Just “BE IT” and watch how your life transforms (here’s how to do it)


I'm going to be showing you the been frequency, which is the key to me creating the life that I'm living now. I see so many people transforming their lives, and I'm going to show you how to apply it, which will change everything.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you what is called the been frequency. This has to do with understanding something about reality that changes everything when you really begin to apply this. I look at my own life right now and not a brag or anything, but I live a life that I absolutely love. I get to make videos every day. I get to share my ideas every day. This is where I am currently living. I am living for the next month. I am in Tulum, Mexico and after this, I'll be going to Costa Rica and then after that I'll do what I want.

I might go back to the States for a little bit and do some other stuff, but I'm mentally going to be doing live events and part of this as well. It's like I'm using this process in my own life. One thing that I'm doing is I'm using the been frequency. I'm identifying the version of me that is traveling the world, giving seminars, doing what I love, and the more interactive personal way versus just on YouTube, which I think YouTube is cool, but I'm realizing now that there's another level. What I mean by that is I want to do things that are a little bit outside the comfort zone, and speaking in front of a lot of people is the next level versus just doing YouTube videos words, or it's me and the camera.

The been frequency is what I used to go full time on YouTube. The been frequency is what I use to change my self-image the way that I saw myself with believing that I wasn't worthy or believing that I had ADHD. The being frequency is available to anybody, and any version of you is available. Once you begin to tap into it. Once you begin to identify it. The been frequency is even more powerful than that of the beliefs we might have, or the being frequency is more powerful than acting as if because it has to do with understanding the identity. The first part of the thing I want to share with you is that the reason this changes everything is because when you start to tap into it, you start to also tap into a higher vibrational data stream. Imagine that highest version of you, and the more you embodied that version of you, the higher vibration you feel. It means that your thoughts are going to have more magnetic power, and the things that you say and intend to are going to happen much easier because your vibration is higher.

This is one of the reasons I've shared this before but in the book autobiography of a Yogi. In that book, he was around other enlightened gurus who could do magical things, things we would consider to be magic. And one of the reasons they could do that is because they were in such a high frequency, they understood that everything is no illusion. Everything is just a reflection. What they would do is they had the ability to change their reality at will. They had such things that they were doing to change reality were normally very high vibrational things, things that had a positive impact. That's something that they would do with some divine intention. In the same way, the more that we tap into our natural beingness, which is a high vibrational energy, the more magic we create in our life.

First off, the been frequency has to do with having a sense of flow, a flow state. The reason I make videos every single day on YouTube is not just because it's good for getting the videos out there and the YouTube algorithm. The reason for making the daily videos on YouTube is because it puts me into a state every morning when I get up of that frequency of me doing what I'm passionate about. I could very easily make five or six, seven videos in one day, and be done the rest of the week cause I make a video a day. I could do it that way, but I know that tapping into that being frequency every single day is in V is very important for me to create the life that I want. Here's the thing as well. That's exactly what I did to go full time on YouTube.

I identified the version of me. This is the thing, the been frequency, the frequency of the version of you that you would love to exist already. Imagine the best version of you right now. Imagine what you would be doing. Imagine what you'd be thinking. Imagine the kind of emotions you would feel. Imagine the kind of physiology that you have, the way that you carry yourself. Imagine all of these different aspects of that version of you and realize that version of you already exists. You don't have to create it.

What I did is I was walking around my house, and I said, you know what I'm going to make, I literally, I felt like a future version of me told me to make videos every single day. That's how it felt is that if you make videos every single day for a year, your life will transform. That was the message I got. I said every single day, no matter what, I'm going to make a video every day. And I was working a full-time job that I didn't like 40 hours a week. I was very busy. However, that eventually led to me being in that frequency, that reality became my dominant frequency. Here's the thing, that other job that I had, I was still working 40 hours a week, so I was still putting energy into it. But what I would do is I just simply put more energy into what I was, the being frequency, the being of that reality.

I was a full-time shoe salesperson at my nine to five job, and I was a full-time YouTuber at the same time. And there are people say, well how do I quit this and then do this? Do both. Just make one your dominant intention and your dominant and your dominant choice that that's who you are. Third of times I got home from work at about midnight or one in the morning cause I would get on the strip, and it'd be open late. Once or twice a week, you have to work till midnight or 11 o'clock one time. There were a couple of times I got home at like midnight or one, and I would film a video, edit the video, upload the video, make the thumbnail scheduled to go out, get to bed by like three or four in the morning and then do it all over again.

Why? Because it's who I chose to be. It's who I am, and I recognize that, and I gave myself that choice that this is what I'm going to do every single day no matter what. When we talk about the beam frequency, that version of you already exists. You don't have to create it. All you have to do is Mir that versions of you, physiology, behaviors, actions, choices, habits, books. They're reading the daily things they do. And by doing so, you begin to mere that version of you. You will become that version of you, but you see this a thing. The mind gets in there says it can't be that easy. How can it be that easy? I had so much time in my life when I was in limiting beliefs. It can't be that easy. I need to make it more, more challenging. That's what I did too.

