Spiral Dynamics 101: A Practical Guide for Evolutionary Psychology


What I'm about to share with you has the potential to completely transform your life. I know when I first learned it, I saw the whole entire world in a completely new way. It helped me to understand other people, understand my own psychology, understand how I could raise my vibration to a new level of consciousness. In this blog, I'm going to share with you the most transformative process or model for understanding human behavior, human psychology, and I truly believe that you'll never see the world the exact same way. After you read this blog, you'll understand it in a completely new way and I'm super excited to share it with you in this blog.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that on spiral dynamics, this is a book that was written for seeing reality, understanding psychology. Some people call it evolutionary psychology and a lot of actually what's happening in the world right now. What I believe is many people are going through what is called a spiritual awakening. I'm going to be sharing with you in this blog about that because I believe it's also related to a lot of what's happening in the world right now, especially when it comes to the great awakening. Let me shout out the authors of the book and people that have also added an attribute contributed to this work. You've got Don Howard, Don Howard Beck, Christopher Cohen, Clare Graves, Ken Wilber. These are all people that have added to a lot of the information that has to do with spiral dynamics and branching off of different concepts of spiral dynamics. If you've seen me share that a power versus force before what you'll notice is that there's some correlation. These are all different levels of consciousness. I've shared that in hundreds of my YouTube videos talking about vibration.

I'm going to do my best to keep this simple. There are other videos on YouTube that go much deeper into this process. I'm not the only one that's made videos on this. I'm not necessarily an expert at it, but I do think it's fascinating and I do want to share my perspective and kind of how I see this whole process. In a way, the colors, they're represented by colors that represent different modes of consciousness, different models, different behavior structures, different value systems. A lot of it has to do with value systems. The interesting thing about spiral dynamics is once you understand it, you can then see why certain people think a certain way and why different colors argue with each other because they're literally different levels of consciousness. They're different levels of psychology. Because of those perspectives, that's why there is that push back. That's why they think differently. Let me explain that. I'm going to quickly go over the bottom two. The bottom two are very primitive and very basic needs and levels. We've evolved past those thousands of thousands of years ago as a society, but there are still purple. There's beige and purple. The beige is that of like being a baby. Think about a baby. A baby needs all the attention of babies and complete survival. It's completely in survival mode. That would be the color of beige. When you get to that of purple, purple is a level of evolution and you can even look through all of these colors in that of societal progress. At certain points in our past, you'll notice that that's when we lived at that level.

When we talk about purple, it has to do with tribes, groups of people, tribes, and people that may also worship spirit like different gods and need to please the gods and, and has to do with understanding that at bays there's survival. Maybe think of that like cavemen in a way that is just based on survival, very instinctive, maybe don't have great language patterns in linguistics. Then eventually what happens is they evolve at a level to where they say, you know what? If we get together, and we team up, once they develop linguistics and everything, they say, mate, what we do is we get together, then we're safer than we can have different roles. We can have different people that do different things within the tribe that have different strengths. We can have some people that go out and hunt. The idea is that then there's a tribal mentality there of wanting to feel safe. What you'll notice as well is that you may not be able to completely see it, but every level isolates and goes back and forth between individual, individual type energy to collective energy, individual collective, individual, collective, individual, collective. There's almost like this contraction and this moving back and forth of expansion to contraction, expansion, and contraction from individual to collective. Red would be having some type of dictator, somebody that wants to control. Eventually what happens is the purple of the tribe.

What you get is one person in the tribe that maybe says, you know what? I want to have all the power. I want to be the one to dominate and if I can dominate, then we can get more done because then it's all singular focus maybe before in the tribe. It was harder to come up with decisions. You could say that a lot of that competition sometimes you'll see the business as well. Some really, really high level of competition. Business is actually normally orange, but maybe someone like a Hitler or somebody like maybe very negative power-hungry type mentalities that were craving that power so that that's red. The red still exist and even some purple still exists in the world today. You can go to different places in different countries where they still live in tribes and have that kind of mentality. Red would be the dictatorship and power. Then, what we move into is blue. Blue is once again, collective blue is that of conformity. A lot of what we may see when it comes to religion would be blue. It'd be a certain way of thinking. It would be a certain model way of thinking. The idea is that if you don't agree with it, then you are wrong. There are rules and regulations that want to be put in place. A lot of what's in America many times, there's a lot of blue in America in many ways. When I grew up I would see a notice people that were like this.

