspective, but from a different perspective, I could have saw that I chose that from a certain way because then I could learn something from that and then take action from a different way and then that resistance will go away.

But what I would do is I just kind of laugh about it and laugh at the person. Like I'm demeaning them or anything. I would laugh at the situation and I would say something funny about it and then what I would do is I would go on to the next customer. I guess what I didn't carry all that negative emotion with me to the next customer, which would have, if I did bring in that negative energy would have caused more of that same thing.

Which is why some time sin that sales commission job you'd see some people that would help like eight people in a row that all walk them because they couldn't get out of the first person that walked them. They carry that energy from person to person and subconsciously people feel that it retracts them and they don't want to buy anything, but one of the biggest things I've learned in sales is that if you elevate someone's emotions, you get them into a buying state.

My focus then became, how can I sell this to you? How can you buy this from me? It was more so how can I elevate your state of being, have fun with you, and then watch how that changes everything. I'd be very sarcastic, personality, very blunt, and I'm very kind of edgy, so I would say things. I would use examples and just kind of like poke fun at them and whatever they were doing, and guess what? That elevated my own state of being.

They felt that off of me. They thought it was funny as well, and guess what? Elevated state of being everything worked out even better. You can use this in any area of your life to start to have fun. If something misfortunate happens to see it from a funding point of view, loosen it up. That immediately makes you lose resistance and it elevates your vibrational set point, and guess what?

Then you create from a much more powerful point of view, and I'm speaking of vibrational set point. If you want a powerful meditation that will help you to raise your vibrational set point.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.