The Great Awakening Has Begun… (What To Expect)


I feel confident in saying the great awakening has begun. This is something that's been going on for a while, but I would say that right now is really the tipping point and maybe you can feel it in your own life as well, but in this blog, I'm going to share with you what it means that now the green awakening has begun and some of the things that we can expect to experience and the time moving ahead.

Today, I'm going to be sharing with you some ideas that I haven't shared on the channel that much yet just because they do consider to be a little bit more esoteric. When I say esoteric, I mean some people may hear it and think that it sounds like something that's a little bit off the wall and I'll be honest with you.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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When I first went through my spiritual awakening in 2012 I started to learn about this and it took me a while to really warm up to it. As you can probably notice, you look around right now, a lot of things are falling apart. I think that that is part of a big process. I've seen a lot of different information that is linked up to say the exact same thing. When I went through my awakening in 2012 and I think anybody that really goes through some form of spiritual awakening, let me say right now as well, that the great awakening happened right now. The pressure is what spawns a great awakening. Right now, or even a spiritual awakening, that's what happens is pressure comes from it. When you look at my past with what I experienced growing up with having a harder childhood and then feeling unworthy and going through all that pain that catapulted me to then pushing through and going through that spiritual awakening.

Most people that have gone through what is called the spiritual awakening, where people become aware that they are eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences. It's been happening more and more on the planet and since everything that's been happening with this pandemic and everything, there has been a quickening of this experience. Many people are waking up now I see it not just in people reaching out to me. I see it just in the world in general. Many people are starting to ask new questions because certain things aren't adding up the way that they used to add up. This is what's causing that awakening to happen. That awakening to who really we really are and what our purpose really is. The great awakening and it's a term that we can use for understanding that there is a mass level of awakening happening on the planet.

This means that many people are becoming aware that they may have lived their whole entire lives. Just believing what they were told by the government, believing what they were told by their family, by their friends. They're beginning to question certain things and they're starting to see holes in certain things. We now have it to where we have the internet where we have the media, which has a certain perspective that keeps people in a certain realm of consciousness. You'll notice that everything, every absolute thing on the media is a, is fear or anger. Have you ever noticed that? Have you ever watched the news even before all of this stuff happened? I've heard just a couple of years ago, I was like, there's not ever been one thing ever I've ever seen on the news that's been positive ever.

There's a reason for that when people, when there's a certain perspective that people have for us, it keeps us in a certain realm of consciousness, believing that the world is a nasty, dirty place and that we better have somebody that controls and has all these, these ways kind of mitigating everything. We're much more open to that and we're much easier to control that way. I know that sounds a little bit out there to some people, but it's just the way it is. There's a reason that the world and the media is the way it is. What's happening is people are starting to see holes in that. They're starting to question why is it always so negative? Why is it being spewed this way when I think that actually things may be happening this way and that's at adding people to go within. When they go within, they didn't see them. Maybe reality is a little bit differently different than what's going on now.

Let me make a statement right now. I believe that the next 10 years on the planet will be so much transformation that when we look back 10 years from now, it will look completely different. I'm not just talking about some type of technology that comes out. I'm not talking about just some type of political structure I'm talking about. Everything will begin changing in ways we can't even imagine yet and in the next 10 years, it'll be the progression that maybe would have taken 150 years prior to that. That's how fast we will evolve from our state of consciousness, from our state of awareness and it will happen gradually, but there'll be these bumps that happen and it's something that's been long prophesized even by ancient civilizations. If you talk about the Mayans you talk about, there's been many ancient prophecies that are talked about this time on the planet right now and if you've ever studied that of Dolores Cannon has over 19 books out or 17 books or 19 I, I should probably be.

You'd think I would look that up by now. I've been talking about robotics for a while, but I never actually looked up as a 17 or 19 it's one of those odd numbers, but she has books that are transcripts of her talking to different clients because people go into a very deep level of hypnosis and she asks them questions. Their higher self will come through or their subconscious mind will come through. They'll go out in a way into this trance and they'll ask questions like, why did you incarnate at this time? What was the purpose of this person in your life? What is your purpose in life? All of these different questions and get an answer to it. It's called Q, H, H, T, quantum healing hypnosis technique. It is the technique that Dolores can and founded. There are people all over the world that do that, do things like that where they put that are practitioners for putting people into this deep level of hypnosis to get to understand past lives and these connections.

