3 “Theories” About What is REALLY Going on Behind the Scenes


Many people are beginning to question their reality and are realizing that, Hey, there may be something going on behind the scenes here and it's not just exactly what maybe we're led to be told with everything that we see on the media. Even though that might sound a little bit out there, I'm going to share with you three theories about what may be really going on behind the scenes. I've been traveling this last a couple of weeks and I've noticed that I've met a lot of people, a lot of different people that have different viewpoints on what's going on in the world. There are some people that, you know, obviously listening to the news and in a certain state, you know, I've kind of talked a little bit before.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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The main thing that I recommend people do is to do their own research. Do your own research, see what really resonates with you. A lot of people are in a way really going within right now and understanding more about themselves. Also beginning to question reality, a little bit more. I kind of talk about how this is one of the steps because when I went through my awakening back in 2012, I got into what you could con you call conspiracy theories. The more research I did and trying to understand why spiritual awakening wasn't taught, why I stumbled across a lot of these things, I became the find that there is most likely something going on behind the scenes, some type of control.

Because the idea is if you can control the narrative if a certain amount of people got together and said, if I control the narrative or I control the perception and keep people in fear and anger, they're much easier to control. When I became aware of that I know it sounds a little esoteric or it sounds a little bit out there, conspiracy theories, but the more research I had done, the more I've found that that may be actually what's kind of happening. In this episode, I want to share with you three kinds of different, because I've shared a little bit about this before ideas about this. The first one I want to share with you actually comes from Bashar. Many of you know that I'm a fan of Bashar, listen to a lot of his material for years. Even when I, when I went through my awakening, Darryl Anka channels, Bashar has been around for almost 40 years and he recently had a seminar where he talked about his perspective on what is happening.

There was somebody that was asking questions like, Oh, was this something that was unleashed and to the public or what actually is happening with everything going on now? The way that Bashar explains it, if those who didn't know him, he's kind of like an Abraham Hicks in some ways. Bringing you through different types of information. His perspective I thought was very interesting. It's completely different from what I've heard from different theories or different ideas. Bashar also doesn't really go too much into, it's like our own enfoldment to us, learn about maybe what was information that was hidden. That's our own journey. We have to unpack our own presence in a way that is the way that he describes it. However, the thing that he says is behind what's going on right now in the world is that one of the side effects of this thing going around that a lot of people are in fear about this thing came because of the way that we treat the planet, the way that we treat the earth.

Basically, because we're kind of in a way of destroying our planet in many ways we are actually doing that. What happens is there is this thing that would normally you to kind of figure out what I'm talking about. The way that this works out on YouTube is if I say the actual words, the videos, the immediately not going to get shared or not shared, but it's not going to go. I've got to reach as many people as I, I'm very careful with kind of some of the words that I say. However, the way that Bashar explained it is that there is the way that we are treating the planet, there are hosts that this thing going around normally would go in normally would find whether that's bats, whether that's a different house, but, because those things aren't there or it's not able to because of the way that the is being treated, they are now, it has mutated to then find human hosts.

In a way, it's something that would normally be mitigated by it going into other animals, which I guess is that whole bat thing. But because it can't do that, it is now finding and mutating to find new hosts, which should be humans. Basically, it was like an energetic, you know, maybe there are other things involved. He kind of insinuated that energetically. That was one of the purposes behind it. It's kind of like a wakeup call to us to become aware. You guys want to know something else that's kind of crazy. It's kind of a side note. I don't know if I've talked about this in another video. If you go right now and you look at the quarters from 2020 goals, if you Google core 20 American quarters, 2020 they came out in February of 2020 and they're literally bats. It's literally bats.

It's just kind of ironic because I came out before everything really popped off here in the States was probably being as it was proved months ago. It's kind of weird synchronicity, to be honest with you. When you started seeing certain things like this starts to make you wonder. The way that Bashar talks about it is this is something that has happened because of the way that we're treating the planet. It's kind of a wakeup call for us to realize that we need to be more mindful of how we treat the planet. Maybe how we treat the oceans and just animals in general, and that was one thing that Bashar said that I thought was very interesting. The second theory about what's going on right now is one that I've kind of shared quite a bit actually, and it has to do with understanding that maybe this was intended at a higher level.

The way that there's this certain, you know this, this is what I'm saying, do your own research with this. They'll just take my word for it. But from what I've studied from what I'm kind of like a reporter here, there are people that claim that what has happened is if there is a certain agenda that maybe certain people wanted, let's say certain people wanted people to get required vaccinations, the only way to maybe get some people to agree to get vaccinated could be, well if there was a lot of people in fear and a lot of people in anger and people were afraid for their safety, maybe what would happen is if you were to put something that would have people get to that state and then quarantine them but them some in their houses and stuff like that, maybe then they would be more open to looking for certainty or looking for some form of solution.

What happens is the way that this kind of like a darker group of people may think is that if you get people into fear and anger and get them in afraid, afraid, then they're more open and controllable to then give the solution what it should appear as a solution. The idea is it has to be the ideas of the people to then agree to do it. How would you get that to happen? Well, you give a problem that then gives a convenient solution and that's kind of another theory about what's happening right now, which I find very interesting. I've kind of shared this in other videos before. Three hidden agendas that I think maybe going on. From the research I've done, I'll link that below that video blew up.

