3 Signs we live in a Simulated Reality (and what to do about it)

I'm going to reveal to you the three signs that we are living in a simulated reality and I'm going to show you what you can do about it.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you that of understanding the 3 main signs that we do live in a simulation type reality. Understanding what this really means and then what we can actually do about it. Knowing that what if there are ways that we could hack reality and if we can hack reality, then we could experience more of what we want. Or we could just learn more about the way this 3D physical avatar body works and a knowledge is power. Awareness is power. I like that quote better. Oh, go figure. So for this process, first off, what is a simulated reality?

Sometimes this can seem like something that's a little bit scary because we think of it like the movie, the Matrix. The Matrix is like these computer programs that are chasing after us and doing all these things. But it can be, it's much more in an organic type way. It doesn't have to mean that we live in some computer. A computer can be a metaphor though. I think eventually we may have organic computers. In a way you could say that our brain isn't in a way an organic computer because our brain processes information, everything in realities, information and it's something that's naturally happening. But we have this technology computer that in a way, as a symbol of that.

And the funny thing is our brain is much more powerful than that of a computer at this point, at least with how much we can process and how our brain works. However, when it comes to simulation, think of it in the form of a simulation is something that appears to be real, but it is something that appears to be real but isn't. And in a similar way, the simulation of life is such that we believe that it is real. We identify with our 3D physical avatar structure. And because we believe it's real, we're able to have a true experience. If we knew the whole entire time that it wasn't real, we may not take it as serious and it wouldn't be something where we can learn as many, you could say lessons, but in a way, I believe we're here to learn. We're here to learn about who we are and in a way if we want to move from one grade to the next way, could be certain lessons in our life.

And then once we complete those lessons we can then move onto the next one. And in a way earth is like a school. It's a school of remembering is what it really is a school of remembering of who we are. I think we come here, we forget who we are so that we can go through this process of remembering who we are and sometimes it can be painful. I remember it was painful for me when I went through my spiritual awakening process and that was a very enlightening like, uh, a time when I felt a lot of expansion. But earlier on in life, I went through so much pain to get there. So much misidentification, so much believing that reality is the way it is and everything is so real. But when you go through spiritual awakening and start to understand more about reality and really just more about yourself in general, but living in a simulation is about understanding that this reality that we experience is not the baseline reality. It's a projection of consciousness.

I listened to someone named Bashar quite often. He says that reality is literally a dream. We are projecting ourselves from spirit. We never actually leaves spirit. We are in spirit right now dreaming. We are this human. There's three d physical avatar body. So when people are worried about death and pretty much what they do when they die is they shed the physical body and they wake up more as who they are as spirit. So, it's not really the belief and really fearing death the way that humans do. It's fearing the debt of the 3D physical avatar body, which I find interesting as well because lately I've been studying a lot of enlightening material, like a people's enlightenment experiences, and many of them say that they have a full on ego death, like they believe they are going to die and then when they die it's their identity that is dying.

They then become more of the larger consciousness system to use some term they come more of the channel of high vibration energy and less of the identity of like this is who I am and this is what I do. So when I believe that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience, we are in spirit right now, but we've forgotten that we're dreaming and one of the reasons we forgot that we were dreaming of so that we could have this real type experience that we're having is appears to be real. We interpret reality through the five senses. We have touch, taste, smell, hear, see these are all different senses we use to interpret reality and we grow up believing that this is what is real. What you can perceive through your senses is real, but non-physical energy is just as real. It's just that we don't perceive of it through our senses.

So, this is about understanding that there's more to reality than we think, and we start to open. There's this guy named Thomas Campbell, he talks a lot about having openminded skepticism openminded so you have to be open but not naive. And for this I think that being open to nonphysical energy is a very empowering thing because it makes us, it allows us to go beyond our 3D physical avatar structured out of the limitations of our little belief system based on prior reference experience, but it gives us more ability tap into more of who we are and other things. But charge said before is that one day you'll realize that it's not so much that consciousness is in your body, but your body is in your consciousness. Thinking about that your body is in your consciousness, which I believe that with the simulation as well, it's like we're having this experience so that we can, we can experience each other and relate to each other to learn so much.

