3 Hidden Manifestation Processes they don’t want you to know about


I'm going to be sharing with you three hidden manifestation processes they don't want you to know about. These are going to be things that are used in a way against us that even knowing it, but we're going to use how we're going to learn how to use it for ourselves.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three hidden manifestation processes, some of which you may have heard of before, many of which aren't necessarily very much talked about. Some of them are a little more esoteric, but nonetheless, they've changed my life. What I've learned about it when I first went through my spiritual awakening, and I started learning about the law of attraction, I was completely blown away that we didn't understand it. They like, we weren't taught this in school, how our thoughts create our reality and how it affects us, but then I slowly but surely started to realize that there's a reason for that because of many, many people don't know at a create, throwing reality.

Guess what? It's very easy to put them inside a little box, and it's very easy to then kind of manipulate different events in the world that have people stay in a state of fear where they don't create their own reality. Once I became aware of that, I then realized that there are some people and some organizations that know this, and that may not be using it in the most integral way. I say this; I don't mean for us to get some type of negative belief about it and to like go out there and be very angry and, and um, and do something I'm not saying to like start a revolution in that way.

When I am saying is once we are aware of some of these, we give them to see how we can use it to better ourselves or to better our own world. The first manifestation process that is something that we may not know about but nonetheless is used in reality is understanding attention and how anything we focus on, we send energy to. Energy equals focus, and focus equals energy. Whatever we focus on, we add energy to it. There are people that know this, and there are people that use this because when you have many people buying into a system of having to watch the news and the political system and all of these things. It then increases that reality and then also keeps many people distracted because many people get triggered, and whether you're on this side or this side, you're still taking aside, and it keeps people's energies invested in the illusion.

Instead of being focused on creating your own reality, you're like, Whoa, can you believe he said fish on my goodness. Oh, he did say that. Wow. It's like this drama, and a drama takes our attention, and that's what's happening in the political system. That's what's happening in the world in many different ways. But one of the things that happens as you start to raise your level of consciousness and you start to stay focused on your own vision is you begin to develop more boundaries with your attention, more boundaries, were then the only thing that really fuels you is you being focused on your own vision, for example. You see, that's what changes so much is when you take control of your own attention because your attention right now is going and being consumed or you are consuming different things that you are adding energy to, and it's a distraction.

That’s something that is in a way used against us because you know the irony of this whole process of these people that have all these powers that they don't really have the power, the only thing they have is they've been using our own power to facilitate that energy to a reality that may not really matter. Some of the things that we're going through, it's just a charade. It's just like a drama that keeps people's attention and energy glued to it, and then it drains them of their energy. And the thing is if you don't have your own vision if you don't have your own boundaries towards what you're moving towards, then most likely you're going to fit wherever else people try to put you. Many people have been programmed to just focus on that of the things that don't really serve us.

In reality, been programmed. Did get triggered when different things are happening. I'll tell you right now that success and manifestation when you put your vision and your focus on it, that's when things really begin to happen. When I was making videos on YouTube, and I started doing that, I started making that. I was consuming so much of learning that how can I get better at being on camera? What kind of ideas can I share with the world that can help people? How can I do to become a better editor? All of these different things. I was focused so much on that vision, and because that vision fueled me, it was so effortless, but if I would've done that a little bit but then got sucked into something else, that that would have gained that much momentum.

But when you start to develop a vision for your own focus, for what you want to create in your life, and you start putting your attention towards that, you'll find that you gain very, very, very, very powerful momentum because that's how powerful you are. It's just that in the past, your energy may have been consumed by reality television. The news, the media things people tell you did. But when you take your energy back in your attention back because your attention has been used against you, that's where it is because very powerful. I don't watch the news. I don't watch porn horror movies. There's a lot of things I don't do because I know that it will drain my energy or it's not towards the vision of what I want to experience in my life.

So attention and creating boundaries with your attention is it is considered a process. How about what you want to experience? Have a vision for that version of you. Start to be that version of you and have boundaries of your vision at boundaries of what you're doing and anything that's not serving you. Get in that direction of that vision. Begin to let all of it; you're going to see how it's not serving you. So that's the first thing that I believe many people know about. But I want to say many people, I mean certain people know about this and they may, it's been used in a way negative voice, but we can use it in a positive way by having a strong vision towards what we want to experience in our life. Now the second manifestation process that I believe is known about at different levels, but we don't necessarily, we don't necessarily practice it.

I want to show you real quick is this chart, and the second manifestation process that I've found has really changed my life in many powerful ways in understanding identity shifting, identity shifting. Now every probable version of you already exist. There's a version of you that's killing the game, doing what you love, doing the perfect and the perfect relationship, doing what you love for a living. That version of you already exists. Now what happens is when you simply decide that this is who you are, now that version is who you are. You begin to take on and perceive of a completely different reality. Now, let me show you why. This right here is what I call, or this is called the Robert Dilts model. Logical levels of a, of a change. So environments, these are the different levels of change. As you move up, these have more of an impact on our consciousness.