Even in some ways, I'd say that maybe my dad had some of these mentalities of conformity, religion, and rules. He wasn't this or the religious, he, my dad, I don't know. You can kind of see there's, there's different gravity to this in away. It's not like you're just going to be one color for your level of consciousness. I'll share with you where most of my YouTube audiences, as well as I, move through this. The thing is when people are in blue, which means that they are in that level of consciousness of religion rules. They want government regulation. That's where they get their sense of safety. That's where they get their sense of identity. I was at Tony Robbins' conference back in December. He actually teaches part of this process. He does this interesting exercise, which I'll share with you in a little bit, which helps understand these different levels. The width of blue is religion regulation. As I said, it's something that's a big structure that people feel safe in. If somebody else doesn't agree with it, you think they are wrong and you think that they're not right. You remained firm on that because of your sense of safety.

It is marketing all science, technology. These are all characteristics of that of orange and the orange mindset is about capitalism and understanding that if you can become successful, if you can gain the resources, then that is where the power is. The red is masculine, the blue is feminine, the orange is masculine business, very masculine and it's interesting a lot of times when you see people go from blue to orange, blue is conformity. People may realize that religion many times can be very limiting. Maybe, they don't agree with it anymore. Sometimes what'll happen is that then people in the orange, then they go into orange oranges. Whereas the more the spiritual levels are up in the higher realms, which we'll talk about in the higher levels. That's a lot of times when that was happening. They know what this, all of this wasn't true. Maybe, they had some painful experiences in blue. A lot of America is in orange, I'd say between blue, orange and green is most of America. Eventually what happens in orange is you become successful or you don't become successful, but you bang around in orange for awhile and you start to integrate it, and then what you realize is that money doesn't bring happiness. You realize that even though you got a lot of progress and you spent a lot of time growing your business, that maybe you didn't spend enough time with your family or kids, and what you then start to value is your value from achievement, success, and hard work.

You didn't realize you want to have better relationships. That life is really determined by the kind of relationships you have. Your level of happiness. In green, this is about community relationships, caring for others. This is about understanding and valuing these different characteristics. Many people that we call and considered to be vegan are in green people. There's also a sense of community here. That can also be the label if you want. The most perfect example of green would be burning man. Community gets together, they go through, and they create a really cool experience of love and joy and peace and connection with each other. They may even do psychedelics, which may be very green. What they'll find is that by doing all of that, they feel very connected. They have a great time. Then at the end, what do they do? They clean up. This is what has happened in Nevada. If you've ever heard of burning man, they clean up every little piece that was ever picked him to ever pick up. Because the other thing that's realized in orange is that with progress and success, what happens is eventually you end up destroying the planet. What green does is green says, you know what? This isn't cool. We can't be destroying the planet. We're all connected. We're all a part of this. Green is all also about the environment. That's why many of the green environmentalist, those are all very green perspectives.

In orange, it's like, you know, the green people are annoying. Why? Because these green people are all about everybody else having, having abundance. What I had to work hard for my abundance. I had to do so much work and I had to grind it. Why would I give away my wealth and my money to somebody, to other people? Why don't they work for it? They can then deserve it. You see, that's the perspective of orange. But in order to progress up to green, you have to eventually realize that we're all connected and realize that we're all in this together and realize this unity between all of this. it's very interesting because the way the orange, she's the blue, the blues, all about religion, the bruise, all the blues, all about conformity and rules. Well the oranges find them to be very squared, to be very boring, to be very caught up in their own belief system. Oranges will do whatever it takes to become successful. The blues won't because they'll operate between that of the rules that they give themselves, the regulation, their own religion. it's an interesting dynamic, but orange is all about that level of progress and doing whatever it takes to become successful. there's dark and light sides of each side. What means is there could be a positive orange and negative orange. Negative orange is maybe a crook or somebody that's like trying to scam people. That would be more of the negative side of orange. The positive side of orange would be somebody that's moving forward with progress and having success business, and then going in that direction. Just like green, green can have both positive and negative could have somebody that's very radical about it and doing it in a more violent way.

With yellow, which is once again individual, going back to the individual, it is about figuring out and being able to see through all these different lenses. Because as you move up these levels you carry with you some of the law you, you carry with you the knowledge of the prior levels. If you guys find this fascinating, then what you'll find is a turquoise is once again the collective level. This is holistic. This is all love and light. This is being able to connect to everyone. One at the environment. There is no real separation. It's like I am everything. This is where a lot of enlightenment may be. The idea of people being enlightened and realizing that they are connected to every single thing and the yellow tends to be a very intellectual understanding. Whereas turquoise tends to be very much an experience of being. When it comes to a yellow, it's about, you are able to see through the lens of all the lower levels you're able to see. This is where we realize all truths are true and yellow, all truths are true. This is something that I've been fascinated with because whatever we believe to be true, I believe is our reality.