It's very interesting, but there's very consistent content that has come through hundreds, if not thousands of different cases from these books. You want to know what the one thing was asked over and over again was about. Why are you here at this time? People would say, I'm here to be a part of the great awakening. I'm here to be a part of the shift in consciousness. I'm here to be part of this huge transformation that's going to be happening on the planet in this lifetime. It was consistent. She'd go do that with somebody in Europe instead of somebody in South America. Then somebody over here that didn't know each other, they weren't like teaming up on like a WhatsApp group chat.

It's a physicist. It's asking questions to higher vibrational states of consciousness, it's called I am raw by raw and it's very interesting. It's lined up perfectly with that. This talks about something that's called the harvest, the harvest that's going to be happening on the planet from 2011 onwards. It's been happening for a while, but that's when it's really going to exponentialize and what it has to do with is this harvest where we have this potential to go from one level of consciousness to a new level of consciousness and the criteria for it is to be 51% or more service to others rather than service to self. Prior to that on the planet, there's been a certain control structure on our planet that has been controlling things for thousands of years. It's what has our systems put into place. It's what causes there to be a conflict between these people and all of this stuff that's we think of as normal because we have the media and the news.

This is just the way it is and that's been projected for a certain way because then we believe that we need this type of protection and we need these walls like all of these things. Here is what it was said as well right here, the Dolores Cannon material. It talks about how we wanted, we came here, many of us, if you're reading this blog right now, then that includes you. You came here to be a part of this transformation also to assist, to help because the thing about reality here on earth is that we forget who we are. When we come here, we forget who we are so that we can then remember who we are. What happens is the way to influence this reality is to actually play according to its game and play according to its rules. The rules are that when you come here and you forget who you are to then remember and then to go through learning and the experience of being on earth.

What many of us decided to do is to come here to remember who we are, to then create the change from the inside out. That's what's happening on the planet. The reason being too is because there's been a certain level of control factor there. There's been a certain elitist mentality that has controlled things and kept things in the way that it is. If you look at the log one, it talks about that there has been contacted with the sound out there and for some people, but it's becoming more and more well known. There's more and more proof on a showing of this. Basically what does has it, there's things that have been kept, information that has been kept and we think of a lot of things as normal. What I understand, I went through my awakening back in 2012 when I started learning about all of this and I thought to myself, why don't people know this?

Why do people know that meditation will transform your life? I don't. Why are they able to see the control structures of how society has run? Why are we just going to go into work everyday? Do you want all of these things and we're in this little bubble? We don't realize there's way more to reality than we think. Then I came to understand more. Sometimes people would call this, I'll be honest with you, I have a lot of discernment with these things. I'm not somebody that reads something. It's like, Oh, this is true. I look at it and then I see other evidence of it. Then I see other patterns of it and then I find people that I resonate with that I can see are telling the truth and I can kind of piece these things together and when we look at what we could call a conspiracy, understand, there are things that happen behind the scenes that we aren't aware of.

It's just the way it's been happening. I don't think it's to be feared. I think that what this is a time on the planet of is us waking up to who we are is waking up to us being eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences, and it's us to wake up to that. There's been this control structure on the planet that we're going to begin to take our power back as the people. When we look at some of the things that may happen now, there's a certain, there's a certain prerogative, there's a certain intention by those that a long time ago teamed up together and realized, Hey, if we keep society in a certain way, then we can retain the power. We just have to control the narrative. We'll control the six companies that own all the media. If we own that, we can own the perception because that's the way it works. There's a collective consciousness on the planet. If you control the attention and perception, you can have certain structures in place.

There are times what these people do is it's in a very elite level of people that see a certain way and therefore take advantage of that power control factor. What they do is sometimes what they'll do is they'll give you a problem and then that'll put the problem of the people in a certain place to where then they're open to a solution. What happens is that's something that's been happening for a while. Certain things happen, whether you call it nine 11 whether you call it a, even from a certain perspective, it could be sort of what is happening right now on the planet. Then it makes us open to certain other things happening. And, we're in a state to where then we're right where it almost needs to be. If you look at the patterns of this throughout history, you'll see different versions of, it's not that everything isn't that way, but many times it can be and many times it is.

