3 Manifestation Mistakes that BLOCK Money, Love and Success from Manifesting


Money, love, and success are doing everything they can to get to you, but what we do is we block it from coming into our lives. By doing these three things, I'm going to show you exactly what to do to bypass them so that you finally start to allow what you want into your life. Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the three biggest manifestation mistakes that are blocking you from attracting money, love, and success. The first one has to do with this understanding of our energy in general and the things that we think we want versus whether it's actually in alignment with our soul or alignment with our passion. Because sometimes what happens is we say to ourselves, we say I want money, love, success.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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These are the things I want. However, we think the mode, the getting there is sometimes ways that are actually out of alignment with who we really are. Let me give you an example of this. About three, about five years ago I would say, I was intending to learn how to make passive income online. What I was doing is I saw this YouTube or he was showing how to make and how to outsource Kindle books, like outsourcing Kindle books and you hire people to write them and you get ghostwriters and stuff and then you market them. He was showing how to do this and how he was making like, I don't know, it was like $10,000 a month doing it. He taught people how to do that. I thought it was really cool. I was working my job selling woman's shoes at the time.

I was like, okay, let me try, let me get inside this and let me see how I can do this. I bought his course, it was like 60 something dollars and I started studying it and I started actually apply it. However, there was a lot of resistance. There's a lot of resistance that came up. The thing that I realized was that I was doing it for the wrong reasons. It was nothing I was actually passionate about. I wasn't passionate about writing. I wasn't passionate about getting these people to write books and marketing these certain ideas. I wasn't actually passionate about that and what happened is I felt a lot of resistance and nothing actually really came from it. After about a month or two of trying to do it, it was a big hassle. I wasn't really making any money from it and I decided to stop doing that.

But now that I look back, I see the actual truth of that. I was doing something I wasn't passionate about, which was lowering my frequency and it was something that wasn't a part of my natural passion. Remember your higher self and your body, your physical ego, your higher self is always sending you a signal that is showing you whether you're in alignment or not and when you're feeling passion, you're in alignment with what you're meant to be doing. As I make this blog right now, I'm very passionate about it because this is what I love doing. In the same way, what happens is this is the scale of consciousness right here. Just like an example, maybe you've seen me talk about it in my videos before, but the more you raise your vibration, the more the easier your manifestation ability is and the better you feel.

Remember feeling goes into your manifestations. Sometimes what people do is they may be focused on the money, they may be focused on the relationship instead of focused on the feeling and the passion of knowing that it is in alignment. That is alignment. Let me get this a marker right here. In alignment, so the key to this is the first mistake we make is we're not actually passionate about it, we're not passionate about it. Because we're not actually passionate about it, what ends up happening is it's actually something that lowers our frequency. Plus in a way it's something that our higher self is showing us is an actually enlightening. Like, for example, if I were to do and be doing that thing that I was doing with the selling Kindle books, I believe maybe it would have taken me on a timeline where it wasn't actually what I was passionate about.

It would have kind of veered me off of the timeline that I'm on now to where I eventually started making YouTube videos full time. Sometimes people do this as well. They're like, I want to win the lottery and if we want to win the lottery, what ends up happening is we think that what we want to win is the lottery. But what we really want is the emotion that comes from the security and the financial freedom of winning the lottery. But the thing is what if from your soul's perspective, you winning the lottery would take you out of your power of you actually creating things from the inside out. Because winning the lottery is kind of like outside in type thing. We need to ask ourselves the question, is this relevant for our life, for our purpose, for what we're passionate about?

That's why when I talk about manifestation, I always mention it in the form of making sure it's connected to your heart. If attracting money, loving success, if you're trying to check money based on things that are in principles that are out of alignment with you, then you might be coming up with blocks. You might think you just want a certain dollar amount, or you might think you just want a person because this person may make me feel better, but what if that person that you're trying to attract is actually going to treat you in a very negative way or whatever. It will be a very sour relationship, or to actually deter you from your purpose of you accomplishing your dreams. When I was going through my and starting to become more well-known on YouTube and really going for my passion, I realized that maybe being single during that time was necessary for me to really get my momentum going.

That's something that that really makes a difference is first off, understanding your passion and whether it's really in alignment with what you're meant to be doing and with your soul. In general. The second that may be blocking you from money, love and success. The mistake you may make with manifestation is believing that it is all about thinking rather than also feeling in acting on whatever you want to create in your life. I remember when I was first getting on YouTube and just also working my nine to five job that I wasn't passionate about. I actually, people look at me now and they say, wow, Aaron's got a lot of willpower. Everyone's able to like to make a lot of videos on YouTube and all this stuff. The truth is I used to be somebody that was manifesting really by kind of just sitting on the couch.

