What’s Your Vibration: and how to Raise it!


By the end of this blog, you will know what your vibration is, and I'm going to show you how to take it to the next level using an important process that I believe will change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with the information on finding out what your vibration is and also how to get to the next level. As we're coming to learn with quantum physics, everything is vibration, and some things have a different rate of vibration. Maybe you've heard me share that chart before. I used to make a lot of videos about it, and I would like to pop up that chart. How about pop it up right now. Pop up that chart. You'll notice you have shame, fear, guilt, anger.

You have reasoned. You have that of love, joy, peace, and light, mint. These are all the different levels of consciousness and levels of vibration. The way I also described vibration is it's a combination how you think, how you feel, how you act. Every single one of us has a dominant vibration in a way. We have a gravity of where our vibration is, and yes, there'll be times when things happen on the outside reality that allows us to move up. And normally that means letting go of things, keeping us in low vibration. There are times that we will get bogged down into low vibe if we get caught up into something or we find ourselves in some little negative thought loop that may bring our vibration down. However, every single one of us has a certain gravity that has a certain vibrational set point, and that set point gives us a reality that is equal to that vibration.

For example, if you find yourself as a very angry person, what'll happen is because that's the state of consciousness. When you go out to the world, you're more likely to link up with other people that can trigger that anger back to you. You're more likely to find yourself around other angry people. That's because like attracts like. When we're talking about this skill of consciousness, understand that when you change your vibration, you change your life. When you let go of things that no longer serve you, you allow yourself to raise up naturally. And the thing is you are naturally a high vibrational being at your core. But what happens is when we're born, we forget this, we go through certain life situations. We might go through stuff that makes us feel anger; it makes us feel fear that makes us feel guilt. And because of that, we tie onto it, we identify with it, or we don't complete it from the past, meaning we feel it and it's something that we suppressed and therefore that energy keeps us in a lower vibrational state.

The key to this is understanding where our current vibration is. And in that book, power versus force, what is shown is that these are the different levels of consciousness, and there is a process we can use called muscle testing. Muscle testing is where you use different muscles. The idea is that muscles are connected to our subconscious mind. And using this chart, we are able to calibrate where we lie in correlation with the chart. An example would be I calibrate adds a 200 or above level of consciousness, and you can check, and there are different ways of checking. You can do it with a partner where somebody is holding their hand like this and putting pressure, and you'd be able to feel either when it's a strong statement. That is true.

But when it is a statement that is false, it is much easier to push down your hand. Some people also do it like this, so or there is a process where you go like this and you, you, you try to separate it like that. There are different ways of doing that. However, what I have found is that there's a way of understanding the different thought processes, different thought processes that you might be thinking and calibrating it using that weight. If the idea is looking at different beliefs you have, looking at different perspectives you have and then being able, since our beliefs create our reality and our thoughts are part of our beliefs, being able to calibrate our own vibration. First off, before I get into that exact process, understand that when it comes to this, this is about being aware of your perspectives, being aware of your own vibration, being aware of how you think, how you feel, how you act.

Awareness is 90% of transformation because when you are aware, and you can then do something with it, you can then choose to integrate it. You could then let things go that no longer serve you. I'm going to clump these into three different and to three different perspectives. When you're looking at that, that scale of consciousness, you'll see shame, fear, guilt, anger. You'll see that have an eventually neutrality, which is where you're going to kind of observe huge step, and you'll do observe the things that have happened. At this state of consciousness, you might find that you are attached to certain perspectives of the way how things happened in the past. You may find that you were attached to what people did to you. You may be finding that you have a lot of emotion that maybe has been holding onto.

