3 Truths About Your Dominant Vibration That knowing changes EVERYTHING


I'm going to show you three truths about your dominant vibration that is simply knowing changes everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you those three things about what it's called, your dominant vibration, and how knowing these three things changes at all because when we understand our reality, we get in life a direct reflection of what I call our dominant vibration. Dr. Joe Dispenza, he says that our vibration and this really resonates with me, it really keeps it simple as well. Our vibration is a combination of what we think, how we feel, and what we do. Your dominant vibration is going to be the way you are consistently showing up in the world, and when you switch your dominant vibration from maybe playing small, maybe playing with a certain character profile.

What I mean by that is maybe you view yourself as a sidekick of someone else's movie, or you view yourself as a victim. Whatever perspective you have, if that's the drape ration that's being admitted, that's the dominant vibration, then that will be the reality that you experience. If you want to change your reality, you must change your dominant vibration. Which means the way you were thinking, feeling, and acting at a greater core at your core of the way you are being. Right now, I am at an event called date with destiny with Tony Robbins. I got my buddy, Victor Oddo right there in the back with his blue blockers on doing his big do big business stuff. He's doing big, big point business stuff. Okay? We're going to let him do his thing.

We're getting ready to go in. I think it's the third day time, but it's kind of blends into each other. One thing that's really getting wired into us is understanding the power of consistency in conditioning consistently in conditioning. This is the first thing I want to talk about is the first truth about your dominant vibration is that it has been wired into you as to this is who I am. Therefore, that's been on autopilot. You may have been living that out just completely because it's comfortable. A lot of where we are right now is just simply comfortable. I used to work a nine to five job and going in every single day getting a pay-check. I got paid every week, and when I went in, I just knew that there's a level of certainty there that then I would decide that I would just have my pay-check and I wasn't passionate about selling shoes, but nonetheless, it was something I did because it paid the bills and it was comfortable.

Something that we're learning a lot here as well is our beliefs. It's quiet, you know, I've been teaching a lot about how our beliefs create our reality. I knew Tony kind of talked about it, but in the seminar, he really talks about it. It's interesting because there's like an overlap of a lot of things that I've shared in some of my videos, almost indirectly in a way. It's cool to kind of see its language in a way like Tony because he's been doing this for so long. In general, when we are talking about this, realize that our dominant vibration, our consistency at a certain point in our life, we decided we were a certain way. Then that also linked up to just how we conditioned ourselves in. 

We all have certain needs. There's the need to be significant, the need to be certain, the need for uncertainty, the need for a connection with other people in love, the need for growth, and the need for contribution. As many times, a lot of us will be trying to manifest what we want in our life, we are taking action, you know, and being a certain way. And many times, what happens is we have these driving forces in our life that we aren't even aware of, and we want to create things in our life based on a certain level of an outdated value system or an outdated need. For example, a lot of people in that room, including myself, have a very achiever mindset going to achieve something. There is a certain level of wanting significance from that.

What I mean by significant is to feel important, to feel special and a lot of people that become successful, sometimes the energy underneath it is a desire to become more because maybe they were beaten down younger in life and maybe a lot of people also didn't believe in them out. A lot of people do not believe in me when I started on YouTube, and I'd almost, in a way, I was like, I'm going to be successful no matter what. And those people that did believe in me, I'm going to show them. That ended up being a weight on autopilot that I ended up becoming is like wanting to continue to prove myself as if I already wasn't good enough already. And that remains on autopilot. This is about being aware and really rewiring yourself and understanding that conditioning in of itself. The reason I talk about that, cause I also wanted to talk about this other thing called certainty.

There's a certain level of value that I have with certainty for sure. And it's because I like consistency and routine because then it allows me to more so focused on my craft of making videos and doing what I'm doing. That area of my life was a success and work. That certainty though has actually caused me a lot of pain because if people don't act within a certain way, then I start to feel like they're not going according to the expectation in my mind, the blueprint in my mind. You know something else that Dr. Joe Dispenza talks a lot about is that you have to step into the unknown to create some type of miracle. You can't create a miracle because if you consistently think, feel, and act a certain way, you're going to continue to get that reality.

Our reality is a direct reflection of that. The first thing that you must know about your vibration that is just knowing changes everything is that right now there's a certain barometer, there's this certain autopilot of what is comfortable. It is uncomfortable for me to do something uncertain. It is uncomfortable because I'm not used to it. But if I were to do that, I would then change my dominant vibration over time. This is about rewiring and reconditioning. The second thing I want to share with you about your dominant vibration is the power of the words. I am, I am. Then whatever comes after I am. The reason that is because, you know, you've probably heard me share on my channel before about the cybernetic mechanism of our self-image, of our identity. How do we see ourselves? However, we see ourselves; we will do everything within our power to remain consistent with that identity.

