3 Ways to Ascend into 5D without leaving your Dog Behind


I'm going to be sharing with you three ways to ascend into what is called a 5D level of consciousness without leaving behind your dog. You don't have to do that.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be going a little bit more down the esoteric rabbit hole. Okay. This blog might challenge some of your beliefs about the way reality works, maybe some of your beliefs about how things are. However, I believe that this blog might plant some seeds that, in the future, you may look back on it. Maybe there was something cool about that, and this is something that I've actually been passionate about for a long time, is understanding ascension. I believe that right now on the planet, we're going from an ascension from one level of consciousness into a new level of consciousness.

I believe that at a deep level, it's one of the main reasons there are so many people here on the planet right now is to go through this shift in consciousness. It's just that most people aren't aware of it yet, but I believe in the distant future, in the near future that more and more people are going to be aware of this and awake to it and open to it as well. First off, the thing I want to share with you is for this process of understanding it, and I just have to explain it very quickly. The 3D level of consciousness is included what we call duality.

We have this thing in our reality that we call the ego. The ego is an avatar that we use in this physical reality. We identify mainly with that of the avatar. We think this is the avatar that I am. I can absolutely see that this is who I am and that that is who you are, and we're able to see that separation. If you were to expand the scope of perception, almost like you have a camera and you were to expand it back and to see more and more of the picture, you may eventually see that the whole entire planet earth is one being that is floating through the universe. Now, that you can see, Oh, it's we're all one, we're all connected, but in this individual game of separation, we think that we're all separate.

A 3D level of consciousness is when we're very, very involved, and very triggered by duality. Good, bad, light, dark up, down. We identify with it. Things are very heavy. Normally in 3D reality, we need to try really hard to change things. Things appear to go by slower 3D reality. Time goes by much slower because we're not really necessarily living in the present moment. We come here, and we forget who the yard. I believe that the main purpose of this life is for us to remember who we are. Part of that remembering who we are is also tapping into this 3D level of consciousness. The 3D state of consciousness is about unity consciousness, realizing that we're all connected and 3D consciousness. We also have abilities that we may not be aware of it. The 3D level of consciousness, we can only see within a certain bandwidth of information.

They're square only a certain bandwidth information. We can hear a specific decibel range; we can see a certain light frequency. Even though maybe that's the case in 5D as well, to a certain extent, we may have more ability to perceive more of that. It's almost like maybe that scope is that a little bit bigger instead of that little box, it's in a bigger box. We feel more connected to other people. That's mainly where we are headed and where we can be. There's a misconception that ascension, even though part of ascension as well, let's go a little bit more down the rabbit hole as well. When it comes to ascension, we are activating what is called our light body, our light body, or our Merkaba.

It's something that we're all connected to as well. We are all multidimensional beings having temporary human experiences that this is who we are. We are the avatar. That will sound crazy, by the way, to the avatar, the ego. That's why I'm asking you not to just listen with your ego, but listen more with your intuition. This is more with your heart, as well. This is about that we activate that. The more we raise our frequency and when we do that as well, it's almost like 5D; we start to also merge with the dream world in a way. Reality becomes much more dreamlike. Things aren't heavy over here dream; you know the dream is more flexible in a way.

Reality starts to become much more malleable, much more flexible, and I believe that that is something that we will experience in this life as we go through this shift in consciousness. There's this common misunderstanding though that when we are in the 3D state and go into the 5D state that we have said in a rapture up into nonphysical, I believe that we are here and if you studied the work of Dolores cannon, the law of one and other materials, you'll see it's about a physical transmutation of energy. We are going from a carbon-based body to a crystal and based body. That is a quickening in the crystal, and based body is higher in frequency. It's why a lot of people are becoming aware of their diet right now too.

I wanted to share. It's also something that's meant to happen physically. You don't have to worry about grandma. You don't have to worry about your dog, and your dog is more connected to the earth and less resistance. The ego anyways, but grandma's going to be okay. Everyone's going to be okay. This is about you doing your inner work because, as you change, so does the reality that you experience. In a way, you can think of this ascension in the 5D as a splitting of parallel reality experiences. The more you are on the timeline, you want to be on the better. First off, the first thing that you must do in order to send into that of the higher levels of consciousness, like 5D, has no fear. Let go of fear. Fear will keep you in the 3D.

When you look at the news, you know sometimes you become aware that yes, the news is negative things, but if you continue to watch the news, you may be putting yourself into a certain frequency that you don't prefer at. Do you have a side of that? There may be certain people that trigger you, and the more you react to it, the more that you can get entrained with it. It's about learning observation. That's why meditation can be so powerful. In general, though, this is about not also having anger towards those that control reality when we think that there's a certain level of control on the planet, whether it's true that you know the money system's not backed by gold or something like that. The key is knowing that this system was put into place by us so that we could go in incarnate into this game, this illusion, this, so that we could then remember who we are.