I get it, but us believing it has to be hard. We'll make it hard. Us knowing and believing, we can just simply decide this is who we are. That's what changes everything. This is who I am now. I will do everything I can. This will be my dominant frequency. If you let yourself get diverted than you will after two weeks in on YouTube, there was nothing really happening. I was making more videos, but I wasn't growing that much quicker. But then the third or fourth weekend is when the video started to go viral back in February 2017, and then my channel went from 3000 subscribers to 25,000 subs and like a day or in a, in about a month. I was like, Whoa. But I had to stay focused on that reality and that frequency, that version of me, it was natural for that version of me.

When I recognize that I said, okay, this is awesome. This is who I am. This is who I am now, and then as you go through it, there will be certain things that happen that why you're in that frequency. Think about this too. There've been many people, so we have to choose to be in this frequency, how you think, act, feel. That's your vibration. The beam frequency, the highest vibrational version of you that also is in a flow state, has to be connected to your passion cause if it's not, it won't last. You won't. There'll be something little that happens, and you'll give up. A couple of weeks into it, I could've said, Oh, this isn't working, and I would have given up if it weren't really what I was passionate about if I wasn't doing it at an end of itself. That's the other thing about the beam frequency.

You do it not because it gets you anywhere. You do it because it's who you are. You do it because it's who you are and me doing the videos, which I am don't have to really think too hard about it. How do I do live? How do I do that is devastated Jeff as three years. She's who I am. When you look at people that are painting, why are they painting was who they are? They're an artist. When they see themselves as part of the identity, it's part of them. If they're connected to passion of flow, state time won't even appear to be like; time just goes like this because you're so in the moment and when you're in the moment, you don't age as much. I'm 75 years old, but I probably look like I'm about 25 you don't age. Okay.

I'm not 75. However, and just say in a flow state, you don't actually age as much because you don't create as much time. You're not focused on time. You're in the moment. The flow is a part of the been frequency. But here's the thing with the been frequency, you have to choose to be that version of you that you can imagine. There are many times you will notice this. This is something that you'll notice if you look around. For example, imagine that there is somebody that is maybe 17 years old. Maybe this person hasn't really grown up yet. Then what happens is maybe they go suit through some type of hard situation. Maybe their mom or dad passes away, and then they have to be the leader of the family, and they have two or three brothers and sisters at the moment.

They may have risen to the occasion decided I have to pull through for my family. And what they invent ended up doing is they decide that this is who, that you know, that they out of circumstance have to choose to be this higher version of themselves. They have to go and make support. The family that was shifted their identity, that happens a lot. It's called the Rite of passage or Rite of passage. And that going through a Rite of passage is something matures you.

I was living on the floor when my mom and her and my sister were inside the bedroom is like a one-bedroom thing, and I was sleeping on the floor as I was going to, after I went through my spiritual awakening, I was resistant to getting some type of 3d job. I was meditating all day, but I was in this ghetto place and, and it was like, it was something that I did for a while. And then I mentioned it, I decided I'd know more of this. I'm going to do something; I'm going to, I'm going to give back and do, did 3d job of selling women's shoes again. And I integrated back into that. Then I had the right of passage. It helped develop my character in a way, but I decided that this isn't what I want to experience. You make a choice.

Then I made a choice for YouTube and to go daily on that, and that changed my identity, but it was also tied to my passion. If you're passionate about making art, didn't make art every single day, get into the flow state, get into the beam frequency and decide that this is who you are now and make that frequency your dominant frequency. You make it your dominant frequency by having a vision of some reality working towards that vision every single day, knowing that that's who you are now and then realize that over time, that will change everything. But the frequency of the reality you want to experience already exists. Look at that version of you and mere that versions of use behaviors, thoughts, actions, habits. Simply choose that this is that version of you. All you've been doing up until this point is telling yourself a story about who you are, the kind of relationships that you get into, the kind of people that you're around.

You've been telling yourself a story about the way your past was, and how your future may be. You've been telling yourself a story, and what I'm telling you right now is you can simply look at that story and see it for the illusion that it is. At a certain point in your past, you decided, this is who I am. This is the character that I play in the movie called, what is that character? Is that character? The star of the movie is that character? The hero is that character, the villain, is that character, the best friend, the best friend of the person that is the star? Is that person the victim? What character are you resonating with? What character do you agree that you are and then simply see yourself as you agreed to that you have to take responsibility?

I am the person that everyone takes advantage of. I have the president that doesn't have power. This is me. Then you keep that stick going, keep it going and keep it going. And then other people are looking at you like, well, I'm going to respond to him or her before this as the way they're being. And you got those right? And when I'm telling you to go instead and say, gotcha. Yeah, I do. I am. Go around. It's simply choosing the way you prefer to be, but choose from awareness to check out who you are already.