Maybe emotion, even in the body, maybe angry at someone that did something to you. You may find that hard to forgive other people. You may find that there's like, like an autopilot mind that keeps going, then not negative. Thoughts are hard to control. You see, these are all within that level. Understand this, as well. This isn't about higher, lower levels of consciousness to where it's like you are less involved. It's about being aware of your vibration than integrating it. You can then raise your own frequency. That's what this is about. When you look at your vibration, and when you are asking yourself certain questions, you can see that if it is in the vibration with things that happened to you and there's a lot of pain and resentment there, it's okay. That's where I was for years for a long time because if you know my story, you know that I had an abusive ex step on my life between the ages of seven to 15 years old.

He was mentally, verbally, physically abusive, and that had a big play to do with my self-image. I thought I wasn't worthy. I thought I was in a whole and complete, so what happened is I spent a long time wondering why does this always happen to me? I spent a lot of time wondering why did I have no, I had no freedom at all until 15 years old when my dad divorced her. My brother and I weren't a lot of friends. We were outside working. Most of the time, we had to earn doing certain school activities. We weren't given a lot of food, so we will veer very skinny. Why did we have that happen? But I realized this idea, this I think is the game-changer. This is the new part of the blog. I don't think I've really emphasized enough. Meaning is what controls our vibration.

Meaning, what is the meaning of those events? Prior, I was giving it a negative, meaning everything is neutral, and most people would agree they would look at some of those situations. You're like, Whoa, that was really bad to go through. But if you give it a negative meaning to your past, then you will continue to get a negative effect. It's like cause-effect. A lot of transformation from the lower levels of consciousness, which I was in for a very long time, was about me changing the meaning as to why things happen. And that's when I had a spiritual awakening. I became aware of my thoughts were of my limiting beliefs that I had.

I learned how to observe them. When I did that, my whole entire reality changed. I started to feel completely different about myself. And I realized that all of that pain in the past, it led me to a spiritual awakening. At that moment, in that realization, I changed the meaning of everything that happened in the past. I was, in a way grateful for it, cause that pain, that pressure caused me to then look within myself for a new meaning. One powerful way to get out of the lower states of consciousness to be, to become aware of the meaning you're giving things, does give it a date to me of your past. If you met someone that treated you badly, it might appear to be a very bad thing. Maybe it wired in a lot of negative beliefs. But here's the thing, maybe that happens that you can claim your power now maybe that pain led you to a spiritual awakening.

Maybe that pain led you to a new level of accountability and creating boundaries in your life. And it's a lesson that's invaluable. You see, when you change the mean, and you changed your life. When we look at the bottom levels, which many of us have had horrible things happen to us, it's about changing the meaning of why they happened and understood that they didn't happen to us. They happen to us. If we remained with that level of identity, then it remains on autopilot. Some of you may know this story of a that I've shared before, but even after my ex stepmom left my life at 15 and my dad divorced her, I had this belief, this meaning that woman in my life was controlling and even after my ex step on left, guess what happened? I then found myself and one of the first relationships I ever had, first girlfriends I ever had, she was very controlling, very manipulative, very jealous, very much trying to control me.

I had a certain subconscious meaning and then what happened is after I broke up with her, I didn't go to work, and I was working at Nordstrom's in women's shoes and within a week of breaking up with her, I then got transferred to a department called salon shoes, which is a more expensive price versus what was a better department, but the manager, that department was almost exactly like my stepmom, my ex step-mom. It was like that was another reflection than a week of breaking up with her. I got someone else in my life to repeat that pattern, to like completing it. Then I went through my spiritual awakening. I became aware of those subconscious meanings as subconscious beliefs, and when I realized that it happened to have for me, not to me, that's when it changed that pattern, and then I was able to raise my vibration up.

Things happen to you. Huge transformation. The second part of this process, the mid vibrational levels, we could say it's about understanding. A lot of times, power in growth. If you are somebody that's manifesting what you want in your life and tending to do that more often, then what you'll find is that that is the mid-levels, which is a very high vibrational level. And by the way, when we're talking about the whole planet in general, most of the planet resonates at a 200 level because most people live. I think it's what like two to 4 billion people live on a couple of dollars a day. We're grateful. You know if you have internet connection and you have the ability even to read this blog and most likely you're doing an ability to reach very high levels compared to that especially because the levels of survival may not be as rampant if you, if you don't even have Wi-Fi or not even Wi-Fi, that's like a luxury.

