The ONE idea will TRANSFORM The Way you Manifest


There's one thing that if you do will make manifestation so much easier. This also has to go deep into understanding how you can transform yourself from the inside out, and this is exactly what I use to create abundance success in my own life and I'm going to show you exactly what to do. I'm in San Diego right now. It's something that I realize I've reverse engineered to my old life and it's actually super simple yet it's super powerful. When I was first getting ready to go full time on YouTube, the thing that made the biggest difference. I wasn't focused on just the actions. I wasn't focused on just the thoughts or the feelings. I was focused on identity on me being a certain way. Then just knowing that that's who I am now. There is this system. It's less than efforts. It's a different paradigm. But understand that normally what we think is we must first have something, then we can do something, then we can be a certain way.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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I must first have that of the art gallery studio that I can do and create the art every day. Then eventually I will be an artist. But in actuality, the way that reality works are the complete opposite way. It actually works where you must first be it, then you can do it, then you can have it. It means that like when I was first making YouTube videos, I just automatically saw myself as a full-time YouTuber. Then what happened is my reality began to conform to that. I didn't say that once I make 600 videos, then I'll be a full-time YouTube. Or it has to do with understanding the frame of identity. How do you see yourself? Normally what happens is people say, well, once I do this, then I can do this, then I can give myself permission to be this.

But the key is seeing yourself as already been at. One of the best ways to do that is to know that the moment you start is the moment you are it. I started making YouTube videos. That was when I started with the identity. But sometimes what people do is they say, no, first I need to get to have it and then have the camera on the fancy equipment. Then I must do it for a period of time. Then I can finally be it. But this is the thing, you can give yourself permission at any moment to simply be it. I think it was called Camara or karma or something like that. What it was is it was this person that went and what they did is they went inside that of a place in Arizona.

It was this guy that was from India. I was actually a very good documentary. I forgot the name of the man. I'm going to figure it out. But what happened was he went to, he was from India, but what he did is he was actually from New York, but he was like, his heritage was from there. What he did is he grows here. You brought a beard. He went to India, took some pictures with some like gurus. What he did is he started to act as a guru. He started to literally be a guru. He did it almost as a prank because the one thing that he always learned from these gurus that he really believed in. What he did is he then to was inside Arizona with all these people that started to believe in them. He would do these free talks and stuff. These people started to believe in him. The only thing he pretty much said is I am fake. It's all in the whole entire time that he was fake and that he wasn't real and that this was a persona. This is a mask. It was funny cause the whole time he was like actually pretending to be a guru and he wasn't. That was the documentary and it ended up being really good. I don't want to ruin it for you in case you watch it. But the interesting thing about it is that when you started to embody it, he said that he started to feel differently. These people's life started to transform and the only thing he was telling him is like the gurus in you.

But they were in a way giving their power to him. But he started to, he said that he started to feel that kind of energy started to feel that you could tell he started to feel differently. He started to almost take on that persona and people could feel this energy off of him. He even went to like some person that was reading his aura and said that he had this incredible aura, but what if we are who we choose to be in every moment and every moment we could simply decide that we are a certain way and that that as we begin to embody that, we'd begin to then begin to experience that in their life. This goes beyond that of acting as if I call this being as if I made some videos a long time ago and I just kind of coined this term being as if being as if means that you're coming at it from the point of the identity level, not acting as if implies that you're going to do it for a period of time and then go back being as if means you decide this is you.

I think that's something else that's powerful to do is to challenge your ideas of fear for expansion. Do something you have never done before. I was talking to someone here yesterday, her names Rebecca, she's awesome. She was telling me about this like course that she went through where it was like an experiential type life course or something like that. It's called stretching or something. You had to stretch beyond that of your current comfort zone. One thing that she had to do and she had to go to on a mission in a way with a partner who was like watching her make sure she did it. She had to go to a restaurant, she had to order for her invisible boyfriend. She had to send back his food twice. This is hilarious. She had to like completely do that. She had to send back his food twice to her invisible boyfriend and she said that the waitress was being really nice. It's like, oh does he want anything else? And you know, think about it, you got to send back the food twice and you got to in order for your invisible boyfriend. She said that there were like family close by that was like trying to just get the kids to eat, not watch because they didn't want them to see that or something. But she had to have a full-on conversation with her invisible boyfriend too with like people in public and stuff.

One of the reasons they do things like that is because it breaks you out of your comfort zone of caring what people think. I think it's genius. It sounds like something I want to do honestly, but think about how the old identity we have, the way we've been being maybe within certain constructs, certain contracts like I'm afraid to do this. I see some people that would be amazing. You tubers, amazing content creators, but they're afraid to put themselves out there because I think this is not who I am. You think you are the little box that we put ourselves in. Every single one of us has a certain box. I have a certain box we're now, I've made videos for so long on YouTube that I feel so comfortable with it and what I wanted to learn how to do is how to actually step outside of that box.

I want to start making videos or making, I'm doing events, but of course, that's a little bit harder to do right now because there are certain things in place where we got to wait a little bit. It's what's going on in the world right now. However, the thing that I want to share is challenging your box because the box is the reason you're stuck. You may feel stuck because you're like, well this is who I am, but what you've been doing may be getting you the same result over and over again.

Maybe find yourself a little mission example. She was telling me as well, she does like women like boot camps kind of in a way where like getting women out of her cause that's like her thesis, which she does for a living. She's like a relationship coach. One thing she does, she has like these things were a woman come to our house and then they go off to do missions and stuff as well. Kind of their own way. One thing that she does is she has them go out and they have to do certain things. Like one of them one time they had to re-enact Titanic in front of like a grocery store. They were like blasting here far wherever you are that song. I have a whistle and anytime the person's not doing what they're supposed to be doing to like break outside their comfort zone, they like to blow the whistle in public, which is like a complete like scare people to do with things, you know.

It's a very interesting thing because we care so much about whether the people think, right. I see so many of you that may be amazing content creators, amazing speakers, amazing. Doing whatever it is that has been holding you back. There are autopilot responses that have kept you within that box. If you were to just step outside the box, you would start to feel freer than ever. Every single day I'm getting up. Right now, I'm making a video because it's so much a part of my identity. This is who I am now though much to work on the opposite of letting go of this identity, still making videos but eventually doing live events and stuff. It's going to require a little bit different than my energy and part of me stepping into that. It's going to be kind of reverting my focus a little bit. How does that version of you think? How does that version of you feel? What does that version of you do everyday?

How does that version of you think about yourself? What does that self-image of that version of you? What are the main beliefs of that version of you and as you pay attention to these, decide that's who you are now and let go of whatever is not. Just let go of the things that come up, the fear that comes up. Just let go of it. Before I made YouTube videos online, it was like that was the unknown. Then I started doing it consistently and then it became a part of myself. The image became a part of just naturally who I am.

Remember, you're not doing this to get somewhere else. You're not doing this to get a certain type of money. You're doing this because it's who you are, so it has to be your heart. Just be it now and watch your life begin to change on the outside. All outer reality is a reflection of the inner reality. As you begin to change, there may be a little bit of a mirror reflection that kind of lags for a minute, but eventually, the mirror of reality will change.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.