I've been there twice in my whole life. Debt, who you think you are, is a habitualized set of thought patterns. The emotions of habits. You are an eternal spiritual being. Maybe play in the park as some limiting human who had some hard things happen in their life. Now that sounds harsh. Everything I'm saying right now you're invalidating my past. I'm trying to break free and help you break free of the past. I'm trying to help you break free of the old character that goes around like this is who I am. That's not who you are. That is a facade. That is something you agreed to in the past thinking, Oh you have this limited character that everyone was to in a certain way. Oh my goodness. No, that is not who you want. That's the part you've been playing. The only thing that is authentic is you being at your core frequency.

You saying who you really are. It still most stereotypical clichéd as to here. Be yourself. I get it. It sounds annoying to hear. It's annoying for me to say, but the key to this is do the been frequency B. y'all self, your higher self, be in that high vibration. I'm freer than ever I could do is say what I want. Back in the day when I was making videos, I was afraid to share some ideas. I was afraid of what people thought. Then I realized I was keeping myself in a little box. I realized I was telling myself a little story that people won't let these kinds of videos because some of it is a little edgy.

Some people think that dude got a lot of energy. Some people think does whose dog? All star seeds? Guess what? I don't care. I beat me. I beat myself. Those that resonate will find me. Those that don't resonate, they won't find me. I don't care. Take away the ego shelf that said, fish. I know who I am, who I am, dishes who I am, and then be who you are from the level of awareness. Okay, this it be. This is where you are. This is where you want to be, but make sure that this is where you want to be is also part of the beam frequency of flow. Set the intention to find out seven more attention. Your life transforms Southern attention to find that out.

What is my purpose? Then as you go to that of the store bucks and get yourself a coffee macchiato latte with extra cream and sugar, then what you do is as you're getting in line, there's someone in front of you that's like, Hey, you know about this art museum that I've been going to? It's amazing. It's right over there on the corner of this street and that street, and then you say, Oh my goodness, I think I might like that too. And then you say, you know what? I'm going to go to a place like that, and you realize that there was some synchronicity involved, but the intention allowed you to tune in to a new reality and a new symbol. What's your higher self may have helped guide you to you see, you pick up on things for a reason, then you find out what that is and here you are.

This is who I am. I agree to this in the past, this is my belief about who I am. This is what happened to me in the past, and then you identified the best version of you live in the life that you want to be connected to a flow state, and what do you do? Yes. Simply choose, this is who I am. The old version of you is an illusion. Anyways, the old version of you was false agreements that you've made about the way reality works. They were hammering down agreements from your parents, but this as you have me and Leeor, and by simply choosing that this is who you are, you will eventually get the reflection in life. Here's the thing though, there is a mere delay of reality.

Eventually, you get that energy back, but where people get, they give up. Before that actual reflection could come and they're saying, okay, there's this show I am now, and then they look at me. Maybe this isn't who I am. I'm going to go back to being the old way that I was. No, trust them year delay. That's all right. All reality is a reflection, but you got to trust the vision that you are living. You got to trust in it and knowing that it takes a minute, but at the mirror to change. Okay, is that like you're looking at me and you smile. It is instantaneous. Maybe as vibrational the planet continues to increase, that eventually happens, but for now, there's a little bit of a delay. Trust the delay. Stay on that vision.

Stay on how you prefer to be and know that once that becomes your dominant frequency, your life will begin to change. There's a meditation that I used to wonder why this meditation is so powerful? Go to meditation. I'll link it below. It's on parallel reality shifting, and basically, you do this meditation, and you shift to the parallel reality, the version of you that you prefer to be. I was wondering to myself, why is this meditation so powerful? The reason say that is cause it got, it has like 800,000 views for a meditation. That's quite a bit amount of views, crazy amount of people go back to that meditation over and over again, read the comments to see what's possible. People have had the most transformative things happen since listening to that meditation for 21 days in a row.

And I'm like, why do people have such profound experiences? What does this meditation do? How can I apply this idea to other meditations? Here's what happens. You walk into it, spoiler on the meditation. You walk into a parallel reality version of you, and you simply decide that to who you are. And then I wired in that there's no going back. Guess what happens? You do that meditation, you come out of it, and then you're this new version of you. You simply give yourself permission to be in that frequency and that's it, and you read it out. Thousands of comments, read them. This is what happened, that people have been to amazing transformations from that one meditation. One meditation can change your life. You just have to give yourself permission to be in that free, quit see of that version of you and that meditation will help you to do that.

If you do and remember, the reality of the perfect version of you already exists. You don't have to create it. You got to try really hard because the tried hard means you're not there already. Instead, just be that version of you being that version of you. Mirror that versions of you physiology, mere that version of that behavior. Mere that versions of you actions you that versions of you habits, view that music, that mirror, that version of you breathing, the kinds of books that you read, the way that you interact with other people. How do you carry yourself? What is your body language like?


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