So that's part of the system as well as us going through this process of having someone to relate to and in a way we are all connected. So the three signs that we live in a simulation, the first one's going to be different than maybe I shared before and that's simply that there's a big grand spiritual awakening happening on the planet. They might say, how does that relate to a simulation? Well, in a way a spiritual awakening is when you become aware of you being spirit versus just being a 3D physical avatar body. And he may not say that. You might be like, well this whole 3D physical avatar body is a new thing. I haven't heard it like that before. But in 3D physical avatar body, just the 3D solidity of what is real. Our body, our ego could say that that is another word for our ego and we may identify her whole life as our ego, but then eventually we start to go inwards.

I heard this quote the other day, yesterday actually I was reading, and I was talking to said about the higher self, the inner self. I really liked that because we think our higher self is like up in like the seventh dimension, like chill and like the sixth dimension looking down at us like I'm going to guide you this way now. Now I'll go this way and I'll do this thing. But really it's an inner self because reality is a reflection, but there's really just more of ourselves. It's something that we go more and more within spiritual awakening is not like trying to blast off into the eighth dimension, spiritual awakenings, more about going within. That's why I like to call it more of like an inner self, that inner self that you go into that then you are have the ability to connect to your intuition.

You have the ability to kick to your heart center. The inner self is where I find that in meditation it's much easier to go to and it's something that's much more empowering because it's within you. It's not, in the eighth dimension. You don't have to try to grab for it and try to understand it and try to comprehend it. So understand this is all within you. So spiritual awakening is when you go within yourself and you start to realize that there's more to life than the surroundings. There’s more to life than the what we experienced through the senses. And that in a way is waking up, going beyond the ego, the 3D physical avatar body. And when we start to go beyond the ego, we start to see that it is likely and very probable that we live in a simulation. And simulation is kind of this new word that we may use, but a word that's been around for a very long time is that we are infinite spiritual beings live in temporary human experiences.

So, if this temporary human experience is temporary, who are we beyond the body, which would then point to this not being as real as we think it is. it's something I've also heard talked about with many different channelings before. When we get to higher states of consciousness, what happens? Is it higher states of consciousness? Or you could say dimensions in a way. When you get to higher states of like higher dimensions, some will not be visible if you're at a certain frequency. So, for example, if you're in the third, fourth dimension, someone's in the seventh dimension, you may not be able to see them because their rate of vibration is much higher. And I'm just talking, I'm not talking to city from experience with this. I'm just talking from what I've learned with that of Bashar Abraham Hicks. Jane Roberts, the law of one, all these leading edge information.

And what they say is that a higher rates of vibration, we may not be able to perceive of that because they are in a higher that you can perceive that which you are the vibration of. So knowing that there's different rates of vibrations that are perceiving of different realities altogether, it also points to which is the real one. Well, which is real depends upon the perspective. And it depends upon the rate of vibration because there'll be a different experience for every different rates of vibration. And maybe you don't that we can give dimensions numbers, but in each different one there'll be a different perception. So, it could be all just relative. So what is real? It depends on what is relative. I believe that in life the experiences are real because of our definition of it. But I believe the actual reality of it is that it is a dream. I believe that reality is a dream. And I also believe something I say all the time, it's like a favorite thing for me to say is that the more you realize that life is a form of dream or is a dream, the more dreamlike your life will become.

The more flexibility you will allow your life to have, the more lightness you bring into your life as well. So really just about loosen it up. It was having more fun because the more fun we have, the more that we raise our vibration and we raise our vibrational state of consciousness in the more things happen in our favor because of our state of being, our state of consciousness. Now the second sign that we live in as simulated universe reality, same thing is data streams. So as to do with data streams and tapping in understanding that we're all connected. So a simulation would be connected to some type of data stream, which is data, which is information. Everything in in reality is information. This is something physics and starting to learn is everything. Has a certain rate of vibration and everything is information. Everything's data. Now in one part of the world you can focus on something else and you can tap into different data streams. They've done this with years of the government's done. It was remote viewing is this happened with um, you could say this is what people tap into when we talk about the Akashic records is they tap into different data streams, data streams of maybe the intent of someone's soul or someone's spirit, that room.

So, everything is connection. We read a lot of times nonverbal cues from each other. You may not physically say something. Are you able to feel the vibration? It's beyond the five senses from other people. You may have certain intuitions about things that are happening, I believe intuition is picking up on different data streams. Maybe probable data streams as well, but there's this larger connection that we all have with each other. I believe that in this reality as well, what we put out is what we get back. Reason being is in this data stream, what we put out to someone else that's someone else's. Actually another version of us. There really is only more of us than reality. And because of that, that comes back to us because we're doing something to ourselves. So in the data stream that we live in, that's what it's doing and is constantly putting out and giving back and balancing out this reality.

