The SHIFT Experience REVEALED (step-by-step)


I'm going to be showing you the shift experience step by step, exactly what you can do so you can shift to a higher level of consciousness, and I think this video can absolutely change your life.

So, come on and watch the video below:

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Today, I'm going to be sharing with you the shift experience. Understanding what it is and how you can go through the process as well because whether we are aware of it or not right now on the planet, it's a time of our awakening to more of who we are. There's a shift in consciousness happening and on the planet right now. Right now, what has happened on the planet is we are going from a 3D level of consciousness into a four and 5D level of consciousness. These are higher levels of consciousness that are available right now to us that are completely different experiences as far as consciousness goes.

I think of it like 3D I made this chart. I made this handy dandy chart over here. Let me show you. There is this chart that will show you the difference between 3D and 5D. First off, most of us incarnated into this 3D reality. I'd say now there are higher vibrational opportunities here. Maybe something like, unless there's like any three-year-olds watching my videos and in that case, let me know. I think that's pretty cool. But they're just so awake and so aware. There's less conditioning there, so it's easier for them to be in a high vibe. But three, we came into this 3D reality. We completely forgot who we are. We go through experiences that reflect back to us who were not in things and become attached to things that don't serve us. And then what happens is many of us can go through a spiritual awakening.

However, then after that spiritual awakening, there's different layers to it. But once you experience the true shift, your whole entire life will change because then you're in a higher level of consciousness. You, you respond to things differently than you used to. The key is on the planet right now there is this shift happening, and it will continue to happen more and more people continue to wake up, and it changes everything. As you go through it. It changes the way you relate to other people. It changes the way that you show up in the world, the changes, what you're doing for a living. All of these things change as a reflection and as a result of the shift. First off, I made this chart. Let me go and show you right here. This chart right here shows 3D and 5D reality.

3D is about the third dimension is about duality. Positionality means we have different perspectives. We might have a perspective of anger towards other people. We may have a perspective that somebody did something to us. Those are attachments we have to certain positions, certain perspectives. Attachment a lot of times in 3D what causes a lot of paintings as is attachment, attachment to ideas, attachment to people, attachment to food, attachment to stimulation. All of these things. A lot of times in 3D think of it like the autopilot mind.

We're thinking the same things every day and therefore getting the same results, linear thinking. Here's something else. Linear thinking, so linear thinking is when we really emphasize time this happened, and this has to happen, and this has to happen. Linear thinking is something that also projects people off into different state so, for example, people might be here right now but thinking about something that they shouldn't have done earlier maybe a year ago or two weeks ago or that thinking about something that may or may not ever come to happen in the future.

They're not really here in the present. A lot of times, the ego likes to be identified with these different things. In 3D, we are more connected to our ego than we are our higher self. We have both our ego and our higher self in concert, but in 3D we are mainly listening to that of the ego, and we aren't integrating the higher self-aspects of our consciousness into ourselves and listening really to our higher self as well, which is like a guidance mechanism. Look at this as well. Three d reality. If you know that chart of consciousness that I always share this a consciousness chart. If you're in 3d reality, you're generally feeling 400 and below level emotions. 400 is like the intellect, and then under that, you got shamed, fear, guilt, anger, neutrality. Those are mainly 3D level of consciousness, emotions.

Neutrality I can say is very powerful for getting out of the 3D. However, when we talk about 5D level of consciousness, these are 500 level and above levels of connection and in general, 5D level of consciousness. Let me show you 5D level of consciousness. You feel a connection to other people. You feel a connection to yourself because you realize also there are no other people in the way that you thought there are only reflections of you, so would you harm someone else if you knew that someone else was another version of you, most likely not the dominant vibration of the 5D reality is love. It's love. It understands this connection. It's our natural state of being real. There's also this awareness of now, now the nanosecond, this moment right now when we think of that of past vibes, for example, pass vibes.

I heard the word high vibe right here, and I was like pass vibes. When you hear past life that comes from a 3D perspective, all lives exist right now in the present moment. We just connect to certain ones depending on our own frequency, depending on our own thought processes, depending on our own beliefs. The key is knowing that right now in the present moment, that is where the focus can be in a fight, the level of consciousness. That is who we are, that the present moment that's when we can be more here. We are also in a high vibe and more majority of the time or more often and that high vibe is a reflection of just who we naturally are and, and our life becomes more, more dreamlike as well. Maybe you've heard me say that quote before.

The more you realize life is a dream, the more dreamlike it becomes as because as, because then you start to live in the dream. You allow it to be flexible. Our beliefs about reality itself, keep it either flexible or serious, serious, or fun. Which one would you rather have? When we talk about 4D reality, some people say that it's just, that's just time. 4D also has a level of vibration and emotion to it. When we talk about manifestation, that's why emotions can be so powerful. The manifest and to create what we want our life. Because 4D is closer to a higher vibration. In general, as you move up these levels of consciousness, you will feel higher vibrational states of consciousness as well.