What I'm saying with this is what we're becoming aware of is there are certain things that we've also kept in a place. For example, when we talk about currency, I don't know if this is a, a thing that is really that not known anymore, but money and the banks are corporations and they're not. The money's not backed by gold. It hasn't been backed by gold since I think the eighties and when they need more of it, they just print more of it. We just print more, print, more money. It's not backed by gold. Money is the meaning we give it. Something that I believe will happen on the planet over the next 10 years is there will be a revamp of currency on the planet. I do believe that. I don't know what that means. I don't know exactly what will happen with that. But what I do believe is I do believe there will be some form of revamping of currency will, it may go back to a gold standard towards backed by gold or something like that. It's something that in 2012 is when I really learned about all this.

I then decided to put this kind of all in the background, even though I'm passionate about it and A couple of years ago when I started on YouTube, I knew that people just wouldn't be open to this information. Even if you listen to this right now and you're kind of open to it, but it sounds kind of weird. The goal and the intention for me is just to share some ideas and that may be at a certain point it resonates. There's like an opening there. That's kind of the point behind it. What happens is the revenge currency I believe will happen. I believe there'll be a media turnover over the next couple of years. Right now the media is controlled by six major corporations, and there's a certain, there's a certain narrative, whether you're Republican or Democrat, it doesn't matter if you're in those mindsets, you're in a way feeding the system, you're feeding it. These different six corporations own all of them.

The idea is it doesn't really matter the perspective this, if you're feeding the system, then that's the goal that they have to keep that polarization there. You know, there's been a certain amount of duality on the planet, a certain amount of control. What we're coming to now is we're starting to take our power back as the people. What we'll realize is that as there are people that I believe right now, there's more going on behind the scenes. I believe of this whole pandemic that's going on. I don't believe it's necessarily all bad. I believe that these elite people that may have been controlling the narrative may have been controlling things for a long time. I believe that in a way they're losing their power, literally losing their power and that as they lose their power, us as the people are going to come back on board.

That part of that means losing the power over the media to control the narrative, to control different situations that keep people triggered and in pain and in fear and orchestrating different things. I believe that that will happen over the next couple of years. I don't think it will happen right away like immediately, but I do think that over time you'll notice a switchover with a lot of things happening on the planet and I think that this whole revamp in general, we're going to see a lot of things change. I think some of this can be very shocking too. There was a lot of not telling you right now because I'm getting just pieces of what I think people are able to absorb right now because it is, I know it is. Some of it is a little bit out there. I'm aware of that. What I'm sharing right now is a little bit more out there, but I believe that many of us here right now deep down can probably feel that we are here to go through some type of transformation into this lifetime and that as a society we are going through that collectively.

You can tell he's being honest about it. He's not lying about it. He's not some guy, he's a very quiet introverted guy who doesn't even look like he really wants to be sharing it. We have all of these things that were just a huge jump from where we were and what I believe is, I believe that a lot of that was reverse-engineered technology that then brought in these different systems, whether that'd be computers or television or whatever it is with that. I think that when Bob has our talks about that or somebody like that it's easy to see that this isn't something that's that weird. In his book the love one, it talks about how there's a gut, there's a back government that's had and known about ETS for a long time. Just what they knew is they take the, if there's some type of M E T technology, they'll take it or reverse engineer it. They use it for themselves and not even all ITI things that we see in the sky are actually teeth. Some of it could actually be part of the government that's using flying it around, maybe putting a certain type of perspective onto it.

In general, the main purpose of this blog is to show you there's way more going on than what we actually think and what I believe will happen over the next five, 10 years is a huge shift in consciousness. We are moving from what is called in the book, the law of one, a third-density level of consciousness into a fourth-density level of consciousness. The third shock or I think of it like the third shock or the solar plexus and to that of the heart, solar plexus is about control. Willpower. We're letting go of the certain power structures that have been on the planet. What we're going to eventually do is we're going to, that will switch over and back to the people. The fourth density is more about understanding that everything is vibration, understanding unity, oneness. We're becoming more aware of that as we go through this process and realize that the pressure happening right now on the planet is causing more and more people to wake up. As time goes on, more and more of this will become the norm.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.