But it's really just doing realities like a mirror reflecting back to us. But the data that is there, the information that is there is something we can all tap into, which I think is cool. When you focus on tapping into, you know, I may have someone that I know that's completely on the other side of the world, but I can tap into them. I can think of them and kind of feel what they're going through or feel if there's something on their mind, if they're thinking or you know, if I'm connected to them and I know them well, especially someone that you're out a lot so we can all tap into and kind of feel how people are. And that's because everything is different data streams. And by focusing on different things you can pick up on different data streams.

That points to understanding that everything is information, understanding that we're all connected, that there's some consciousness system here that we're all connected to. So that to me is a huge sign that we do also live in a form of simulation or in a simulated reality. Now the third one has to do with just simply knowing this one little idea, they already have VR technology that you almost can't tell the difference with is already exists. And I've done it before and I'm sure there's much more even further advanced beyond that. They're getting ready to release when Leeor and I was in Japan a couple months ago, we're in Shibuya and we went to this like mall and we went to like the top floor is like this long tall building and kept going up completely different floors, different clothes and stuff like that. You've got to one of them and there was like this whole VR like level and we went and we put on this helmet. She was actually going to the bathroom and I saw a helmet laying around and there was no one around.

I was like, okay, I'm going to go put this thing on. I'm not just going to watch that helmet sit there knowing it's probably some cool thing in there. I put it on and I was on top of a skyscraper walking around and I could see, felt like was in the movie, the Matrix or something. I was like looking over, it was on the edge is like looking over and as you're looking over you get scared. Like you feel like you're there. Like it's vertical. Like you're just like whoa. And it feels so real and imagined that you were in that thing from the time you were born. Or imagine you were in that and you were like walking around, you are going through things, you would begin to believe it's real. At a certain point through repetition, through reference experiences, you would eventually believe it's real.

And that's not even what if in a way our spirit is in some cosmic suit. We wouldn't need technology. The home, I would imagine some cosmic suit that then we could perceive reality through and we think it's so real. And when we die at the end of our life, we just take off the suit or we transcend the suit, or we go into our astral body and our astral body is a form of connection to the suit. Who knows? Maybe that's the one piece out of body experiences. People talk a lot of times about the, this connection that are through our third eye to our astral body. Maybe that has something to do with that. But virtual reality, we already have technology that we don't know the difference between what it is and what it is like what is real and what is not. What's to say we haven't done that at a higher level of consciousness already and that life itself is a form of simulation and the rules of the simulation or the goal of the simulation is to learn more about who you are and to remember that you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

What if the goals of simulations that you can start to believe that it's so real so you can have these real experiences? What if part of the simulations that you can eat amazing food, you could enjoy what physical reality has to offer, but at a greater level it's not just two. We are much more than that. I believe when we go to bed at night, we connect to that part of ourselves of who we really are. But what if all of this we are going through so that we could remember who we are at a level. It all has a purpose and that purpose is for us to become more aware of who we are and to really tap into it. So I believe that that is highly probable and the way that we navigate through this simulation. If you want to know what I've learned in the bay to be the most powerful thing is to set more intentions. Intention increases probability, but intention from the being level, not just the 3D physical avatar.

It's like I want money, I want symbols, I want this. I want that. What you're really passionate about, you being yourself, not the way you think other people want you to be. Not the masks that we're told we're supposed to wear in order to fit into society. You being yourself with no apologies and we don't need apologize or you don't. When you don't apologize to anyone else or you don't need anyone's else validation, other people will feel that off of you and they will naturally give it back to you because reality's a mirror. And when you give it to yourself, other people will give it to you even if they don't agree with it. They might be like what you're talking about. It's weird, but you know what? You're yourself. And I liked that. Weird is cool. You see what I mean?

it's a reflection anyway. So be yourself. Do what you're passionate about. Go after what you love doing. I know it sounds Cliché, but it's so true because when you do that, you're in a higher vibrational state. And then set intentions. Intention is almost like a look into a parallel reality. You want to experience and declaring it as part of you. And then action is the thing that follows that up with action and intention or intermittent interlinked. So these are the three signs that we live in a simulation. The more you tap into who you really are, you're being level. You can then set intentions and navigate through this simulation in a more powerful way. Just remember you're an eternal spiritual being. You're in spirit right now. You're just dreaming. You are this little 3D physical avatar body and the more you become aware of who you are by going inwards and outwards inwards, the more you're going to tap into your true power.


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