Let's say illusion. It gets so dangerous because the experience I believe is real, but, but beyond that, it's only real because we believe it to be real in a way and especially we have a mass consensus, a mass consciousness as believing in it and we change our beliefs as a mass consciousness. That's when I think things are really beginning to change. But the more fear and anger we have towards the government and the way things are, the more we keep that reality active within our vibration, the more we keep that separation alive. When we see even them as a part of us, even they think about how compassionate some of these beings were. Some of these beings were so compassionate at a soul level that they incarnated into this reality to play the villain, the play, the bad guy.

Then we could come into here and be under a certain level of control, whether that's the financial system, whether that's the media that protects all this negativity, whatever it is so that we can then remember who we are and then go through this shift in consciousness. Fear will keep us in that state of consciousness does, isn't to be feared. It's about understanding that this is a part of the process, and we're transmuting it by changing the meaning. That's the first step to this process. The first way that you can go about is completely let go of fear and understand that this is all perfect. It's all part of the process.

We're all connected. Even those villagers things are more flexible. Every moment we're changing. Every moment we're changing. What are we changing to now? The way that Bashar explains this is that as time goes on, there's going to be more and more of the splitting of these different parallel timelines. The idea is to get on the track you prefer to be on, get on the track that you prefer to be on. Because if you're on a track, you don't prefer to be on, do keep going with that momentum. As time goes on, you may find that you gravitate towards certain people more than others due to you raising your vibration. Certain people may kind of fall out of your life due to vibrational resonance, nothing to be feared. It's just a part of the process. This lifetime is about remembering that and waking up to that.

One of the best ways you can do this as well is through going through a process of self-healing to ascend; you must heal to give it. We're all light beings. We all have an energetic field around our bodies. Any disturbance we have within our energetic field is keeping our vibration down. However, if we clear out that vibration, we didn't raise our frequency. One of the most powerful things that I've found will say it's healing is a process called polo point opponent, which is four simple statements. I'm sorry, I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. You say these four statements over and over again, and you think of the people that you want to heal your relationships with or even people that aren't getting it, and you just accept them for them not getting it or just accept them for how they are.

You change your vision of them. Then many times, you may find that they may actually come around. If you're worried about grandma and you're worried about your dog or is it you do want to put a point on your grandma, it's not your grandma. But as you do that, you then begin to heal yourself, your vision of them, because then you get even deeper. We're all connected from that 5D level of consciousness. As you do the inner work and you heal within yourself, you will also be helping other people around you. We called lightworkers, and I believe that you are a lightworker. You're waking up to this information now you're in a way kind of the leading edge don't get too, sometimes that can be an egoic thing, and we're like, Oh, I'm better. I'm more a week is we're all connected. You woke up now for a reason and your awareness and for nature information now for a reason, but ascension is about doing the inner work and healing yourself.

You guys got to take this very, very, very, very serious. I don't even know how to spell serious right now. Serious star system. Actually, it's the opposite. Do not take this serious; have fun with this process. Have fun with this ascension process. I've seen people; I used to be like this when I first went through my awakening. I was that guy in a sauna that was meditating very seriously, and I was somebody that was taking it very, very seriously because I was very intense about whatever is that I'm into. It was kind of how I am now. I get very passionate about things. As you can see, by the way, I express myself now. At the same time, there's a certain way that if you are too serious about this and you take this very, very seriously, that will keep you in low vibration. The best thing you can do is to have fun with this and not take it so seriously. I see some people just in general sharing spiritual ideas, and they do it from such a serious place.

It's just very important, and this is very serious. If you see an enlightened person that takes like very, very serious, go run the other direction because they haven't figured it out and they don't know this is all the dream. This is all the dream. And because they take it so seriously, so they, they negate things and people that don't believe what they believe in and, and they, they have this serious heavy mentality that keeps them within their own belief system. The best thing you can do, and the thing that I learned in my own journey, is I had to let that go and have more fun with the process. We are these little avatar bodies. The idea is to not become overly identified with it, to not eat too much heavy food, and become so identified, numbing ourselves from our higher vibrational emotions.

But at the same time, we could enjoy the process. You can still enjoy good food. You can still enjoy being with friends, and you can enjoy this process. You don't have to just meditate in your room all day and uh, and take it so seriously. Have fun with it. If you take it too seriously, then you're getting trapped in the lower vibrational States. That's something that has been pivotal in my time. If that triggers some belief inside of you, then be aware of that. But don't take it so seriously. Just be aware of it and be aware that a lot of that might be just the avatar ego, trying to keep things in a way that I can physically understand and control.


My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of aarondoughty.com is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.