The Key to Manifestation in 2020: Big Present Energy


In this blog, I'm going to be sharing with you why BPE or the big present energy is the key to you manifesting what you want in 2020. I'm from this time going forward. This makes all the change, and in this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to use it. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you how to use what is called BPE or the big present energy. You ever heard people talk about other people? They're like, Oh, have you met that person?

Those persons got BPE or big present energy. When I'm around them, I can just feel it from them. I could just feel that energy emanating off of them, and I can tell that yes, they have big present energy. This is about understanding how our energy is showing up in the world and how that correlates with us experiencing what we want, and a lot of times, what I see happen is people want something.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Maybe they even want to attract a specific person into their life. Maybe they want to attract a certain amount of money. Maybe they want to attract a certain job that they want. Whatever the goal is, when the intention and the focus area on the future, the energy goes from this person's body. Let's say I've got my handy dandy marker right here. Let's say these people like this. Here's their energy field just like this. That's their body, their energy field, and they're constantly thinking of not being here. They're projecting their energy to the future. Some of their energy is going there, they're thinking about it, and they're not in the present moment.

They're missing out on opportunities that could be there if all of their energy was there. At the same time, imagine somebody meets someone else, and they're attracted to them, and what they're doing is they're resisting and wanting this person to act a certain way. They're trying to control. What happens is that takes their energy out of the present moment makes it resistant, and it then starts to produce some type of feeling like, I hope this happens in the future. Anytime our energy is being externalized, and anytime our energy is moving away from the present moment, we are dissipating that power within us. This is the key to understanding experiencing what you want, especially in 2020 now the biggest thing and the biggest part of this blog is understanding as well that a lot of the things we think we want a lot of the goals that we have, we think we want it, and once we get it, we'll be happy.

Once I get this in the future, then I can be happy, but the way that it works is that even when you get there, you will then have something in that future of what you think will make you happy, and therefore you will always be externalizing the happiness. The problem with this is that then your big present energy, which is you being in the moment right now then always is dissipated. It is always drained, and when you are completely in the present moment, you are more attractive. When you are completely in the present moment, there is more energy there to work with. There are more opportunities than you can perceive. This is something that isn't very often talked about in Law of Attraction. When people say that it's because I got that BPE, you feel me? I am in the present moment and I'm embodying that energy.

I'm doing this because it's what I'm passionate about and I'm allowing the information to flow through. Some people call that channeling as well. When you're in a flow state, that's when big president or he is there. That's when you admire people that do that. You might admire an athlete that can do that and be like, wow, that's amazing. What they're doing is they're so in the present moment, they got that big present energy that you say, wow, that's amazing. You may seem when like a Serena Williams playing tennis and you might be like, wow, how is she able to do that? Look how she could see the ball going a hundred miles an hour just to just hit it every time. But that's a part of BPE. The key is understanding that the future is not what you want is always now in the present moment.

Anytime you think of the future, and you're doing something to get to the future because then you can be happy. It's almost like you always have a stick with a carrot on it. It's like this far out, and it's just out of reach, and when you're always externalizing to the future, you're always running after that. But no matter where you go, this thing is coming with you. This is the stick right here, and then this is the carrot. The future never comes, and you can never actually reach the carrot because you have this right here. You have this stick, and the stick is the perspective you have that the future is going to be better than the present moment. When you let go of that shtick, and you just start to be in the present moment, okay? With the way the present moment it is, you'll find that you then begin to manifest things easier than ever. I used to do this; I was actually talking to my buddy Victor about this yesterday at the gym.

There's something magical about what is called more than feeling your presence space. I used to work at that place called parties in New York. I know I talk about it in a lot of videos. It's because I make a lot of videos on YouTube and it is a, it's something I think help people understand that you too can go full time doing what you love, but also understanding that there was a process in a way that I made that transition and part of that was I remember I was going in when I was starting to make YouTube videos, and I was like, man, I don't want to be here right now. I could be making videos. The more I resisted that present moment, the more of my energy within depleting itself. But you want to know the days I would do really well, even when I didn't really want to be there, I'd go in and surrender and realize why I am here right now at this job. You know, selling woman's shoes. I'm not passionate about it.

My YouTube channel is starting to grow, but I'm going to more than fill my presence space. I remember that anytime I had this mentality, I have a lot of people that say they'd be like, why are you working here? I could see you doing something way different than selling a woman's shoes. Not that there's anything wrong with it. There are some people who are very passionate about it, and I respect that, but it wasn't mine. They probably could tell, even though I was so in the present moment, they were just like you or I. They just had a feeling that I was meant to do something else. Anytime in sometimes people to offer me jobs and stuff like that because they liked the way that I was so present and doing things, so I remember that sometimes what I would do is anything you do it 100% this is what I learned.