And because you're feeling hot, more high-vibe, you create what you want easier than ever. Do you see how that works? When you raise your vibration, you create things easier than ever in your life because it requires less effort and 3d that the mentality of 3D is worked very, very hard. Take a lot, a lot of action, and eventually you'll get something done. And yes, that's true. That maybe even true in 5D, but it's not the quantity. The quantity of the action is the quality of the action in 5D now 3d is duality, good, bad light, dark 4D reality, which we're not really talking as much about before. The reality is more about the emotions, and it's about vibration. Understanding that reality is more about vibration. There can still be a level of positive and negative. However, in general, there's more awareness there.

Do I want to continue to keep experiencing this? The level of consciousness is that connection and love, and I'll, right now what's happening on the planet is we have the opportunity to shift from 3d and into a 5D level of consciousness. And here's the thing though. Here's the thing that a lot of people don't understand or don't realize is these are overplayed right now. Right now, they're overlaid. I remember back in 2012 many people on the planet, including myself, thought that this might be some physical type ascension where we raise our frequency to a new level of consciousness and the 3d people literally phase-out of our reality. However, it is more of a metaphor, but it's also literal coming up and this and this. This time, this timeline, let me share with you what I mean by that.

You will only perceive which you are the vibration of when you start to refine your vibration more and more. And as time goes on from 2019 2020 2021, 2022, your vibration will become more and more refined, and the people that no longer resonate with it will begin to fall out of your life more and more to a point to where they don't even reach out to you. I've had that happen. Understand that for this whole process, what's happening right now and as time goes on, but Charles explained this before, by the way, he says that as time goes on, there's going to be a splitting of parallel realities, a splitting of parallel reality timelines.

And the idea is to get on the track that you want because if you stay attached to the 3D reality, you will continue to be on a 3D level timeline. It's about waking up and realizing do I prefer this? Dolores Cannon has talked about this before when she talks about the 5D or split the 5D earth's split. But the idea is people get to a very deep level of who gnosis and their higher self can come through. Say, why did this person call, why did this person incarnate at this time? What was the purpose of this person in this life? And all of this stuff. And what will happen is these answers will come through.

Well, one thing that's come through thousands of different people that she's had in these hypnoses as they say that people came here for this shift, people came here to go through this shift in consciousness. And one thing that they also talk about is this five to 3D earth split. They say that what it is it's like you start to split into a different reality and then just the old people fall away that don't, that you don't lonely, no longer prefer to experience it just due to vibrational resonance and there's a lot of, there was a lot of questions about this because she was really starting to get into it and she passed away.

But in general, it aligns with Bashar; it aligns with the law of one. It aligns with all of this. There is an earth shift happening right now on the planet. It will continue to happen, and unless we get on board, we may stay on a 3D timeline and on 3D timelines, there may be things that you don't prefer to experience. And the guy was like, well, no. He's like, okay, we'll stop talking about it. Stop thinking about it. Otherwise, you're going to attract yourself to go to a 3D reality where these negative camps where people are held and all of this bad stuff happens. The thing is we can shift our level of consciousness and the way that we do that is we must let go of what keeps us tied into the 3D reality, which is something that I call the identity lock.

There's an identity lock that we all have that keeps us tuned in to this reality, and it keeps us attached to different positionalities. It keeps us attached to things that have happened in the past, and when we let go of that identity lock, we let go of the 400 level of emotions and below, and we're able to then be in a 5D level of consciousness. Most of us came from a 5D level reality 3D is a very difficult place to be. You forget who you are. It's just that we've been hypnotized and programmed with the news to be in the old 3D reality, to be identified with our ego, to be identified with what's happening in the world, to be identified with lower vibrational emotions, but the 5D connection of love of being here. The 5D reality is also about doing what you love, being passionate.

When you start to see, and you start to experience the 5D level of consciousness, it will change everything in your life. However, the key to this is understanding who you really are. That's who you really are, and it's a shift in reality, completely a shift in dimensions, and throughout my day there are times when my dad might be in a 3D level of consciousness. Then I might be at a 4D level of consciousness. Then I might be in a 5D level of consciousness. We're constantly shifting around, but the idea is that right now there's this window where we can all tap into that vibration that we prefer.

Because as time goes on it will become more and more refined and harder to jump times timelines, harder to jump from three to four to five it'll become more refined. The key is to get in alignment with what you want and the way you do that is by letting go of that identity lock that I was talking about. Something I do have is I have a free webinar training that will show you exactly how to use the SHIFT, which is the key to shifting your level of consciousness. And we do a group, and we'll do a group meditation for raising our frequency.

My name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness. My areas of interest for this blog include motivation, meditation, neuroscience and enlightenment. The purpose of is to inspire change to those who want to experience more in life. I will openly and passionately share the tools, resources and processes that have made a difference in the quality of my life to help you do the same in yours. I’ve always believed that finding ways to add value to other peoples lives is the fastest route to both happiness and fulfillment and this is my genuine intention.