The thing is most of us don't know our identity. We're not aware of how we see ourselves. Let me ask you a question. Are you a shy person? Are you allowed to an extrovert? Are you somebody that is very bold or you as somebody that kind of questions yourself? Are you somebody that is your own boss? You tell you, you motivate yourself, or you didn't need someone to motivate you? How do you see how much money do you think you could make a year? No. Money is a side effect of the value you add. But how much money do you see yourself as being able to make a year? See, these questions will kind of put the light on. How do you see yourself? Because I found that in my own life, especially any shift I've made in my dominant vibration, which means the way I'm thinking, feeling, and acting has come from also shifting myself image and or identity shifting my identity.

There was a moment in my life when I decided I am now my own boss. I had a nine to five job even for six months after I said, I am my own boss. I have a full-time YouTuber, and I started making daily videos on YouTube regardless of how many people were watching. I said, this is my new dominant vibration. I am a YouTuber. I am successful. I'm getting ready to move into doing live events. Totally different, totally uncertain as well. That uncertainty is what I need to step into, and by me saying I am this way, I am then affirming this new identity. Pay attention to your identity when you become aware of the way you see yourself. That didn't change as things, and if you didn't know, one of the most powerful meditations I have is on changing the self-image is on transforming yourself image and just society.

This is who I am now. It's funny at this conference there's the music that there's prime, you know every like 10 15 minutes who get up and jump. You're always engaged and there's a reason for it. It feels kind of funky sometimes because every five minutes, you got to give your partner a high five. Like, yeah, if you give them a high five, then you've got to turn around and got a massage, your partner, and then they massage you. I got lucky, my partner's a chiropractor, so I turned around, and we did it, and I forgot he was a chiropractor. I was like, Oh my God, this feels so good. But that changes your state. Then what happens is it's about becoming aware of in general the way you see yourself. But it like, I would say the most powerful meditation I have is on changing your self-image.

And a lot of the music is like; you will never be the same. You know, it's like music that really wires it and like it's a totally different reality now, bro. You know, and I look at one of my meditations on YouTube; that's one of my most powerful meditations is the self-image meditation. It really wires in. This is who you are. There is no going back and people that have had amazing results from it, it's because of that wired in, that knowing that they could feel it. Then from that point on, everything is different. I'll go ahead and link that here in the car. Like you'll see it as an info thing, and then you can also see at the top of the description box, but that alone will help change. The third thing about your dominant vibration has to do with understanding that this process is about clearing your energetic field. You got some; you got some stuff that has been accumulated in your energetic field. It comes from your past experience and your past. Meaning if you could chunk everything into understanding vibration, the answer with meaning, everything has zero built-in meaning other than the meaning we give it, and that meaning you give, it will then get the effect that you get out of it. You know, there are many stories of people that have had the same exact situation happen and very different results from the meaning they give that situation.

What is the meaning you're giving to certain things in your life, and based on the meaning you give it, that is going to be the result that you get out of it. However, in general, the time in your past when you gave certain things a negative, meaning it caused a jolt within your energetic field. And that jolt then caused a disruption that continued to influence your dominant vibration, even in subtle levels. The thing that's very important to do is to clear out your energetic field. One of the most powerful exercises we did yesterday at a date with destiny, and we did even the first day, and I didn't realize we were going to do this so much because I made some videos about it. It's called Ho'oponopono is the most powerful healing modality I've ever found. It has to do with understanding that we're all connected.

When we take vibrational responsibility for someone else's pain, understanding that the way we respond to what we experienced, our reality. We then take on that responsibility and then transform it in a very powerful way. You say these four simple statements, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. I'm sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. However, whatever order you want to put them in. But in general, those, that's the process of saying it. It clears out your energetic field here at a date with destiny. We've done like three or four exercises with it already, and you see people look into each other's eyes and do it, and they just start melting. It starts to melt away the barriers, and it's such an important part of this whole program here. It made me realize how powerful that is and how that clears out the dominant vibration of all the debris that's there from the past.

The blame that we may have, you know, the blame I may put on my past experience, I might look at my ex stepmom, for example, which many of you may have heard before. If you watch my videos and, and in different ways with different people, maybe different ex-girlfriends and stuff, healing that, healing that within myself. Knowing that as I do that inner work, it then transforms also outer reality. Another meditation I have is on the auto portal. Let's do it for just, just 21 days in a row, and it's just in the backyard. You don't actually have to do it. You could say along with it, it's very powerful, and you think of people you want to forgive, and you want or them to forgive you. By clearing out this energetic field, by you have forgiven them, you then clear out your energetic field, and it's extraordinarily powerful.

It's about making a choice of who you are now, and deciding this is who I am. It's about understanding the meaning of your things in your life. Then as you change the meaning, you then change the result that you're getting and condition in this new identity, condition it, and realize this is who you are now. But you have to become aware of who you've been. And then you have to become aware of who you really are, which is something that you find through asking questions and through understanding what you're really passionate about and through really getting into your hear


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