3 Ways to Use Quantum Physics to Manifest Your Dream Life


What if the old school law of attraction ways of going about manifestation were outdated? What of trying really hard and doing things to get something from over there to into here is something that actually causes more resistance than anything else, and what if? By using quantum physics, we could have an easier way to manifest what we want, and we'd be using the leverage from the way reality works to make that happen easier than ever. In this blog, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that, and I believe it will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to use quantum physics to manifest your dream life. I'm going to share with you some things that quantum physics has shown me, some things that I've learned that I've applied that make all the difference in the world.The first one I want to share has to do with understanding the power of intention and understanding that when we set an intention, we are increasing probability. Anytime people ask, they say, is this possible? The answer is that anything is possible. What we're really asking is, is it probable, and the way we make things probable is by setting more intentions. Think of intention in a way as an outcome of a certain reality.

When we focus on this, and we intend it to bring it into realization, intend in a way is another way of saying intend in a way. It's kind of like expected, but it's also like a to claim it to forth, to claim it forth and to claim it. Fourth is also like understanding that intention many times is related to action as well. Action is one form of intention, but even just thinking in the intention, in your mind, what do you intend for today? What I do is if I am going to the gym, for example, one segment of my day would be me going over to my car, opening up my door and getting into my car. That could be a segment, and then another segment is me driving to the gym, and then another segment is me at the gym working out. What we can do is we can set intentions going into each setting, in each segment, so what I would do is I would set intentions as I was going into my car. I would set intentions to have a safe drive, and then as I'm driving, I set intentions that I'm enjoying this drive.

I am that I'm feeling safe, that I'm hitting green lights, and then as I'm getting to the gym, I'd set the intentions that I am having a workout, being present really at the moment, enjoying the workout, pushing myself beyond my limits. Those are all different intentions we set as we go into different segments. There's another part of this, though, intention. If you've ever listened to Dr. Joe Dispenza, he talks about intention mixed with that. Of an elevated emotion. That is the key to manifesting what you want, intention, and outcome of some type of reality in your mind that you declare an outcome of some type of reality in your mind that you declare mixed with an elevated emotion. This is why being connected to your passion is so important and so powerful for this. Let me tell you one of the first times I ever experienced this; I don't know if I've ever shared this story before.

I was working a nine to five jobs on one of my shoes. I have told that story before, but I was working that nine to five job. When I first started learning about the law of attraction, I'd go in every day, and I would try different energy things to see what kind of results I would get. For example, I might say, I'm going to sell, I'm going to intend to sell like $5,000 today. It was a sales commission job. If I sold $5,000, I'd get 10% of that 500 bucks. That's, I've got a very good day. And I would set those intentions. One day I did this thing, I'm not, I'm not a good rapper or anything. Okay. When I say the rapper, I mean like the actual, like a beatbox someone beatboxes and then you wrapped behind it. But what I would do is I would go into my car on my lunch breaks.

I like to be alone on my lunch break sometimes cause it was so many people. I like to like just kind of go within. Sometimes I would go out to my car, and what I would do is I would blast beat drum instrumentals beat. I know this is kind of outside of the league cause I don't look like somebody that would do this. What I would do is that music, would it be going, and what I would do is I would rap about what I wanted to manifest. The reason being is when you get into a flow state, and you're rapping, you start to elevate your emotion. It's almost like as you're putting your intention and your focus on a certain outcome with an elevated emotion, it increases the chances of it happening. Here's one thing that actually happened and actually this worked many times, but one of the really memorable ones was I set this intention, and I was rapping about how is it going to go back into the, you know, after my lunch break I was going to go back into a Nordstrom's, and I was going to help a customer that was from Mexico that didn't speak much English.

I said I had this wrap and I was talking about how there was going to be a family of people that were all going to buy shoes, and they're going to say, see, you know, they're going to say that same. What happens is I rap about that. I'm just; it's so cheesy. I know it's so cheesy, but I do it. Then what happened is I go into back from my lunch break and no joke with the 10 minutes I picked up this family of people that all bought stuff, deed, and it was the safe thing at the very end. I was like, well, how to get over to the cash wrap. When I was doing it, I felt it too. I remember when I was wrapping it, I was feeling it. I was like really getting into the flow. That's one way to use quantum physics to manifest your dream reality. The second way that I'm going to share with you, it's going to be inside. Do you want to know why I like to change the environment? Also, to be honest with you, my hands are really cold. It's actually really cold here in Vegas outside. The second one, okay. You might be asking yourself, you're like, Hey Aaron, I smoked cigarettes.

I want to learn how to stop smoking cigarettes. How can I use quantum physics to stop smoking cigarettes? The quantum physics shows us that all possibilities exist and what happens is when we have a certain identity, a certain way, we see ourselves, we'll do everything we can to remain consistent with the way that we see ourselves. Now, if we view ourselves as a smoker and we're trying to quit smoking, that's very difficult because we're trying to change our identity, and our identity likes to feel set. However, if you realize that there is a reality where you never were a smoker, you can then start to tell yourself, I am not even a smoker. You could start to tell yourself that I am the version of me that never smoked. That makes a huge difference when it comes to this process.

You don't always get in light that what you want, but you always get in life who you are. The thing is, is who you are. There was a certain point in your past. We decided this is who I am, and then you started to do certain actions that made up what you think to be your identity because of the repetition. However, that can change at any moment by realizing how right now you are one probable version of you. However, there's also a version of you that does not smoke cigarettes or whatever your habit you're trying to get rid of. When you realize that you can then say, well, that's the version of me that I prefer. Plus, you can take on the past of that version of you. If we find it hard to smoke cigarettes to quit smoking, we might tell ourselves a story.