There is more power towards us changing who we are, and I live environment. You change your environment; you'll change your life, you change your behaviors. That's even more powerful because sometimes, and go from environment to environment, but bring yourself and like your patterns with you. But if you change your behaviors, that's even more powerful than if you change your skills and your capabilities. Maybe you learn a new skill towards what you want to be passionate about. That changes, nor anything more than behaviors and beliefs is even more powerful. Change your beliefs about reality, change your beliefs about who you are, but then at the top, you have an identity. When you change your identity, that's where things really begin to change in your life and understand every reality you can imagine already exists.

There's this version of you right now, and your reality is equal to the way that you are your identity, the way you see yourself. If you think, Oh, I'm only capable of making $50,000 per year, that's part of my identity. It's on subconscious maybe. And that'll be a reality — you experiencing the same thing. You could simply decide that you are the version of you. You prefer to be now, and then you will begin to experience that reality. You will experience that reality in your life. The thing is you could decide who you are right now by knowing you don't have to create your reality. The reality that you can imagine where you're doing exactly what you love already exists. You don't have to create it. All you have to do is mere that version of you, that identity.

So that's what I did. I became a full-time YouTuber by just knowing I'm a fault. You give yourself permission to be a fulltime YouTube or in a way you drop your old story as well. We all have a story about who we are, how we show up in the world, and when you change your story, you change your life and the identity shifting process. It's about becoming aware of your current identity, maybe the one that's been on autopilot, and then simply deciding that you're going to mirror the thoughts, the behaviors, the actions you can even use this whole model.

What you could do is imagine that version of you, the way that version of you would think, right? Imagine the beliefs of that version of you, the skills and capabilities of that version of you, and then go learn those skills and capabilities to behaviors of that version of you. Make it a must, that those are your behaviors, the environment of that version of you. Try to get into that environment, find people that also have that identity, and this will change your life in very profound ways. Now that's what I did. Behaviors. I started making videos every single day cause the fulltime YouTube or Aaron was making videos every day. I simply started to mirror that reality. Am I doing so that changed everything? When it comes to identity, that's why it can be so powerful to almost have as well as a name for this new version of you.

In general, one of the most powerful ways to shift your identity, by the way, is a can be meditation. One of my meditations, it's one of my most popular meditations. It has to do with shifting to a parallel reality because what that allows you to do is to create that shift instantly. And identity is one of my most powerful meditations. It's completely free. The third and the final manifestation process I want to share with you is actually a more esoteric one, and it's one that I believe has been around for a long time, but it has to do with hazards — understanding something that is called a slide. It actually comes from a process called reality transfer theme. Slide is in a way, imagine and knowing that every possible reality already exists that we can imagine.

The slide technique is where what you do is you imagine one frame of reality, one frame of reality, okay, one frame of reality, and what you do is you imagine you do this every day for maybe five or 10 minutes a day. I do it in the morning, and at night when during my meditation, you imagine the version of you that's living the ideal reality that you want. And then what you do is you imagine a scenario, something that would really solidify that reality to you. So for me, for example, my slide and Mike, this is really my slide is traveling the world speaking and helping people to transform their lives. Now the slide is, I'm in front of a crowd of people. I am sharing ideas. I can see what people look like the expression on their faces. I see how people are responding. I can feel the temperature in the room. I can feel delights on the stage. I can feel and sense the energy I have. I can feel that.

I can imagine the kind of clothes I'm wearing as I look down. You see now, here's the key to this process. You want to feel as if you are there. And this slide is a representation. The key to this, though, is seeing it through the eyes of that version of you. Not like I'm looking at myself on stage, and I'm seeing what I'm doing. I'm an imagine it through my own eyes. This is what a slide is. And when you do this, and you focus on the vibration of it for five or 10 minutes a day, you begin to pull in similar opportunities, similar experiences from that reality which already exists and you can then begin to resonate with it in a very powerful way vibrationally. This is what I use in my own life. This is called the slide, I should call it the frame technique sometimes because it's like one frame of reality that you're seeing. You know, remember those, remember those, um, back when you were younger, or maybe this is like a nineties thing. I'm a nineties kid.

When you have these like things, and you click it like this, and it has like a certain image, well every time you click it's like a different image and sometimes you'd see yourself, it would like be a picture of like being somewhere else or like you'd be the jungle one second and then you'd be somewhere else, the next second from Paris or something. Imagine that there's a frame of their, of your ideal reality and that your ideal reality, then you're able to see into it. Once again, the parallel reality shifts. Meditation will help you to wire in this thought. And actually, you know, another meditation that would be so powerful for this is I do my slide technique as I'm falling asleep at night because that's when you can powerfully reprogram the subconscious mind. When you're going to bed at night, you're drifting into a feta state.

Theta state is where the subconscious mind dwells. When you do that, you leave an impression that's very powerful. The most powerful meditation to listen to you before you go to bed at night, I recently put out, and it's something that I think is very powerful. Every single night, I guide you through exactly what you can do as you're drifting off to sleep, to reprogram yourself. And it helps you get really relaxed to wake up knowing that that's who you are now. It's a powerful meditation that you can all link that below as well. And he's met, you know, meditation is a powerful way to hack your own reality. And it's one that really gives yourself; it helps you to get into that vibrational state as well.


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