If you don't have food, shelter, a warmth, then a lot of times what happens is that a keep you in a survival mode which many times will be the lower bike States, so the mid-levels that was about manifestation. It's about creating your own reality towards developing willpower. The fourth, the 400 to 500, is reasoning. Understanding your beliefs create your reality and a lot of beliefs have to do with meaning because when you say because this you attract a certain type of person in your life because your situation with relating like relationships are easy to a heart or hard to attract me like because those are all your beliefs. These things are when you're able to become aware of the meetings you've given. Once again, most likely subconsciously to become aware of what those are.

In the mid-levels, there's a lot of time will be a level of personal growth. Maybe Tony Robbins learn how to take control of your life in a powerful way. These are all different things that we use in our own lives, and when we have that growth mindset wanting to create things in our life, a lot of times, that's the level of reasoning, which is still a very powerful level. They're all powerful levels. There's it in rather than theater is a hierarchy. Think of it more as a linear type thing. Like we have different States of our life, which we may be in certain states, but if we see it as, Oh, it's on a pedestal, it's up there, then we separate ourselves from it vibrationally. But if you want to change your life in any way whatsoever, the key to this is changing your vibration. Changing your level of consciousness in one way that you change the level of consciousness is either changing your environment, changing your behavior, making a choice about who you are as your identity.

A lot of the work that I've been teaching lately is about our identity. You change your identity, change your life, the way that you see yourself, your self-image, and based on that identity, then come to your beliefs what you believe about reality. In general, as well, if you want to calibrate your own vibration, I have an app, and it takes I think a minute or two to fill out a survey app. Whatismyvibration.com. It takes about a minute. You will just answer a couple of questions. I think there are 15 to 18 questions, and what it'll do is it'll show you your current level of consciousness, your current level of vibration. And then what it'll do is it'll, I'll give you two meditations that will help you to get to the next level of consciousness.

Plus, I'll send you emails moving forward that show you how to get to the next levels of consciousness. I believe this is really the key to you, transforming your life, becoming aware of your vibration, and then making a choice to do certain things, to be a certain way to let go of certain things. I don't serve you, so you can be in a high vibrational state. When you do that, everything begins to change, and also those meditations are, are extraordinarily powerful for helping you get to the next level. If you want to check that out, you want to calibrate your vibration plus get those to personalized meditations for your level of consciousness you go to, whatismyvibration.com fill out that survey. You will immediately find out what is your archetype, it shows you what your current level of vibration is, and then I give you meditation.

Let's show you how to get to the next level. Love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. These states go beyond reasoning. You don't eat reasons, you do things for the sake of doing them. I show them a video right now because I feel like it's who I am. It's the most exciting thing at the moment, not because doing this video I have to or it'll give me like, you know, x amount of this. No, that's the third level. That's the middle level, the third level, the upper level. You could say it's about understanding, creating more magic in your life, creating yourself to be in a high vibrational state, knowing you are naturally high vibration.

When we talk about what's my vibration, understand that the more you let go of, and it's not you, the things that have happened in your past, what people have said about you, the more you let go of those, the more your vibration naturally begins to race. This is about being aware of that and just deciding that you are going to let it go. Let it go. What does it serve? You choose to be in a high vibrational state. Choose what you are going to take responsibility going from the bottom level to the mid-level. It's about taking responsibility for the things that have happened and the meanings you gave, even if it is things that happened to you, realize it happened for you, and also realize the meaning you give to the effect you get out of it.

The things at the top are both meaningful or meaningless. It's a paradox. Meaningful meaning you feel love, you feel love for other people, higher vibration, states of conscious but meaningless. Realized when you give it meaning, so it's really up to you. That's when you get into a state of really high vibration where you see people that are in blissful states of different levels of consciousness, which I believe is our potential.


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