I've got so much attention in it must have really resonated with people. But the other aspect of this is too, is that there's a group of people calls them the elite that has been maybe mitigating resources for a long time that if you do the research, you may find more and more evidence of this and to keep the power kind of mitigated in a certain way. But what you'll find is that the more you study this, the more you see those patterns, but they also do kind of dark things that they in a way are orchestrated. Whether that has to do with human trafficking, things like that. I kind of shared the story as well. I was at my buddy house, my buddy Drew's house in San Diego and the day that I get there, there's a lady there that does EMS and it was like going through his house for electric medics, like kind of mitigating the EMF so that it's not so bad around Wi-Fi routers and stuff like that.

She said that she knew somebody that's a nurse in the middle of the United States. Recently this nurse is involved in helping to rehabilitate 1200 kids that were found underground, that were used in very dark ways and they're now integrating those kids back into society. This nurse is a part of helping that at the hospital cause there's like 1200 kids there. That was a big wakeup call because I've been hearing about that for awhile. If you've seen that one documentary, it's called outer shadows or something like that that I recommend. Like I said, if you do watch it, it's on YouTube. Is that kind of hard to find? I think there's probably a reason for that. But it's like saves yourself afterward or something. You want to watch these things if you do it and very small doses because if you watch too much of it, you'll find that it does DAP in your vibration.

That's why my goal with a lot of the things I'm sharing on this channel is to share these things in a positive way. Like, yes, maybe these things are going on, but realize as well at a larger scale, we're all eternal spiritual beings having temporary human experiences. In a way, what we did is we set the game up to where then we could become more aware of our power. This is just a part of the process. Some people are playing very dark roles in reality and that's given us the opportunity to take our power back and to go through this experience.

I believe the harvest has happened right now. A lot of people call this also a great awakening. Many people are waking up all around the planet is phenomenal to see and part of this is because this is a time that many of us came for and the law of one is also channeled material that's considered some of the most channelers of all time. A lot of things in those books when it comes to the astronomy of different things and physics have been proven to be true and it was written in the eighties instead. Eventually, that'll be proven and stuff like that and it's come to pass and it's five different books. A physicist is a husband asking questions to his wife who's bringing through this information. It is very profound. But one of the things that talk about is how right now on the planet there is what is called the harvest over the next like, you know, 30, 40 years after the eighties are when this harvest is happening.

The harvest is where we as people have the opportunity to raise our vibration to a new state of consciousness. This is where we realize that a lot of maybe what we've learned hasn't necessarily been the actual truth. Maybe there was a lot of information held back and we're coming back into our own power and what is said by it. This is as we move from what is called a third-density level of consciousness into a fourth-density level of consciousness. Think of the third chakra as like the solar plexus, and then we're moving into the fourth chakra, which is connection and unity consciousness and things become much more magical, much more about vibration. Time appears to be going by faster because our vibration is increasing.

This is what's happening right now on the planet. One of the barometers that it talks about in the loved one is that you must be 51% more service to others rather than service to self. That's just kind of a number. We don't have to get too caught up about, Oh, am I 50% or 51% is mainly do you realize that you're connected to other people and that what you put out is what you get back? Are you general? If you're other, I'll tell you right now, if you're listening to this, then most likely you are in that category. The key to this is doing the inner work and it is raising your own vibration, letting go of things that no longer serve right now as a time of going within, and letting go of what doesn't serve an energetically.

This is the potential that all of us have right now is to go through and to go through this type of transformation. The Law of One talks about the harvest and moving to this new level of consciousness. Dolores Cannon's material also talks about this. Bashar has been talking about this many different sources have been saying the same thing. In Dolores Cannon's material, which are hypnotherapy sessions of thousands of people all around the world, when they're in a deep level of the subconscious mind, they say, I came as a soul. The purpose was to come here to be a part of the great shift, to be a great shift in consciousness. We're all going through it right now. Over the next 10 to 15 years, I think more will change on the planet than ever before. I think that now is the most exciting time to be alive.

It's waking up so many people just by being here energetically. This is a time of us purging out lower vibrational energy. I was becoming aware of this fear and this is just a part of the process. We just need to be present with the process, do the inner work, let go of the belief systems that no longer serve, let go of the power struggles that we have within ourselves, and our own life. Because as we do it in our own life, we're also doing it at a collective level. I think that this is going to cause so much transformation that with editing that Bashar said is that when it comes to like contact and us having contact with like higher vibrational beings, which I know sounds really esoteric, but the more research you've done, even the law of one and other materials that toxic, even ancient civilizations talks about how we've had this kind of like a higher-dimensional connection to other beings.

The thing that Bashar says is that in the next six months, it's very important for us to remain in the good, in a great state, to raise our own vibration. Because what we do as a collective in the next six months is going to determine whether that process accelerates or DSLR. It's a little bit for contact. The thing that I've been really excited about is just raising my own vibration, helping other people to do it. That's why I share this information. If you haven't already, check out my great awakening playlist, I go deeper on all of these ideas.


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