I'd go into work and selling woman's shoes. I would go in, and as I was helping people, I then not focus on the next customer I was going to get. Sometimes it would happen. I started helping someone, and I would start like internally judging them. Are they going to buy something because if they're not going to buy something, I'm wasting my time as it was a commission sales-based job. I need to find a customer, or I need to like double up because I don't think this one's going to buy anything. But when I would surrender and just help that one person, it'd be present with them and really help them and have the intention of adding value.

Even as I was ringing up, I would do little things. I catch myself, and when I go out of BPE, I catch myself, and anytime I go back, it's my energy, so there's such a different energy. It's almost like with fewer words; you say more. Do you see what I mean? Less is more now. The key to BPE in 2020 especially is about understanding that like when it comes to making money. For example, I believe that when people are making money, just because it's a means like maybe yes, maybe you have to make money to feed your family, and I understand that. However, when people are trying to like to get a quick buck and to get rich quick things, I think a lot of times, what happens is there do. Many people are doing it, and it's not really their passion and may actually divert them from their true passion, and because they're doing it as a means instead of an end goal, then it's almost like they're, they're dissipating their own energy again because they're saying, when I get to the future, then I can feel happy.

The key to this is understanding that this present moment right now is beautiful. It is all you need. If you more than fill your presence space, that changes everything. When you're around other people, if you're just trying to be present, if you're attracted to someone, and you're just present, and you're being yourself, and you're just enjoying whether it's awkward or not, there's a certain energy that comes with it. And the key to this blog in general is to be yourself and to, I know it sounds so cliché, just be yourself, be yourself, but also focus on doing everything you do 100% and being present and aware as you do it. Sometimes I'll get into this mode when I'm even leaving the gym; I will be in my locker. Normally I'm thinking about what am I going to do next? What am I going to eat?

When am I going to do this? I'm going to do that instead. I'll like put on my socks, put it on my shoes, be present as I put on my jacket because it's cold out right now in Vegas and I would just be present and I noticed that when I do that, there's a different energy and then people when I meet people, it's so much more meaningful. I know that even, not to be cocky or anything, but when I meet people that recognize me for my videos, if I'm like, yeah, you know, sometimes there's been a couple of times I've met people and it kind of takes me by storm in a way, like a unexpected, you know, I'm like, Oh Hey, how are you? In general, the more I'm just able to be present with that person and to connect with them without trying to go to the next thing I have to do, the more meaningful it is. The more it just works out the way it's meant to work out.

The key to this blog, in general, is understanding that if you're not manifesting what you want, realize it might be because you're not completely there in the present moment. If you want a specific job, don't resist the job you have, be present with it while you're there. That was another thing from thinking grow rich, and I used to do that, and it really does work go above and beyond. The more value you put out, the more you get back, but the more present you are, the more people feel that in the more contagious energy that is. The key is being presented and understanding that in 2020 and beyond, it is about embodying the present moment. That's what 5D consciousness is about. No, that sounds a little esoteric, but it's about being in this present moment. Knowing it's 100% own complete big present energy. You don't even have to put your hands out like this. You just walk around, and it's like people are like, Whoa, BPE like that. The big present energy is the key to 2020

Anyway, in 2020 it's about understanding that this energy, when you're more than filling your present space, and you're in the present moment, you have a certain level of energy that emanates off of you that then is higher vibrational energy. The present moment is where all the magic is, and when you are more than feeling your present space because you are okay with where you are as well, you will find that then opportunities come into your city, into your peripheral, other people are more attracted to you. These things will come easier than ever because you are more here now. But this whole, the whole way a lot of people go about manifestation is trying to get somewhere else. I fell into that trap too. I'm not saying that I've figured it all out, and I'm a BPE 24/7, but I'm saying the more that I tap into this, the more I realize that that energy is contagious.

The more things just work out the way they're meant to work out. The way that you could do this is by being more aware and slowing things down a little bit, releasing the rules that you have. If I was resisting my own job, it was because I had a rule in my mind that I wasn't where I wanted to be already, and I shouldn't be. There should be doing something else. I met for more than just this job. I'm not passionate about it and that resistance within caused me to have a resistant contracting energy sort of things wouldn't be as fluid and smooth, but if I would let go of that and I would be in the present moment and enjoy it, that's when magic within happen. That's when people would feel my energy in a new way. That's when I have more contagious energy, and everything would just happen in alignment.

So BPE is the key in 2020, and recently also, I don't know if you saw it, but we did a meditation, a live meditation that was very powerful for raising your dominant vibration. We had thousands of thousands of people there doing it live. Because of that, energy has a strong effect because it's been in the collective consciousness as so many people did it at the same time. You can still do it now even though it's already been live. You will pick up on that energy stream. It's a powerful meditation.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.