To be honest with you, I was like thinking about what I want and I would sit here and I'd be like, Oh, I really want this in my life and I really want that perfect relationship and doing what I love full time one day, being able to speak like some of the people I look up to. That's what I want to do one day. I remember I was, I was thinking that I would go into work every day and just nothing was really happening. There were a couple of synchronicities. One of the synchronicities is I met Jack Canfield. You guys don't know him. He was in the book. It was in a, he's like the author of the chicken noodle soup soul for the soul books. I use also the movie, The Secret. He came up to me to buy something for his wife, but there was no one in the department.

He needed to buy clothes. He came to the shoe department to get rung up and then I talked to him and stuff and he was really cool. I told him, one day, I'm going to do what you do. It's kind of funny because now I do kind of what he does for a living, you know what I mean? But there were some synchronicities there, but nothing actually really happened. But then what I did was I kept hearing people talk about taking massive action and at the time, that's probably what I needed to hear, but I wasn't really doing it. I'd hear it and kind of feel resistant about it. Like, take massive action. Sounds hard. What about Law of Attraction? Like you should be able to just make it easy where you don't have to really take action.

You just think it, you know, or believe that you could just think it. But a big change for me was what I did is when I was at my house walking around and I just had this feeling, if you make a video a day, every single day for a year, your life will be completely transformed. I committed to that. Within a short period of time, my channel went from 3000 subscribers all the way up to over a hundred thousand subs. Then four months later I quit my job and I've been doing it ever full time ever since. It's been amazing. That happened though for me moving out of just thinking that it was about thinking with the law of attraction or thinking about my goals or money, love and success to actually lining that up with also feeling and acting being that version of me taking massive action.

It's a huge mistake I see a lot of people make and you know sometimes for this too, it's what do you need to hear at the moment? Like right now I'm at a place to where I'm actually taking less action than usual because I've been realizing that for three years I've been taking massive action and now I need to actually go more within so that I can creatively come up with, with new things so that I could also start doing my life events and stuff like that. Like I'm having to redirect my own energy. That's what I need to hear now. But my guess is that maybe there's many of you that were like me a couple of years ago and you hear take massive action. I promise you to do one thing every day that brings you closer to your goals and that by doing it every single day you're going to be able to experience more of in your life.

It compounds over time that eventually that becomes something that you can do in your life. The second one right here, let me go and write it down really quick. One sec. Okay, here it is. Thinking right there, just thinking the top one is not actually passionate about actually in alignment with the soul. The third one has to do with something I've been talking a lot about on the channel recently. However, I'm going to share it with you where it's really practical and that is understanding that anytime we chase something, we immediately put it outside of us. But also understanding that it's also assuming that those emotions don't already exist with the inside of us. For example, we have our energetic body right here. What we do is we say, when I accomplish the money, love and success, then I'll feel happy and we externalize it and we're always chasing it.

It's like we got a stick on a string and we're chasing that money, love and success, but we're never going to catch it cause we got the stick that's too long. Instead, instead of chasing it, what if you just felt the emotions on the inside of money? Love and success? What if you felt gratitude for what you have now and by feeling those emotions on the inside? Then the outside begins to change. Remember life is like a mirror. It's reflecting back what we feel on the inside. If I go over to the mirror and I'm like looking for it and chasing the mirror, it's like chasing the mirror. If I chase the mirror, I'm always going for something that's external from me. But remember the mirror of reality is just a reflection anyways. If you change the inside, which doesn't mean that you necessarily, it means that you, you learn how to respond instead of reacting.

That's the biggest change. Respond instead of reacting. If you respond, then you're coming at it from a level of awareness and if you react, you're coming at it from the level of the survival mode. The key to this is knowing that if we're chasing anything if you're chasing a person, I really want you, then it's saying, I really don't have you. I really don't have you and I really need you, which means I'm not complete without you, which is sending us a subconscious symbol to yourself that you're not good enough already. The key to this is understanding that vibrational resonance. In a way, it's like a radio station. If you have a radio station, it's at 92.7, which is the frequency of love. Let's say that was the frequency of love and you want to experience more love in your life.

You have to first off resonate and be at that radiofrequency. Then you can perceive of the what else is on that channel, which may be your soulmate coming up to you, you meeting certain types of people, business opportunities, whatever it is. But you must first off be resonating at that frequency and anytime you're chasing money lover success, you're not at that frequency. You're, it's like you're at 87.2 trying to perceive of 92.7 so the key to this is that awareness of feeling it with inside. Giving yourself permission now to feel that love, giving yourself permission now to really get to that state, knowing that as you do that, then really things begin to change and one of the biggest things too is learning how to Living in the End reality. That's a concept by Neville Goddard. But imagine the perfect version of you, how you would think, feel, act kind of books.

You would read that version of you and live in it. Feel as if that is you. That feeling on the inside will then change the outer mere. I just recently did a living in the end meditation, which is very powerful. You can read the comments to see what's possible. Go ahead and click below or actually I'll put an end card right here. Listen to that meditation for 21 days. Watch how your life begins to change because once you do that, everything changes.


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