It's very hard to quit smoking cigarettes. If I do, I'm going to get these withdrawals. I use this to quit smoking weed. That's right. I used to smoke weed back in 2011 2012. It was a part of my identity, and I saw myself as a smoker. I saw myself as somebody that was like, you know, into conspiracy theories. I think there's like an archetype when you smoke a lot and it's like there's, cause there's like certain things are going to be into, you're going to be in a Joe Rogan, like hands down. There's no way you're not into Joe Rogan. Then secondly, you're a, you know, you probably like to go out and eat with some friends and stuff when you smoke. Thirdly, I mean this is all, this is all like, I'm just kind of joking around here. But part of what I realized is there was almost an identity with it. And because I identified with that archetype, it made it hard for me to quit because of the story I told myself that was on autopilot.

But when I realized that I could just be the version of me that I never actually did smoke from this new perspective. I know that that might sound delusional, but when we realize that in a way they create the image that we have of ourselves right now as an illusion, that we keep assisting, we keep reaffirming over and over again. Well, you can start to start to tell ourselves like, can I just, I could just change my story. I could just change the way that I view myself. Quantum physics shows us that all possibilities exist right now. I talked about this a lot of my older videos; every moment's a new moment, every moment's a new moment, every moment's a new moment. What story am I telling myself? What story am I telling myself?

What story am I telling? What story am I telling myself? Huh? What story am I telling myself? I keep telling myself it over and over and over again, and therefore that's the reality. I get over and over and over again. But see that's the thing. Change our story at any moment. We could change the way we identify ourselves in the way we identify our past. I was at a, I went to the gym yesterday, and I was talking to my buddy, a buddy that I haven't seen in a long time and he's this guy that's like has like a sales job, and he's doing like really well. It's like a commission sales job, and I was like congratulate him and stuff, and he told me, he's like, dude, I used something you said or something like this like six months ago to quit smoking, smoking weed. I just saw myself as not a smoker anymore, and it works, and it works.

I don't know what that noise is. I used to smoke weed. As I said, I used to smoke weed. That's how I quit other than meditation, which allowed me to become more aware of the things, and then I just let go of that identity altogether. That's the key to that. Let go of the identity. If you see yourself as somebody that, that has a lot of emotional baggage, complete the past, feel the emotions, and then let them go and realize that as you change, as you deal with these things in the present moment, you then change your probable pasts. As well as when you change your present, you also change your probable pasts. Every moment you're changing, every moment, the past, the past experiences, you have changed as well.

Even neuroscience shows us every single time we think of a memory of something that happened. We take it out of the memory bank; we look at it; we change the memory a little bit and overlay our opinions. Our story on it and then we put it back and by the time we've done that 10 20 a hundred thousand times, guess what? It's a completely different memory. The past that we think we have isn't even actually the past that really happened. It's the story that we overlaid. Why don't we just put more stories on top of that, or why don't we just let it go? Just be honest with yourself. I got a lot of energy to carry all this stuff around. It's almost like baggage that we've just been login and login and login and we just want to go over there easily.

But there's so much baggage to lug. But here's the take. He just let it go and decide and see it for what it is something you agreed to pick up a long time ago, but it doesn't serve, you know, Mo and it's actually keeping you and trained in the reality that you've been at. The third way that you can use quantum physics to completely transform your life is understanding a radio frequency and understanding that the reality that you want to experience it already exists. It already exists. The version of you already exists, just like we use that. Somebody break my shoe right now, there's a problem. There's a reality where the guy that the people that mow my lawn probably broke this thing that my mom gave me. Okay? And that's kind of sad. That's kind of sad. But guess what?

It's okay. Why? No, it's okay. I'm going to come in here and shift in a minute. I'm going to go back out there. It's going to be fixed. I just noticed that my bad. Any probable reality you can imagine already exists. I did use this to become a YouTuber. I did use this, and I'm using this now to become a speaker. Guess what? I had a buddy of mine who owns a big company out in San Diego and invites me to his company to do a talk. It's like I'm embodying this new identity now. That's what quantum physics shows us. Think of yourself like a radio frequency, a radio channel, or you can, you can tune to any channel and imagine that there's 98.7 there's 98.9 now a 98.7 you are living in a little bit of struggle.

The way you tuned to that reality is you feel the emotions that version of you now, and you decide that that's who you are. That's who you are. If you look at any of Neville Goddard's work, never got art's been around for a long time, or I mean he was, he's a passed away, but he was back in the 19 hundreds a lot of his work is about the feeling is the secret. Feel the emotion now, and you eventually will create it in your life. Feel the emotion of what you want now, and that eventually becomes your reality. That is also something that quantum physics helps us with because when we see, here's the part of quantum physics, that helps too. When you see that ideal version of you live in the dream life, killing the game, that killing the game of totality is natural for that version of you. It's not on a pedestal.

But here's the thing. It could happen even more amazing than your ego can even imagine, but you got to do is let go, let go. Somebody actually came up to me at a, my buddy Victor Oddo, he had a retreat. Somebody actually came up to me, and she found out I might be speaking there. She went to Victor's retreat, and she wanted to just thank me because she said that there was that meditation that she did, and she was told by her doctor she would never walk again and that she broke some part of her back and she would never walk again and she'd never been out of a wheelchair. Well, guess what? She was at Victor Oddo’s retreat in crutches, and she could walk, and she says that that meditation is what helped her to do that. That's how powerful we are. Something doctors tell you can't do, it's possible for you to do when you get to that emotional state, and you realize this is the parallel reality I want.


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