Is anyone else really right or wrong? The answer is no because that's their belief system. You see previously, each individually, each level would get angry at the other levels and not understand why they didn't understand the others. With that angry it was like there was no, it was like, you know, brushing up and beating up against each other. When the spiritual awakening happens way. I'm more than my ego because in orange there's a great big ego that's developed a willpower, a determination. What we find is that then we eventually want to give it up to then be in that of green, which is all about love, connection flow, more feminine. That's where a lot of times spiritual awakening happened for me. I was growing up mainly between blue. I want it to be orange for a long time because my dad was very rules oriented. I grew up kind of going to church here and there, but it never really resonated with me. I was definitely more intrigued by orange. Then what happened is I was focused on that. I was learning about the law of attraction.

Then I went to a spiritual awakening and I started to understand reality in different way and I started to kind of way pull myself more into green and yellow parts of yellow. Mainly green is where I was all about the metaphysical information, understanding that we're all energy, we're all connected and what I have found though is that then I eventually went back down to orange to then grow a successful business to grow the YouTube channel. This isn't like all of your energy is at one level. I would say that maybe my orange is quite strong with me when I'm growing a business. I'm getting ready and I've been moving more into green. I would say if I were to put it into perspective, I would say that a lot of my own energy is a good percentage, 50 to 60% in orange, and then I would say the rest is a mix of green and a little bit of yellow. Most likely you're not at blue, most likely you are an isolation between green and orange. Like I said, a little bit of all, a little bit of both. You carry with you each of the lower levels as well. The thing is most of the people, and I think the reason some people read, a lot of people resonate with my content that normally wouldn't is because I'm so rooted in orange and I have a lot of what orange people may want.

What I mean by that is people may look normally look to green and be triggered by it in orange because green is kind of hippy dippy. It's kind of like, Oh, love, joy and peace. It's the guy with the dreadlocks. Nothing wrong with that. But when a lot of people in orange look at that, they think, I don't want anything to do with that. I am practical. I'm more about the science. I'm more about this. I'm a hard worker, I want success. Then they look to the hippy dippy and they don't resonate with it. But then here I come along with the teachings that I have and I'm somebody that is rooted and has what orange may want. I have a cool lifestyle. I live in a big house. I'm very practical. I explained things with confidence and that intrigues some of the people in the upper oranges getting ready to make the shift into the green, which is spiritual awakening. The green is then a little bit more attractive because I'm like, listen, I understand that some of these seems woo woo, but understand that when we move into green there's all these benefits. Life becomes magical. We're all connected. I think the ability that I have with my channel is I help people that are green. I was talking to my buddy about the state of the day, more green, curious, and want to make the jump into the spiritual awakening of understanding that we're all connected.

I mainly talked about yellow and below yellow would be that big tier, understanding all these different perspectives, turquoise. Maybe eventually I'll talk a little bit more about that, but it's not as real. I think that these levels right here, the most relatable to the ones that I've, where we're currently at and when it comes to spiritual dynamics, understand that these are all different levels of consciousness. The green is something I'm leaning more and more towards, especially recently. Even the yellow of understanding all these processes. But the way that I justify it as I'm like, well, listen, I want to have a company that influences so many people around the world. I want to travel, do live events. I need to develop the resources in order to do so. In a way that that pushed me into orange and really integrating orange. I would say that I understand a lot about marketing and, and being successful and making money. I understand that, but I'm realizing that doesn't really equal happiness. I want to more so understand giving value and adding value to others and that how, when that happens, then the more and more abundance comes anyways. It's a higher level of thinking, but also creating systems that help people to move up these different levels of consciousness.

Spiral dynamics, I believe is one of the most powerful processes, modalities and models for seeing the world in the works of evolutionary psychology. Another trap of this whole process, by the way, is whatever level you are at, you want to think that you're too above it. I would love to believe that I've all yellow. Then I understand all the lower ones and I would love my ego. It's the orange in me that wants to be yellow. When people say I'm probably turquoise, they're most likely green. It's just kind of how it works. In general, there's a trick that the ego plays with trying to be and get to an upper and upper level. What I've realized is that being honest with myself as I'm probably not as much yellow as I think that I am, I probably more orange and green. But nonetheless, this is a time on the planet where we have the ability to practice, you know, to move up these different levels and to become aware of them.

And even becoming aware and understanding these different levels help us to raise our level of consciousness. I would say that a lot of, you know, I, I can understand where the green things, I can understand where the orange things, I can understand these. There's obviously some level of yellow and if you can see why these people think the way they do, then that's already, I mean there's some yellow activated anyway. Otherwise you would say, no, this is the way reality works. This is horrible for the planet when not seeing that we all have some of these within us and they all serve as some certain way.


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